How To Study in Vienna in English?

Are you planning to study in Vienna, Austria? Good choice! Vienna is the political, cultural, and educational center of Austria as well as the 7th-largest city by population in the EU. It’s an international hotspot of the country with various universities teaching in German and English.

Vienna has various university programs in English, yet, it might cost you money. There is only a limited number of English undergraduate programs. If you are planning to do a master’s, you will have a wider choice and pay lower tuition fees.

Currently, over 20,000 international students from over 140 countries are enrolled in the universities of Vienna for full degree programs or as a part of exchange programs. Do you want to be one of them? Read this post, so you will know which universities provide English courses. Besides, read our guide on getting a job in Vienna.

Study in English in Vienna – How and Where

Are you looking for Universities where you can complete an undergraduate degree in English? Unfortunately, Vienna doesn’t provide many of them, and you will need to pay a hefty amount in tuition fees.

Below you can see all universities which provide bachelor’s in English and the name of these courses:

Undergraduate programs

Public Universities:

1. University of Vienna – no tuition fees ( 726.72 EUR non-EU)

The biggest and most well-known Austrian university – the University of Vienna, offers only bachelor’s courses in English and American studies and many master’s degrees in English.

However, if you are only interested in the exchange program, this college will be the best choice.

  • English and American studies

2. FH BFI Vienna – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester

  • Banking and Finance 
  • European Economy and Business Management 

3. WU – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester

  • Business and Economics

4. University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester

  • Electronics and Business

All students need health insurance before coming to Austria. Care Concept is our reccomendation.

Private Universities:

1. Webster University – tuition fees 10,450 EUR per semester

Austrian Webster University is another branch of the original Webster University in St. Louis, USA. It has the best programs in Business and Management.

  • Business Administration BSc
  • Real estate Business BA
  • International Relations BA
  • Management with an emphasis in International Business BA
  • Media Communications BA
  • Management with an emphasis in Marketing BA
  • Psychology BA

2. MODUL University Vienna – tuition fees 6,167 EUR per semester


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This university focuses on social and economic development, particularly in the areas of tourism, new media information technology, sustainability, business management, and public governance.

It was founded back in 1908 as a vocational training school with the longest tradition in tourism and hospitality education worldwide.

  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Tourism, Hotel Management, and Operations
  • International Management

3. Lauder Business School – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester (726.72 EUR non-EU)

Small private university but with high American standards and big goals. It offers one undergraduate and 2 graduate programs of the highest quality.

The university combines American and European educational methods and is connected to the Harvard MOC (Microeconomics of Competitiveness) Network, which includes more than 100 prominent business schools from 65 different countries.

  • International Business Administration

4. Sigmund Freud University – tuition fees 6,300 EUR per semester

  • Psychology

As you can see, a bachelor’s choice is poor and very costly. It would be a better decision to do your undergraduate in another European capital. However, there are many postgraduate programs at affordable price.

Postgraduate courses

Public Universities:

A Master’s degree is a different story. You can find many public and private universities with diverse program offers.

Below you can see all universities which provide bachelor’s in English and the names of these courses:

1. University of Vienna – no tuition fees ( 726.72 EUR non-EU)


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  • The University of Vienna provides a wide range of English Master’s Programs. I can’t even name all of them; you need to check this out via the link above

2. UAS BFI – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester 

This University (Vienna University for Economics, Management, and Finance) focuses on European economics and cutting-edge courses.

  • International Banking and Finance
  • Quantitative Asset & Risk Management
  • Strategic HR Management in Europe

3. WU – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester (726.72 EUR non-EU)


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WU Vienna (Vienna University of Economics and Business) is one of Europe’s biggest, most modern Universities of Economic Sciences. Additionally,  it has been ranked as one of the best business schools in Europe. WU focuses on economics and business.

  • Economics
  • Information Systems
  • International Management/CEMS
  • Marketing
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy
  • Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control
  • Supply Chain Management

4. FH Campus Wien – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester

FH Campus Wien is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Austria. It offers over 60 Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

  • Molecular Biotechnology MSc
  • Packaging Technology and Sustainability MSc

5. University of Applied Arts Vienna – tuition fees 726.72 EUR per semester

Students of the art University of Vienna come from 70 different countries to study in the 29 disciplines of the school; 60% of them are Austrians, 25% Europeans, and 15% from other countries.

  • Architecture
  • Art and science
  • Social Design Arts as Urban Innovation

6. Academy of Fine Arts Vienna – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester (726.72 EUR non-EU)

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has been a leading European training center for artists for more than 300 years.

  • Architecture
  • Critical studies

7. University of Veterinary Medicine – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester

The name of this university says all by itself.

  • Human-Animal Interactions

Looking for a free student bank account in Austria? Read this post.

Private Universities:

1. Central European University (CEU) – tuition fees between 12,000 and 24,200 EUR per year

CEU has branches in the U.S., Austria, and Hungary and is ranked as one of the world’s top social sciences and humanities universities.

  • There are various master’s courses offered in English, especially in social science; check the link above

2. Sigmund Freud University – tuition fees 6,830 EUR per semester

Specializing in Human Sciences, SFU specializes in Psychotherapy, Science, Psychology, Medicine, and Law. Sigmund Freud University is one of the only academic institutions in the world where Psychotherapy is taught at an undergraduate level.

  • Psychology – Business and Economic Psychology 

3. BOKU – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester (726.72 EUR non-EU)

BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences) is one of the best universities for sustainability in Europe and brings together scientific, technical, and socioeconomic topics. 

If nature and natural resources are something you are interested in, this is the best place to study and expand your knowledge.

  • Biotechnology
  • Mountain Forestry
  • Water Management and Environmental Engineering
  • Applied Limnology
  • Animal Breeding and Genetics 
  • Organic Agricultural Systems and Agroecology

4. MODUL University Vienna – tuition fees 4,750 EUR per semester

The relatively new private university was established in 2007, where all courses are taught in English. Hence you will experience a more international atmosphere.

  • Management
  • International Tourism Management
  • Sustainable Development, Management and Policy

5. University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester

With around 12,000 graduates thus far and 4,400 students, the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna is Austria’s largest technical university of applied sciences. Apply if interested in technology.

  • Medical Engineering & eHealth
  • Telecommunication and Internet technologies
  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

6. Lauder Business School – tuition fees 363.36 EUR per semester (726.72 EUR non-EU)

  • International Management and Leadership
  • Strategic Finance & Business Analytics

How do you get a job after completing your degree in Vienna? We explain in this article.

The legal side of studying in Vienna

As a future student in Austria, you need to know what legal regulations are for international students. If your country of origin is European Union, you don’t have to worry much.

However, students from third countries (outside of the EU/EEA) will have to prepare their documents accordingly to the Austrian rules.

Here are the most common requirements for your study application in Austria. Also, each university has its own specifications.

  • English language proficiency: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge certificates
  • Your last diploma: high school diploma for Bachelor’s studies, Bachelor’s diploma for Master’s studies

It must be equal to the Austrian diploma. Therefore, you must legalize, and notary translates it at home or in Austria. You must prove that you’re eligible to follow university studies in your chosen discipline.

How to apply for a visa in Austria

Applicants outside of the EU/EEA will need a student visa to start their studies. The application documents typically include:

  • Birth certificate or equivalent document
  • Proof of enrolment (request at university)
  • Proof of necessary funds to support yourself (11,196 EUR)
  • Police clearance certificate from your country of residence
  • Proof of accommodation (rental agreement)
  • Proof of health insurance (your Austrian health insurance)
  • Receipt for paying the residence permit fee (160 EUR)

Health insurance for Austria

Is Vienna international?

Yes and no. That said, Vienna is the largest city in Austria, but it doesn’t mean that it’s very international and cosmopolitan. Most of the foreigners in Vienna came many years ago with their families to settle down.

For example, there are over 100,000 people from Serbia, 70,000 from Turkey, 60,000 Germans, and 80,000 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania.

If you see this data, you will think, wow, Vienna is actually just a multicultural hub, but expats see it differently. The reason for this is that foreigners came here a half-century ago. They are part of Austria and Austrian culture now.

So you might not feel the international atmosphere of Vienna as strong as in London, Paris, or Berlin.

But there are still enough international workers and students to make you feel lonely and isolated. Check Facebook groups (British in Vienna) expats communities on the web, such as, Viennaexpats, and Business in Vienna.

What is the cost of living in Vienna?

For a student budget, 950 – 1,100 EUR per month must be enough to live in Vienna. If you love eating out, calculate a bit more. Also, notice that Austria and Vienna are notably more expensive than neighboring countries like Germany, Slovakia, Italy, and Slovenia.

Also, read about salaries in Vienna.

According to a source Numbeo, a single person’s monthly costs are estimated at 737.94 EUR without rent.

Some expenses you will face while living in Vienna:

  • Rent for a room in a shared apartment: 400 – 600 EUR
  • Health insurance: cheapest 50 EUR
  • Groceries: 300 EUR
  • Eating/Drinking Out, Free time activities: 200 EUR
  • Other expenses: transportation, cosmetics, and home, books, coffee: 100 EUR

If you pay attention to the prices, don’t go out and travel much: 950 EUR.

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