Best Business Bank Account in Germany

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner searching for the best business bank account in Germany to foster your company’s expansion?

Finding the best business bank account in Germany can be a game-changer for your company’s financial well-being. Whether you want to establish a solid business account or optimize existing arrangements, the right bank can make all the difference. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best business bank in Germany, providing an insightful overview of their features, benefits, and how they cater to your unique needs. 

Say goodbye to the complexities of managing your finances and say hello to seamless business banking solutions tailored just for you. Let’s embark on this financial journey together and unlock the true potential of your enterprise!

The best business bank accounts in Germany are: 

  1. Bunq
  2. Revolut
  3. Wise
  4. Vivid Money
  5. Monese

This is based on criteria related to the feasibility of banks for business purposes. Read on to find out what makes these banks better than the others.

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Bank Account Options in Germany

German bank cards
no.1 choice


Bunq logo

Innovative mobile business banking with seamless international transactions and advanced financial tools.

second pick


Revolut logo

Streamlined global business banking, multi-currency accounts, and efficient cross-border payments.

third pick


Wise logo

Borderless business banking, low-cost international transfers, real exchange rates, and good financial management.

Runner Up

Vivid Money

VIvid logo

Modern business banking with smart budgeting, cashback rewards, and intuitive expense categorization.

Hidden Gem


Monese logo

Flexible business banking for startups, easy online account opening, and simple international money transfers.

In Germany, you have a wide range of options to choose from for opening separate accounts, ranging from traditional branches and online banking to fully digitalized fintech companies that offer business bank accounts. Here are the best business bank account providers in Germany:

1. Bunq

Bunq is an innovative German digital bank offering the best business bank account with unlimited free transactions, a physical debit card, and seamless integration with accounting software.

Screenshot of Bunq website account

Highlights of Having Bunq Private Checking Account

  • Streamlined Business Banking: Bunq provides the best business bank account, equipped with user-friendly features tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Personal and Business Accounts: With Bunq, you can manage both your personal and business finances from a single platform, ensuring convenience and efficiency.
  • Integration with Accounting Software: Say goodbye to manual bookkeeping as Bunq seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software, simplifying financial record-keeping.
  • Competitive Transaction Options: Enjoy unlimited free transactions, empowering your business to thrive without incurring unnecessary costs.
  • Environmentally Conscious Banking: Bunq’s commitment to sustainability allows small businesses to contribute to reforestation efforts with each transaction.

Bunq Pros

  • Being an EU country, Germany boasts many banks, ensuring competitive options for businesses.
  • Bunq provides detailed online banking information about transactions, enhancing transparency and financial management.
  • No monthly fees for withdrawing money from a private account.

Bunq Cons

  • Some users might prefer the familiarity of traditional banking institutions over a digital-only bank like Bunq.

My Take on Month-to-Month Online Banking with Bunq

Bunq card

Bunq undoubtedly offers the best business bank account in Germany. With its user-friendly interface, unlimited free transactions, and a physical debit card, it stands out as the perfect choice for modern businesses or self-employed and freelancers seeking seamless banking solutions.

Make the switch to Bunq today and experience banking like never before.

2. Revolut

Revolut, a leading digital bank, offers the best business bank account in Germany, catering to self-employed individuals and businesses of all major legal forms, with the added advantage of a free business bank account.

Screenshots of Revolut's mobile app

Highlights of Having Revolut Private Bank Account

  • Seamless International Transactions: Conduct cross-border payments with ease, benefiting from no hidden fees and interbank exchange rates for over 30 currencies.
  • Expense Management and Budgeting: Gain control over finances with advanced tools for categorizing transactions, setting budgets, and understanding spending patterns.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts: Enjoy the flexibility of holding accounts in multiple currencies, ideal for international trade and businesses with global customers.
  • Corporate Cards and Employee Expense Control: Issue corporate cards with customizable spending limits, efficiently manage employee expenses, and maintain transparency.
  • Integration with Accounting Software: Simplify bookkeeping with seamless integration, exporting real-time transaction data for efficient financial reporting.

Revolut Pros

  • Revolut is a digital bank that provides convenient and accessible banking services, like transfers to direct banks.
  • Businesses and self-employed can obtain a free debit card, eliminating additional expenses.
  • Minimal legal forms are required for small businesses to deposit money.

Revolut Cons

  • Some account holders or businesses might prefer traditional banking institutions over digital-only banks like Revolut. 

My Take

Revolut visa card

For freelancers, self-employed, and businesses in Germany, Revolut stands out as the best business bank account, offering a physical debit card and unlimited free transactions. 

With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Revolut provides a strong financial backbone, supporting growth and financial success.

3. Wise

Wise, the best business bank account in Germany, offers a free business account suitable for various legal entities, supporting smooth business operations and transactions with business partners.

Wise app screenshot on mobile and web


  • Low-Cost International Transfers: Benefit from Wise’s transparent fee structure and real exchange rates, ensuring cost-effective international money transfers.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts: Manage funds in multiple currencies, mitigating currency exchange risks and simplifying global business dealings.
  • Business Debit Card: Enjoy the convenience of a business debit card with competitive exchange rates for worldwide payments and withdrawals.
  • Integrated API Solutions: For tech-savvy businesses, Wise’s API solutions allow seamless integration, automated transfers, and streamlined financial management.
  • Wise for Business Platform: Tailored solutions like batch payments, payroll management, and vendor payments cater to businesses of all sizes.

Wise Pros

  • Wise is a digital bank that offers convenience and accessibility for businesses that operate online.
  • Wise has a free debit card that comes with perks such as cashback, travel insurance, and airport lounge access.
  • Wise has a user-friendly interface and integrated API solutions, making financial management easy and efficient.
  • Allow users to set up separate business account for online banking.

Wise Cons

  • Wise does not offer credit or overdraft facilities for its business account, which may limit some financing options for businesses.
  • Wise does not have physical branches or ATMs in Germany, which may pose some challenges for cash-based transactions.
  • Wise may charge a monthly account fee for some services, such as currency conversion, card delivery, or additional transfers.

My Take

Wise visa card for business

For freelancers in European countries and businesses of all sizes, Wise presents a compelling option as the best business bank account. With its business-friendly features, competitive exchange rates, and a focus on international transactions, Wise is a reliable financial partner for entrepreneurs seeking efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

The free debit card and unlimited free transactions further enhance the overall banking experience.

4. Vivid Money

Vivid Money offers a free business bank account with major legal forms accepted, providing businesses in Germany with a seamless banking experience, free account opening, and free cash withdrawals.

Vivid Money mobile app screenshot


  • Free Business Bank Account: Vivid Money provides a free account option, making it an attractive choice for freelancers and self employed individuals seeking cost-effective banking solutions.
  • Seamless Online Experience: With Vivid Money’s user-friendly mobile app and online platform, businesses can easily manage transactions and expenses with efficiency.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts: The ability to transact in multiple currencies is a valuable feature for businesses engaged in international trade or working with clients worldwide.
  • Comprehensive Expense Management: Vivid Money’s expense categorization and tracking tools enable businesses to maintain financial visibility and effective budgeting.
  • Real-Time Insights: The real-time analytics and reporting features empower businesses to make informed financial decisions.
  • Vivid Money offers a free business bank account, eliminating account-related expenses.
  • As a German digital bank, Vivid Money prioritizes seamless integration with accounting software.
  • Easy cash transfer to a personal bank account in any European country.
  • Businesses with higher monthly transactions may need to consider the limitations of the free account option.
  • Accounting software integration is not for beginners.

My Take

Vivid's visa card for business

Vivid Money is a great choice for freelancers in Germany who are looking for a free and flexible business bank account. With its multi-currency accounts, corporate cards, and expense management tools, Vivid Money offers a lot of value for money. 

However, Vivid Money may not be suitable for businesses that need more advanced banking features such as credit, overdraft, or cash deposits. 

5. Monese

Monese is a mobile-based bank that offers a free business bank account for freelancers and self-employed professionals in Germany. 

It allows businesses to open a free account and enjoy free cash withdrawals, free transfers, and free currency conversions. Monese accepts major legal forms such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited liability companies.

Monese mobile app screenshot

Highlights of Monese for The Self Employed and Freelancers

  • Free Business Account: Monese’s free account option appeals to startups and entrepreneurs, offering a hassle-free onboarding process.
  • Real-time Transactions: Businesses can process payments and transfers instantly, ensuring efficient financial transactions.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts: Monese’s multi-currency feature facilitates seamless transactions and reduces currency conversion costs for international dealings.
  • Business Debit Cards: Access to business debit cards enables companies to make purchases both online and in physical stores.
  • Expense Tracking and Budgeting: Built-in expense tracking and budgeting features provide insights into financial performance and help in managing spending effectively.

Monese Pros

  • Monese is a mobile-based bank that offers convenience and accessibility for businesses that operate online.
  • Major legal forms accepted are easy to acquire, like Deutsche Bank.
  • Monese has no monthly fee or hidden charges for its business account, making it a cost-effective option for freelancers in Germany.
  • Monese has an accounting integration feature that allows businesses to connect their account with popular accounting tools such as DATEV or Lexoffice.

Monese Cons

  • Monese does not offer credit or overdraft facilities for its business account, which may limit some business financing options.
  • Monese does not have physical branches or ATMs in Germany, which may pose challenges for cash-based transactions.
  • Monese may charge a monthly account fee for some services, such as card delivery, additional cards, or premium features.
  • They sometimes require business registration documents and business payment transactions when you open a business bank account.

My Take On Using Monese for German Bank Accounts

Monese cards for business

Monese is a great choice for freelancers and self-employed in Germany looking for a free and flexible business account. With its easy account setup, real-time transactions, and multi-currency accounts, Monese offers much value for money. 

However, Monese may not be suitable for businesses that need more advanced banking features such as credit, overdraft, or cash deposits.

What Do You Know About German Bank Account

Stack of different bank cards


Monthly Fee: Starting from 4.99€

German IBAN: Yes

Cash Withdrawal Fee: 10 free withdrawals, then 0.99€/transaction


Monthly Fee: Offers free and premium plans

German IBAN: Yes (with premium plans)

Cash Withdrawal Fee: Free ATM withdrawals up to a limit, then a small fee

Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Monthly Fee: No monthly fee

German IBAN: Yes

Cash Withdrawal Fee: ATM withdrawals up to a limit, then a fee

Vivid Money

Monthly Fee: Offers free and premium plans

German IBAN: Yes

Cash Withdrawal Fee: Free ATM withdrawals up to a limit, then a fee


Monthly Fee: Offers free and premium plans

German IBAN: Yes

Cash Withdrawal Fee: Some free ATM withdrawals, then a fee

Criteria For Choosing A Bank Account Provider

Woman consulting bank account for business

How did we select the best German business bank accounts? We looked at the following parameters:

  • Account maintenance fee & monthly transaction price
  • Costs for cash withdrawals
  • Accounting integration
  • Costs for cash deposits
  • Interest rate
  • Availability of a debit card
  • Number of free transactions
  • Ease of opening the account as a foreigner
  • Costs
  • Availability of German IBAN
  • Other charges
  • Major legal forms accepted
  • Customer service and language

Business Bank Account For Freelancers In Germany

Freelancer working in Germany

Kontist is one of the best bank accounts in Germany for freelancers and self-employed working in the country. In fact, it’s only available to freelancers and self-employed; legal persons such as GmbH, and UG can’t open an account with them. Kontist is a 100% digital bank offering integrated accounting with it.

Highlights of Kontist bank account:

  • It’s free to get a normal bank account.
  • Free virtual debit card included.
  • Unlimited free transactions.
  • Online banking is available in English.
  • Only available for freelancers and self-employed in Germany.
  • Allows to handle taxes and communication with the German tax office.
  • Overdraft facility – between 500 EUR and 5,000 EUR.

Who Needs A Business Bank Account In Germany?

Guy holding money and thinking of opning a bank account for business.

In Germany, business accounts are mandatory for incorporated companies such as the GmbH (limited liability company) or UG. Moreover, depending on the selected legal form, you might be required to deposit your share capital (Stammkapital) into a business account.

Freelancers, sole proprietorships (self-employed), and partnerships don’t necessarily need to sign for a separate bank account, but it’s generally recommended.

Why Do You Need A Business Bank Account?

Blue debit card

Firstly, a separate business bank account allows you to do all your taxes and accounting in a proper way. It makes it easier to separate your private and business expenses and saves you a lot of time and money when paying taxes at the end of the year.

Furthermore, the best business account options come with integrated accounting features. This makes it easier for you to manage your taxes directly through the provided banking app.

In some cases, a bank account will automatically calculate your taxes and offer you the option to send invoices straight from your online bank account.

Ultimately, having a business bank account will ease the process of filing taxes by allowing you to complete all business transactions in one place. 

You can use most of the business bank accounts mentioned above to send invoices, receive payments and cash deposits, make business-related purchases, and payout your salary.

How Can You Open A German Business Bank Account?

Mother and daughter consulting in a bank

Opening a business bank account comes down to preparing the right documents. As a rule of thumb, traditional branch banks require more paperwork to deal with and take more time. For this reason, we recommend opening a bank account in one of the fintech or digital banks.

Banks favored by freelancers and self-employed are:

With some banks, you might be able to open a bank account in minutes online. With others, it might take a day or two. The set of required documents will depend on the bank. You will need at least your valid ID.

Required Documents For A German Business Bank Account

You need a set of documents to open a business bank account in Germany. The exact list depends on the type of legal form of the business or self-employment/freelancing.

Moreover, in most cases, you will need to have a residency in Germany or another European country where the selected bank operates. Some general documents for a business bank account include:

  • ID card or passport or German residence permit or European residence permit
  • Official registered address in Germany (Anmeldung)
  • German Tax ID number (Steuer-ID)

Additional documents for opening business bank accounts in Germany

Many banks may require these additional documents for opening business accounts:

  • Business registration
  • SCHUFA or credit score
  • Proof of income for the last few months, e.g., last three pay slips
  • Bank statements of the private account

Further documents will be required for corporations’ and partnerships’ business accounts.

Most banks and fintech companies mentioned above will have the option to open a bank account online. In fact, most digital banks only operate online.

Document Requirements Based on Business Type:

For self-employed or freelancers (Freiberufler) registered in Germany, identity proof is sufficient to open a business account. For example, you can do it with Kontist online in just a few minutes.

If you have a registered trade in Germany (Gewerbe), banks will want to see a certificate of incorporation, an extract from the commercial register, and, if applicable, the trade license.

Partnerships (Personengesellschaften) such as oHG or GbR must submit proof of the identity of all partners in addition to the articles of association (Gesellschaftsvertrag) when opening a business account.

For the oHG, the list of partners (Gesellschafterliste), an extract from the commercial register (Handelsregister), and a trade license (Gewerbeschein) (if applicable) will be required.

For corporations e.g., German LLC, a more extended list of documents applies. In addition to the basic papers, founders of a GmbH, UG, or AG must submit the list of shareholders (Gesellschafterliste) and articles of association (Gesellschaftervertrag) but also certificates of incorporation (Gründungsurkunden).

Moreover, some banks might request a trade license (Gewerbeschein).

Final Thoughts About The Best Business Bank Germany

In conclusion, finding the best business bank account in Germany is crucial for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking financial stability and growth. Each featured bank—Bunq, Revolut, Wise, Vivid Money, and Monese—offers unique advantages and tailored features to meet diverse business needs.

If you’re ready to take your business to new heights, don’t hesitate to explore the options presented in this article. Click on the links provided to learn more about the best business banks in Germany and discover the perfect financial partner for your enterprise.

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