Internet in Germany Without a Contract: Providers

We all need the Internet nowadays, but what if your new apartment in Germany doesn’t have a connection to the web or you need a new one? You can look into local internet providers. However, be prepared to sign a long-term internet contract that can last 24 months. Yet, some German internet providers offer plans without a contract or without a minimum duration.

Best home internet plans without a contract in Germany:

  1. O2
  2. 1&1
  3. M-net
  4. Fonial

    Are you looking for an internet provider in Germany with no obligations to sign a contract? In this article, we highlight the pros and cons of internet plans without a contract and give information on the best internet companies, their current offers, and rates.

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    Best for Flexibility


    O2 offers internet plans with the advantage of flexibility and no contracts.

    Best for Customization


    1&1 provides customizable internet plans to suit individual preferences and needs.

    Best for Speed


    M-net stands out for its high-speed internet offerings, ensuring swift connections.

    Best for Simplicity


    Fonial excels in simplicity, providing straightforward internet plans without complications.

    When Should You Get Internet Without a Contract in Germany?

    When to get without a contract in Germany?

    Nowadays, staying flexible is a priority for many people. In Germany, internet contracts with a minimum term of 12 or 24 months; hence, such offers are becoming increasingly unattractive when you move around.

    Young people can benefit from internet plans without a contract since they might not have a fixed place of residence, e.g., exchange students.

    In the following situations, it is beneficial to get an internet provider without a contract:

    • In case of temporary stays in the country, city, or an apartment
    • To try out a new DSL provider and find the best plan
    • In WGs – shared apartments with changing residents
    • When you aren’t sure about your long-term plans

    Home internet contacts usually run for 24 months in Germany and can only be cancelled at the end of the contract term.

    This can be frustrating for many people who want to stay flexible or even don’t plan to stay in the country for that long.

    Luckily, there are a few internet providers in Germany who generously give us the opportunity to stay flexible and cancel the subscription when we need it.

    That said, in Germany, there is no such a term as the internet without contact but contact with no minimum duration (ohne Minderstlaufzeit).

    In that case, you won’t be committing to the yearly contract, and you can cancel your subscription at any time, respecting the termination period.

    Nonetheless, in Germany, you always need to sign some kind of contract when getting the internet for your apartment. These contracts will offer you flexibility because they can be terminated.

    The best internet provider with no or minimal contact is 1&1. Find other plans by using the online calculator Check24.

    Termination of the contract

    Offers without a long-term contract can be cancelled relatively flexibly, but you still need to keep deadlines in mind. The termination period ranges from 4 weeks to 3 months, depending on the provider.

    In all cases, you must give notice at the end of the month. For example, if you cancel at the end of August, you will be out of the contract by 1 October (4 weeks notice period).

    Pros and Cons of Internet Plans Without a Contract

    Pros and cons of internet without a contract

    Complete and affordable packages with flexible terms definitely have their benefits and disadvantages. For some people, it’s the only option; others will prefer committing to a long-term subscription.

    Here are some advantages of internet service providers without a contract:

    Zero cancelation fees

    The best aspect of internet plans with no contracts is that you won’t have to pay any fees for canceling your subscription beforehand. This comes in handy if you find a service lacking or bad; you can save your cash by canceling right after making the realization.

    You can subscribe to other internet providers

    If you have a contract with a specific provider, you’re stuck with them till the period ends. Otherwise, you’ll have to face penalties and fines monthly for all the remaining months under the subscriptions.

    With no contracts, you can explore with other providers till you find a plan that best suits all your needs.

    Allows movement

    Moving from one apartment to another for work or to better environments for your well-being is inevitable. Internet plans with contracts may make this process difficult for you, as changing the information and activation in the new place can be hectic and time-consuming.

    Subscribing to plans with no obligations allows you to move freely without risking losing lots of cash or having no internet for a while.

    Easy upgrade and downgrade

    Connection speeds slow down with time, leading to massive inconveniences. With a contract, you’ll have to find a way to work with what you have.

    However, if not bound to any obligations, you can easily switch to a plan that best suits your needs and budget.

    The biggest advantage is, by far, the flexibility.

    However, we should keep in mind the clear disadvantages that come with a flexible internet plan:

    • Higher price
    • No or fewer discounts
    • One-time setup fees
    • Router fees

    The only real disadvantage of the internet without a contract is the higher internet cost. The higher flexibility comes at an expense.

    For example, you will have to pay a higher setup fee for the router.

    Internet Providers in Germany Without a Contract

    Internet providers in Germany without a contract

    Firstly we need to mention that there is no internet provider who offers plans without a contract. Instead, they provide flexible terms and a shorter notice period.

    Customers can get out of the contract anytime they want but must comply with a certain notice period.

    You can find flexible broadband plans with the following internet providers:

    • O2
    • 1&1
    • M-net
    • Fonial


    O2 is headquartered in Munich and is the second biggest telecommunication provider after Telecom.

    In addition to the home internet, they offer a wide range of products and services, including phones, sim cards, mobile internet, etc.

    In other countries, you might recognize O2 as a Telefónica. O2 offers different internet plans for individuals, young people (students), and even the self-employed.

    The download speed can be up to 250 Mbps, and the upload is up to 40 Mbps. With O2, customers can enjoy a DSL connection that delivers broadband internet.

    The upload speed will depend if it’s a cable-based connection or DSL. You can select which connection you prefer during the ordering process.

    On the other hand, the XXL tariff with fiber optic is only available regionally. There are 4 main internet plans. All of them can be without a contract (with no minimum time) or standard – 24 months.

    02 internet plans

    O2 offers the following DSL plans without a minimum contract:

    Plus, you need to calculate a single expense of 69,99 EUR for the setup (for all plans).

    Rates for internet with a contact are always lower:
    • O2 my Home S – 14,99 EUR monthly, from the 13th month 24,99 EUR
    • O2 my Home M – 19,99 EUR monthly, from the 13th month 29,99 EUR
    • O2 my Home L – 24,99 EUR monthly, from the 13th month 34,99 EUR
    • O2 my Home XL – 34,99 EUR monthly, from the 13th month 44,99 EUR

    O2 customers enjoy impressive median internet speed even after heavy or long use. They also get subsidized internet hardware, helping them save.

    The O2 website is in English, making it friendly for expats; you can go through all their services and make a decision without any help.

    O2 also has one of the best customer services among all German telecommunication companies. They also offer various ways to get help if you can’t contact customer care.

    How to reach out to O2

    They are the ideal internet provider when running under a low budget. If you get your internet and mobile phone contract plans from them, you’ll get a 10 EUR monthly discount.

    Moreover, O2 packages without a contract have similar benefits as with the contract:

    • Same maximum speed
    • Unlimited data volume per month (from plan M) – no limit internet
    • German landline with a flat rate for other landlines and German mobile phones

    How long can you use the internet from O2 without a contract?

    Customers can stay flexible and use the internet as long as they want. If you want to cancel or change a package, do it at the end of the month and 4 weeks prior to the end date.

    How long is the termination period?

    Flexible DSL packages can be canceled within a period of 4 weeks before the end date or to the end of the month.

    For regular long-term plans, expect a cancelation period of 3 months and only at the end of the contract, hence, 24 months.

    If you want affordable internet on your phone in Germany, you need to get a local SIM card. Check out this article, where we review the best sim card deals.


    1&1 is one of the best internet providers in Germany, offering DSL plans without a contract, among other products and services.

    The company uses Telekom (the biggest telecommunication company in Germany) lines. Unlike the O2, the 1&1 packages have a notice period of 3 months, so you must inform a company in advance.

    This internet provider has one of the country’s fastest broadband and fiber packages.

    Not only that, customers can also select from a wide range of internet options, from speed to connection type.

    Speed starts from 16 Mbit/s all the way up to 250 Mbit/s and even 1 Gbit/s for people with special needs.

    1&1 offers very competitive rates and great service compared to other internet providers.

    Aside from that, 1&1 internet plans with no contract go for the same price as their 24-month tariff contracts, which is rare in many internet providers.

    The cheapest offer is 29.99 EUR monthly, consisting of 16 Mbit/s download speed and 1 Mbit/s upload internet speed.

    The priciest 1&1 internet plan without a contract goes for 44.99 EUR monthly, including 250 Mbit/s download speed and 40 Mbit/s upload speed.

    1&1 Internet Plans

    Flexible plans of 1&1 include:

    • DSL 16 (16 is speed) – 29,99 EUR monthly
    • DSL 50 – 34,99 EUR monthly
    • DSL 100 – 39,99 EUR monthly – best deal!
    • DSL 250 – 44,99 EUR monthly
    • GLASFASER 1.000 – 69,99 EUR monthly
    When signing a regular contract (24 months), clients enjoy great discounts, so for the first 6 months, you will pay only a fraction of the price.
    • DSL 16 – first 6 months 9,99 EUR, after 29,99 EUR monthly
    • DSL 50 – first 6 months 14,99 EUR, after 34,99 EUR monthly
    • DSL 100 – first 6 months 9,99 EUR, after 39,99 EUR monthly – best deal!
    • DSL 250 – first 6 months 19,99 EUR, after 49,99 EUR monthly
    • GLASFASER 1.000 – first 6 months 39,99 EUR, after 69,99 EUR monthly

    1&1 offers full DSL connections with a flat-rate landline for German numbers, including mobile. Their flexible plans come with a one-month trial and money-back guarantee.

    Free internet hardware is provided for all customers, contract or not, and contract plans can be canceled after three months.

    For smooth activation, they offer a sim card with unlimited data, and they assist with shifting from other providers while promptly replacing damaged hardware.

    1&1 internet shifting process

    With 1&1, get guaranteed internet speed as requested during subscription. Packages include a landline number, and customer care calls via the landline are free.

    Moreover, 1 & 1 has some special deals for young people such as students or appreciates; check it down below.

    How long can you use the internet from 1&1 without a contract?

    As long as you wish.

    How long is the termination period?

    Flexible plans from 1 & 1 can be canceled 3 months in advance; for regular contacts, 3 months apply, but you can only cancel at the end of the term (24 months).


    Company M-net has more of a regional focus, with headquarters in Munich. They offer a wide variety of packages without a contract.

    In addition to the optical fiber internet, M-net offers SIM cards with mobile data; plans start already from 9,99 EUR.

    Surfing speed ranges between 25 Mbit/s (mobile) and 600 Mbit/s (DSL).

    M-net pricing is similar to the 1&1 and very beneficial for customers. You will get the first 6 months more than a 50% discount, and later you can consider paying the regular price or switching the provider.

    M-net surfing prices

    Broadband plans (fiber):

    • Surf-Flat 300 – first 6 months 14,90 EUR after 39,90 EUR – best deal
    • Surf-Flat 50 – first 6 months 14,90 EUR after 29,90 EUR
    • Surf-Flat 100 – first 6 months 14,90 EUR after 34,90 EUR
    • Surf-Flat 600 – first 6 months 14,90 EUR after 54,90 EUR


    • Surf-Flat 50 – 50 download, upload up to 10 Mbit/s
    • Surf-Flat 100 – 100 download, upload up to 40 Mbit/s
    • Surf-Flat 300 – 300 download, upload up to 100 Mbit/s
    • Surf-Flat 600 – 600 download, upload up to 200 Mbit/s

    M-net has a special offer for people under 25 years old for just 29,99 EUR without additional setup costs.

    If you also want a phone to be included, check out these packages:

    • Surf&Fon Flat 100 – first 6 months 14,90 EUR, after 39,90 EUR
    • Surf-&Fon Flat 300 – first 6 months 14,90 EUR, after 44,90EUR
    • Surf&Fon Flat 600 – first 6 months 14,90 EUR, after 59,90 EUR

    The same packages can also be taken as long-term plans. The length of the regular contract is 24 months.

    Mnet also helps you choose the ideal internet plan for you, depending on your household size.

    M-net internet plans

    How long can you use the internet from M-net without a contract?

    As long as you wish, but keep the cancelation period in mind.

    How long is the termination period?

    The cancelation period at M-net is 6 weeks; it’s better than with 1&1 but less flexible than O2. When signing a regular contract, you need to cancel 3 months in advance.

    Internet without a contract for students

    Internet without a contract for students

    Moreover, O2 and 1&1 have special internet deals for students! They can be with or without a contract, as you wish.

    Here you can choose between a flexible monthly subscription or 24 months contract. The latter will surely be less expensive. Also, keep in mind expenses for setup and router.

    • O2 DSL S for young people – 46,76 EUR for the router plus set up 29,99 EUR
    • O2 DSL M for young people – 47,76 EUR for the router
    • 1&1 DSL Young 50 – set up 19,95 EUR
    • 1&1 DSL Young 100 S – set up 19,95 EUR

    1&1 seems to offer a better deal for students who want to stay for a short period of time in the country or in this particular apartment.

    Also, read Best SIM cards in Germany (for students and more!)


    Best for Simplicity


    Simple and Reliable – Fonial’s straightforward, no-fuss internet plans provide a reliable connection without complexities, ensuring you stay connected without hassle.

    Fonial is an exceptional and flexible internet provider for businesses, freelancers, and self-employed in Germany. In fact, all their broadband packages can be canceled on a monthly basis.

    Depending on availability in your location, speed ranges from 16 Mbit/s to 250 Mbit/s.

    Fonial is one of the best-rated internet providers in Germany, you can read reviews here. They have achieved these results through providing excellent service and support to their clients in the last 7 years.

    Fonial's internet plans

    Broadband plans from Fonial:

    • DSL 16 – 19,99 EUR monthly
    • DSL 50 – 38,98 EUR monthly
    • DSL 100 – 43,98 EUR monthly
    • DSL 250 – 52,98 EUR monthly


    • DSL 16 – 16 Mbit/s download, upload up to 1 Mbit/s
    • DSL 50 – 50 Mbit/s download, upload up to 10 Mbit/s
    • DSL 100 – 100 Mbit/s download, upload up to 40 Mbit/s
    • DSL 250 – 250 Mbit/s download, upload up to 40 Mbit/s

    New customers also need to pay a single expense for the setup, which is 70 EUR for all plans.

    To sign up for a Fonial, go to their website and check the availability at your address; after that, you can register online.

    How long is the termination period?

    At Fonial, the cancelation period is 4 weeks. Unlikely other providers, you don’t have to wait till the end of the month, with Fonial, customers can cancel at any time.

    Search on the comparison platform

    You can also use the platform Verivox or Check24 to compare internet providers in Germany. These calculators give an overview of all rates and terms of the companies.

    To see only broadband plans without a contract, you should select 1 month in the graph “Laufzeit des neuen Vertrages”.

    Unfortunately, most internet service providers in Germany still prefer to offer long-term contracts with a standard length of 24 months. Hence, all businesses we have mentioned are among the few that give you this flexibility.

    Internet providers with a contract in Germany

    If you finally sign up for a contract, you can save a lot of money. Currently, the internet provider Eazy offers the cheapest DSL packages in Germany.

    Eazy, the cheapest DSL internet plan in Germany.

    You can choose between two options:

    The router will be installed at no cost. Contracts with Eazy usually last for 24 months. So it’s a good option if you plan to stay in Germany for long.

    Sign up for the internet with Eazy online today.

    Internet connection types in Germany

    There are two types of internet connection in Germany; DSL and cable connection. DSL connection utilizes copper telephone wires, while cable network uses regular TV cable lines to connect internet.

    Below are descriptions of each.

    DSL connection

    DSL connection

    DSL is Germany’s most popular internet connection thanks to its vastly available internet access.

    The most prominent DSL internet connection advantage is you can’t share it with anyone else.

    Unlike other internet connections, DSL doesn’t experience lagging during peak times. It’s also available in most German cities.

    Dsl connections are the most susceptible internet connection. You may also have a troubled connection if you are far from the internet service provider.

    Cable connections

    Although cable internet connection is considerably less popular than DSL, it offers a preferably fast internet connection.

    Cable connection slows down when the number of heavy internet users increases. It’s also not available in most German cities.

    Best Internet speed in Germany

    The right WIFI or internet speed in Germany varies from one individual to another.

    If your internet use is restricted to writing emails, streaming Netflix, watching some YouTube videos, and surfing the web sparingly, a 16 Mbit/s download speed is ideal.

    If your household has several people receiving online calls and regularly playing online games, you should consider purchasing or subscribing to the highest or fastest broadband in your city.

    Major internet providers in Germany offer DSL internet connections with download speeds reaching 250 Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 40 Mbit/s.

    Although these internet speeds are impressive and will last a household with several occupants a while, you should opt for a reliable cable connection in your area if you’re an exorbitant internet user.

    A cable network is ideal if you upload Youtube videos, have frequent online conference calls, play video games regularly, and stream often.

    Vodafone is one of the biggest cable internet provider in Germany. The most popular plan is 50 EUR monthly, with a 1,000 Mbit/s download speed and 50 Mbit/s upload speed.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Internet Service Providers in Germany

    What to consider before choosing an internet service provider in Germany.

    English support

    Most German internet providers have their websites in German.

    However, you should select one that easily translates using Chrome’s ‘translate to English’ feature for better comprehension of all services you’ll get from the provider and its terms and conditions before making any purchase.

    You should also inquire if the telecommunication provider offers English documentation before buying their services. You don’t want to sign something you don’t understand.

    Customer service

    Most German telecommunication companies in Germany have the worst customer service. If you don’t want to be hung up on while asking for help or making a complaint, take your time to identify a German internet provider with reliable customer service.


    Just because the internet provider indicates a high-speed internet connection in their tariff plans, it doesn’t mean they provide the exact promised speed. The main culprit being old internet infrastructure or improperly connected lines to the cable networks.

    To measure your average internet speed in Germany, visit the Federal Network Agency speed test.


    It might take weeks to set up an internet connection in your home if an electrical technician needs to do the installation.

    Therefore, when looking for an internet provider, settle for one with a fast installation period if you need to use the internet as soon as possible.


    Although most German telecommunication companies offer outstanding internet tariffs at affordable prices, some of them may cost you a lot in the long run.

    Some providers’ internet contracts exclude WIFI router expenses and installation and activation fees.

    You should also ask for the monthly flat rate fees and all services excluded from the flat rate to make a better decision.

    Don’t Forget About the Internet Access Security

    Internet access security

    Whether you are working remotely from home or a coffee shop, streaming movies, or want secure, unrestricted internet access to the web – VPN will help.

    The primary challenges German internet users face are privacy threats, access limitations, and torrenting restrictions. A VPN will protect your privacy by encrypting your online activity.

    That way, you can secure your private information, like passwords, usernames, and bank details.

    Furthermore, A VPN is helpful for anyone using public, unprotected Wi-Fi, for example, in airports, coffee shops, or restaurants.


    A world-renowned VPN provider with over 10 years of experience.

    • 240+ servers in Germany
    • Get from 3,10 EUR per month
    • Full 30-day refund policy
    • Perfect for streaming and torrenting


    The world’s biggest VPN company, founded in 2009.

    • High security
    • Blazing-fast speeds
    • Get for 5,69 EUR per month
    • Full 30-day refund policy
    • 5 devices
    • Get 3 months free with a one-year subscription
    • Kill-switch for streaming
    • Works with Netflix


    Surfshark is the third-largest VPN provider in the world.

    • Best internet connection budget option
    • Get for 2,2 EUR per month
    • Killswitch for streaming
    • Unlimited number of devices
    • 30-day free trial and 30 days money-back guarantee

    Setting up internet providers Germany

    Setting up an internet provider in a new country can be hectic if you don’t understand the right procedure to follow. For the best internet services in Germany, follow the following guidelines.

    • Browse or search online for the various internet providers for a better understanding of all the available options.
    • Visit the website of the favorable telecommunication company and select the plan that best suits your needs.
    • Fill in your personal information. Remember to untick all unnecessary suggestions or options like special routers, which will only increase your charges.
    • After signing up, a technician will visit your home for installation in one or two weeks, depending on the provider.
    • In case of any trouble signing up, you can always ask for help via customer service or simply visit one of their physical branches for offline registration.

    Final Thoughts About Internet in Germany Without a Contract Provider

    If you live in Germany and need internet but don’t want to sign a long-term deal, you should look into O2, 1&1, M-net, and Fonial. These plans are great for short-term stays, shared flats, or long-term plans that aren’t sure yet. Even though it’s easy to stop, they may have higher costs and set-up fees. Take the time to think about your needs and wants so you can choose the best internet plan.

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