15 Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

15 Best Electric Bikes Under $2000 titlecard

Recent times have witnessed a global increase in electric bike adoption. Unlike before, electric bikes are now more powerful with reduced carbon emissions making them a great choice for most riders, beginners, or experts. The most attractive feature of the best electric bikes is their affordability—with just under $2000, you’ll secure a great deal, from mountain bikes to heavy-duty cargo bikes.

If you’re a road racer, cargo carrier, or just looking to enjoy seamless bike rides in unfamiliar cities, we shall review the 15 best e-bikes under $2000. We’ll show you the best features and what to look for when you hop on this e-bike bandwagon. Let’s dive right in.

What are the Best Electric Bikes Under 2,000?

A range between $1000 and $1500 delivers low to medium-powered e-bikes with class 1 pedal motors and average-quality gears and brakes. These electric bikes are mainly used on flat roads, not hills. You can travel various urban bike paths. Therefore, they are best for activities like work commutes or grocery shopping.

You get upgraded gears, breaks, and motors at $2000 to traverse those hilly rides and easily load as much cargo as possible. Riders looking for a decent mountain and off-road electric bike should invest more for a top-quality experience.

Here is a round-up of the best electric bikes under 2,000:

Best electric off-road bike

Rad Power Bikes

Conquer any terrain with the Rad Rover 6Plus, an electric fat tire bike built for off-road adventures. Its powerful motor and rugged design ensure a thrilling and reliable ride, no matter the trail.


Rad Power Bikes have a solid reputation for building affordable e-bikes with a perfect balance of durability and agility. Looking for the best choice among electric mountain bikes? This one’s for you.  The hefty electric motor, sleek bike frame, and wide tires of Rad Power Bikes create stability resulting in fun rides even on rough terrains.  

Top Features

  • Weighs 65 lbs
  • Battery 48V 14ah (672Wh)
  • 750W mid-drive Motor
  • Rad Power Bikes range from 45 miles
  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Tektro Dual Piston Hydraulic Brakes

Rad Power Bikes Pros

  • The 65lbs. Weight and fat tires make Rad Power bikes best for harsh environments.
  • They are packed with a 750W rear hub motor for easy navigation through rough terrains.
  • Backlight LCD that displays speed and battery levels.
  • Comes with six levels of pedal assist for smooth cycling.
  • It is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes that are more responsive than standard mechanical disc brakes.

Rad Power Bikes Cons

  • The frame is aluminum alloy, making Rad Rover 6 quite heavy.
  • Lacks front or back cargo racks
  • The battery size (672Wh) provides a short mile range (40 miles)


This e-bike retails at $1399

My take/Why I picked it

RadRover 6 is the best stable fat-tire electric bike I recommend to cyclists aiming for comfortable cycling. The reliable brakes and responsive pedal assist add to the overall experience. I liked Rover 6Plus because of its 750W motor that offers enough power. The LCD display also adds to the whole experience. The price is quite affordable too, and I think it’s a great choice for cyclists looking for electric mountain bikes to traverse rough terrains. 

Best electric commuter bike

Ride1Up 700 Series

Experience the ultimate value in electric commuting with the Ride1Up 700 Series. This high-performance electric bike offers speed, power, and efficiency, making your daily commute a breeze.


The Ride1Up 700 series is a mid-range e-bike with quality components worth the price. It’s fitted with responsive hydraulic disc brakes and a powerful motor with a decent mile range, making it the best commuter e-bike in the market.

Top Features

  • Weighs 62 Lbs
  • Tektro Dual Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Schwalbe Super MOTO X 27.5×2.4 tires
  • Aluminum Alloy frame
  • Rear wheel with 750W Rear Hub Motor
  • 672Wh Battery pack X Samsung 35E Cells
  • Up to 50 miles range

Ride1Up 700 Series Pros

  • The sleek, durable frame with welding lines and 70 mm fenders offer superb comfort.
  • Fitted with a 55-pound capacity rear rack
  • The powerful 750W motor produces up to 60 nm torque, perfect for hilly terrain.
  • The handlebar is mounted with a display that controls and shows various functions.
  • Highly responsive disc brakes with an electric cut-off sensor

Ride1Up 700 Series Cons

  • Heavy frame due to extra accessories
  • The motor can be noisy


Get this electric bike for only $1595

My Take/Why I picked it

The high-volume tires with highly responsive hydraulic disc brakes make the 700 series electric bike smooth to ride. With just a gentle lever squeeze, it stops without delay. If you are looking for a city bike or off-road escapades, this one’s for you. 

I liked its shipping and 1-year warranty on batteries, motor, and frame, making it a good buy. It is equipped with a powerful 750W motor that can produce up to 60 Nm of torque, making it suitable for rougher terrains. I’ve also found the handlebar display, which indicates speed and battery levels, quite useful. 

Best lightweight folding bike
A black Freedom X e-bike

Freedom X Wing Bikes

Navigate the urban jungle with ease on the Freedom X Wing bikes. These lightweight folding electric bikes combine convenience and style, providing a seamless and compact solution for your city travels.


Fat tires and powerful electrics packed in a uniquely sleek frame makes Freedom X e-bikes stylish yet functional. It’s a mid-range class 3 e-bike with decent specs for under $2000.

Top Features

  • Weighs 39 Lbs
  • 6061 Smooth-welding Aluminum Alloy frame
  • 26 X 1.8 tire thickness
  • 8.8ah, 14ah battery capacity
  • 550W Motor with 45Nm torque

Freedom X Wing


  • Sleek and lightweight frame mounted with front and rear lights
  • Handlebar features an LCD for crucial information (charge, speed, pedal assist levels)
  • Fits three battery sizes (8.8Ah, 10.4Ah, 14Ah), each with a varying range.

Freedom X Wing Cons

  • Lacks rear rack
  • Relatively low torque


Priced at $1198

My take/Why I picked it

This is the best commuting bike giving you battery choice for up to 50 miles max range. The mechanical disc brakes and wide tires offer stability and a comfortable riding experience. The Aventon Pace 500 is a powerful electric bike built to last. Its frame is lightweight and durable, with high-quality components like hydraulic brakes and torque sensors for hill climbing. It has great range and speed capabilities, perfect for those who like to explore the trails or just cruise along the city streets.

Best electric touring bike
A black and yellow Aventon Aventure bike

Aventon Aventure

Embark on your next grand adventure with the Aventon Aventure, the best-in-class electric touring bike. Its endurance-focused design and long-range capabilities make it the perfect companion for exploring new horizons.


The Aventon Aventure is a versatile yet affordable commuter e-bike under $2000. Its comfortable hybrid frame and reliable drivetrain make city errands easy and enjoyable.

Top Features

  • Weighs 59 Lbs
  • 750W rear hub motor
  • 780Wh battery capacity
  • 8-speed drivetrain
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front suspension fork

Aventon Aventure Pros

  • The frame has built-in fenders and is integrated with front and rear lights.
  • The wide tires provide a good grip for both city and rough terrain.
  • Long battery range of up to 60 miles
  • Five levels of pedal assist with a throttle-only function

Aventon Aventure Cons

  • Heavy frame
  • Standard gears limiting exploration on steep hill climbs


Aventon Aventure ebike price

Currently going for $1499

My Take/Why I picked it

The fact that the Aventon Aventure is a mid–drive motor e-bike with a rugged yet comfortable style for urban and country terrains makes it a perfect fit for this list. Its tech integration results in terrific handling. This mid-range city electric bike offers a lot of value for its price point. It has an aerodynamic design and is equipped with powerful components making it suitable for trips around town and country roads.

Best stylish urban cruiser bike
A black Cannondale Treadwell Neo2 bike

Cannondale Treadwell Neo2

Cruise through the city streets in style with the Cannondale Treadwell Neo2. This urban electric cruiser seamlessly blends elegance and performance, offering a comfortable and enjoyable ride for your everyday journeys.


A common feature of e-bikes is their heavy weight. Cannondale Treadwell Neo2, on the other hand, is lightweight and fun to ride—not forgetting easy to carry upstairs.

Top Features

  • 7- Speed drivetrain
  • Class 1 pedal assist up to 20 mph
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Up to 50 miles range per charge

Cannondale Treadwell Neo2 Pros

  • Sleek frame design
  • Good for crowded city drives
  • Fitted with a specialised app assisting calorie checks, top speed levels, and distance covered.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo2 Cons

  • Low range miles
  • Tires are not tough for the countryside environment


Cannondale Treadwell Neo2 price

For sale at $1925

My Take/Why I picked it

This is a perfect road or gravel bike if you’re cycling for fun or exercise. Switching from assisted pedaling is simple with the timeless Cannondale app. The app makes it easy to monitor your progress, helping you reach your fitness goals or just take a leisurely ride around town. 

The motor’s power and ability to climb steep hills are great for urban areas. It’s also small enough to carry upstairs, making it ideal for city commuters. Its sleek frame and 7-speed drivetrain provide a comfortable ride in urban and rural areas.

Best city commuter bikE
A black Coop City e2.1 bike

Coop City e2.1

Say hello to affordable urban commuting with the Coop City e2.1. This budget-friendly electric bike delivers a smooth and efficient ride, making it the ideal choice for daily city commutes without breaking the bank.


This e-bike is best for work commuting, short within-town errands, and recreational cycling. Its 250W rear hub motor provides up to 20mph with a 40Nm torque and thick tires for stability and utmost comfort. 

Top Features

  • Weighs 48 Lbs
  • 450W battery capacity
  • 250W Bafang hub motor ebike
  • 40 miles range with 40Nm torque
  • Up to 20mph speed
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

Coop City e2.1 Pros

  • Fitted with tough Schwalbe 1.95” tires minimising puncture threats
  • Responsive brakes provide incredible stopping power
  • Removable batteries with an up to 40 miles range on a full charge
  • The frame is designed for convenience and coziness

Coop City e2.1 Cons

  • Can’t handle steep hills
  • Low battery size


Coop City e2.1 bike price

$1299 is currently discounted at $799

My Take/Why I Picked It

Sunday brunch, daily work commute, and roaming city streets are now made easier with this coop City e2.1 e-bike. I love the stability and reliability thanks to its thick tires and sturdy frame. It can run up to 40 miles on a single full charge, and the responsive hydraulic disc brakes bring you to an instant stop with a gentle press–safety assured. It’s a worthy investment considering the high-quality components fitted. 

Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

The Ancheer Power Plus is a versatile electric mountain bike that offers an excellent balance of performance and affordability. With a robust 250W motor, 21-speed gear system, and durable construction, this eBike is built to conquer challenging trails and provide a thrilling riding experience.


The Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike is designed to handle rough terrains with ease. It features a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and front suspension fork for enhanced durability and shock absorption. The 250W brushless motor provides ample power, and the 21-speed gear system allows you to easily adjust the bike’s performance to suit different riding conditions. The removable 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery offers a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, making it perfect for long adventures.

Top Features

  • Powerful 250W motor for reliable off-road performance.
  • Durable aluminum alloy frame and front suspension for stability and shock absorption.
  • Removable 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 50 miles.
  • 21-speed gear system for versatile riding on different terrains.
  • LCD display for real-time ride information monitoring.

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike Pros

  • Affordable electric mountain bike with robust performance.
  • Durable construction ensures stability and longevity.
  • Long battery range allows for extended rides on challenging trails.
  • Versatile gear system for precise control and adaptability.
  • LCD display provide convenient ride information at a glance.

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike Cons

  • Bike may feel slightly heavy due to durable components.
  • Limited color and customization options.
  • Assembly may require technical knowledge or professional assistance.


Get it for $429.99

My Take/Why I Picked It

I find the Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike to be a standout choice for riders on a budget who are eager to explore off-road trails. With its powerful motor, durable construction, and impressive battery range, this e-bike offers an enticing option for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and enjoyment. The Ancheer Power Plus combines affordability, versatile performance, and a sturdy design, making it a reliable choice for riders looking to embrace the great outdoors without stretching their budget.

Best electric step-through bike

Lectrix XP 3.0 Step-thru

Enjoy the ultimate comfort and convenience of the Lectrix XP 3.0 Step-thru electric bike. Its step-through frame and powerful motor make it the perfect choice for easy and relaxed rides, allowing you to effortlessly explore your surroundings.


Mounted with a 500W battery power, a 7-speed drivetrain, and a 500W motor rear hub drive to give you up to 45 miles per charge carrying heavy cargo. What else would you need from an e-bike under $2000?

Top Features

  • Weighs 64 Lbs
  • 500W (48V 10.4Ah) battery energy storage
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • 7-speed gearing drivetrain
  • 20”x3” schwalbe super moto tires
  • 55mm front suspension fork
  • Electric throttle

Lectrix XP 3.0 Step-thru Pros

  • High-quality components offering value for your money
  • Powerful mechanical brakes ideal for off-road terrains
  • Cargo space that can handle a huge load
  • 3” puncture-resistant tires are best for tough environments

Lectrix XP 3.0 Step-thru 2 Cons

  • Heavy frame
  • Low miles per single charge


Lectrix XP 3.0 Step-thru bike

Current discount at $999

My Take/Why I picked it

Are you planning an into-the-woods trip but can’t choose among several electric cargo bikes? Then the Lectrix XP 3 is your answer. O Step-thru is the electric bike to take you there. Mounted with 3” wide tires to smoothly handle and absorb road shock on tough terrains. The rear rack is ample to haul your camping gear. This class 3 e-bike is a steal and worth every coin.

Best compact electric bike
A black Rad Mini 4 Fat-tire E-bike

Rad Mini 4 Fat-tire E-bike

Experience versatility like never before with the Rad Mini 4. This compact and powerful electric bike is perfect for both urban commutes and off-road adventures, making it the go-to choice for riders seeking flexibility.


Cyclists with a small apartment will love this foldable fat-tire e-bike that occupies very little space—safer than locking it outside. Although small, Rad Mini 4 has a powerful 750W motor with a sturdy aluminum frame for an effortless upright riding position.

Top Features

  • Weighs 69 lbs.
  • 672Wh battery size X Samsung 3500mAh 
  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • 750W geared rear Hub Motor
  • Up to 45 miles per charge

Rad Mini 4 Pros

  • The sturdy aluminum frame withstands up to 275 lbs load—perfect for bigger cyclists.
  • Foldable frame for ease of position adjustments and storing
  • Thick fat tires with good grip for all terrains
  • Thick fat tires with good grip for all terrains

Rad Mini 4 Cons

  • Heavy—carrying 69 lbs. up a flight of stairs is cardio
  • The motor gets noisy with increased speed


Rad Mini 4 Fat-tire E-bike price

Get it for $1399

My Take/Why I picked it

If you live in a tiny house or a trailer home, this is the e-bike for adventurous navigation on rough roads. What I liked most about this Rad Mini bike is how it delivers foldability and convenience storage and transportation at a shockingly affordable price. Its 750Wh rear hub takes up to 20mph on paved roads–you will love the adrenaline thrust. 

Best electric mountain bike
A black JackRabbit Bike

JackRabbit Bike

Conquer any trail with the JackRabbit Bike, the best electric mountain bike built to tackle rugged terrains. Its robust construction and cutting-edge features ensure an exhilarating and adrenaline-fueled off-road experience.


Micro-mobility is a huge trend in electric bicycles due to its portability and friendly prices. Weighing only 24 lbs., the JackRabbit e-bike is irresistible for tiny spaces and simple errands. 

Top Features

  • Weighs 24 pounds
  • Speed up to 20mph
  • 300W motor
  • 10+ mile range on a single charge

JackRabbit Bike Pros

  • Very portable (7” wide when folded)
  • Has tick tires suitable for all terrains

JackRabbit Bike Cons

  • Short mile range
  • Low battery energy storage and motor power
  • Product Con 5


Discount price at $999.99 

My Take/Why I picked it

The increasing need for alternative means of transport and reduced emissions has seen a trend in the adoption of e-bikes. You should not be left behind and the best place to start is with the JackRabbit. Not only is it portable to fit in your trunk, but can go up to 20mph on flat surfaces. If you live in a camp van or tiny apartment, this is the best under $1,000 e-bike out there. 

Best lightweight electric bike
A blue Propella 7-Speed bike

Propella 7-Speed

Experience the beauty of simplicity with the Propella 7-Speed (V4.0) electric bike. Designed for efficiency and ease of use, this lightweight bike delivers a seamless and enjoyable ride for urban explorers.


Packed with quality components like hydraulic brakes and Samsung batteries with cool accessories, the Propella 7-Speed is worth $1199. E-bike newbies would love this lightweight electric bike.

Top Features

  • 7-Speed pedal assist
  • Weighs 37 lbs.
  • Mechanical disc brakes (front and rear)
  • 250W – 400W hub motor

Propella 7-Speed Pros

  • Maximized range with the portable battery pack that’s easy to switch
  • Fast charging
  • Lightweight for easy storage
  • Backlit LCD for showing speed and distance

Propella 7-Speed Cons

  • It lacks an electric throttle
  • Inconvenient for rough terrains


Shop now for $1099

My Take/Why I picked it

Propella 7-Speed has great agility for navigating crowded streets and enjoying relaxed rides. An urban commuter will love this electric bike for its affordability and ease of storage. I recommend this e-bike to anyone who wants to move their muscles a little without breaking a sweat–particularly when running errands or commuting. 

Best electric cruiser bike
A blue-grey Ride1Up Café Cruiser bike

Ride1Up Café Cruiser

Cruise in style with the Ride1Up Café Cruiser, the best electric cruiser bike for those seeking a laid-back and fashionable ride. Its retro-inspired design and comfortable features make it the perfect choice for relaxed urban adventures.


This class 3 electric beach cruiser bike boasts a 28mph pedal assist and a 750W powerful rear hub motor for casual rides.

Top Features

  • Lightweight Alloy frame
  • 30-50 mile range
  • 750W geared hub motor with 60 Nm torque
  • Up to 28 mph pedal assist and 20mph throttle

Ride1Up Café Cruiser Pros

  • Longer miles depending on terrain and level of assist
  • Sleek frame with locked electric components  
  • Designed for comfortable rides
  • Fitted with adjustable LCD speed display

Ride1Up Café Cruiser Cons

  • Heavy at 65 lbs.


Own this bike for $1495

My Take/Why I picked it

The Ride1Up Café Cruiser is a versatile, sleek, and highly functional e-bike under $2000. The lightweight frame with locked electric elements gives it a sleek design yet is strong for sturdy rides. Fitted with an adjustable LCD to keep you up to speed on miles covered and speed levels. Overall, this machine is awesome for urban dwellers looking for an alternative means to public transport and cars. 

Best electric hybrid bike
VOYA E+3 bike


Unleash your hybrid riding potential with the VOYA E+3. This electric hybrid bike seamlessly blends the power of electric assistance with the versatility of a traditional bike, offering a dynamic and enjoyable riding experience.


Weighing 39 lbs with a powerful motor and stylish frame, Voya E+3 is ideal for city life. It resembles a traditional bicycle with the ease it offers.

Top Features

  • Weighs 39 lbs.
  • 250W rear motor with 30 Nm torque
  • 250W battery energy storage
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotor

VOYA E+3 Pros

  • It has a wireless LED display for control
  • Lightweight for easy carrying and storage

VOYA E+3Cons

  • Tires can’t handle tough terrain
  • Short mile range for steep hills


VOYA E+3 bike price

Enjoy this bike for $1700

My Take/Why I picked it

If you are looking for a slim frame design e-bike with a small but mighty motor– Voya E+3 is your best choice. Its additional accessories, like button controllers, make the experience smooth. My experience with hydraulic disc brakes might be the main reason I recommend this electric bike–talk of reliable stopping. This is among the best commuting electric bikes under 2,000.

Best folding fat tire bike
A white aventon sinch bike

Aventon Sinch

Unfold new adventures with the Aventon Sinch, the best electric folding fat tire bike. Its compact design and off-road capabilities make it the perfect companion for exploring the wilderness and discovering hidden gems.


Although under $2000, Aventon Sinch offers a terrific riding experience. It features a foldable frame design for easy storage and movement.

Top Features

  • 750W motor
  • 500W battery power
  • 30-mile range
  • Up to 20Mph speed

Aventon Sinch Pros

  • Good on all terrains
  • Foldable and portable for easy storage

Aventon Sinch Cons

  • Heavy
  • Can be noisy
  • Product Con 3


Get the best price value for $1399

My Take/Why I picked it

The Aventon Sinch is a slim yet powerful ride for short commutes and trail adventures. 500W battery size and 750W motor is a combo that offers a powerful riding experience. The foldability feature will make storage and transport an easy and fun task. If looking for an everyday ride to work or mini hikes without sweating and at a competitive price, this is the electric bike for you.

Best electric women’s bike
A mint green soltera step-thru bike

Soltera Step-thru

Experience elegance and convenience with the Soltera Step-thru, the best electric women’s bike. Its step-through frame and sophisticated design combine style and functionality, making it the ideal choice for female riders seeking a refined and empowering ride.


It offers a 41-63 mile range at 20 mph top speed carrying 300 lbs load. What else would you ask for in this e-bike era?

Top Features

  • Step-through frame for easy mounting.
  • Powerful electric assistance for effortless rides.
  • Sleek and elegant design.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic ride.
  • Versatile for various terrains.
  • Impressive battery range.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly controls.

Soltera Step-thru Pros

  • Lightweight and powerful for easy maneuvering
  • Straightforward setup

Soltera Step-thru Cons

  • Limited capacity


Soltera step-through ebike price

Shop it for $1199

My Take/Why I picked it

The performance of this beast is awesome, with up to a 63-mile range depending on riding habits and terrain. The minimalist frame design should get you to buy this machine. Soltera step thru had to make it in this list for its maneuverability aspect, stylish build, speedy delivery, and sturdy frame that holds up to 300 lbs. Its pricing is also unbelievably affordable.

What Makes for a Good Electric Bike Under $2000?

The best electric bikes under 2,000 come with upgraded but not high-end components built for short commutes and comfort—perfect for beginners. They’re made up of hydraulic/mechanical disc brakes, strong frames, and powerful rear e-bike motors that can cover up to a 50-mile range. Although uncommon, you can get a great e-bike under $2000 that can handle some hill climbs.


Buying the best electric bike under $2000 gets you a sturdy rear motor for those hills, pedal assistance, and lightweight material for fun exercising and commuting. The range of convenience depends on what you’re looking for and the budget—there’s just something for everyone, as seen in the electric bike review above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are electric bikes safe to use?

Most electric bikes are safe, provided you ride like typical bikes. Compared to standard bike rides of about 15 mph, E-bikes have higher speeds of up to 28 mph, meaning greater risk. However, have appropriate gear like a helmet and be in control while riding an e-bike for safety purposes.

Are cheap e-bikes under $2000 a good investment?

Cheap electric bikes between $1000 and $2000 are a worthwhile investment for their durable materials, thick tires, and sturdy frame to tackle moderate hills. From our experience with e-bikes, low prices below $1000 have lower specs and quality which won’t serve you well. Specialty e-bikes, however, come at a higher cost.

How long should the battery on your electric bike last?

On average, the battery life on most electric bikes ranges up to 50 miles of pedal assist on a single charge. This depends on your riding habits, the terrain, and the battery size. For instance, the same battery pack can take longer on a flat road but less mileage on rough terrain.

Are electric bikes allowed on hike trails?

Most trails allow electric bikes but depend on the e-bike class (1, 2, or 3) and the local laws so you need to consult beforehand. Whether on off-road trails or within cities, maintain a reasonable speed and consider the safety of other riders and cyclists when riding.

Why are e-bikes heavier than traditional bikes?

E-bikes are approximately 30 to 50 pounds heavier than an average bike due to the additional features like battery and motor—depending on the size. Similarly, their frames are sturdier to hold the extra weight of the battery and motor.

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