Cheapest Countries in Europe To Buy a Motorhome [2023]

Driving around Europe in a motorhome is the dream of many wanderlusts and people looking to experience something new. Many European countries support citizens who want this lifestyle and sell affordable RVs.  

A motorhome in Germany and France costs as low as 21,000 and up to 30,000 USD. The following best options are in Spain and Portugal, where you could purchase an RV for 20,000 up to 48,000 USD. Lastly, if you’re in Belgium, the range increases from 48,000 to 70,000 USD.

Before contacting dealers and sellers, check the requirements and all processes involved with purchasing a motorhome or a campervan in a particular country. But once you get these covered, you could start your search for affordable motorhomes in Europe! Many dealerships and websites offer different financing options if you could not shell out thousands of dollars in one go. To find a vehicle, check out the best used car sites in Europe.

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Cheapest countries to buy a motorhome or campervan in Europe

1. Germany

Germany is known worldwide as a country of high-quality cars that could last a lifetime. So if you want to look for motorhomes, this country is the place to be. If you live in or travel to Germany and want to get into the motorhome life, you could buy an RV pretty easily.

The country is popular for car import and export, so the process is straightforward.

You can find a suitable vehicle on one of the top German used car websites.

In Germany, you could buy a motorhome for as low as 21,000 USD with an available financing option to cover the rest of the cost. These motorhomes are class B vehicles where you could seat 4 passengers on vans with customized interiors.

You could put appliances such as microwaves and even electric stoves inside, thanks to the vehicles’ electrical capacities ranging from 80-110 kW.

Higher-end campervans in Germany could cost up to 189,000 USD with various loan options and finance structures you could use.

These vans weigh more than 5,000 kg and have features such as Cruise Control, Central Heating, TV, Energy System, and Navigation System. With these motorhomes, you could drive around Europe and stop only for gas refills, emergencies, or sleeping!

2. France

Aside from Germany, the following country where you could buy affordable motorhomes is France. Although the cost for such vehicles is slightly more expensive, the prices in this country are still more affordable than in most European countries.

Most affordable motorhomes and other vehicles in France are from neighboring countries, so prepare to pay additional taxes if you plan on buying here.

You could buy a campervan for about 30,000 USD if you’re in France. For this price, you could buy a standard campervan, a Fiat Ducato suitable for 4 passengers, with an engine with 115 Horsepower. Most dealerships in France also require you to pay a reservation fee which is refundable once you pay in full. 

Brand-new RVs could cost up to 60,000 USD. For example, a Chausson X550 motorhome that could seat 4 passengers already costs about 59,000 USD. Inside this van are full-sized beds, countertops, a customized sink, and a couch. 

Find a right motorhome for your need on one of the best used car websites in France.

3. Portugal

Portugal and Spain are your following go-to countries for reasonably priced motorhomes. In Portugal, you could buy a motorhome starting at 46,000 USD for a 4-passenger campervan with decent features.

Vehicles under 50,000 USD already have good air conditioning, a heater, power-assisted steering, an automatic navigation system, clean water tanks, and beds. 

Most dealers offer financing options and even a rent-out option for you to try out the RV before committing fully to the purchase. You could pay the rental fee for the duration that you used the motorhome. If you want to own it entirely, you could pay an additional fee to cover the cost. 

Read how much does it cost to rent an RV in Europe.

4. Spain

You could buy a used campervan for as low as 20,000 USD up to 48,000 USD in Spain. Most motorhomes in this price range typically look like ordinary vans with collapsible seats at the back. You could customize these seats and replace them with installable tables and chairs. 

5. Belgium

On the other hand, Belgium motorhomes could cost from 48,000 USD to 70,000 USD. Most campervans in this price range could accommodate up to 5 passengers and have solar energy systems, auxiliary heating, and full-sized beds.

Buying in Belgium should be your last option, considering it’s significantly more expensive than vehicles in Germany, France, Portugal, and Spain. 

Remember to keep track of the prices offered to you by various dealerships. Compare these prices and list the features of the motorhomes sold to you before arriving at a decision.

You might encounter a cheap deal, but you’re too stingy that you pass up on it, hoping to find an even more reasonable offer from other dealers. 

To find a vehicle, check out the best used car websites in Europe.

Average motorhome prices in Europe vs the US

Average models of RVs cost about 30,000 – 60,000 USD in the US. At the same time, you can find a good quality new motorhome in Germany for about 40,000 USD. New models start at 30,000, while used RVs go for as low as 10,000 – 20,000 USD.

In the US, people call motorhomes and campervans RVs or Recreational Vehicles, and many states have abundant RV residents. Prices of RVs differ on their size, with Class A RVs being close to a bus and could accommodate up to 8 passengers.

On the other hand, classes B and C could seat up to 5 passengers with features similar to a typical van or SUV with 6 seats. 

People generally purchase Class B RVs for their versatility and comfort when driving. For many, Class A RV is already too heavy and too big to drive off small roads.

So if you want cheap RVs, you could find many dealerships and private individuals in the USA that sell used RVs for an average price of 30,000 to 50,000 for an average motorhome. On the other hand, a new Class B RV will cost about 100,000 USD.

Brand-new Class A RVs in the USA could cost an average price of 300,000 up to 500,000 USD. For example, you would pay about 300,00 USD to buy a Berkshire Forest River. If you want brand-new Class B or C RVs in the USA, you could pay 67,900 USD to get your hands on one. 

Although it would be more expensive than used RVs, you could get value when buying brand-new units. First, you will not have to pay for upfront maintenance costs that you will incur when you purchase used units. Also, you can customize the RV in any way you want, and you get to adjust the settings on its features. 

Aside from purchasing an RV in the US, it would be best if you also considered the additional cost of maintaining and operating one.

For example, when you have an RV, you would have to pay for campsites since these are safe spots where you could park for the night, and each parking could cost 25 to 80 USD. You would also have to pay toll fees whenever you’re using interstate or city roads, costing up to 13 USD every 100 miles driven. 

On the other hand, European motorhomes and campervans depend on the dealership you’re negotiating with. Some German dealerships offer motorhomes for an average price of 45,000 USD. When you check the average costs in France or other European countries, they might be higher than German prices. 

Brand new prices of European motorhomes equivalent to class B RVs could go as high as 125,000 USD. Prices in European dealerships could be higher for brand new because of fees such as import tax, cost of material, and labor. 

Like in the US, the cost of owning a European motorhome goes beyond paying for the price of the vehicle. You also will pay for fees collected in road tolls, fuel, and campsites.

Although, if you want to save up, you could camp on the site of country roads and leave before the primary traffic gets heavy and you become a road obstruction. 

Instead of paying a toll fee every time you pass by a toll gate, in Europe, you could get toll stickers or passes that are valid for up to a few months that allow you passage to toll gates for only 30 USD. Campsites tend to be more expensive once it gets closer to city centers.

According to Statista, the use of camps in Germany could cost up to 31 USD per night, with higher costs as you go near city centers. 

Fuel prices in Europe are lower than in the US, with the per liter cost amounting to about 1.5 up to 4 USD. While purchasing a brand new motorhome in Europe is more expensive, maintaining one is cheaper than in the US.

Cheapest motorhomes for sale in Europe in 2023

You should look for good deals in German dealerships if you’re looking to buy brand-new and cheap motorhomes in Europe. You could get the latest vehicle available through negotiations with these dealerships for the right price.

But, if you do not have the time to visit the physical stores, you could browse through the websites of many motorhome dealers and negotiate with them online. 

For example, on this dealership website, you can find brand-new standard motorhomes starting at about 33,000 USD.

Prices like these are considered a compared to most starting prices of brand new campervans in the US, which are about 75,000 to 100,000 USD for Class, B and Class C RVs. Financing options are also available if you want to own the car immediately, but fall short on cash.

Used motorhomes in Europe cost considerably lower than brand-new ones; for example, you can find a decent used RV for about 20,000 USD in Germany. Yet you will have to pay maintenance costs and other repair expenses that might arise from vehicle inspection.

Most of the used European motorhomes are still in good condition and could take you several kilometers down the road.

Buying a used motorhome is suitable and more affordable if you want to spend less than 30,000 USD to explore different European villages and pass through narrow streets overlooking good sceneries. 

Here are some examples of average prices for some popular RV models, including campers, trailers and motorhomes:

  • Forest River Inc. Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A Motorhome: $280,041+
  • Coachmen Leprechaun 240FS (450 Ford) Class C Motorhome: $68,700+
  • Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF Fifth-Wheel: $50,682
  • Keystone Passport Express 239ML: $18,595
  • 2019 Jayco Embark 37MB Class A Motorhome: $295,200+
  • Thor Motor Coach Compass 24LP Class B Motorhome: $114,975
  • 2015 Palomino PaloMini 177BH Travel Trailer: $10,000+
  • Winnebago Cambria 27K Class C Motorhome: $129,394
  • Northwood Arctic Fox 28-5C Fifth-Wheel: $42,985+
  • Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 29J Class C Toy Hauler: $123,450
  • Jayco Jay Sport 10SD Camper Trailer: $13,495+
  • 2017 K-Z RV Connect C191RBT Travel Trailer: $20,402
  • Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 35M Class A Motorhome: $144,675
  • Prime Time RV LaCrosse 339BHD Travel Trailer: $46,727
  • Heartland Bighorn BHTR 39 D Traveler: $49,999

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