How Much Do Cars Cost in Italy? Car Prices in Italy [2023]

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Italy is one of the cheapest countries to buy a car in Europe. If you are considering purchasing a vehicle, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity in this country. In Italy, you will find a wide range of cars for all price categories. However, due to the shortage in supply, car prices have been on a significant rise since 2019.

In July 2022, the average used car was selling for 21,600 EUR. It equals to +21.7% increase compared to July 2021 and +33.6% compared to July 2019. Use car prices range between 5,000 EUR and 25,000 EUR, depending on what you are looking for. For instance, Volkswagen Polo 2018 costs about 12,000 EUR. 

While living or traveling in Italy, you probably came across the thought of buying your own vehicle. Although scooters are very common in this country, you will be better off having a car. Fortunately, car prices and maintenance costs in Italy are pretty low. Keep in mind, that not everyone can buy a car in Italy. Read more on this in our article on how to buy a car in Italy as a foreigner.

Average car prices in Italy in 2023

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According to the largest car marketplace in Europe, AutoScout24, in 2022, Italy saw an increase in prices for used cars by about 22%.

Some of the reasons for this are the continuous high demand among customers and issues with the supply chain, which exists since the pandemic.

In July 2022, the average used car in Italy sold for 21,600 EUR. It equals to +21.7% increase compared to July 2021 and +33.6% compared to July 2019.

In 2019, the average price for a used car was only 14,446 EUR, and 16,394 EUR in 2020. Compared to other countries in Europe, cars are cheap in Italy.

If you want to rent a car, Italy is also an affordable place to rent a car. It’s a good option if you are only for a short period in the country.

Used car prices

The average price for a used car across the country is 21,600 EUR. However, you can buy a second-hand vehicle for as low as 5,000 EUR, depending on the model and year of production.

The average spending budget for diesel used cars and SUVs is about 18,900 EUR; at the same time, people spend up to 26,000 EUR for hybrid and electric used vehicles.

That said, Italy has some of the lowest prices on used cars in Europe. In fact, Italy and the Netherlands are the cheapest countries to buy a car in the region.

Other sources state that used car prices in Italy have been down by about 6,6% in the second quarter of 2022. In addition, used car sales have been slowing down this year, with a drop of 10,4% in car ownership transfers.

Diesel vehicles are pretty popular; about 50% of all sold cars operate on diesel. Petrol cars take another 40%. The rest registered vehicles belong to the electric or hybrid category.

Here are some average prices for common used cars selling on the Italian market. All vehicles listed are 2018 year of production:

Car modelPrice
Volvo V6015,900 EUR 
Volkswagen Polo12,199 EUR 
Volkswagen Passat12,900 EUR 
Nissan Qashqai 17,950 EUR 
Chrysler 300 Touring RWD 30,366 EUR 
BMW 320 16,390 EUR 
BMW X123,000 EUR 
Audi A114,500 EUR 

Moreover, prices for used cars vary significantly depending on the region. In the graph below, you can see the average price for used vehicles by region, where the south of the country is the most affordable:

a graph showing average price used for vehicles by region in Italy.

New car prices

Not only is Italy a great place to find a good deal for a used vehicle, but new cars are also pretty affordable. You can buy a new vehicle for about 25,769 EUR on average. 

Here are the average prices for new cars in Italy for various car brands and models:

Car modelPrice
Volvo XC4035,069 EUR 
Volvo V6045,900 EUR 
Volkswagen Polo19,870 EUR 
Volkswagen up!11,600 EUR 
Nissan Micra19,990 EUR 
Toyota Yaris16,900 EUR 
BMW X3 44,400 EUR 
BMW 11832,900 EUR 
Audi A328,500 EUR 

If you are on a tight budget, then you might be looking for an affordable new car in Italy. Here we have collected some of the cheapest new cars you can buy in Italy are:

Dacia Sandero

Dacia Sandero is the best-selling car in Europe, including Italy. The current price on the Italian market is 11,700 EUR. It’s a compact, midsize car. Dacia Sandero has a three-cylinder engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. The projected fuel consumption is 5.3 liter per 100 km.

Renault Twingo

French Renault is also very common in Italy. Renault Twingo is offered for 13,900 EUR and has a space for four passengers and plenty of storage. The vehicle has a 5-speed manual transmission and a fuel consumption of 5.1 l/100 km.

Kia Picanto

Korean Kia is one of Italy’s most affordable and common car brands. Their cars are especially great for tiny and busy Italian streets. Kia Picanto has a 5-speed manual transmission and a fuel consumption of only 5 liter per 100 km. The average price for a new model is about 14,000 EUR.

Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is one of the most popular and affordable cars not only in Italy but in Europe overall. Buyers looking for comfort for a small price choose this model. For 14,350 EUR, you will get a five-seat car which is perfect for urban use.

Speaking of technical details, Hyundai i10 is equipped with a 998cc three-cylinder and five-speed manual transmission. The car consumes about 4.8 liter per 100 km in a new state.

Mahindra KUV100

Mahindra, an Indian car producer with little popularity in Europe, can be an excellent option for someone looking for a budget car. Its average price on the Italian market is about 14,545 EUR. Mahindra KUV100 has a lot of capacity for both people and luggage.

The car has a 3-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual transmission and a fuel consumption of 7.2 liter 100 km, which can be considered high.

Fiat Panda

As an Italian car producer, Fiat Panda is another very popular model in this country. In fact, it’s the best-selling car in 2022 in Italy.

The Fiat Panda is an attractive hatchback with a 6-speed manual transmission and low fuel with claimed fuel consumption of 4.8 liter per 100 km. The average price for a new Fiat is 15,000 EUR.

Mitsubishi Space Star

Japanese Mitsubishi also has popularity among Italian drivers. This is mainly due to its affordability. The entry version 1.2 Invite is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine combined with a 5-speed manual transmission.

The estimated fuel consumption is about 5 liter per 100 km, and the average price for which the car is selling is 15.050 EUR.

Most popular cars in Italy

Some of the most popular cars in Italy in 2022 and their average price (new):

  • Audi Q2 – from 29,500 EUR
  • Peugeot 3008 – from 34,020 EUR
  • Mercedes Benz Class A – from 35,120 EUR
  • Dacha New Duster – from 16,550 EUR
  • Dacha New Sandero – from 11,700 EUR

Cost of owning a car in Italy

After you buy the car in Italy, you will continue to spend money on your vehicle. It includes expenses for fuel, road tax, maintenance, and occasional tire changes. The average cost of owning a small car in Italy is around 1,500 EUR per year.

This cost includes filling a full tank of petrol per month (on average 60 EUR), for a total of 720 EUR a year, approximately 500 EUR for insurance, 200 EUR for car tax, and 50 EUR for inspection. The cost of changing tires isn’t included.


Fuel is one of the first expenses you will encounter as a car owner. The average amount you will spend on fuel is around 700 EUR per year.


You can expect to pay around 500 EUR per year for insurance. It’s an average amount, and the cheapest coverage costs about 350 EUR, which includes only the motor liability policy.

Road tax

The road tax can vary from 130 EUR per year for a small car to 200-250 EUR for a compact car and up to 400 EUR for a larger and higher class vehicle.

The exact amount of car tax varies depending on the region, the kilowatts (kW) of the car, and its environmental class. That said, the average is between 150 EUR and 300 EUR per year.


Generally, you should calculate about 150 EUR to 300 EUR for the maintenance of the petrol car. There is also a mandatory inspection all vehicles must go through, usually right after purchase and every 2 years. Each time inspection costs 45 EUR.

Cost of registering a new car in Italy

The minimum amount you have to calculate for a car registration is about 300 EUR. This cost is a summary of the various services you have to pay for:

  • Provincial Transcription Tax: about 150 EUR
  • ACI fare: 27 EUR
  • Stamps: 64 EUR
  • Other fees: 10 EUR
  • License plates: around 42 EUR
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