Dating in Switzerland: All You Need To Know

Dating in Switzerland: All You Need To Know ttilecard

Are you single and living in Switzerland? What a luck! According to studies, Switzerland has over 1.3 million singles. Statistics predict this number will grow to 1.6 million by 2030. You stand a good chance of dating in Switzeland and finding your love, even as a foreigner.

Besides, online dating is the third most popular way to meet a partner; about 41% of Swiss thank the internet for their loved ones.

However, expats don’t have the easiest time dating Swiss. There are many things you should be aware of to meet and go well along with your Swiss partner. We hope this guide will help you to find a perfect other half in this Alpine country.

Dating in Switzerland as a foreigner

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Are you looking for a partner in Switzerland? Well, buckle down – a lot of work is coming. Currently, every fifth Swiss is single. This article explains the essential information when it comes to dating and dating culture in Switzerland.

Have a look at some statistical data about dating and relationships in Switzerland.

1. Why do people stay single in Switzerland?

Here are the top reasons why people prefer to stay single in Switzerland:

  • 40% – wait for a right partner
  • 25% – value independence and freedom
  • 18% – have high standards
  • Among other reasons are attachment anxiety and lack of time

Everyone has a reason to be single, but as statistics show, Swiss people, in particular, value their independence. This is very unique for German-speaking nations. They focus on individualism much more than on collectivism.

Even if you are dating a Swiss, you should give them enough space and independence; otherwise, the risk of breaking up is high.

Besides, Swiss and Switzerland as a country are pretty perfectionistic. Thus, they have high expectations and standards for almost everything in life, including their partners.

2. Where do people meet each other?

The most common ways and places the majority of Swiss find their partners are:

  • 65% – through friends and acquaintances
  • 56% – by going out
  • 41% – online
  • Among other places is work

No surprise if you are struggling to find a partner in Switzerland. As the survey shows, most Swiss meet their loved ones through friends and friends of friends. As an expat you might simply lack the number of friendships, decreasing the chance of finding a good match.

Friends are by far the most common way people pair up in Switzerland. Friends and acquaintances are still the best matchmakers in almost any country. Swiss build their lifelong friendship while young and often get introduced to a potential partner in their close circle.

Moreover, it’s not unusual for a friendship to develop into a relationship and marriage.

Another way to meet your Swiss date is, of course, by going out. With a little bit of alcohol, we all become more relaxed and open. So you can have a chat with the Swiss without constraint. Larger cities are better for social events and parties. The best one can be found in Zurich.

Online dating is becoming even more popular in Switzerland, especially after the pandemic. Nowadays, you can arrange several dates within a matter of hours.

This is possible due to the ease of dating apps and the large number of people using them.

As an expat in Switzerland, you most likely have a job. This is yet another way to get introduced to your potential partner. However, you should be careful; Swiss work culture can frown on chatting and flirting at work. You should stay professional even with someone you like on a personal level.

Yet, there are instances when married couples work together on the job where they have met.

3. What do Swiss people value the most in their partner?

For Swiss people, the following qualities are the most important in the perspective partner:

  • 74% – sincerity
  • 60% – humor
  • 60% – reliability
  • 44% – charm
  • 44% – matureness
  • 41% – intelligence
  • 34% – attractiveness
  • 10% – financial stability

Sincerity and authenticity are the most significant qualities in a partner for a Swiss person. They will value your genuineness towards them the most. Moreover, Swiss people are very honest, direct, and straightforward. Thus, be ready to accept it.

In the end, most people simply want a sincere and reliable partner with a healthy dose of humor. As you can see, money isn’t that important.

4. What should you avoid during the date with the Swiss?

According to the survey, some topics should be avoided in a conversation with a Swiss, for example:

  • You shouldn’t talk about the following:
    • 64% – talking bad about the ex
    • 63% – yourself
    • 35% – family and children
    • 29% – problems and diseases
  • 51% – appear unauthentic
  • 21% – try to find body contact with a date

You should keep the conversation with the Swiss easy-going and fun. Try to get to know them as well as possible. They do like to talk about their hobbies, how they spend their free time and past travels.

Avoid any stressful, negative, and controversial topics. The date is there to enjoy and not to discuss the bad.

Besides, in Switzerland, it’s not appropriate to talk about money – not only on the date but in general.

What do you need to know about dating culture in Switzerland

Man kissing his girlfriend on the side of her head

Swiss people aren’t the most friendly and chatting, so you might have a more challenging time dating them than other nations. Thus, you want to know all ins and outs of Swiss dating culture to prepare yourself and get the best chance of meeting the right one.

1. First date with a Swiss

In general, many singles organize their first date in a café or a bar. Yet, in Switzerland, it often happens outdoors due to the culture and nature around. You might go on a walk, hike, bike ride, or just have a beer by the lake.

Furthermore, because of the Swiss conservative and reservedness, you most likely will meet your date outdoors instead of indoors on the first date. Open space is much more comfortable for both and doesn’t impose limitations like sitting in a tiny bar.

2. Be ready to make the first step, even as a women

In Switzerland, men aren’t less proactive than in the US, let’s say. Women often do the first step if they don’t see the opposite.

You will probably hear them complaining that men aren’t active enough. Yes, they aren’t known for being very forthcoming when asking women out.

And yes, Swiss women are tough, while Swiss men are often seen as slightly shy and insecure when approaching another gender. The fear of rejection might be the main reason for this. 

3. Forget about small talks

Small talks don’t exist in Switzerland. The American-style chit-chat might appear overwhelming and insincere for a Swiss; thus, it must be avoided.

4. Swiss value their careers (a lot)

Most Swiss women and men are invested and consumed by their job and careers. Even Swiss women are becoming more career-driven than ever.

Unlike in countries like Spain or Italy, work is one of the most important parts of life for a Swiss person. Hence, you must have an understanding of it and be supportive.

5. Be prepared to share the bill

If men in the US pay on dates, in Switzerland, you will most likely split the bill regardless of gender. This often applies even to first dates. It’s all about equality, which is valued highly by Swiss society.

Nonetheless, old-school men will often pay on a first date but don’t expect it to continue. Moreover, both partners are expected to split their expenses 50/50 in long-term relationships.

6. Let them be independent

Similar to other German-speaking countries, Swiss people want to keep their independence. They most likely won’t share their bank account with you and keep their schedule how they used to. The Swiss value their personal space and freedom even when a relationship becomes serious.

Yes, the Swiss need a lot of private space. They also might keep a distance for a long time, if not forever. It’s common for a couple to schedule their meetings in advance so you both know when you will see each other. Once per week is pretty standard.

7. Keep expectations high and deliver on them

The Swiss are perfectionists. One of the most common reasons they remain single is not finding someone suitable to their standards. Therefore, you should bring a lot to the table when looking for a partner in Switzerland.

After all, Switzerland is known for being a country of high standards, and men and women are used to upholding them. Therefore, they typically expect the same in a partner. Some expats may even feel that the Swiss are too demanding in their expectations.

8. Don’t approach them on the street

It’s inappropriate to stop a person on a busy street to ask for their number. They will find it very disturbing and awkward. This will most likely end up in an angry situation far from a romantic setting.  

9. They are more reserved than you think

Swiss might appear as serious and resave at times. Indeed, they have a hard shelf that you need to break through.

Unlike some other countries, Swiss men and women can be somewhat reserved and conservative; they prefer to take their time to get to know someone properly before they completely open up.

You must be aware of that fact and don’t push very hard.

What is it like to date a Swiss as a foreigner?

Swiss women

Here is a quick overview of how Swiss women compare to their neighbors:

  • The German part of Switzerland: Swiss women are similar to South German women.
  • French part of Switzerland: Swiss women are similar to French alpine women.
  • The Italian part of Switzerland: Swiss women are similar to northern Italian women.
  • Romanch part of Switzerland: Swiss women are similar to northern Italian women in this alpine region.

Generally, Swiss women have a serious look. They are very career and less family-focused. You won’t see many emotional expressions from their side. Swiss are pretty reserved. They are much less excessive and dramatic than Americans, for example.

When talking about physical appearance, it’s common for both Swiss women and men to be tall and skinny/athletic. This is due to their love for the outdoors and healthy eating. Swiss people consume much less fast food than many other countries.

Also, Swiss women don’t wear much makeup (if at all) and don’t dress extravagantly.

You will have a hard time with flirting when approaching women in Switzerland. In fact, many male Swiss complain about this. But on the positive side, Swiss women aren’t pushy at all. They have an understanding and patience for men.

Swiss men

Here is a quick overview of the qualities of a typical Swiss man:

  • serious and responsible
  • modest
  • not very outgoing
  • reserved
  • money orientated
  • career focussed
  • very loyal
  • risk-averse
  • very organized
  • careful with money
  • stubborn
  • rule-oriented
  • disciplined
  • often outdoor-oriented and likes to practice sports
  • health-conscious

Best dating sites in Switzerland

According to statistics, 1 in 5 happy couples in Switzerland is together thanks to online dating sites or apps. Swiss people are very risk-averse.

Therefore, online dating is a comfortable way to get to know someone without losing much. Moreover, the risk of rejection is much lower and insignificant online than in real life.

Here are the top online dating sites and apps widely used in Switzerland.


By now, you probably have heard of Tinder. Currently, this app has over 250,000 active users in Switzerland. It’s rather a superficial way to get to know someone since the description in the online profile is very short or missing at all.

Users are judged based on a few photos, their age, and a few details in the description. Therefore, Tinder is often used for flirting, casual dates, and less for more serious relationships.

With Tinder, you can set your radius, so only users from the desired proximity are displayed. Once two people swipe each other to the right, it results in a “match,” and people can chat via messages or video call.


Parship is one of the well-known online dating sites in Switzerland. The platform currently has around 250,000 active users in Switzerland.

Approximately 38% of the members find a match there. This high success rate is primarily due to the detailed personality test developed by psychologists.

You can also design your profile and provide many details and information about yourself. One can set different filters such as distance, age, hobbies, etc.

Once you match with someone, you can see your comparability with the person based on a scoring system.


Lovescout24 is another popular dating platform with around 225,000 active users in Switzerland. To start the search, you must create a detailed profile. You can also set various filters.

After that, you will see all suitable users suggested based on your profile. The overview shows which points you and the other person overlap based on your profile.


OkCupid is one of the world’s largest dating sites and apps. As in other cases, you must create a profile and add details about yourself first. This is done by filling out a multiple-choice personality questionnaire.

Upon completion, the app will suggest profiles based on the information you have provided.

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