Most In-Demand Jobs in London, UK [2023]

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London is one of the most desirable places to work as it is vibrant, fast-paced, and brimming with opportunities. Before considering seeking a job in London, it is essential to understand that not all people have the same chances of getting employment.

Some of the most in-demand jobs in London, the UK include:

  • Marketing managers
  • Nurses
  • Accountants
  • IT professionals
  • Engineers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Store managers
  • Waiters

For foreigners, the most in-demand jobs are health providers, digital marketing, and software engineers. 

London is one of the most desirable places to work as it’s vibrant, fast-paced, and brimming with opportunities. Before considering seeking a job in London, it’s essential to understand that not all people have the same chances of getting employment.

While most of these jobs don’t require a specific degree, competition is high for the most desirable positions.

The most in-demand jobs in London, UK, often require specific skills and experience. For this reason, it’s essential to do some research on the various companies that operate in London and identify those that are hiring. Networking is also an important factor when looking for a job in London. There are plenty of networking events and groups that one can join to get started.

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Which Jobs Are in Demand in London in 2023?

1. IT Specialist

Average Base Salary: £26,000

Number of Open Jobs on Glassdoor: ~5,005

According to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), the need for IT professionals in London has increased by 28% due to significant investment in technology in the city.

This means that London is currently grappling with the digital skills gap. Therefore, if you have IT development skills, you are in high demand. 

As an IT specialist, you’ll be responsible for installing or upgrading components, resolving all IT support issues, setting up software, and assisting with network administration. To be successful as an IT specialist, have an in-depth knowledge of various computer software and hardware technologies.

An amiable personality and an aptitude for customer service are essential as well.

The following fields in IT have a high number of vacancies::

  • Technical Support
  • Programmers
  • Web Developers
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • IT Security
  • Network Engineer

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2. Delivery Driver

Average Base Salary: £20,055

Number of Open Jobs on Glassdoor: ~4,205

A report by McKinsey & Company in 2020 shows that the growth of e-commerce and online shopping has created over 10,000 job opportunities. It also predicts that the number of delivery driver openings could grow by 20,000 in 2022. It makes delivery driving an excellent industry to be in at the moment.

A delivery driver is responsible for delivering orders to customers on time, reviewing orders, and loading and unloading the delivery vehicle.

To qualify for a delivery driver job, have a driving license, customer service skills, good eyesight, and good communication. You can find some of the top companies hiring delivery drivers at glassdoor.com.

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3. Customer Assistant

Average Base Salary: £16,007

Number of Open Jobs on Glassdoor: ~5,979

A customer service assistant is the first person that a customer comes in contact with; hence they play a critical role within a business.

Depending on the company, one’s job may involve showing customers how products work, arranging store displays, taking customer orders, handling payment, and dealing with customer queries or complaints. 

There is no specific prerequisite for this job, though previous experience in a similar position will make one stand out to hiring companies. Employers look for friendly people with good communication, and who genuinely want to help others.

Check indeed.com to see some of the top companies seeking customer assistance. 

4. Store Manager

Average Base Salary: £29,250

Number of Open Jobs on Glassdoor: ~4,537

London is a paradise for store managers since it has a vast number of stores selling food, clothes, drinks, and groceries. A store manager oversees the day-to-day running, managing budgets, setting staff rotas, training, and developing promotional campaigns. 

You don’t need a degree or specific qualifications to be a store manager. A general business sense, good communication skills, and the ability to delegate are enough. Most store managers start in a junior role and work their way up or enroll on a store manager apprenticeship scheme.

5. Business Analyst

Average Base Salary: £42,000

Number of Open Jobs on Glassdoor: ~7,748

Due to the many businesses in London, there is a significant demand for business analysts. Their job is to assist an organization plan for the future by understanding its current status and future needs and creating solutions to meet these needs. Their role relates to software solutions and IT, including budgeting and staffing. 

If you have a business-related degree like Business Information Systems and Business Administration, you will likely stand out to employers. Soft skills like good communication, teamwork, and leadership qualities will give you an upper hand in getting this job.

Interested in working as a business analyst? You can visit glassdoor.com to see the numerous companies that are hiring right now.

Jobs eligible for the UK Skilled Worker visa

As a foreigner, you will need to get a work visa in the UK. However, it’s only granted for particular professions, some of which fall into high-demand jobs, and some aren’t, therefore, harder to get.

Some in-demand and eligible for Skilled Worker visa occupations include:

  • Biological scientists and biochemists
  • Engineers incl. civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.
  • IT specialists and engineers
  • Programmers and software developers
  • Medical practitioners
  1. Nurses
  2. Midwives
  3. Anesthetist
  4. Consultant (Hospital Service)
  5. Doctor
  6. General practitioner
  7. Medical practitioner
  8. Pediatrician
  9. Psychiatrist
  10. Radiologist
  11. Surgeon
  • Dental practitioners
  • Physiotherapists
  • Financial accounts
  • Marketing professionals

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Best jobs in London for foreigners in 2023

London has one of the largest economies in the UK; therefore, it’s a perfect place for ambitious foreigners to jumpstart or expand their careers. It has good working conditions, diverse job sectors, and numerous employment opportunities, making the competition for graduate jobs fierce.

Nonetheless, with the right experience, qualifications, and skills, one stands a good chance of employment.

Some of the best jobs in London that you can consider as a foreigner include:

Healthcare provider

Jobs in the healthcare industry have always been viewed as vital in London, therefore, pretty secure and in demand. However, in the last year, there has been an increased demand for healthcare professionals such as physical therapists, nurses, technicians, home aides, and medical researchers.

With this demand, it’s easy for foreigners to secure jobs, and it’s predicted to become easier with time.

Particularly, the city needs professionals who can support the aging population and develop medical technologies. In terms of salary, senior healthcare jobs can earn up to £100,000 a year, but at the other end of the spectrum, entry-level nursing positions can start as low as £20,000 ($26,000).

Some of the healthcare professions with high chances for foreigners are:

  • nurses
  • midwives
  • social workers
  • laboratory technicians
  • paramedics
  • medical and dental technicians
  • nursing auxiliaries and assistants
  • dental nurses
  • senior care workers

For these medical jobs, you need to be highly qualified; nonetheless, the demand is high:

  • health services and public health managers and directors
  • biological scientists and biochemists
  • physical scientists
  • psychologists
  • ophthalmic opticians
  • dental practitioners
  • medical radiographers
  • podiatrists
  • occupational therapists
  • speech and language therapists

Digital marketing

In today’s technology advancement, companies require digital marketing for adequate growth. London is home to many industries which require digital marketing, but there is a shortage of high-quality digital marketing professionals in the city.

The shortage is because digital marketing is a new specialization field that, until the last decade, was not a strong theme in the economy.

With the increased demand for digital marketers, as a foreigner with some digital marketing skills, finding a marketing job is relatively easy. As a digital marketing professional, you’ll need practical technical skills and knowledge of specific marketing strategies.

As a marketing manager, you will typically earn around £45,000 ($58,650) a year.


An engineer looking at the papers with engineering work with his laptop nearby.

The shortage of engineers has been an ongoing problem in many cities in the UK, including London. The demand for all kinds of engineers is high, including transportation specialists, bridge maintenance experts, and aerospace engineers.

For example, according to Adzuna, in 2015, there were 90,000 engineering jobs vacancies.

Getting into the engineering field takes numerous years of study, making it challenging to get into the industry as an immigrant.

However, the study load will pay off in the end. A graduate can expect to earn £30,000 ($39,095) a year in entry-level positions, and the long-run pay packages for senior engineers are much more rewarding.


The construction industry is massive in London-it accounts for about 3% of the city’s economy. With the industry’s growth, it has faced a construction skills shortage in the past few years, from builders, plumbers, estimators, builders, to surveyors. 

The great demand for experts has made it easy for foreigners to acquire jobs in the industry, especially when the economy is in a boom. As a construction professional, expect a salary of £39,000 ($50,824) a year. Advertised vacancies in the construction sector in London were at 50,000 as of March 2021.


Accounting professionals demand is highly growing in London, and companies are increasingly snapping up professionals to fill the vacancies.

Despite the relatively high number of accounting professionals in London, there is still a distinct shortage, making it easy to secure a job there as a foreigner.

Many advantages come with working in the accounting field in London, such as stable employment and stable industry that doesn’t change rapidly due to economic downturns. Particularly, high-demand accounting-related jobs include entry-level accounting jobs and auditing and risk roles.

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