Housing in the Netherlands: Rent Prices

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The Netherlands is a magnet for foreigners as it plays host to some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, and It’s also the birthplace for several multinationals such as Philips. Before relocating, however, the overall cost of living should be an issue of concern.

For instance, you need to evaluate how well the Netherlands compares in terms of rent prices. Assess the type of housing you can afford comfortably and any adjustments necessary.  

Rent prices in the Netherlands comprise of the basic rent and the service charges for the utilities. In the first quarter of 2022, rent prices across the country rose by an average rate of 6.7%. This translates to an average rent of 17.18 EUR/, which is the highest rate in the last ten years.

Rent prices in the Netherlands have continued to rise in the different cities, especially Amsterdam, due to the high demand that isn’t matched by the supply.

Housing prices in different cities in the Netherlands vary, with Amsterdam being the most expensive and Escheden being the lowest. In this article, we explore rent prices in different parts of the Netherlands. Read about house prices in the Netherlands in this guide.

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Average rent prices in the Netherlands in 2022

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Your rent price will highly be determined by the location of your house. For instance, in Amsterdam, within the city center, you can have an apartment going for 800 EUR in the city center while the same can go for 500 EUR outside the outskirts. And a nicer place in Amsterdam might run you something like 300 EUR a night for a nice romantic treat or vacation.

The Netherlands rent price can be inclusive or exclusive of service charges. Common services charged with the rent include internet, electricity, water, and phone line. You should always read the contract to evaluate whether these are included in the rent agreement.

Average rent prices vary from one city to the next. Consider 100- 150 square meters in the different cities. Here’s how they compare:

LocationAverage rent
Noord Holland950 EUR
Zuid Holland870 EUR
Utrecht840 EUR
Friesland660 EUR
Drenthe630 EUR
Groningen700 EUR

These values show a big variation in rent prices, which could affect where you opt to work and live. In 2022 the average rent prices have continued to soar across the country, though at different rates, with Amsterdam being the highest.

  • Amsterdam: 3.4%
  • Rotterdam: 3.2%
  • The Hague: 2.5%
  • Utrecht: 2.3%

The continued increase in rent has been attributed to the uncertainty facing the real estate industry. Speculation has led to the rise in demand while the rate of new renting space remains low. Inflation and high-interest rates have also played a role in the high rent prices.

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These factors have led to the minimum rent prices rising across the Netherlands. For instance, the minimum rate for a shell-type house in the different cities is as follows:

  • Amsterdam: 1,000 EUR
  • The Hague: 870 EUR
  • Rotterdam: 980 EUR

Amsterdam has remained the city with the highest rent prices across the Netherlands for the last five years.

Rental houses in the Netherlands are split into two types, social housing and private housing. Social housing controls 75% of the rental housing while private housing takes up 25%. 

As a policy Netherlands retains 80% of the social housing for the residents who earn low wage rates currently set at 37,000 EUR. Every year there are long lists of residents waiting to be allocated rentals, and it’s for this reason that expats coming to the country focus on private housing.

The Netherlands has three major rental apartments you will come across when looking for a place to rent. They include:

  • Unfurnished apartments
  • Fully-furnished apartments
  • Shell-type apartments

Fully furnished apartments are only common in the big cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, but you’ll hardly find such in smaller cities. The average price of a fully furnished apartment in Amsterdam is 2,500 EUR.

Unfurnished and shell-type apartments are complete but lack the basic fixtures. Before moving in, find out from the landlord if any part of the house was handled by a previous tenant that you may be required to pay for to avoid conflicts down the lane.

In 2021, the Netherlands’s average rate of an unfurnished apartment stood at 16 EUR per square meter. The amount has since risen to 17.18 % in 2022, and the rate is projected to increase further.

a graph showing Netherland's average rate of unfurnished apartment.
Source: statista.com

If you are an expat looking to rent in the Netherlands, the potential landlord might ask you to verify your ability to pay the monthly rent. Most landlords will ask to see the employment contract and your bank statement.

The unwritten rule is that landlords prefer a person whose income is three times more than the rent amount.

In the Netherlands, the rental contract is either fixed or indefinite. Once you agree on the rent amount, you’ll be presented with the agreement to sign.

Rent prices for apartments vs houses

No surprise renting a house in the Netherlands costs more than an apartment. This is primarily due to the larger space you get when renting an entire home.

A typical rent price for a one-bedroom apartment across major Dutch cities is between 900 EUR and 1,100 EUR. A house will cost you significantly more – typically around 1,500 EUR – 2,000 EUR depending on the location and size.

In 2022, both house and apartment rents increased compared to a year earlier. The increase was 2.7% for unfurnished homes and 8.0% for furnished properties.

The average rent for m² in existing houses is 11,17 EUR/m²; for apartments, this number is 16,53 EUR/m².

Rent prices in major Dutch cities

Rent in most Dutch cities is considered high, with Amsterdam and the Hague always competing for the top position. 

In 2022, Rotterdam showed a price decrease of 6.1%. Besides Rotterdam, only Haarlem also experienced a 5.0% price drop. 

On the other hand, housing in Amsterdam (+5.1%), Utrecht (+7.4%), and The Hague (+11.8%) has become more expensive. The largest price increases have been seen in smaller cities like Amstelveen (+41.1%), Almere (+31.7%), and Groningen (+21.8%).

Here’s how the rent rates over the last few years compare for different dutch cities 

a graph showing rent rates over the years compare for different Dutch cities.
Source: statista.com

If you are an expat looking to settle down, these cities are the most common for immigrants. The cities offer the desired city life preferred by foreigners, and the rent prices are equally comparable. For instance, here’s a breakdown of the rent prices in The Hague:

a chart illustrating the breakdown of the rent prices.
Source: cartus.com

The demand for rental properties across these cities has been on a steady rise over the last few years, with the rent prices rising proportionately.

After the pandemic, the inflation rate has forced rental prices to shoot across these cities, with Amsterdam averaging between 1,600 EUR and 1,800 EUR for a one-bedroom apartment.

Smaller cities such as Groningen have continually had lower rental prices averaging 900 EUR for a one-bedroom apartment.

The rent index across different Dutch cities compares as follows:

graph showing rent index across different Dutch cities.
Source: numbeo.com

In 2022, Amsterdam has remained the most expensive city to rent a house, with the rent prices ranging as below:

Source: expatistan.com

The Hague has lower rent prices than Amsterdam, while the lifestyle is almost similar. Looking around, it’s possible to find a one-bedroom apartment falling between 900 EUR and 1,500 EUR, utilities included. For this reason, Hague plays host to many expats and international students.

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands, making it a favorable option for foreigners. It also has the largest European port. Rotterdam is a business city, so the rent prices are above average but lower than Amsterdam by 5.4%.

It’s expected that throughout 2022 the rent prices in Rotterdam will steadily increase. The first quarter of 2022 saw the rent prices in Rotterdam stand at the following figures:

Type of houseRent price (EUR)
Private house500

Utrecht is considered the second most expensive city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. Rent prices in Utrecht are above the average rent value for the Netherlands.

A one-bedroom apartment within the city center rents at between 1,200 EUR and 1,400 EUR. As you head outside the city center, the prices lower. For instance, a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center costs around 1,000 EUR. Three-bedroom apartments within the Utrecht city average at 2,000 EUR.

Cost of utilities in the Netherlands

Utility costs and availability should be a major concern as you are looking for a house to rent since they impact the total rent value. 

The main utilities whose value you should consider include:

  • Electricity
  • Garbage collection
  • Heating
  • Internet
  • Water
  • TV

The average cost of utilities across the Netherlands is 160 EUR. This figure applies to most cities except Amsterdam and Utrecht, where the figure is higher, averaging 185 EUR a month.

You need to evaluate the extra amenities the landlord may have in the house, as some will ensure you live comfortably, though at a cost. Examples of additional amenities include faster internet, landscaping services, VPN, AC, and ceiling fan.

Before you sign the rental contract, ensure all the amenities are communicated, and your responsibility is clear.

The average cost of internet in the Netherlands is 44 EUR. You, however, can choose a faster option from a reliable provider at a higher price. The Netherlands is ranked third in the countries with the fastest internet, with 45% of the broadband connection being higher than 10Mbps.

Electricity is a key amenity, and you should compare the costs before you decide to have more gadgets that consume too much electricity. The average cost of household electricity ranges at 12.8 EUR cents, considered affordable compared to other European countries.

2022 has seen the water costs in the Netherlands rise to 0.87 EUR per cubic meter, which is 4 cents more than 2021. The fixed water costs have also increased by 6 EUR, forcing the annual fixed costs to 82 EUR.

Cost of insurances related to housing in the Netherlands

As a tenant, you should have insurances that protect you from liability for damages made to properties and people. These include home insurance and liability insurance. For example, if you make some damage to the rented apartment, the insurance will pay for it.

The policy prices vary, but it’s usually less than 20 EUR per month for both coverages.

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Cheapest places for rent in the Netherlands

color commercial establishment in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has rent prices on both extremes. In some cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht, the rent prices are high; however, some cities offer a variety of affordable housing. 

Some of the cheapest places you can rent in the Netherlands include:

  • Breda
  • Maastricht
  • Groningen
  • Nijmegen
  • Enschede
  • Tilburg
  • Almere

Groningen is considered favorable as it offers decent and affordable housing. On average, renting a room in Groningen costs approximately 500 EUR. A larger one bedroom with some amenities rents at approximately 800 EUR.

International students prefer to live in Groningen, given the affordable housing and various institutions offering quality education. Life in Groningen is quality and vibrant, making it a magnet for international students. 

One outstanding feature of Groningen is the smaller towns that offer cheap rentals. The apartments have all the amenities, and though they may seem below per for an expat, the students like it here. 

Tilburg is also considered among the cheaper places you can live in the Netherlands. Rent prices in Tilburg are affordable compared to other cities such as The Hague.

A one-bedroom apartment in the Tilburg city center measuring 40 square meters goes for 900 EUR, and this is a better option than the same size in Utrecht, which goes for more than 1,000 EUR.

a chart showing prices in different room types.
Source: livingcost.com

Paying 1,500 EUR for a 3-bedroom unit in the Tilburg city center is fair enough as the same would cost you almost double in Amsterdam.

Breda also offers favorable rent rates for foreigners. A one-bedroom house in Breda goes for 1,000 EUR, which is fair enough. Breda has a population of 175,000, out of whom 13,000 are students making it a vibrant city full of life.

The international community in Breda keeps rising as the affordable cost of living attracts them. Rent prices in Breda are considered within the national average, as seen below:

chart of rent prices per month.
Source: numbeo.com

Almere in the Netherlands offers friendly rent rates compared to other bigger cities like Amsterdam. You can find an affordable apartment that measures 40 square meters in the outskirts going for 750 EUR, while the same within the city goes for 1,100 EUR.

A three-bedroom apartment measuring 80 square meters in Almere rents 2,300 EUR, and the cheapest one in the same locality goes for 1,600 EUR.

Outside the city center, rent for a one-bedroom in Almere goes for between 700 and 800 EUR. A three-bedroom house in the outskirts of Almere rents at 1,600 EUR.

Enschede has been known to offer the cheapest rental prices in the Netherlands for years. In Enschede, you can get a one-bedroom house for as low as 680 EUR. A three bedroom within the city goes for 1,100 EUR. In the suburbs of Enschede, a three-bedroom apartment rents at 950 EUR.

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