Can You Pay Online with Maestro Card?

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Maestro is a brand of Mastercard, which is particularly common in European countries. Maestro is a brand of debit card issued by Mastercard. Maestro cards can be used for online, in-store payments, and withdrawing cash from the vast mastercard cirrus atm network. Most Maestro cards also allow online payments, depending on the associated bank. It’s accepted by any retailer that accepts MasterCard.

Maestro card is suitable for online payments and can be used for online shopping the same way other debit cards are used. A buyer will need to enter the card number, account holder’s name, expiration date and go through the 3D-Secure procedure.

Maestro card is very popular across Europe, and many customers prefer to pay online using this payment method. Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain are among the countries that are actively using this payment solution. Nevertheless, banks from over 100 countries issue cards by the Maestro brand. So you are on the safe side.

Can you use a Maestro card online?

Maestro debit cards can be used 100% online. Many people use Maestro for online transactions, especially in Europe. They can also be used for cashless and contactless payments. Payments with the debit card are free in the entire EUR zone.

You can pay online and offline with a Maestro debit card but also pay and withdraw money abroad.

Maestro is a brand of Mastercard debit card and can be used to pay for debit purchases online but in a slightly different way than other debit cards. This is because Maestro debit cards often don’t have a CVV code on the backside; hence, a different verification method that may not require the cardholder’s signature applies.

You will need to enter the debit card number, account name, expiration date, and security code; you can purchase items internationally online with your debit card.

Nonetheless, not all merchants and websites will accept Maestro as a payment method. In most European countries, you won’t have a problem paying online, but your options can be limited in the rest of the world.

Maestro uses 100% cardholder verification. This means a PIN is validated offline, and MasterCard SecureCode is validated online. As a result, you don’t need the Cardholder Verification Value (CVV), which is used to verify that the customer possesses the actual plastic card.

Furthermore, a Maestro card is essentially a debit card that is tied to your bank account. You can only spend the available amount on your online purchases. It’s different from a prepaid card and you can’t use this card as a credit card.

Can Maestro debit cards be used for online shopping?

Yes, one can shop online with a Maestro card. It’s possible to make online transactions with Maestro as long as the merchant and the payment gate support the card on the website you are trying to pay. Moreover, most debit Master Cards allow online payments, depending on the associated bank.

In countries like Germany, 68% of card payments are made with the Maestro card, the so-called Girocard. It is a trusted payment method for all customers, young and old. It’s accepted at about 922,000 terminals in Germany alone.

How to pay with Maestro debit cards online?

Maestro debit cards can be used to pay online, similar to other online payment solutions. Firstly, you need to select Maestro as the preferred checkout method. After that, fill out the card’s data, the expiry date, and security code if needed.

The Maestro system uses the 3D-Secure protocol instead of CVV verification for security. In the next step, the cardholder must confirm the transaction by entering the one-time passcode or verifying it through the platform’s method. In Germany, Austria, and some other European countries, a Klarna or Sofort is often used.

For example, besides Germany, the verification method Sofort works in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, and the UK. On average, 3 million Sofort transactions are made every month.

Remember that Maestro cards can only be used as debit cards, meaning they only have access to the funds on the owner’s bank account. Although both Maestro cards and master cards are debit cards, payments made with Maestro cards are non-reversible. Meaning you won’t be able to revert the transaction.

How to pay online with a Maestro card without a CVV code?

Unless it’s co-branded with a debit Mastercard, Maestro cards usually don’t have a CVV code on them. So you might have been wondering how to do online transactions in that case? The Maestro system uses the 3D-Secure protocol instead of CVV verification.

Firstly, enter your payment information: under “card type,” choose Mastercard or Maestro if available. Then enter all the necessary details, such as your name, debit card number, and expiry dates.

It’s not mandatory to insert a CVV code while paying via Maestro card if it’s not mentioned on the card. When shopping online, you can leave the CVV input box empty and proceed with redirection to the 3D secure payment page. There, you will be instructed on the next steps and can complete the transaction further. This feature applies only to Maestro debit cards.

Why doesn’t a Maestro card have a CVV code?

Maestro uses cardholder verification instead of CVV code. Meaning you will need to go one step further and validate your transaction via a 3D secure payment page such as Sofort or Klarna. As a result, you don’t need the Cardholder Verification Value (CVV), which is used to verify that the customer possesses the actual plastic debit card maestro.

How does Maestro debit card work?

The Maestro card is an internationally accepted debit card owned by Mastercard. It’s accepted by most retailers and merchants who accept Mastercard. Since Maestro cards are connected to your bank account, they can only be used as debit cards.

Maestro cards can be used to pay for offline and online purchases and cash withdrawals. They are used the same way as any other debit card and also allow contactless payments.

The only difference is the verification method when shopping online. A buyer will need to go through a 3D secure protocol instead of inputting a CVV code.

When making larger debit purchases, a buyer will need to verify the transaction with the pin. That’s also nothing new when it comes to cards.

Best Maestro cards for online shopping

Maestro cards are widely accepted in the world and especially in Europe. If you are planning to move to Europe, having a Maestro debit card is very helpful. You can pay at all merchants online and offline with no problem. Moreover, Maestro is one of the most inexpensive card types out there.

1. Bunq

Bunq is a new digital banking concept founded in the Netherlands. It’s one of the online debit card issuers. You can simply order your Maestro debit card via an app after opening the account. 

Bunq maestro card
Source: Bunq 

You don’t have to live in the Netherlands to open an account and become a customer – Bunq operates in most European countries. Opening an account is easy and won’t take much of your time. 

30-day free trial to maestro card
Source: Bunq 

Choose between a cheap account for just 2,99 EUR per month or a premium for 8,99 EUR. Moreover, Bunq offers a free trial where you can test the account for one month.

It also has several special accounts with many benefits. 

Subscription options for bunq maestro card
Source: Bunq 

Top Bunq features:

  • Fully digital bank
  • Cheap bank account (2,99 EUR)
  • Maestro card
  • Free ATM withdrawals 
  • Instant transfers/payments
  • English app and support

2. DKB

DKB is one of the most popular online banks in Europe, offering its services to residents in countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. However, their debit Visa card can be used anywhere in the world and at no cost. It also comes with a free checking account. 

DKB app promotional poster
Source: DKB

Whatsmore, switching your DKN bank account is fast and easy. 

DKB app scrennshot
Source: DKB

Top DKB features:

  • Zero fees
  • Maestro card for 1 EUR per month
  • Free credit card
  • Free cash withdrawals
  • Free online & offline payments
  • Perfect for traveling and living in Europe
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