The Ultimate Guide to the Allianz Arena Stadium

The Ultimate Guide to the Allianz Arena Stadium titlecard

The Allianz Arena Provides a Veritable Footballing Feast

No visit to Munich, Germany, would be complete without a trip to see the legendary FC Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena… For tickets, have a look at… https://www.stubhub.com/fc-bayern-munich-tickets/performer/1505337/ or…


Tickets to see a game at the Allianz Arena can range in price from around 15€ to 130€ depending on the location of seats and whether it is the Bundesliga or the Champions League competition.

You can attain business seats at the Allianz Arena for the dearest, most luxurious, and unique viewer experience. You can find details on the club website and purchase tickets from several platforms.

It’s an essential part of any trip to Munich, especially for football fans. Whether you know it or not, you probably saw the stadium in all its glory during the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

The Allianz Arena is a must-see part of a city rich with sporting heritage. To experience the dynamic, this instantly recognisable stadium and its club are a magnet to some of the sport’s finest players.

The Allianz Arena poses the same question as all stadiums – where do I sit? Do you want to be close to the pitch and the players and have a clear view of the action? Or do you want to watch the action from a more elevated and distant position? or perhaps something in between?

Choosing a seat can be tricky. The stadium is huge, but there is no bad area to be seated unless you’re a home fan and end up in the away end.

The noisiest home fans are situated at the South end of the ground. The away team section is in the Northern stand. There are three tiers – lower tier, middle tier, and upper tier – each with its own advantages.

Those who want to be in the standing areas will be behind either of the goals. There are multiple possibilities, so long as you don’t leave the booking until the last minute.

When they are playing…

Bayern Munich can be caught at the Allianz Arena in standard match weeks approximately every other weekend. The Bundesliga has both home and away matches.

Midweek matches in both the German Cup and Champions League can be watched mid-week. Of course, some are also home, and some are away matches. For full details, check the club’s webpage or the above ticket websites.


The nearest U-bahn station (subway, metro, underground trains)- Fröttmaning Station – to the Allianz Arena is less than a fifteen-minute walk from the stadium.

To get there by car, bus, bike, or other means, you can check the Bayern website here… https://allianz-arena.com/en/arena/getting-here-entry

The Allianz Arena car park structure consists of four four-storey parking garages and almost 10,000 parking spaces. Over 1,000 additional parking spaces inside the two lower tiers of the stadium accommodate buses, those with disabilities, and more.

The Bayern Experience

You can also experience the modern feel of the approach to the stadium, the main entrance, and the Allianz logo bearing down on spectators as they enter.

The entirely thrilling atmosphere of the Allianz Arena is second to none. When the Champions League music emanates around the Allianz Arena, it is a moment designed for goosebumps. Even a normal regular season game is a special moment to witness.

The ambiance at Bayern matches is legendary, with its cacophony of noise and the total joy of football swimming all around.

Bayern’s Rich History

The Allianz Arena is home to the globally known German FC Bayern München (in German). Founded in 1900, it is one of the most successful clubs in the world and has won a record 32 national titles and 6 European Cup titles.

Bayern This Millennium

FC Bayern Munich has won the last ten league titles in a row confirming the club’s status as Germany’s leading footballing light. Far from being a one-sided league, it shows the club’s ability to remain ahead of the chasing pack.

The club – and the stunning Allianz Arena – are synonymous with football and success. You can watch international matches at the Allianz Arena as well as the standard national games.

If you are a fan of German football, Bundesliga games, and the guaranteed additional annual element of Champions League games played at home, then look no further.

You can witness elite football clubs from all over Europe at the Allianz Arena. International games are another huge part of the pull of the stadium.

Munich, the City

The city of the Allianz Arena is a part of is breathtaking and an essential part of any tour of Germany. It is inevitable to catch a match along with other chief sightseeing aspects. Bavarian culture is well-known and…

The Stadium Construction

The Allianz Arena was initially a FIFA World Cup stadium on the Werner Heisenberg Allee 25 in Munich, Germany. The stadium construction began in 2002 and was completed in 2005. After the 2006 FIFA World Cup, it became the ground for the home games of FC Bayern München.

The relatively new stadium was designed by a Swiss architect firm and is a work of art. It has new lighting, built-in roller blinds, and has potential for further expansion.

The Allianz Arena Stadium has extraordinary and eye-catching LED lighting. During the night, it glows in the club’s three colours – red, white, and blue. FC Bayern Munich and the München Stadion GmbH provide a pinnacle to the sporting experience for fans.

The football arena in Munich is one of the UEFA’s leading venues. The Allianz Arena cost €340 million to build and a further €210 million in costs of area development and infrastructure development to the city.

Allianz – the name, the logo

Football’s governing bodies, UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and FIFA (Fédération internationale de football association) do not allow the use of the name Allianz when hosting their events, as it is not one of the official tournament partners.

The Allianz Arena is the jewel in the crown of German sport. The stadium’s capacity is 75,000 in the Bundesliga and almost 70,000 for international matches. There is potential for the already-discussed future expansion of the stadium.

Press Conferences

The Allianz Arena is replete with a fantastic press conference area – the Arena Press Club – that has 350 seats. This is another immaculate part of what is a classy, modern, and world-famous stadium.

What Else Can You See There?

In addition, the stadium has a museum – the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt – a 75-minute arena tour and a club shop to purchase merchandise. Every season is guaranteed to bring eternal glory to a globally renowned brand. You are signing up to be a part of that history and that success.

If you swing by Bavaria in Germany, you will pass by a stadium rich with modern sporting history. See the Bundesliga, Champions League, and German Cup, or just a sightseeing tour at the Allianz Arena stadium. You cannot go wrong.

The number one stadium in Germany and its range of events is incomparable when you decide to book to see a game and witness this beautiful football stadium, the Allianz Arena, in all its matchday glory; plan ahead.

Tickets for matches at the football arena in Munich sell out extremely quickly. Book your seats at the Allianz Arena early to avoid disappointment and enjoy an experience that cannot be matched elsewhere.

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