Part-time Salary in Canada: How Much Can You Make?

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If you’re looking to take up a part-time job in Canada, either as a student or expat, looking to earn an extra coin, the country offers a robust environment and multiple options. However, it is crucial that you take your time to go for a part-time job that meets your goals in terms of schedule and remuneration. Talking of remuneration, how much can you earn with part-time Jobs in Canada?

The average part-time salary in Canada is between C$10 and C$20 per hour. Your amount depends on your industry, province, and employer. Your skill level also matters when agreeing on the pay rate. You can negotiate for the upper side of the threshold if you’re highly skilled.

Part-time jobs are a great way to spend your time and earn that extra dollar. It also gives you the right skills to grow your portfolio and understand the workplace environment. Canada offers various forms of part-time employment that you can take up with different earning potentials.

 Average part-time salaries in Canada in 2022

Glassdoor places the average base pay for a part-time worker in Canada at C$48,473 annually. Most workers fall within this range across the country, as shown below:

Graph of part-time salaries in canada

Several factors affect how much you earn as a part-time worker in Canada. The province you’re based in the country affects how much you are remunerated. Talent tabulated the annual average pay across the different regions as shown below:

RegionAnnual average part-time pay (CAD)
Northwest regions67,747
British Columbia35,200

Northwest region tops the list of the best areas in part-time perks as they aim to attract more people to the region who can cope with the harsh conditions and low social activities. This part of the country also qualifies for a tax deduction, which entices more people to seek out that area.

The industry in which you land a part-time job also affects how much you take home as a part-time worker. Some industries attract higher perks than others. Medical, technology, engineering, and finance are among the top sectors with attractive packages for part-timers.

Average part-time salary for students in Canada

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Employers around the world often pay minimum wage to students. Canadian students earn, on average, between C$10 and C$20 per hour with a typical part-time job.

As a student in Canada, you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week on a part-time basis. If you have the S-1 Visa type, you can work for a minimum of 20 hours during the semester; however, during the vacation, you can work full-time.

The SW-1 Visa allows students to study as they work. The visa is mostly accorded to students whose courses require them to participate in mandatory work or require Credits of Work to graduate.

If you have an S-1 visa as a student, you can join a co-op program, as this will allow you to upgrade your visa to SW-1 without additional costs, which offers more flexibility and opportunities.

Most employers in the country remunerate students using the part-time basis system, which is lower than the average pay in the country. 

The average pay for part-time students in the country falls between C$10/Hr and C$20/Hr. The figure may vary for the different cities and professions.

Different professions, mostly taken up by students on a part-time basis, attract different pay rates, as shown below:
ProfessionAverage Salary C$/Hr
Data entry clerk 18,43
Sales representative13
Warehouse associate28,71
Web designer20
Customer service representative15
Apple picker20
Call agent15 – 22

These are the jobs mostly taken up by students as they don’t require very specialized skills, and they can be taught on the job for a short while.

To get a job as a student, be on the lookout. Most institutions will pin opportunities on the bulletin boards. Alternatively, once you identify potential employers, look on their official websites for opportunities.

Common job openings for students in the country include:
  • Translators
  • Library attendants
  • Retail store employees
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops employees
  • Swimming instructors
  • Sales representatives
  • Call agents
  • Dog walking

Landing a job in the country gives you an upper hand and prepares you for your future work engagement, especially if you intend to go for permanent residency after your studies.

As a student, if you’re finding it hard to land a job, you can volunteer to work in your desired area, join professional groups related to your field of interest, or intern.

Getting a part-time job related to your area of study can work to your advantage in the future. It could help you in landing a post-graduation job.

Being a student calls for lowering your operational costs, and to that end, most students are working on a remote-work basis where they don’t need to commute daily to the workplace.

Some of the industries you can offer services on a remote worker basis include:
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Accounting

Freelancers in the country attract between C$20/Hr to C$25/Hr, which is on the higher side of the part-timers earning spectrum.

How much can you earn with a part-time job in Canada?

The amount you can earn in Canada as a part-time worker falls between C$11 to C$30. Your employer and the nature of your work determine the amount.

Most employers will pay the minimum wage as part-time remuneration. The amount varies for the different provinces. For instance, below is a breakdown of what to expect in Ontario:

Graph showing part time worker salary in Ontario, Canada


From this analysis, most part-time workers in Ontario fall within the minimum wage rate of C$11.  If you work 20 hours per week, you’ll pocket C$220 weekly, which translates to C$880 monthly.

If your visa allows and you work full-time during the study breaks, you can work for 40 hours weekly, which translates to C$440 weekly and C$1,760 monthly. When you are on these breaks, you can negotiate for better rates above the minimum to ensure you make more.

On average, the different provinces have set out part-time pay rates at

  • General worker: C$15/Hr
  • Young workers below 18 years on holidays: C$13/Hr
  • College students working part-time: C$11/Hr.

Learning the minimum wage rates across the different provinces is important, so you don’t accept working for anything below the minimum. Here’s a breakdown of the minimum wage rates for the various regions:


Your earning capacity is affected by the number of hours you can commit to the job cumulatively.

For instance, if you’re a student and dedicate the entire allowed 20 hours per week when school is in session, you’ll optimize your earning capacity.

Ideally, the amount you earn as a part-time worker in Canada is determined by:

  • The minimum wage rate offered in the province of your residence.
  • Hours you manage to dedicate to the job
  • Job role
  • Employer rates

Suppose you can manage to land a role that aligns with your area of specialization. In that case, you can be in a position to negotiate for more as you’ll be working at a professional level as opposed to the entry-level. 

Best part-time jobs in Canada 

Some industries are better than others in terms of the perks they offer part-time workers. Sectors that offer the best rates in Canada include.

Teacher Assistants

Getting a part-time job as a teacher’s assistant places you on the upper side of part-time earners, as your average pay will fall between C$15/Hr and C$25/Hr. 

Most schools and college professors within the country are always looking to hire assistants to help them with administrative tasks such as coming up with lessons, students’ data upgrades, and the paperwork required by the administration from time to time.

Check with your neighboring institutions to fill up any opportunities under this.

Sales Representative

Earnings under this job start from C$15/Hr, and the maximum you can earn is determined by how well you perform on the tasks assigned.

If you are a people person who’s good at convincing, negotiating, and converting, then this is the job you should take up. It gives you exposure for the future and also attracts better pay.


Canada is multicultural and widely cosmopolitan. You can make top-dollar through translating if you’re multilingual and good at it. 

The pay for part-time translators starts from C$15/Hr, and the much you can earn is determined by how good you are at it and your availability.

To get translator jobs easily, check on the online portals for international communities that could use your services.


Part-time tutoring will help you earn more than the bare minimum rate as it requires you to be well acquainted with the area you intend to teach, especially at the college level. Alternatively, if you enjoy teaching, you could offer tuition to the younger ones at the elementary level.

Part-time tutoring can earn anywhere between C$11/Hr and C$20/Hr. You can negotiate for the maximum rate, especially when tutoring college-level students in a specific area.


If you are good with kids, you can use that to your advantage and earn some money. On average, a babysitter in Canada makes anywhere between C$15/Hr and C$19/Hr. 

Assuming you work for 20 hours per week at the C$15/Hr rate, it translates to C$300 per week and C$1,200 monthly, which will come in handy in helping you get by.

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