Best And Cheapest Places To Buy a House in the Netherlands

The 2022 housing market in the Netherlands is competitive, following a shortage in the property. Regardless, there are more affordable places to buy a house in the country.

The less populated areas of the Netherlands are the best and cheapest places to live. These include some provinces, the countryside, and small cities. Buying a house in Hilversum or Haarlem is more affordable than in Amsterdam. The best yet cheaper provinces include Zeeland, Limburg, and Groningen.

Buying a house can be exciting and scary. It’s even worse if you’re new to the Netherlands and clueless about current prices, terms, and quirks. To help you, here’s a detailed guide with information on the best and cheapest places to buy a house in the Netherlands.

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Where should you buy a house in the Netherlands?

The best overall places to buy a house in the Netherlands are Rotterdam and Haarlem. While the cheapest location nationwide is the city of Den Helder.

Best cities in the Netherlands to buy a house

Many people are drawn to Amsterdam, the capital when buying a home. Houses in the capital are costly, with the average price being around €707,913. However, you can find cheaper and best homes in other cities across the country. These include:

1. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is your ideal choice if you want to live in a diverse, engaging, modern city. With different nationalities in the city, it continues to attract people from all over the world. Being home to Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam is a logistics, transit, and logistics hub.

Rotterdam gives you diverse neighborhoods to choose from, according to your tastes. If you want a classy community, the Maritime Quarter houses several restaurants and luxury apartments with great views of the Maas River. Culture lovers can live in Oude Westen, where entrepreneurs and artists love. 

Most families who want spacious and quiet choose areas like Ommoord and Zevenkamp, which have big playgrounds and a calm atmosphere. Regarding housing costs in Rotterdam, the average asking price for houses is currently €410,000, which is cheaper than in the capital.

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2. The Hague

Being home to embassies, international organizations, and institutions, settling in the Hague means you’ll live among Ditch nationals and foreigners. This is your ideal place if you’re looking for an international hub. The city is located on the shores of the North Sea and has several big parks and green spaces. 

The Hague has several diverse places for you to choose from- it all boils down to your preference. Suppose you’re a business traveler or a young professional.

In that case, you can buy a house in the city center around Malieveld or Prinsegracht for easy access to key businesses. Families can settle in several quiet neighborhoods such as Leyenburg and Rustenburg.

Since price is a factor when buying a house, the average asking price for a home in the Hague is €496,243, much lower than that of Amsterdam.

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3. Eindhoven

Eindhoven is an excellent place to buy a house if you want a relaxed, laid-back life. It hosts thousands of students and expats from various countries, making learning about different cultures and norms easy. The foreign residents include the Portuguese, Irish, Greek, and Spanish communities. 

Some of the neighborhoods in the city include Woensel-Noord, which hosts many expats. If you desire a modern place, Strijp is your ideal neighborhood. It has modern factories, office spaces, residential homes, and creative workspaces.

The average asking price for houses in Eindhoven currently stands at 435,000.

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4. Haarlem

Haarlem is an old city located a few kilometers away from the Dutch capital. It’s an ideal location for you if you’re looking for a place with art, history, culture, and a beautiful landscape. Haarlem is home to museums, monuments, Dutch windmills, tulips, and several jewelry stores.

The coastal town Zandvoort is in proximity; thus, you get to have both the beach and city life.

Your requirements, budget, and preference will determine the neighborhood you can buy a house in Haarlem. If you love nature, Kleine Hout suits you. It’s home to Haarlemmerhout woodland, with oak trees, a petting farm for kids, and several sprawling lawns.

Kleverparkbuurt offers a spacious, quiet environment for a family setting. Regarding house costs in the city, the average asking price for a house is currently €533,284.

Top cheapest places to buy a home in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an expensive place to buy a home. In 2020, the average selling price of a home was €334,000. With house prices skyrocketing, most people look for affordable housing options outside the major cities. Some of the top cheapest places to buy a home in the country include:

1. Den Helder

Den Helder is a city located in Noord-Holland province, Netherlands. It offers everything from beaches, to nature, culture, and history. Besides the diverse employment opportunities, the city has extensive facilities like cultural institutions, schools, hospitals, and sports clubs. 

The average price of a house in Den Helder was €195,900 in 2021 and currently averaging €235,493. Due to the high demand for homes in the area, the average selling time is 33 days. This means you can make a higher offer to increase your chances of getting a house than the current asking price.

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2. Veendam

Veendam is located in the Groningen province. Living in Veendam gives you the privilege of enjoying the city life and the quietness of a town. It has spacious neighborhoods surrounded by several sporting activities. The city has park-like landscapes ideal for cycling and hiking lovers. 

Settling in Veendam gives you access to facilities suitable for people of all ages, such as beaches, petting zoos, and playgrounds.

The town has cultural activities like theatrical performances, museums, and films if you love culture. In terms of housing, the average house price in Veendam is €271,000. The average cost per square meter is currently €2,217.

A municipality Pekela is just a few kilometers away from Veendam and is also ranked as one of the cheapest places for buying a house. The average home price was €164,100 in 2021.

3. Maastricht

Maastricht, located in Limburg, is a popular location for ex-pats from across the globe. Its location between Belgium and Europe allows you to visit the two regions easily. Job opportunities in the city are plentiful thanks to the influx of international companies. 

If you’re a lover of history, Maastricht has several historical sites because it’s one of the places the Romans chose to settle back in 50 B.C.

The cost of living in Maastricht is lower than that of major cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In terms of housing, the average house price is €349,505.

4. Zeeland

Zeeland is a Western province bordering Belgium. This place is known for bridges, dikes, and water. If you want an affordable yet clean space, this is the best place for you to settle. It’s spacious and has no air or water pollution.

The people of this city are welcoming, happy and friendly. Water sports like surfing and kayaking are must-do activities in Zeeland.

The housing options are diverse. You can buy a farmhouse or live at the core of a city. Although the cities aren’t big, they give you everything you need, from institutions, hospitals, and recreational facilities.

There are historical cities you can live in, such as Zierikzee and Middelburg, which have many monuments. The average asking price for a house in Zeeland is €299,500. Square meter houses cost €2,847 on average.

Other affordable Dutch municipalities for home buyers include:

  1. Delfzijl: €177,100
  2. Kerkrade: €194,100
  3. Oldambt: €199,600
  4. Het Hogeland: €200,500
  5. Brunssum: €203,300
  6. Appingedam: €204,800

Best Dutch cities for living

The Netherlands has cities that rank as the best places to live in due to a stable economy, quality healthcare, and an excellent educational system. These cities are:

1. Amsterdam

Living in Amsterdam exposes you to various job opportunities, learning institutions, culture, and fun activities. It’s home to over 180 nationalities due to the availability of international job opportunities from the city’s various industries.

Amsterdam is famous for startup businesses and small companies, providing employment opportunities. 

In terms of activities, the city has something for everyone. These include museums, theaters, concert halls, outdoor festivals, and restaurants. It has beautiful canals, green spaces, and historical attraction sites. 

2. Utrecht

Utrecht is the best place you can live, even with a family. It was ranked among the five happiest places to live globally. The city has highly rated and affordable institutions from the primary to tertiary level.

The location of Utrecht gives you access to major cities such as Cologne, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam. This makes it an ideal place for business trips and exploration. Forgot to mention, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

3. Leiden

Leiden is home to many expats owing to its many career opportunities. It’s an old, picturesque city with several canals and windmills. The city is culturally and historically rich, thanks to it being home to about 13 museums and 3,000 monuments. It has family-friendly neighborhoods with schools, hospitals, shops, and playgrounds.

For fun activities, the city has several events, which include Summer Lakensfeesten and the Whiskey Festival. Many restaurants offer Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, Turkish, and Japanese cuisines so that you can be a home away from home.

4. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the best places to live in the Netherlands. It’s a multicultural center with an extensive international community and diverse cultural experiences.

The city has international schools and public institutions which offer bilingual classes and international sections to meet the needs of international students. You can also access health facilities, playgrounds, shopping malls, and affordable housing within the city.

In terms of activities, the city serves several sporting and leisure activities. These include the Six-days Cycling, football tournaments, horseriding, and baseball competitions.

Best Dutch websites for buying and selling real estate

There are plenty of national property websites where you can search for houses to buy in the Netherlands. Even though you may decide to buy a home using another means, visiting these sites will give you an idea of the market in your area of choice. These sites include:

1. Funda

This website lists most properties available for sale on the market. Your first step is to estimate the market value of your house of choice. To do this, consider the prices of other homes within the area. You can get this information by purchasing an online report from or the national land registry.

2. Zoekallehuizen

On this site, you can access several properties for sale, from villas to apartments, throughout the Netherlands. To find your ideal house, use the extensive filter option, which allows you to search according to your preference and budget. The site lists properties available in major cities and also those in smaller towns.

3. Jaap

Jaap is another site where you can find a listing of houses. Its filter option provides information on how long your chosen home has been on sale, price development, and the neighborhood. You can adjust the search to a limited city or zip code.

4. Huislijin

On the Huislijn website, you can find the latest offers on houses to buy. It allows you to search within your neighborhood of choice and set your preferred budget. 

5. Pararius

Pararius contains houses for sale listed by the city. The site lets you limit your search to radiuses of +5km, +10km, and +25km. You can also create email alerts on the site to notify you about new listings according to your search.

6. Huizen

With over 800,000 visits every month, Huizen lists houses for sale throughout the Netherlands. These include studios, penthouses, chalets, semi-detached buildings, and farmhouses. You can search by city, region, or address on the site.

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