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Buying a new car is very expensive in Denmark. You will pay 105% registration tax on the first 106,600 DKK (14,200 EUR) of the vehicle’s value. Moreover, cars that cost above the limit of 14,200 EUR are taxed at 150% of the vehicle value. For that reason, buying a used car is a much better deal. Here are the top Danish websites to find a used vehicle at the best price.

Best used car websites in Denmark are:


In Denmark, you can buy a used car either from a dealership or a private owner; the choice is on you. Going with a private seller will get the best price but not the best security since they don’t give any guarantees.

Used cars don’t need initial registration, where most buyers lose their money. It costs above 80% of the vehicle’s market value. On the other hand, a dealer provides warranties and guarantees. Whether you decide to buy a car from a private individual or a dealer, here are the best Danish used car websites.

Before you buy a car in Sweden, read how much it costs to own it.

1. app interface
Bilbasen app interface

Denmark’s best used car website in currently has over 48,000 cars on sale in Sweden. It’s the country’s most popular resource for buying and selling used vehicles. As seen in the picture, you can apply several filters when searching for a car, including model, year, mileage, and others.

The platform also gives an overview of vehicles available for lease.

2. app interface is a little bit messy user-generated website that includes not only a car marketplace but also a forum. It doesn’t show how many vehicles are currently available, but the number is certainly in a dozen thousand.

Besides vehicles, you can buy various car parts and accessories.

3. app interface is a more user-friendly website to buy and sell used cars in Denmark. At the moment of writing, there are about 49,000 cars available for purchase.

When searching for a vehicle, you can apply several filtering options, like the type of car, price, model, year, etc. Besides, there are several helpful car-related articles you can read through.

4. app interface is a Swedish Craiglist or eBay with a wide choice of items offered. You will find everything there, from various vehicles to homes and even clothing. As of September 2022, around 2,480 used cars are advertised on the platform. It’s a great place to get a vehicle at an affordable price from a private seller.

5. app interface is a convenient and user-friendly website for finding a used car in Denmark. Currently, over 26 thousand used cars are advertised on the platform. also has plenty of filters to make a search easier, you can even choose gear, location of the car, mileage, and more. isn’t limited to Denmark; you can browse vehicles in other European states, including Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and others. At the moment of writing, over 8,5 million cars are advertised across these countries.

6. app interface is an excellent resource not only for buying and selling used cars in Denmark but also for a vehicle’s validation. This website is a helpful resource for car buyers and owners in Denmark, thanks to the wide range of articles posted on the site.

Besides, it can estimate the future price of the car according to the parameters you give.

With you can get the registration tax assessed when importing a used car from another EU country.

However, before starting the search, you must give details about the car you are looking for, including:

  • model
  • brand
  • motor
  • price range and others

Car prices in Denmark

So how much should you budget for a used car in Denmark?

One thing you must remember is that car prices in Denmark are higher than in many other European countries. Here are examples of pricing for popular car models across several countries:

The average price for a new VW Passat Sportcombi 2.0 TSI 4Motion DSG:

  • Sweden: DKK 336,577
  • Germany: DKK 376,782
  • Norway: DKK 483,827
  • Denmark: DKK 597,391

The average price for a new Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine AWD Inscription:

  • Sweden: DKK 583,046
  • Germany: DKK 636,160
  • Norway: DKK 758,853
  • Denmark: DKK 1,352,166

The average price for a new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio:

  • Sweden: DKK 527,177
  • Germany: DKK 592,650
  • Norway: DKK 868,361
  • Denmark: DKK 1,448,487

Such high prices in Denmark are due to the taxes on heavy petrol or diesel vehicles. Smaller, less polluting vehicles are more affordable. For example, the Hyundai i30 costs as follows:

  • Sweden: DKK 150,345
  • Germany: DKK 191,673
  • Norway: DKK 264,136
  • Denmark: DKK 274,995

And Skoda Fabia is one of the most affordable new cars in Denmark:

  • Sweden: DKK 108,372
  • Germany: DKK 128,207
  • Norway: DKK 168,388
  • Denmark: DKK 157,000

Nonetheless, Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in Europe to buy a car. Check out the most affordable places in the EU for your next car purchase.

Used car prices in Denmark

You can find used vehicles between 100,000 DKK and 1M DKK.

ModelPrice ( DKK)
2021 Peugeot E-2008 289,900
2008 Volkswagen Eos  144,900
2019 Dacia Sandero 109,900
2021 Mercedes Benz Gle-Class 1,299,500
2020 Volkswagen Tiguan 459,900
2014 Audi A6 2.0 TDI216,800

Checklist for buying a used car in Denmark

Before you go ahead and transfer money to a seller, you must check several things to avoid expensive mistakes, like buying a car with defects or missing papers. Here are questions to ask when buying a car from a private seller in Denmark:

  • Does the car have any unpaid debt?
  • Do you see any sign of odometer fraud?
  • When was the last vehicle inspection and test?
  • How fuel-efficient is the car?
  • Does the vehicle meet safety requirements according to the Euro NCAP rating?

1. Firstly, you can check information on a particular car on the official website This website will show whether a vehicle has outstanding debts, as well as previous inspections reports.

The information shown on is collected from official Danish resources like the Land Registry, SKAT’s motor register, the Swedish Transport Agency, and

2. Secondly, you can go to and check the plate number; this resource also shows whether there are outstanding debts or loans on the vehicle.

3. Check the service handbook for the vehicle whether the car was serviced regularly.

4. Control the odometer; if the car looks very used and worn yet the odometer reading is low, then the odometer was probably rolled back. Check service book and Bilsyn reports via

5. Check for any damage to the car.

6. Don’t pay in cash for a vehicle, only bank transfer.

7. Make a transfer of the car registration to your name right after the purchase. This is done at in the Danish town where you live.        

Furthermore, you should read our article on how much owning a car costs in Denmark to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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