Dating Differences in Australia vs America

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The rustic Aussie accent can surely captivate your heart. You will have a unique and exciting relationship with them as they love going outdoors, being immersed in nature, and encountering wildlife animals. Aside from that, they are genuinely kind and appreciative, and their easy-going nature is hard-wired into their DNA. 

Australians have a very laid-back attitude toward life. Therefore, it should be no surprise that they are just as relaxed about sex and dating. The Australian dating scene is pretty casual, like everything else. Most of the time, everyone just goes along with the flow and hopes for the best.

But, that doesn’t mean they don’t care about you or have no intentions of taking your relationship seriously. They genuinely want to know you more before taking things up a notch. If you want to know more about Australian dating culture, you’ve come to the right place! 

Dating culture in Australia vs the USA

It’s unusual to hear, “Could I take you to dinner this weekend?” Down Under, because people think that dating is a strange American custom. Australians go about finding a special someone in their way and credit their unique style to the rich mix of ancient tribal influences and European traditions.

Casual dating

Australians are known for their laid-back attitude. So it shouldn’t be surprising that they have no qualms about sex and dating.

That’s right – dating in Australia is as casual as anything else. Most of the time, everyone is just going with the flow. Dates are usually informal.

Getting coffee or going to the pub could be a date. You may also date more than one person at once, especially when you just get to know someone, and it won’t be a problem. 

In the USA, dating more than one person at a time is a big deal. Your date might view it as disrespectful.


The dating culture in Australia is also very accepting and inclusive. If you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Since the dating scene is so progressive, there are no formal rules for approaching someone. It doesn’t matter how you identify – male, female, or non-binary – you are welcome to make the first move. 

In the United States, LGBTQ dating can still encounter discrimination from time to time. Aside from that, there are still gender norms, such as the fact that women can’t make the first move when it comes to dating. 

Humor differences

Often, Australians say the exact opposite of what they mean due to their dry and perverse sense of humor.

On the other hand, Americans tend to have a very straightforward communication style, so the irony is not as effective. Each side should consider these cultural differences when interacting.

Attitude towards time

Australians seem relaxed. Their patience is evident as they are willing to wait for things to happen. It is common for people to assume everything will work out in the end, even though, in reality, many of them are under considerable time pressure. 

People in the USA, where time equals money, and results measure people, are almost always driven by the need to make money faster. Fast food, 24-hour gyms, labor-saving devices, and information on the go have become integral to American culture. 

Main differences between dating in Australia and America

a girl showing something on her phone to a boy in front of her who is sipping his cup of coffee.

When you are dating an Australian, there are many noteworthy differences that you might notice. Here is a list.

Swearing (a lot) 

Australia simply has a different standard regarding the rudeness of swear words. It is not uncommon for you to not speak to your grandmother to be broadcast on their network news or addressed in their Parliament.

Their mouths aren’t filthy (some of them do), but they tend to be a bit more relaxed about dropping four-letter words than other nationalities.

Having a hard time getting the friends’ names

Aussies are fond of calling each other nicknames. A few of them include “Muzza,” “Jordo,” “Pinky,” “Lawz,” and “Smithy.” Where did names like “John,” “Tom,” and “Mike” go? Honestly, though? It’s strange.

Being unromantic

Australian men are known for their relaxed attitudes and fun-loving, friendly behavior, but they rarely excel at romance. Dating experts say that ‘he might not be the most suave gentleman, but he will charm you with his playful and nonchalant spirit.’

Aside from that, gift-giving is not a strong suit of Aussie men, but don’t think he’s not into you because of this. They are just not traditional and opt to show their romantic side differently. 

Unlike in the United States, giving even a small gift such as a flower, chocolate, or jewelry has been an essential part of their dating tradition. To Americans, giving a gift to someone they care about is a way to express their appreciation and feelings.

Not having meat is unacceptable

While there are vegetarian Australians, when you date an Australian lad and meet most of his friends, every meal requires some sort of meat (usually some kind of BBQ). Otherwise, it is considered just an appetizer.

Alcohol flows through their veins

Australian accents are a strange mix of English, German, Irish, and booze, say, scientists. The downside of Australia’s alcohol affinity is that you may have difficulty keeping up at times. Even if you grew up having night-outs in New York City. 

Online dating in Australia

People have argued that the internet has, in fact, accomplished the opposite of one of its founding ideas: to eliminate isolation. In terms of romance, the story is more promising – it’s easier than ever to find a date, and as the social stigma around internet dating fades, the trend is likely to continue.

At least 53% of Australians know a couple who met online.

According to YouGov, Australia has become a hot spot for the phenomenon. An estimated third of Australians (35%) have used the internet and online dating apps. The number rises to half among millennials.

Despite this, 53% of millennials say they would feel embarrassed if they revealed they had met their partner online. A quarter of baby boomers feel the same way. However, three-quarters of Aussies (74%) say they wouldn’t treat a couple who met online differently.

Online dating sites are the place to be these days if you’re looking for love. What are the chances of finding a lifetime partner in a bar? Those days are gone. Therefore, we’re here to help you with our list of the best dating sites in Australia for 2022.

Some old favorites and newcomers are on the block or on the rise. If you’re swiping here, it might be worth downloading them all. 

1. Tinder

Considering that it’s been around for so long – the first dating app to gain real traction in Australia and still, one of the most popular, Tinder is why we say “I’d swipe right on them.”

Tinder Platinum, Tinder Plus, and Tinder Gold are where the action is, though, since they give you perks like unlimited “rewinds” (returning to someone you accidentally swiped left on) and profile boosts so your attractive face shows up on more feeds.

2. Bumble

As a popular dating app in Australia, Bumble shows no signs of slowing down as a fantastic option. Women make the first move on Bumble – you swipe right, get notified if it’s a match, and then send the first message.

Sound daunting? We think it’s more empowering than anything and allows you to start strong.

3. eHarmony

The longest-running dating site in Australia, eHarmony stands out from the crowd because you input a lot of information about yourself, so your matches are more likely to share values, convictions, and interests with you.

4. Hinge

Hinge has been gaining popularity among dating sites over the past few years. It is likely because it was one of the first dating apps to implement a fuller profile vibe, asking users questions, so you get a better idea of your matches before you match them.

Furthermore, it doesn’t work with swipes – you have to either like a comment or photo or start a conversation around it.

5. Raya

As one of the most mysterious dating sites in Australia, Raya works on exclusivity – you must be invited to use the dating app, and receiving that invite is pretty tricky. Because of this, it remains popular among celebrities and single influencers.

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