Best Internet Providers in the Netherlands: Guide for 2023

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The Netherlands is known for its high-quality Internet infrastructure and excellent connectivity. The country boasts a high internet penetration rate. Almost all households in the Netherlands have an internet connection. The average download speed in the Netherlands is also quite high among European countries – at around 18Mbps.

The best and most popular internet providers in the Netherlands are Ziggo and KPN, thanks to their extensive coverage and good speeds. However, T-Mobile and Youfone come close as great competitors in affordability and attractive package deals.

As a newcomer, a good internet connection is one of the most essential things you need to get when moving in. There are many different internet providers in the Netherlands, so it can be hard to choose the right one.

This guide will help you choose the best internet provider in the Netherlands based on your needs. We will take a look at the different types of providers, their coverage, speeds, and prices.

Alternatively, you can pick your provider on one of the local comparison sites such as Unitedconsumers.com.

What is the best internet provider in the Netherlands?

Choosing the best internet provider in the Netherlands boils down to your personal preference. While only three providers own a physical mobile network: T-Mobile, KPN, and Vodafone, you can select among other companies running their services over one of those networks. Many of them offer very competitive rates.

If you are looking for the fastest speeds, then you will want to look at providers like Ziggo and KPN. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, then T-Mobile or Youfone may be a better fit.

The most important requirements you may need to look out for when looking for an internet provider are availability, performance, reliability, and cost. The issue, however, lies in your choice of internet provider, price, customer care services, and where you live.

1. KPN

It’s the Netherlands’ largest internet provider, offering fast internet with an optical fiber connection. They have a wide variety of packages you can choose from.


KPN has additional interactive TV, extra channels like Spotify, various internet options, and a calling facility.

  • Fiber optic
  • Amazing discounts and promotions
  • Free router installation
  • If you want to switch from another internet provider, KPN will take care of the switch

Best things about KPN

They offer great discounts and promotions for people on a whole year contract making your experience an exciting adventure at low costs/discounted prices.
Technicians help with the installation at no extra cost.
KPN has monthly cancellable contracts. It’s a rare find in the Netherlands.
They have many physical stores across the country.
KPN not only takes care of the switch from your previous internet provider, but they also ensure that the process is fast and smooth at their cost.
The cheapest internet-only subscription costs 42.50 EUR per month for 50 Mbps, while the most expensive choice costs 69.50 EUR for 1000 Mbps (broadband, calls, and TV).

2. Ziggo

This internet provider takes the lead when it comes to providing services over the largest fiber-coax network. They are slightly higher prices but offer support in English.


  • Fast delivery
  • English customer service
  • They provide excellent Wi-Fi coverage
  • High internet speed
  • Flexible contracts with no hidden costs

Best things about Ziggo

The coaxial cable is an innovative technology that is great for heavy applications like online TV streaming, downloading HD movies, or video calling. This ensures that you get top-notch services for your daily internet use.
A technician comes to install the router right after payment, allowing you to go about your business without delays.
They are popularly known as expat internet experts. This means that they understand the challenges you may go through as a foreigner when trying to find an English-speaking customer care making your whole communication process straightforward and easy.
Ziggo has three of the best internet packages with superb Wi-Fi coverage. They also offer free Wi-Fi via Wi-Fi spots at over 2 million locations, ensuring that you stay connected almost everywhere you go.
Their high internet speeds make Ziggo a reliable internet provider for more straightforward cloud storage, uninterrupted entertainment, and your data backup needs.
You can easily uncheck additional options in your contract. Their contracts are straightforward, with no hidden charges. However, if you need to activate the agreement, you only pay a small additional amount and nothing else.
The price range per month for Ziggo internet subscription starts from 43.50 EUR (40 Mbps) to 57.95 EUR (150 Mbps).

3. Youfone

Youfone is a new player in the Dutch telecommunication market. They have the best deal for their all-in-1 package (broadband, calls, and TV). Youfone gives this package at 23 EUR when you first sign up, which is a highly competitive price in the Netherlands, then the cost will shoot back to 43 EUR.


  • Their TV and app have standard 41 channels with 26 HD and 14 local broadcasters free. Their basic package has 27 channels, of 26 are HD
  • Internet comes with a free modem and instructional manuals
  • You can call, avail extra bundle like calling abroad at a very minimal fixed charge

Best things about Youfone

Their TV and app package has a variety of channels, both regional and HD, that will keep you entertained. You will be lost for choice, and your indoor moments will never be dull.
You can enjoy their reliable network with a free Wi-Fi modem and instructional manual, making the installation process easy, fast, and convenient.
You can keep in touch with your loved ones; anywhere in the world at meager costs.
Youfone charges the lowest rates starting from 32.50 EUR per month for 100 Mbps (broadband only) to 45.00 EUR for 100 Mbps (broadband and TV).

4. T-Mobile

T-Mobile provides an alternative to households that suffer from a bad internet connection at the most competitive rates in the Netherlands.


  • The cheapest internet provider
  • They offer a one-internet-only package
  • Flexible contracts
  • Video optimization features

Best things about T-Mobile

They have great prices for their packages with an excellent speed ratio. This allows you to stay connected to the internet even when you’re on a budget.
Their internet-only package is clear and has one of the most incredible combinations of deals possible (TV, phone, and internet) in the Netherlands.
Many of their plans include video optimization features that provide a DVD-quality (up to 2.5 Mbps) video experience with minimal buffering while streaming once connected to the cellular network.
Their lowest package costs 35 EUR per month for 100 Mbps (broadband only), while their most expensive package is 62.50 EUR for 1000 Mbps (broadband, calls, and TV).

Besides, you can search for an internet provider in your area by using a Dutch comparison website – Prijsvergelijken, and it’s also available in English. Keep in mind that you sign for a 1 or 2-year contract when purchasing your internet subscription in the Netherlands. However, KPN has monthly terminable contacts.

Best internet provider in Amsterdam

The State of the Internet report, quarterly, published by the Internet Company Akamai, shows that 60% of Dutch have a broadband connection higher than 10 Mbps, making Holland among the top 6 globally. So, you will have great internet not only in the capital but across the country.

However, there are three top internet providers in Amsterdam: Ziggo, KPN and T-Mobile. The table below depicts their service offering:

ProviderTypeDownload speeds Customer satisfaction score
ZiggoCable109.12 Mb/s4.6/5
KPNDSL/Fiber102.55 Mb/s4.6/5
T-MobileFiber67.8 Mb/s4.4/5

See current rates for home and mobile in the Netherlands on Unitedconsumers.com.

What is the fastest internet in Netherlands?

hand showing his phone with the internet speed.

According to Opensignal’s Mobile Network Experience Report (2021/22), KPN leads with an average download speed of 84.6 Mbps, 8.9 Mbps faster than the second-placed T-Mobile. However, KPN and T-Mobile users experienced the fastest upload speeds with tied scores between 15.9 – 16.6 Mbps range. 

The Netherlands’ average internet speed is 107.3 Mbps, making this country among the top 10 countries globally with the fastest internet connections.

Having only a few homes struggling with low internet speeds (in the rural areas of the Netherlands), the local ISPS continues to improve the speed tremendously.

ProviderDownload speed experience (in Mbps)Upload speed experience (in Mbps)4G availability in % of time

How much does internet cost in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, the most expensive internet-only package costs around 57 EUR per month, and the cheapest at approximately 32 EUR. Overall, Dutch internet isn’t much more expensive than in neighboring countries, e.g., Germany, but speed often can be higher.

You can check current prices by using this calculator.

T-Mobile, Youfone, Online, and Budget Alles-in-1 are amongst the cheapest internet providers in the Netherlands, where you get a connection for as low as 31 EUR a month.

Have a look at what to expect regarding prices and packages from each Dutch provider.

1. Ziggo

TypeSpeedPrice per Month (EUR)1st Year (EUR)
Broadband and TV40 Mb/s43.50261.00
75 Mb/s53.00318.00
150 Mb/s57.95347.76
Broadband Only40 Mb/s32.50292.50
150 Mb/s47.45427.08
Broadband, Calls, and TV40 Mb/s46.00276.0

2. T-Mobile

TypeSpeedPrice per Month (EUR)1st Year (EUR)
Broadband and TV100 Mb/s50.00500.00
400 Mb/s55.00540.00
1000 Mb/s60.00580.00
Broadband Only100 Mb/s35.00405.00
400 Mb/s40.00445.00
1000 Mb/s45.00485.00
Broadband, Calls, and TV100 Mb/s52.50530.00
400 Mb/s57.50570.00
1000 Mb/s62.50610.00

3. Youfone

TypeSpeedPrice per Month (EUR)1st Year (EUR)
Broadband and TV100 Mb/s45.00420.00
Broadband Only100 Mb/s32.50330.00

4. KPN

TypeSpeedPrice per Month (EUR)1st Year (EUR)
Broadband and TV50 Mb/s52.50445.00
100 Mb/s57.50445.00
200 Mb/s60.00445.00
1000 Mb/s67.50445.00
Broadband Only50 Mb/s42.50445.00
200 Mb/s50.00445.00
1000 Mb/s57.50445.00
Broadband, Calls, and TV50 Mb/s54.50469.00
100 Mb/s59.50469.00
200 Mb/s62.00469.00
1000 Mb/s69.50469.00

5. Budget Alles in 1

TypeSpeedPrice per Month (EUR)1st Year (EUR)
Broadband and TV50 Mb/s54.00515.00
100 Mb/s56.50551.00
Broadband Only100 Mb/s32.50341.00
Broadband, Calls, and TV50 Mb/s55.00527.00
100 Mb/s57.50557.00

6. Online.nl

TypeSpeedPrice per Month (EUR)1st Year (EUR)
Broadband and TV100 Mb/s49.00404.00
Broadband Only100 Mb/s41.50378.00
Broadband and TV app100 Mb/s51.50404.00
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