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Are you tired of sifting through endless options to find the best credit cards in Austria? 

We understand the overwhelming process of selecting the perfect financial companion, which is why we’ve researched for you. Whether you’re searching for a free Mastercard Gold card, a reliable Visa credit card, or simply aiming to manage your credit card bill easily, we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential factors, ensuring you find the best credit card that complements your lifestyle and aligns perfectly with your bank account. 

Let’s discover the most rewarding credit cards in Austria, so you can make informed decisions and embrace a future of smart spending and hassle-free transactions with debit card convenience.

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Things To Know About A Bank Account and Getting A Credit Card in Austria

If you’re considering opening a bank account and obtaining a credit card in Austria, here are some essential points to keep in mind. 

First, many banks offer free credit cards, making accessing funds convenient without hefty charges. Alongside, a debit card is typically provided for seamless transactions and emergency cash withdrawals. 

When applying for a credit card, take note of the interest rate and any annual fees involved. Ensure you know the minimum payment requirements to maintain a healthy credit score. 

Rest assured, these cards are widely accepted, allowing you to indulge in secure online shopping and access cash from ATMs with ease. To better help you, here are the top choices for credit cards in Austria. 

Best Credit Card #1: DKB – Cash Visa Card

Online Transactions
DKB Visa Card

DKB Visa Card

Elevate your financial freedom with the DKB Visa Card. Experience secure and convenient online shopping, while also enjoying its worldwide acceptance. Whether you’re managing everyday expenses or planning your dream vacation, this credit card offers the flexibility and peace of mind you deserve.

The DKB Cash Visa Card is a versatile credit card offered by Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB). It provides its customers with various benefits and features, including access to partner ATMs at Vienna Airport and other currencies.

DKB Visa Card cost 0 euro


  • Linked to the main account for seamless transactions.
  • Widely accepted worldwide as a Mastercard payment solution.
  • Offers free account maintenance and transactions.
  • Convenient for cash withdrawals at partner ATMs in multiple currencies.
  • Ideal for secure and hassle-free payments, whether shopping or traveling.
  • Gives free bank account for students.
  • A Visa credit card that offers worldwide acceptance and easy transactions.
  • No hidden charges on credit card bills.
  • No fees for account maintenance and various transactions.
  • A customer with on-time full-amount payment is eligible for credit discounts
  • Access to cash in different currencies at Vienna Airport and partner ATMs.
  • Interest rates and certain fees may apply for credit card usage and overdrafts
  • Some benefits, such as free account maintenance, may have specific conditions
  • Availability and features might vary depending on the customer’s checking account, location, and eligibility.

My Take: Is It The Best Credit Card for Emergency Cash?

The DKB Cash Visa Card presents a compelling option for individuals seeking a reliable credit solution, offering convenience and flexibility while being linked to a free account. 

This Visa credit card is perfect for secure transactions, payment management, and cash access overseas, including Vienna Airport. However, prospective customers should consider potential interest rates and specific conditions for certain benefits. 

Best Credit Card #2: Advanzia Mastercard Gold

Travel Rewards
Advanzia Mastercard Gold

Advanzia Mastercard Gold

Unlock a world of possibilities with the Advanzia Mastercard Gold. Designed for savvy travelers and discerning shoppers, it provides you with a powerful spending tool and opens the door to a realm of exclusive rewards, travel benefits, and exceptional customer service.

The Advanzia Mastercard Gold is a fee-free credit card offered by Advanzia Bank S.A., catering to customers in Austria and other German-speaking countries. This user-friendly Mastercard credit card offers many perks without monthly or yearly fees and global acceptance.

Different types of Advanzia Mastercard Gold

Highlights of Mastercard Cards of Advanzia

  • Instant starting credit of 25 EUR for new cardholders
  • No fees for payments made in foreign currency, enabling cost-effective worldwide transactions.
  • People can withdraw cash for free, and it’s available globally for added convenience.
  • Easy application process without the need for PostIdent verification.
  • Flexible repayment options and up to 7 weeks of interest-free credit.
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay are compatible, making mobile payments effortless.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance included ensuring peace of mind during trips.
  • Contactless payment capability for swift and secure transactions.

Advanzia Pros

  • Free credit card with no monthly or annual fees
  • Wide acceptance as a Mastercard for various purchases and payments
  • Travel insurance coverage and flexible repayment terms add value to the card

Advanzia Cons

  • Cash withdrawals will incur a monthly interest rate of 1.49%
  • Credit limit is based on the individual’s income
  • Overdraft interest rate is relatively high at 19.94%

My Take

The Advanzia Mastercard Gold is an excellent choice for customers in Austria, offering a free credit card with valuable features. The 25 EUR starting credit and absence of foreign currency payment fees enhance its appeal to global travelers. 

The flexibility in repayment and interest-free credit period of up to 7 weeks further increase its allure. Despite its cash withdrawal and overdraft fees, this card’s travel insurance and contactless payment make it a versatile financial partner. 

Whether you’re looking to make secure purchases or enjoy extensive travel coverage, the Advanzia Mastercard Gold is worth considering for its convenience and rewards.

Read our full review of Advanzia Mastercard Gold credit card.

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Best Credit Card #3: Erste Bank (Sparkasse) Credit Card

Local Spending
Erste Bank Credit Card

Erste Bank Credit Card

Simplify your spending with the Erste Bank Credit Card. Tailored to meet your local financial needs, it’s more than just a card – it’s a trusted companion that offers reliability, ease of use, and a range of features designed to enhance your everyday transactions.

Erste Bank (Sparkasse) offers a wide choice of credit cards to meet consumer needs along with their famous bank accounts. Customers can choose the right Mastercard or Visa credit card to complement their banking experience.

Different types of Erste Bank Credit Card


  • Wide selection of Visa and Mastercard credit cards are available
  • Convenient debit plus credit card functionality for added flexibility
  • First-year fee waiver for all credit cards
  • Affordable monthly bank account fee of just 2 EUR
  • Free cash withdrawals with the debit card
  • Swift and simple online checking account opening in 10 minutes
  • Modern online banking platform for seamless money management

Erste Bank Pros

  • Versatility in choosing between Visa or Mastercard credit cards
  • Benefit from a 30 EUR bonus when opening a new account
  • Contactless payment capability for quick and secure transactions

Erste Bank Cons

  • 3% cash withdrawal fee for credit cards, which may apply for some transactions
  • Payments abroad in foreign currency are subject to a 1.5% fee
  • Credit card issuance requires the opening of a bank account as a prerequisite

My Take on The Benefits of Having Mastercard and Bank Cards of Erste Bank

Erste Bank (Sparkasse) offers a comprehensive array of credit cards, making it easy for customers to select the ideal card for their financial needs. With the first-year fee waiver and attractive bonuses, this bank strives to provide cost-effective solutions to its customers. 

You can also open a bank account for your salary in Austria.

Things To Know About Credit Cards

Woman holding a credit card and typing details on her phone

Not all credit cards are the same. Each card may offer different rewards, insurance, and benefits. Be cautious and carefully review terms for loss, theft, or fraud. Check where your card is accepted and its validity period.

Can You Get a Free Mastercard Gold Card?

Yes, obtaining a free Mastercard Gold card with certain promotions or offers from banks is possible. These cards often come with attractive perks like travel insurance and rewards programs. Visit the bank’s page for more information.

Is Visa Card Better?

The superiority of a Visa card depends on its acceptance by various banks and merchants, along with its benefits. Both Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, but some banks may have a preference. Compare their features, like interest rates, minimum payments, and available loans, to make an informed decision.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Credit Card Bill

  • Do check for any annual fees or hidden costs associated with your credit card.
  • Don’t overlook exchange rates on foreign transactions, as they can impact your bill.
  • Do pay your bill on time to avoid late fees.
  • Don’t exceed your credit limit to prevent additional charges.
  • Do keep track of your spending to maintain a healthy credit score.
  • Only provide your credit card information through secured forms or emails.
  • Do review your monthly statements carefully for any discrepancies.
  • Don’t use your credit card for cash advances, as they may attract higher interest rates.
  • Consider setting up automatic payments from your current account to avoid missing due dates.
  • Don’t share your credit card details with anyone, even a trusted person.

Credit Card Alternative in Austria

Taking a personal loan is a good alternative to a credit card in Austria. Bank Raiffeisenbank offers loans in Austria with great conditions. The Bonus credit with Raiffeisenbank will help you in numerous ways, especially when you need short-term finances.

Need more information about loans? Check out a dedicated article about loans in Austria

Raiffeisenbank Austria was founded in 1927 and is headquartered in Vienna. However, the bank itself was founded back in the year 1886. Raiffeisenbank, the largest banking firm in the country, is a reliable lender with 24,700 employees and 1,979 branches.

Personal loan with Raiffeisenbank:

  • Loan amounts from 4,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR
  • Duration from 1 year to 10 years
  • Effective annual interest rate from 2.9 % p.a. to 9.4 % p.a.
  • Debit interest rate 2.875 % p.a.
  • Payout within 48 hours

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Final Thoughts About The Best Credit Cards – Austria

In conclusion, choosing the best credit card in Austria requires careful consideration of various factors, such as rewards, fees, and acceptance. The DKB Cash Visa Card, Advanzia Mastercard Gold, and Erste Bank (Sparkasse) Credit Card are among the top choices, each offering unique benefits to cater to different needs. 

To make an informed decision and explore more about these credit cards, click the links provided. Your support through these links helps keep our blog afloat. Take advantage of securing your financial future; discover the perfect credit card that aligns with your lifestyle today.

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