How Much Does A House Cost in Belgium? 

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According to statistics, more than 70% of Belgian residents own homes. It’s a very high figure for Western Europe. For instance, in Germany, only about half of the population owns a house or apartment. The reason for this high homeownership rate in Belgium is the relatively low property prices compared to other European countries.

The average price of a single-family house in Belgium in 2022 is 357,000 EUR. Semi-detached homes and apartments cost less, 252,000 EUR and 226,000 EUR, respectively. Brussels has the highest property prices averaging 1,150,000 EUR for a single-family house.

House prices in Belgium are surprisingly quite affordable, considering the economic situation in the country and local salaries. Moreover, mortgage rates are very low, making it one of the best places to be a homeowner in Europe.

In this article, we present current data on house and apartment prices in Belgium, including the most affordable and expensive places to buy a property.

House prices in Belgium in 2022

car parked on the side of the various housing in Belgium.

According to the Belgian statistical office, in the first half of 2022, the house prices in Belgium were as follows:

  • The median price for a semi-detached house is 252,000 EUR. At the same time, the average price for a detached or stand-alone house is 357,000 EUR. The apartments cost 226,000 EUR.
  • The cheapest region to purchase real estate in Belgium is the Walloon Region, with an average price for a semi-detached of 170,000 EUR.
  • Not surprisingly, Brussels is the most expensive city to buy a house in Belgium. The average price for a detached home is above 1,000,000 EUR.

Prices of different property types

A detached house costs more than a semi-detached building. The median price for a terraced or semi-detached house was 252,000 EUR in the first half of 2022. For a detached house, buyers paid 357,000 EUR. Apartments were sold for a median price of 226,000 EUR.

Therefore, you pay about 100,000 EUR more for a detached house than you were buying a terraced or semi-detached building. 

In the table below, you can see median prices in EUR across all housing types for the past 2 years:

2020202120222021 vs 20202022 vs 2021
Semi-detached house200,000 230,000252,000+15.0%+9.6%
Detached house300,000 330,000357,000+10.0%+8.2%
Apartment200,000 215,000226,000+7.5%+5.1%

Experts expect a total increase of 5.5% in house prices in 2022.

According to Statista, the average house price in Belgium was 281,705 EUR in 2021. It’s a slight increase from 2020, where properties were sold at 276,993 EUR on average.

Overall, homes are less expensive in Belgium than in many other regions. However, there is a significant price difference between regions, where Belgian capital takes first place in property pricing.

A detached house in Brussels and its surroundings will cost you an average of 1,150,000 EUR. In contrast, semi-detached homes are selling for 486,000 EUR on average.

Dutch-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia have average prices of 287,000 EUR and 196,000 EUR, respectively (for semi-detached homes).

Apartments are the most affordable type of housing; in 2018, the average price was 220,000 EUR.

House prices and location

In the graphic below, you can see the house prices across Belgium and the differences between regions:

graphic showing house prices across Belgium.

Therefore, Brussels and its surroundings have the highest housing prices. In 2022, semi-detached houses cost 486,000 EUR. That’s 12% more expensive compared to the same period last year. 

The median price for detached houses was 1,150,000 EUR, which is an increase of 4.5%. Apartments are sold for more than four times less than detached houses, with a median price of 250,000 EUR.

The second most expensive place to buy a home in Belgium is the city of Veurne in West Flanders.

If you are looking for a property with average pricing, a Flemish region is a good option. Semi-detached houses cost, on average, 280,000 EUR, which is also an increase of 7.7% compared to 2021.

Detached houses are selling for 390,000 EUR. And apartments cost 230,000 EUR, which is 6% more expensive than in the previous year.

For someone on a small budget, the best option will be to buy a house in the cheapest place in Belgium, in the Walloon region. In the first half of 2022, semi-detached houses cost only 170,000 EUR. Detached homes are selling for 285,000 EUR. And apartments have very attractive prices, with 172,000 EUR on average.

Also, the province of Hainaut has the cheapest semi-detached houses with an average price of 150,000 EUR. Apartments cost even less – around 145,000 EUR. However, if you are looking for the most affordable detached house, head to Namur, where these types of properties are selling for 245,000 EUR.

House prices in Brussels

Most expensive municipalities in BrusselsMedian house price (EUR)Cheapest municipalities
in Brussels
Median house price (EUR)
Woluwe Saint Pierre685,000Molenbeek Saint Jans350,000
Watermal Forest635,000Brussels390,000

Here are property prices in major cities in Belgium in EUR (2022):

CityApartment average price per m²House average price per m²
Brussels city3,7152,970
La Louvière1,6451,344

Median house prices in various Belgian regions:

RegionMedian price of a
detached house in 2021
Median price of a
detached house in 2022
Price change %
Flemish Brabant413,500445,000+7.6%
Walloon Brabant435,000465,000+6.9%
West Flanders360,000390,000+8.3%
East Flanders385,000415,000+7.8%
Source: Belgian statistical office –

Average house and apartment prices in Belgium

As of November 2022, the average price per m2 is 2,914 EUR for apartments and 1,990 EUR for houses. Flat prices range between 1,736 EUR to 4,817 EUR, and homes sell for 1,026 EUR to 3,485 EUR per square meter.

Below you can see the prices for houses and apartments in all Belgian provinces.

ProvinceApartment average price per m² (EUR)House average price per m² (EUR)
East Flanders2,6942,143
Flemish Brabant3,0352,379
Walloon Brabant3,0552,250
West Flanders3,4751,945

Cost of buying a house in Belgium

gloomy afternoon showing housing near the bridge in Belgium.

The house price isn’t the only expense you need to budget for when buying a home in Belgium. Here are additional costs associated with purchasing a property:

  1. Registration tax (for properties older than two years) – a buyer pays a registration tax which varies by province. In Flanders, you pay 6%, while in Brussels, the rate is 12.5%. The maximal rate is 12,5%.
  2. VAT – VAT is paid only for properties that are less than two years old. The rate is 21%.
  3. Notary fee – the fee varies between 0.2% to 4%, with an average of about 1.6%.
  4. Estate agency fees – if you buy a home with the help of the agency, be prepared to pay between 200 EUR to 1,000 EUR for their services. At the same time, the major agency fees are paid by the seller.

Cost of the mortgage

If you are a resident of Belgium, you might qualify for a mortgage. There are additional costs involved in getting the money from the bank, including:

  • Registration fees: about 1% of the loan
  • Registration in the mortgage register: 0.3% of the amount borrowed
  • The costs and fees of the mortgage custodian
  • The fees and operating costs of the notary

Can foreigners buy property in Belgium?

Foreigners can buy real estate in Belgium without any restrictions. Their rights are equal to Belgian citizens. That means you can buy any type of house in any region and city.

The different situation applies to mortgages. Here you will need to be qualified for a loan, which includes having a residency in Belgium and a source of income.

Besides, if you buy a house or apartment and want to make an Airbnb out of this, you must pay taxes in Belgium, thus, submit a tax return. If you fail to do so, you might receive a fine of up to 1,250 EUR or a tax penalty of 200%.

Cost of building a house in Belgium

Building your own house is a good alternative to buying a home, but how much will it cost? The average price for building a new house in Belgium ranges from 1,300 EUR and 1,700 EUR per square meter, including VAT.

A small house of 120 m2 will typically cost around 250,000 – 270,000 EUR. A medium sizes home (150m2) costs about 350,000 EUR, and a large house (180m2) will be around 400,000 EUR.

That said, detached houses are the most expensive to build and buy. The cheapest home will be a terraced property or semi-detached house, which usually includes two homes under one roof.

If, for example, you plan to build a 140 m² house, you can calculate about 250,000 EUR in total expenses. It’s about 1,600 EUR/m2.

The prices for building a home also depend on several factors, including:

  • Quality of the building materials, which can range from basic to very luxurious
  • Type of construction method
  • The extent to which you incorporate contractors into the process
  • The number of m2
  • Enclosing surface facade (the facade and window frames are relatively expensive)
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