Best SIM Cards in Switzerland [2023 Guide]

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Are you planning an adventure to the enchanting Swiss Alps or an exploration of the picturesque cities in Switzerland?

Switzerland is an attractive holiday destination and a fantastic place to live in. Stay connected for a seamless journey, whether intrepid traveler or digital nomad.

When it comes to seamless connectivity and uninterrupted access to mobile data, a reliable prepaid SIM card is the key.

Although finding the perfect Swiss SIM card might seem daunting, we got you! This detailed guide reveals the best SIM cards to meet all your needs while seeing Switzerland’s stunning landscapes and lively culture.

We are committed to offering genuine, experience-based travel advice. When you make a purchase or book a reservation, we may earn a commission without any extra cost to you.

Best SIM cards in Switzerland in 2023 are: 

  1. Swisscom
  2. Nomad SIM
  3. Airalo
  4. Sunrise prepaid SIM Card
  5. SIMOptions
  6. Salt

Choosing The Best Swiss SIM Card

Selecting the best Swiss SIM card is a critical decision for anyone planning to explore the captivating beauty of Switzerland.

A good SIM card lets you stay in touch with friends, use maps, and share gorgeous travel photos via mobile data. Swiss travelers have many SIM card options, from physical to prepaid.

Best Choice


Swisscom logo

Extensive coverage across Switzerland, ideal for locals and tourists seeking reliable connectivity.

2nd choice

Nomad SIM

Nomad sim logo

Tailored for travelers, offers flexible plans for global roaming and data usage.

third option


Airalo sim logo

Provides global roaming options for international travelers needing data in multiple countries.

Runner Up

Sunrise Prepaid

Sunrise sim logo

Affordable choice with local coverage, suitable for budget-conscious users.

Hidden Gem


Simoptions logo

Offers international options for travelers needing connectivity in specific regions.

There are several possibilities, from prepaid plans to unlimited data or local SIM cards, to avoid expensive roaming charges. Switzerland’s SIM cards let you explore lovely cities and capture every memorable moment without connectivity issues.

To better help you, here are the best prepaid SIM cards for European counties.

SIM Card for Switzerland #1: Swisscom

Swisscom is a telecommunications company that offers various services, including Swiss SIM cards, mobile data plans, and prepaid SIM cards for customers in Switzerland.

Other than that, they provide reliable and high-quality connectivity solutions, including unlimited data options, catering to locals and international travelers.

Swisscom sim card


  • Seamless Connectivity: With Swisscom’s SIM cards, customers can enjoy uninterrupted mobile data services across Switzerland, ensuring they stay connected wherever they go.
  • Ideal for International Travelers: Swisscom’s prepaid SIM cards are an excellent choice for international travelers visiting Switzerland, as they offer competitive rates for data usage and enable convenient internet banking and money transfers.
  • Superior Network Coverage: Swisscom partners with top Dutch banks, like SNS Bank, to provide efficient Internet banking services, enabling customers to transfer money internationally with ease.
  • Unlimited Data Options: Swisscom offers attractive plans with unlimited data, allowing customers to stay online without worrying about data limits or overage charges.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Swisscom ensures excellent customer support, assisting users with any queries or issues related to their SIM cards and mobile data services.

Swisscom Pros

  • Swisscom’s prepaid SIM cards are convenient for short-term visits to Switzerland, providing an economical solution without needing long-term contracts.
  • The company’s unlimited data options are appealing to heavy data users, offering worry-free internet access at a reasonable price.
  • Swisscom’s physical SIM cards ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices, allowing users to insert the card and connect immediately.
  • The speed of Swisscom SIM cards is enough for mobile hotspots.

Swisscom Cons

  • Swisscom’s prepaid SIM cards might have limited benefits for customers who require extensive international calling, as these plans are primarily data-focused.
  • Users looking for longer-term contracts may find limited flexibility with Swisscom’s prepaid options, as they are designed for more temporary use.
  • While Swisscom offers excellent coverage within Switzerland, customers traveling to remote areas may experience reduced network availability.

My Take on Swisscom Network and Switzerland Prepaid SIM Card

Front and back details of Swissom Esim

Swisscom’s local prepaid SIM cards are an excellent choice for travelers seeking a reliable and affordable data solution during their stay in Switzerland. For easy local SIM cards in Switzerland, Swisscom’s SIM cards are ideal for modern travelers. This is due to their smooth connectivity and support for Internet banking and money transfers.

SIM Card for Switzerland #2: Nomad SIM

Nomad SIM is a Swiss SIM card designed to offer convenience and connectivity to users in Switzerland and other countries. With the option of unlimited data, this SIM card provides seamless communication for travelers and locals.

Screenshot of Nomad sim's data plans for Americans, Europeans, and Asians


  • Unlimited Data: Nomad SIM provides the benefit of unlimited data, allowing users to browse the internet, stream videos, and stay connected without worrying about data limits or extra charges.
  • European Coverage: The SIM card works in Switzerland and provides coverage in various European Union countries, making it an ideal choice for European travelers.
  • Prepaid Convenience: As a prepaid SIM card, Nomad SIM offers flexibility and cost control, allowing users to pay for the services they need without being tied to lengthy contracts.
  • Local and International Calling: With unlimited calls and SMS, Nomad SIM ensures that users can make local calls within Switzerland and reach out to friends and family across international borders without restrictions.
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices: Nomad SIM comes as a physical SIM card, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and portable Wi-Fi routers.

Nomad SIM Pros

  • Nomad SIM’s prepaid nature makes it a suitable option for travelers who require temporary connectivity in Switzerland and other countries.
  • The inclusion of unlimited data makes it a compelling choice for heavy data users, ensuring they can fully enjoy online activities without limitations.
  • With its European coverage, Nomad SIM is a convenient option for travelers exploring multiple countries within the European Union.
  • For users primarily interested in voice calling rather than data, the focus on unlimited data might not align with their specific needs.
  • Nomad SIM’s unlimited data offering may have speed restrictions after reaching a certain usage threshold, potentially affecting heavy data users’ internet speeds.
  • Users who travel outside of Europe may face roaming charges or limited service options, as Nomad SIM’s primary strength lies in its European coverage.

My Take on Nomad Data Plans and Network

Nomad sim physical card

Nomad SIM stands out as one of the best prepaid SIM card options, providing unlimited data and seamless connectivity within Switzerland and various European countries. Its convenience, local and international calling capabilities, and compatibility with multiple devices make it a strong contender for travelers and locals seeking reliable and flexible communication options across Europe.

SIM Card for Switzerland #3: Airalo

Airalo offers Swiss SIM cards with prepaid unlimited plans, providing customers with convenient access to local prepaid SIM cards through physical and online purchases.

Different sizes of Airalo sim


  • Swiss SIM Cards: Airalo offers Swiss SIM cards, ensuring seamless connectivity and coverage throughout Switzerland.
  • Unlimited Calls: With prepaid unlimited plans, customers can make unlimited local calls, keeping them connected with friends and family without worrying about call durations or extra charges.
  • Buy a SIM Card Online: Airalo allows customers to conveniently purchase a local prepaid SIM card online, eliminating the need to visit physical stores and providing a hassle-free activation process.
  • Internet Data: Airalo’s prepaid SIM cards come with ample data, enabling users to browse the internet, use social media, and stay connected to their favorite online services while on the go.
  • Local SIM Convenience: Airalo’s local prepaid SIM cards provide travelers and residents with cost-effective communication solutions tailored to their needs, saving them from hefty roaming charges.

Airalo Pros

  • Airalo’s prepaid SIM cards offer flexibility and cost control, as customers can choose plans according to their specific requirements without being tied to lengthy contracts.
  • The availability of unlimited calls and SMS ensures that users can communicate freely without any limitations, making it suitable for heavy users.
  • Swiss SIM cards from Airalo guarantee reliable mobile data connectivity, catering to data-intensive tasks like browsing, streaming, and online transactions.

Airalo Cons

  • While Airalo’s prepaid unlimited plans benefit heavy users, they may not be the most economical option for customers with minimal call and data requirements.
  • Airalo’s services are primarily focused on Switzerland, which may limit their appeal to users who frequently travel to non-European countries.
  • Customers who prefer the convenience of physical SIM cards may have to wait for delivery or visit a local store, unlike instant activation options available for eSIMs.

My Take on The Airalo Network and Data Plans

Airalo’s Swiss SIM cards with prepaid unlimited plans are a great option for users seeking a reliable and convenient communication solution within Switzerland.

With ample data, unlimited calls, and the flexibility of online purchases, Airalo caters to travelers and residents alike, making it one of the best prepaid SIM card choices among Swiss mobile operators.

Aside from that, it also provides a cost-effective means of communication within the European Union and various European countries.

SIM Card for Switzerland #4: Sunrise

Sunrise SIM offers local prepaid Swiss SIM cards with prepaid unlimited plans, providing customers with convenient access to reliable mobile connectivity through physical and online purchases.

Sunrise prepaid sim card


  • Swiss SIM Cards: Sunrise SIM provides Swiss SIM cards, ensuring seamless connectivity and coverage throughout Switzerland.
  • Unlimited Calls: With prepaid unlimited plans, customers can make unlimited local calls, making it an ideal choice for those who require extensive voice communication.
  • Buy a SIM Card Online: Sunrise SIM allows customers to conveniently purchase a local prepaid SIM card online, providing a hassle-free activation process and instant access to their services.
  • Internet Data: Sunrise SIM’s prepaid plans have ample data, enabling users to browse the internet, use social media, and stay connected to their favorite online services.
  • Local SIM Convenience: Sunrise SIM’s local prepaid SIM cards cater to residents and travelers, offering cost-effective communication solutions and eliminating roaming charges.
  • Sunrise SIM’s prepaid unlimited plans offer flexibility and cost control, making it a suitable choice for heavy voice and data users.
  • Sunrise SIM’s prepaid unlimited plans offer flexibility and cost control, making it a suitable choice for heavy voice and data users.
  • With its reliable data connection, Sunrise SIM provides seamless internet access, enabling users to stay connected on the go.
  • Sunrise SIM’s services are primarily focused on Switzerland, which may limit its appeal to frequent travelers to non-European countries.
  • Customers requiring eSIM for Switzerland may not find this option available, as Sunrise SIM primarily offers physical SIM cards.
  • While Sunrise SIM provides excellent mobile infrastructure, its coverage may be limited in remote or mountainous regions.

My Take on the Sunrise Network and Data Plans

Sunrise SIM stands out as a reliable and convenient eSIM for Switzerland, offering ample data, unlimited calls, and seamless connectivity within the country. It provides an excellent solution for heavy voice and data users, making it a competitive choice among Swiss mobile operators.

The prepaid data plans and free EU roaming options further enhance its appeal, making it a cost-effective option for both residents and travelers. For those seeking a local prepaid SIM card with unlimited benefits, Sunrise SIM is undoubtedly a top contender, available for purchase both online and in convenience stores.

SIM Card for Switzerland #5: SIMOptions

SIMOptions offers a range of Swiss SIM cards, including local prepaid SIM cards with unlimited SMS, available for purchase online and in physical stores.

Simoptions sim card promotional photo


  • Buy a SIM Card: SIMOptions allows customers to easily buy a Swiss SIM card online, providing a convenient and hassle-free activation process.
  • Internet Data: With their Swiss SIM cards, users can access internet data, enabling them to browse the web, use social media, and stay connected online.
  • Local SIM Convenience: SIMOptions’ local prepaid SIM cards cater to both residents and travelers, offering cost-effective communication solutions and eliminating roaming charges within Switzerland.
  • SIM Card Online: Customers can purchase their SIM card online, saving them time and effort compared to buying from physical stores.
  • Switzerland SIM Cards: SIMOptions ensures reliable coverage and seamless connectivity throughout Switzerland, making it an excellent choice for users traveling within the country.

SIMOptions Pros

  • SIMOptions provides a variety of Swiss SIM cards suitable for different user needs, making it easy to find the best prepaid SIM card that fits one’s usage requirements.
  • The inclusion of unlimited SMS offers a convenient and cost-effective way for users to send messages without worrying about additional charges.
  • For travelers, SIMOptions’ Swiss SIM cards with free EU roaming allow seamless communication across European countries without incurring extra fees.

SIMOptions Cons

  • While SIMOptions focuses on Swiss SIM cards, its coverage and services may not be as extensive outside of Switzerland, potentially limiting its appeal to international travelers beyond Europe.
  • Customers needing extensive voice calling and data services may find other plans more suitable, as the highlights mostly focus on local SMS and internet data.
  • SIMOptions may not offer the absolute cheapest SIM card options, as there could be other providers with lower rates.

My Take on SIMOptions Network and Data Plan

Persosn holding phone while wearing earphones

SIMOptions presents a range of Swiss SIM card options, catering to the needs of both residents and travelers within Switzerland. The availability of unlimited SMS, internet data, and free EU roaming make it a compelling choice for those seeking a cost-effective communication solution.

For users looking for the best prepaid SIM card with reliable coverage in Switzerland, SIMOptions offers competitive options among Swiss mobile operators and is particularly advantageous for travelers exploring European countries within the European Union.

SIM Card for Switzerland #6: Salt

Local Connectivity
Salt sim logo


Experience the epitome of communication flexibility with Salt’s adaptable plans and coverage. Whether you’re a local resident seeking reliable service or a visitor in need of short-term connectivity, Salt delivers a spectrum of options to ensure you stay seamlessly linked within Switzerland’s vibrant landscape.

Salt offers a range of prepaid SIM cards, including Swiss SIM cards, providing mobile data connectivity options for users in Switzerland.

Salt sim card


  • Swiss SIM Card: Salt provides Swiss SIM cards that ensure seamless connectivity and coverage within Switzerland.
  • Unlimited Data: Customers can benefit from unlimited data plans offered by Salt, allowing them to browse, stream, and use online services without data restrictions.
  • Switzerland Prepaid SIM Card: Salt offers convenient prepaid options for users seeking cost-effective communication solutions in Switzerland without being tied to long-term contracts.
  • Physical SIM Card: With physical SIM cards, users can easily insert them into their devices, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of smartphones and other devices.
  • Local SIM Convenience: Salt’s local prepaid SIM cards provide residents and travelers with easy access to communication services in Switzerland.

Salt Pros

  • Salt offers EU roaming services in Switzerland, allowing users to stay connected when traveling within European countries without incurring additional roaming fees.
  • Customers can conveniently purchase SIM cards from Salt’s online store, streamlining the activation process and avoiding visiting physical locations.
  • With unlimited data bundles, users can confidently use mobile data for various tasks, such as navigating with Google Maps and accessing online services on the go.

Salt Cons

  • While EU roaming is available in Switzerland, roaming services outside of Europe may have additional charges or limited coverage.
  • Depending on the plan chosen, there may be an activation fee associated with purchasing a SIM card from Salt.
  • Customers looking for eSIM cards may need to explore other providers, as Salt may primarily offer physical SIM cards.

My Take on The Salt Network and Data Plan

Salt sim card

Salt provides an attractive selection of prepaid SIM cards, including Swiss SIM cards with unlimited data, catering to users seeking reliable mobile data connectivity within Switzerland. With the added benefit of EU roaming, customers can stay connected while traveling across European countries.

The availability of physical SIM cards ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, making it a suitable choice for travelers and residents alike. However, customers looking for eSIM options or those traveling outside of Europe may need to consider other providers to meet their specific needs.

Overall, Salt’s prepaid SIM cards offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for mobile data in Switzerland, particularly for users frequently utilizing Google Maps and other online services.

Notable SIM Card: Sunrise Switzerland

Sunrise Switzerland is a leading mobile operator that offers exceptional services throughout this European country. With a variety of data plans to choose from, users can find the perfect fit for their communication needs.

Travelers can conveniently purchase Sunrise SIM cards at various locations, including Zurich Airport, ensuring seamless connectivity upon arrival. Sunrise Switzerland is a great choice for Swiss residents and visitors seeking high-quality mobile services. This sim card has a strong network and reliable coverage.

How to Top Up the Balance on a Prepaid SIM Card in Switzerland?

Topping up the balance on Switzerland SIM cards is a simple process, and you can do it at any time and from various locations:

In Online Store

Many Swiss mobile operators allow you to top up your prepaid SIM card online using credit/debit cards or QR codes.

In a Store

You can visit physical stores of mobile operators or authorized retailers to add credit to your prepaid SIM card. These stores are often located in malls, shopping centers, and commercial areas.

In a Mobilezone Branch

Mobilezone, a popular electronics retailer in Switzerland, also provides top-up services for prepaid SIM cards at their branches.

At SBB Ticket Machines

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) ticket machines offer the convenience of topping up your prepaid SIM card balance while waiting for your train.

At the ATM

Some ATMs let you load prepaid SIM cards from your bank account, making it a smooth and easy process.

In One of the Partner Shops

Convenience stores and gas stations offer prepaid SIM card top-ups, making them accessible nationwide.

At the Post Office

Swiss Post offices also provide top-up services for prepaid SIM cards, offering yet another convenient option.

At the Kiosk

Kiosks scattered throughout Swiss cities often provide prepaid SIM card top-up services, making it convenient for travelers and locals alike. Travelers can also top up at Zurich Airport. Some mobile infrastructures are there to provide data plans and wifi connections.

Remember to check for special offers like “free credit” or “free WiFi” when you top up, as some mobile operators may provide additional benefits along with the recharge. Additionally, consider data packages or “unlimited internet” options that suit your needs, and keep an eye out for “data allowances” that offer extra data benefits.

Top Up SIM Card for Travelers

For travelers, “EU roaming Switzerland” options can provide seamless connectivity across European countries. If you prefer a digital experience, some operators may offer “eSIM card” options, allowing you to activate your prepaid SIM online without the need for a physical card.

When traveling, having access to “Google Maps” and “data bundles” is invaluable, making it easy to navigate and stay connected while exploring Switzerland.

Keep in mind that some top-ups may have an “activation fee,” so it’s essential to check the terms and conditions before recharging. With the variety of top-up options available, you can find the best prepaid SIM card solution that meets your communication needs in Switzerland.

What Do You Need To Know About Switzerland SIM Card?

When it comes to a Switzerland SIM card, it’s essential to understand that not all SIM cards are the same. Each SIM card may offer different features and benefits, catering to specific user needs. Here are some key points to consider:

1. eSIM Card: Some providers offer eSIM cards, allowing you to activate your SIM card digitally without the need for a physical card. This can be especially convenient for travelers or users who prefer a seamless activation process.

2. Coverage and Networks: Different SIM cards may be connected to different networks. For instance, Swisscom and Sunrise are two major network operators in Switzerland. Consider choosing a SIM card that offers reliable coverage on the network that suits your location and travel plans.

3. Data Bundles and Plans: Look for data bundles or prepaid plans that match your data usage requirements. Having access to data is crucial for using navigation apps like “Google Maps” and staying connected online.

4. Activation Fee: Some SIM cards may have an activation fee when you first purchase or top up the card. Be sure to check if there are any fees associated with activating the SIM.

5. Stay Connected in Other Countries: If you plan to travel to other countries from Switzerland, consider SIM cards that offer roaming options or international plans to ensure you can stay connected while abroad.

6. Prepaid vs. Postpaid: Decide whether a prepaid or postpaid plan suits your needs better. Prepaid plans offer more control over spending, while postpaid plans typically involve monthly bills.

7. Convenience Stores and Train Stations: Many SIM cards can be purchased at convenience stores, kiosks, and even train stations, making it easy to get a SIM card quickly upon arrival in Switzerland.

Cheapest prepaid SIM card

If you only need an internet prepaid surf package from Salt is the cheapest on the Swiss market. You get 5 GB of data for just 9,95 CHF per month.

Salt surf – 9,95 CHF per month

  • Data: 5 GB with maximal speed
  • Only internet

In addition to the above-mentioned SIM cards, you can also find one on the Swiss online comparison tool. They offer a pretty thorough overview.

Best SIM card for Surfing The Internet

Swisscom and Sunrise networks have the fastest speeds and the most comprehensive 5G coverage for mobile data. However, if you are looking for the best SIM card provider, Airalo is the winner.

They run on the Sunrise network and cost a fraction of what you will pay for a SIM card sold directly from Sunrise company.

Sunrise network showed the fastest mobile data upload speeds in smaller Swiss cities. Generally, the Salt network is a bit behind but still offers great internet speed.

Swisscom provides an average download speed of 94.2 MBit/s, making it the fastest mobile network. Sunrise has an average internet speed of 76.5 MBit/s. Lastly, Salt shows an average speed of 53 MBit/s. The results of the upload tests should show a similar ratio.

Overall, mobile data speed isn’t something you need to worry about when it comes to the internet in Switzerland. The price, on the other hand, is something to consider. The best price-value ration SIM card for the internet is one from Airalo.

  • Data: 3 GB with maximal speed
  • Only internet
  • Price: 18 CHF
  • Valid: 30 days

SIM card in Switzerland for Tourists

What SIM card is the best for visitors in Switzerland? As a tourist, you especially need a flexible plan, billed preferably daily or weekly.

As a tourist, the best SIM card deal is either an eSIM from Airalo or inOne mobile prepaid basic from Swisscom. Airalo costs 9 CHF and gives you 1 GB of data, and Swisscom goes for 19,90 CHF, but 20 CHF will be deposited as a credit.

With Swisscom, you pay 2 CHF per day for unlimited internet. It’s a great option if you stay only a few days in Switzerland; you pay only for each day and not per month as with many other mobile plans. So if you plan to stay for 10 days, it will only cost you 19,90 CHF.

In addition, you can check out this comparison site. Just enter your preferences on the left.

Generally, when traveling to Switzerland, you 100% will need to get a local SIM card. Switzerland is outside the EU & Schengen and doesn’t provide roaming free internet like most other European countries.

Besides, roaming on mobile the internet is painfully expensive if you decide to use a foreign SIM in Switzerland.

However, if you want to use a Swiss SIM in Europe, it’s not a good option. Internet data included in Swiss mobile plans can be used only within Switzerland. Consequently, you will pay high roaming fees in other countries.

Where to buy a SIM card in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, tourists and locals have a wide array of options for purchasing a prepaid SIM card to stay connected. Here are some popular places where you can buy a SIM card:


Many major airports in Switzerland have kiosks or stores where you can find prepaid SIM cards upon your arrival.


Large supermarkets like Migros and Coop often have sections dedicated to electronics, including prepaid SIM cards.

Shopping Malls

You can find telecom shops or electronic retailers within shopping malls offering a variety of prepaid SIM card options.


Another key point is discount stores like Aldi and Lidl may also have prepaid SIM cards available for purchase.

Gas Stations

Some gas stations conveniently offer prepaid SIM cards along with other essentials.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are scattered throughout Swiss cities, providing easy access to prepaid SIM cards.

Telecom Shops

Visit the official telecom shops of network providers like Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, and Mobilezone to explore their range of prepaid plans and SIM cards.

Electronics Stores

Large electronics retailers like MediaMarkt, Interdiscount, and Melectronics typically offer prepaid SIM cards alongside electronic gadgets.

Post Offices

Swiss Post offices are reliable places to find prepaid SIM cards, often located in various areas across the country.

When purchasing a prepaid SIM card, consider if it is a “Switzerland prepaid” card that suits your specific communication needs. Look for the “best SIM card” for your usage requirements, including data bundles and plans that offer enough data to “stay connected” and use services like Google Maps.

Check if the SIM card includes “roaming charges” or if it allows roaming in other European countries, ensuring seamless communication even when traveling. Moreover, inquire about the “activation process” to make sure it is straightforward and hassle-free.

Whether you choose to buy from supermarkets, electronics stores, or even “grocery stores,” you’ll find various options to get a prepaid SIM card that works on networks like “Swisscom” or the “Sunrise network” and offers the flexibility of a “prepaid plan.”

By selecting the right SIM card, you can enjoy your stay in Switzerland while staying connected with ease.

Can you order the prepaid SIM card online?

It’s also possible to buy a SIM card online. In that case, a provider will send a SIM card by post – but for this, you need an address in Switzerland. Without a Swiss address, you can purchase it online.

In some cases, ordering a SIM to your hotel or Airbnb can be a viable option.

What To Avoid When Choosing Switzerland Prepaid SIM Card?

Limited Mobile Data

Avoid prepaid SIM cards with insufficient data allowances, as it may restrict your internet usage and lead to unexpected additional charges when you run out of data. Ensure you have enough data to comfortably browse the web, use social media, and access online services during your stay in Switzerland.

Overpriced Prepaid SIM Card

Watch out for prepaid SIM cards with high upfront costs, as some providers may offer cheaper alternatives with similar benefits, saving you money. Compare prices and features among different providers to get the best value for your prepaid SIM card.

Incompatibility with Device

Double-check that the prepaid SIM card you purchase is compatible with your device, especially if it requires a “physical SIM card,” to avoid any compatibility issues. Ensure your device supports the required SIM card size (standard, micro, or nano) and that it is unlocked to use with other carriers.

Limited Roaming Options

If you plan to travel to other European countries, avoid prepaid SIM cards with limited or expensive roaming options to stay connected without excessive charges. Rather, look for prepaid SIM cards that offer affordable or free roaming within the European Union for seamless connectivity during your travels.

No eSIM Option

If you prefer the convenience of an eSIM, ensure that the prepaid SIM card offers an “eSIM for Switzerland” option, making activation and management easier. An eSIM allows you to activate your SIM card digitally, eliminating the need for a physical card and simplifying the process.

Insufficient Data for Hotspot Use

If you need to use your device as a “mobile hotspot,” avoid prepaid SIM cards with limited data allowances that may quickly deplete, hindering your connectivity. Choose a prepaid SIM card with sufficient data for hotspot use to ensure you can share your internet connection with other devices.

Not Researching Mobile Operators

Compare offerings from different “mobile operators” like Swisscom and Sunrise to find the best prepaid SIM card for your needs, ensuring you get the most suitable plan. So always consider factors such as coverage, data allowances, customer service, and network reliability when making your decision.

Tourist SIM Card Scams

Generally, be cautious of tourist SIM cards sold at inflated prices at tourist hotspots like Zurich Airport; they may not offer the best value compared to other options. Look for prepaid SIM cards offered by reputable providers to ensure you are getting fair pricing and reliable services.

Reliance on Free Wi-Fi

Avoid relying solely on free Wi-Fi connections, as they may not always be secure or reliable compared to having a prepaid SIM card with “unlimited internet” and a suitable “data plan” that ensures constant connectivity. Basically, having your own data plan allows you to stay connected at all times, even in areas without free Wi-Fi.

Not Checking Coverage

Ensure the prepaid SIM card you choose has good coverage across Switzerland, especially if you plan to travel to remote areas, to avoid potential connectivity issues. Check coverage maps or inquire with the provider about their network reach to ensure you have a reliable connection wherever you go in Switzerland.

Final Thoughts About The Best SIM Cards in Switzerland

When choosing the best SIM cards in Switzerland, consider coverage, data, pricing, and extras like roaming and unlimited internet.

Moreover, prepaid SIM cards offer the advantage of flexibility and control over expenses, making them a popular choice for both tourists and local residents. With a wide range of options available from reputable mobile operators like Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, and others, users can easily find a suitable prepaid SIM card that meets their communication needs.

Whether you’re navigating with Google Maps or staying connected with friends and family, the best SIM card in Switzerland ensures seamless communication. Finally, enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout your stay in this beautiful country while accessing online services on the go.


1. Who should consider buying a SIM card in Switzerland?

Buying a SIM card in Switzerland is a great option if you are a tourist visiting Switzerland or a local resident looking for a cost-effective and convenient mobile communication solution. Meanwhile, prepaid SIM cards offer flexibility and allow you to control your expenses while staying connected.

2. What makes a SIM card the “best” in Switzerland?

The best SIM cards in Switzerland offer excellent coverage across the country, fast and reliable mobile data connections, and competitive pricing. Look for options with sufficient data allowances, free roaming in other European countries, and additional perks like unlimited internet or free SMS.

3. Where can I purchase the best SIM card in Switzerland?

Top SIM cards in Switzerland are available at airports, supermarkets (Migros, Coop), malls, discounters (Aldi, Lidl), gas stations, convenience stores, and major network provider shops (Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, Mobilezone).

4. When should I consider getting a prepaid SIM card in Switzerland?

Consider getting a prepaid SIM card in Switzerland if you plan to stay for a short duration or if you prefer more control over your mobile expenses. Prepaid SIM cards are ideal for tourists and temporary visitors who don’t need long-term contracts.

5. Why should I choose a prepaid SIM card over a postpaid plan in Switzerland?

Choosing a prepaid SIM card in Switzerland offers no monthly bills, credit checks, or long-term commitments. Recharge as needed, ideal for expense control and avoiding surprises.

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