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Searching for the best internet provider is always challenging, especially in an unfamiliar country such as Italy. Thankfully, we have done the hard work of trying out the various services available, so it will be much easier for you to make a choice. 

In terms of maximum speeds, Intred and Colt are the best internet providers in Italy by far, with top speeds of up to 938.55 Mbps and 883.24 Mbps. Both are capable of delivering impressive speed ranges consistently, 88.77 to 855.63 Mbps in the case of Intred, and 192.37 to 318.16 Mbps for Colt. 

Of course, there are many other factors to consider when determining the best internet service provider for your needs. Here you will learn about the top providers in Italy, their best speeds and performance, along with other features that will help you make a more informed decision as to which service to go for. 

What is the best internet provider in Italy?

The best internet service providers in Italy are: 

  • Colt
  • Intred S.P.A. 
  • Libero
  • Tiscali
  • Telecom Italia
  • FastWeb 

Let’s take a look at what each has to offer: 


Colt is arguably the fastest broadband internet provider in Italy, boasting of a top speed of 883.24 Mbps, although some reviewers have even clocked it at a very impressive 1,027.37 Mbps. 

Although other companies have managed to exceed this figure, the company has the advantage of a faster and more consistent speed range from 192.37 to 318.16 Mbps. Colt’s download speeds typically range from 48.2 to 182.98 Mbps. 

These figures were recorded in speed tests conducted in 41 towns and cities all over Italy, among them Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Monza, and Vicenza. Colt is currently the fifth most popular internet broadband services provider in the country.


Intred S.P.A. is another popular option, with speeds ranging from 88.77 to 855.63 Mbps. Although it made its mark as a telecommunications services provider for the business sector, it offers four distinct segments: internet-only, internet and telephone, telephone-only, and datacenter services. 

Intred’s internet segment provides customers with optical fiber, ADSL, HDSL, Radio RDSL, and dedicated radio services. The internet and telephone segments cover a range of voice and data solutions.

The company’s telephone division offers a variety of voice cable and VoIP technologies, while the data center provides cloud and physical hosting.


Libero is the internet services division of the Italian telecommunications firm, Infostrada. It offers a variety of unlimited and pay-as-you-go internet packages, along with plans that come with call and SMS capabilities.

Libero is widely known as the first free webmail service provider in the country, with more than 11 million active email addresses at present. It’s estimated that as many as 50% of online users in the country utilize its portals daily.

The company also offers users the option to upgrade their free email accounts to a premium service.


Tiscali is one of the leading optical fiber network operators in Europe. The company initially made its mark by offering the first internet-based free calls service, which was known as “Voispring,” later renamed to “NetPhone.”

After a series of acquisitions, Tiscali transitioned to the mobile sector via its celebrated line of MVNO services. Apart from its affordably-priced entry-level internet plans, the company also offers a variety of hosting, domain registration, and website building services.

Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia’s flagship broadband internet service is known as “Alice ADSL”. One of the most popular services in the country, it sets itself apart from the competition with a variety of flat-fee and “pay-as-you-go” plans, which you can use with or without a monthly subscription. 

Along with the standard internet access services, Alice ADSL also comes with a selection of IP TV plans that provide access to over a hundred television channels. Although it has since taken a backseat to newer services that offer optical fiber capability, it is still a popular choice in the ADSL market.


FastWeb is the leading fixed net broadband service in Italy. Boasting of xDSL and fiber-optic cable technology, it provides an elegant and streamlined solution for telephony, internet, and television applications.

It offers pretty reliable performance in cities such as Milan and other metropolitan centers, but there have been some complaints about spotty service in other areas. 

In any case, FastWeb wins top marks for its focus on meeting the needs of its demanding clientele. It manages to accommodate different market segments while providing excellent voice and data services and is a cost-effective alternative to larger internet providers.

Fastest internet provider in Italy

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Colt is by far the fastest broadband provider in Italy, delivering a top speed of 883.24 Mbps. Although this figure is bested by Intred (938.55 Mbps), Fiber Telecom Italia (884.86 Mbps), Unidata (1660.88 Mbps), and Fastweb (1412.99 Mbps), Colt’s typical speed range of 192.37 to 318.16 Mbps ranks it above the rest in terms of consistency.

One of the fastest speeds registered in Rome is Unidata’s impressive 1660.88 Mbps. But the reality is that most users can expect more modest speeds ranging from 28.81 to 558 Mbps at most. 

In any case, the average broadband speed of 40.51 Mbps that most Rome residents get is 25.73% above the country’s national average of 32.22 Mbps. Internet in the city is faster than in the nearby city of Nerola but slower than in Marino. In Monti, internet speeds range from 4.89 to 20.25 Mbps.

The table below shows some of the fastest internet providers in Italy based on maximum speed. Again, keep in mind that it’s just as important to consider the service’s typical speed range, which can vary considerably from firm to firm. 

ProviderMaximum speedTypical speed range
Intred938.55 Mbps88.77 to 855.63 Mbps
Colt883.24 Mbps192.37 to 318.16 Mbps
Tecno General srl447.31 Mbps150.76 to 218.19 Mbps
Fiber Telecom Italia884.86 Mbps39.48 to 213.84 Mbps
Unidata1660.88 Mbps75.21 to 256.27 Mbps
T.net192.93 Mbps90.42 to 94.91 Mbps
Connesi209.04 Mbps0 to 13.56 Mbps
ENEL324.93 Mbps40.65 to 91.96 Mbps
Fastweb1412.99 Mbps34.21 to 116.9 Mbps
Tiscali938.5 Mbps33.15 to 101.2 Mbps
WIND Telecomunicazioni926.98 Mbps35.5 to 94.36 Mbps
Telecom Italia (TIM)944.85 Mbps24.06 to 87.19 Mbps
Vodafone Italy1207.9 Mbps28.7 to 82.77 Mbps
COMMON NET797.45 Mbps73.65 to 90.76 Mbps
Welcome Italia727.74 Mbps25.62 to 81.13 Mbps
GlobalComBasilicata368.53 Mbps25.76 to 86.71 Mbps
NEXT SRL748.02 Mbps21.44 to 91.04 Mbps
TWT206.16 Mbps27.28 to 68.9 Mbps
M247797.85 Mbps17.74 to 111.22 Mbps
Skylogic100.59 Mbps50.72 to 56.68 Mbps
Source: Fairinternetreport.com

Best mobile network in Italy

The best mobile networks in Italy are: 

  • WindTre (10 EUR/month, unlimited data, and 10 GB for browsing)
  • Vodafone (7.99 EUR/month, unlimited calls and 50 GB data)
  • Telecom Italia (TIM) (40 EUR/month + 19 EUR activation fee, unlimited calls and SMS, 4GB data)

Here’s a look at each company’s products and services: 


WindTre beats out the competition in terms of sheer mobile experience. The result of a recent merger between Wind and 3 Italia, the revamped firm is now bigger and better than ever, with a host of new offerings aimed at making it the go-to internet service provider for the Italian market. 

While the two aforementioned companies previously lagged behind Vodafone and Telecom Italia, it has since earned high marks in download and upload speeds. It also offers excellent video capabilities and 4G coverage, making it ideally suited for the demands of modern-day internet users. 

Vodafone has consistently shown a strong performance across the board, besting out the competition in speed, accessibility, video capability, and 4G coverage. It’s a popular choice for gamers and general internet users and is poised to make a strong showing in the 5G arena as well. 

Telecom Italia (TIM) is the most popular mobile service provider for the regional market, although it manages to make an impressive showing among metropolitan users as well. Known for its excellent gaming performance and capabilities, it joins Vodafone as one of the country’s vanguards of the upcoming 5G rollout.

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