Best Prepaid SIM Cards in Austria

Austria’s largest mobile operators include companies like A1, Magenta Telekom, and Drei (Three). Besides, there are plenty of smaller third-party vendors offering SIM cards at affordable rates. Both Austrian residents and tourists can purchase one of them online or in the local store with minimum requirements.

Best prepaid SIM cards in Austria are provided by:

  • A1 for 10 EUR
  • Magenta for 10 EUR
  • Drei for 9,82 EUR
  • Yesss! for 8,49 EUR
  • Airalo for 7 EUR – best for a short stay

A local SIM card is a must-have when living or even visiting a foreign country. The Austrian mobile market is dominated by just three leading providers, but there are many deals to choose from.

A prepaid SIM card is always a good choice for foreigners since it has fewer to no obligations and requirements. We have picked the best deals in Austria in this overview.

Best prepaid SIM Cards in Austria

SIM cardA1
“B.Free XS”
“Klax S”
“Ideal SIM S”
Monthly price EUR10109,828,49
Mobile data6 GB8 GB5 GB10 GB (only AT)
Network providerA1MagentaDreiA1

In Austria, there are dozens of various SIM cards to choose from. We have picked the most popular SIM card deals from reputable providers, so you can avoid all the pitfalls of getting a mobile plan in Austria. It’s always recommended to go with an established network company than with a small third-party vendor.

1. A1 – Telekom Austria

A1 Telekom Austria is the largest mobile network provider with a large offer of SIM cards and other deals. It’s also the main and best Austrian network. They provide services for almost 6 million cell phones and more than 2.2 million landline customers.

The largest part of all SIM cards in Austria are run on the A1 network. They provide 5G speeds too.

SIM cards from A1

1. B.Free XS

B.Free is the cheapest SIM card from A1 that you can get for 9,90 EUR (XS). It includes 6 GB of data that is only valid in Austria.

  • Price: 10 EUR/m
  • Data: 6 GB  – valid only in AT
  • Calls: 1000 min 
  • SMS: 1000 

2. B.free S

  • Price: 15 EUR/m
  • Data: 15 GB – only for AT
  • Calls: 1000 min 
  • SMS: 1000 

3. B.free M

M and L plans include mobile data for the EU and some international calls and SMS.

  • Price: 20 EUR/m
  • Data: 18 GB + EU
  • Calls: 2000 min 
  • SMS: 2000 

4. B.free L

  • Price: 30 EUR/m
  • Data: 30 GB + EU
  • Calls: 3000 min 
  • SMS: 3000 

All B.free SIM cards include free roaming abroad.

If you decide to go with A1, the XS package will be more than enough to cover all your telecommunications needs.

Plans that include mobile phones are more expensive. There you will sign for a mobile contract and buy a phone in installments in addition to the SIM card. The cheapest deal with a phone starts at 24,90 EUR per month and includes 13 GB of data.

Other A1 plans include SIMply, where you can choose between no contact or signing a mobile contract.

SIM cards from A1 aren’t particularly the cheapest ones; here is an overview:

SIM cardA1 SIMply SA1 SIMply LA1 SIMply Unlimited
Monthly price EUR14,90 24,9055,90
Mobile data12 GB24 GBUnlimited + 5G

For people under 26 years old, A1 has special deals where you get SIM card SIMply Xcite S with 20 GB for 16,90 EUR/m and SIMply Xcite L with 30 GB for 21,90 EUR.

2. Airalo

Airalo SIM cards are one of the cheapest you can get in Austria as a visitor. The lowest plan goes for 7 EUR. Another key pro is that you can order your SIM card online and have it installed & activated upon landing in Austria.

Airalo is the best SIM card provider for digital nomads and travelers who don’t plan to live in the country but rather will stay for a short period of time. This company offers SIM cards for over 190 countries. In Austria, its SIM cards run on the 3 (Drei) network. 

You can preorder it online before you travel, so it takes away the hustle of trying to buy or order a SIM when arriving in the country. The SIM card will be activated (the validity period starts) when you land and connect to the network. 

With Airalo, you can choose between global coverage or opt only for usage in Austria, or in Europe.

There are four main plans you can choose from in Austria:

  • 7 days validity with 1 GB of data for 7 EUR
  • 30 days validity with 3 GB of data for 14 EUR
  • 30 days validity with 5 GB of data for 21 EUR
  • 30 days validity with 10 GB of data for 31,5 EUR

Keep in mind that packages include only data for the internet. It doesn’t provide you with a local number, but you can easily make calls via apps like Whatsapp. 

3. Nomad

The price for Nomad SIM cards starts from 8,5 EUR, 1 GB of data is included. Like with Airalo, it’s an eSIM card, which you can order online and have installed & activated upon landing in Austria. No address is needed; 100% online, hands-off process.

Nomad is a digital eSIM marketplace for travelers and, as the name might say – digital nomads. You will get affordable data plans anywhere in the world, including Austria.

You can pick from several Austrian plans:

  • 7 days validity with 1 GB of data for 8,5 EUR
  • 30 days validity with 3 GB of data for 15,5 EUR
  • 30 days validity with 5 GB of data for 18 EUR

If you need more data, have a look at these packs:

  • 30 days validity with 10 GB of data for 25 EUR
  • 30 days validity with 20 GB of data for 35,5 EUR

Optionally, you can book additional data via the app. For example, 1 GB costs 8,5 EUR, and 3 GB costs 15,5 EUR.

Similarly to Airalo, Nomad gives you only internet data but no calls and SMS. After the validity is over, your plan will expire. 

4. Magenta

Source: Magenta.at

Magenta Telekom is the second-largest Austrian network and SIM card provider after A1, with more than 5.7 million customers. The company was renamed from T-Mobile Austria in May 2019. Magenta is the best provider when it comes to a 4G connection, which can sometimes be hard to get in Austria.

Magenta’s prepaid SIM cards start from €10 per month. The following plans are available:

  • Klax S €10 – 8 GB data + 1,000 min/sms.
  • Klax M €15 – 15 GB data + 1,500 min/sms.
  • Klax L €20 – 20 GB data + 2,000 min/sms + international min/sms.
  • Klax XL €30 – 30 GB data + 3,000 min/sms + international min/sms

However, free minutes are only valid in Austria; you pay 0,228€/min when calling abroad.

You can get their SIM cards online, at Magenta’s physical stores across the country, and in Austrian supermarkets/drug stores.

5. Drei

Drei is the third-largest network provider in Austria. Drei offers prepaid SIM cards that include calls and data as well as only internet plans. The cheapest SIM for the internet costs 10 EUR and has 3 GB of data. However, they charge a fee of up to 10 EUR for a SIM card registration.

SIM cardIdeal SIM SIdeal SIM MIdeal SIM L
Monthly price EUR9,8211,7817,73
Mobile data5 GB15 GB25 GB
Min/SMS3000/3000Unlimited/ UnlimitedUnlimited/ Unlimited

SIM cards from Drei are available for purchase online, in Drei stores, gas stations, electronic shops (Mediamarkt), and kiosks. They are also currently sold at Vienna International Airport.

6. Yesss!

Yesss! is another big player on the market, but they serve fewer customers than those free leading network companies. Yet, Yesss! offers some of the cheapest SIM cards you will find in Austria.

Yesss! uses the A1 network; hence you can expect good quality and high speed. Yesss! offers lucrative SIM cards starting from 8,49 EUR per month and 10 GB.

SIM card dealAustriaComplete LComplete XL
Monthly price EUR8,49 9,9914,99
Mobile data10 GB (only Austria)25 GB35 GB

The main catch with the low price of Austria SIM is that you can only use the internet within Austria.

SIM cards from Yesss! are available online and at over 2,200 shops across the country, including Billa, Merkur, Penny, ADEG, and postal offices.

Other prepaid SIM cards in Austria

Here is the full list of Austrian SIM cards and the used network.

SIM cardNetwork
A1A1 Telekom Austria AG
B-FreeA1 Telekom Austria AG
BilliTel!A1 Telekom Austria AG
BobA1 Telekom Austria AG
Ge-org!A1 Telekom Austria AG
GooodA1 Telekom Austria AG
Krone mobileA1 Telekom Austria AG
KURIER mobilA1 Telekom Austria AG
kwikkiA1 Telekom Austria AG
RedBull MobileA1 Telekom Austria AG
SIMfonieA1 Telekom Austria AG
Wowww!A1 Telekom Austria AG
XOXOA1 Telekom Austria AG
yesss!A1 Telekom Austria AG
yooopi!A1 Telekom Austria AG
KraftcomA1 Telekom Austria AG
LycamobileA1 Telekom Austria AG
m:telA1 Telekom Austria AG
DreiHutchison Drei Austria GmbH
educomHutchison Drei Austria GmbH
eetyHutchison Drei Austria GmbH
Help mobileHutchison Drei Austria GmbH
kabelplusMOBILEHutchison Drei Austria GmbH
Lidl ConnectHutchison Drei Austria GmbH
spusuHutchison Drei Austria GmbH
Tchibo mobilHutchison Drei Austria GmbH
simpli TVHutchison Drei Austria GmbH
AvidoT-Mobile Austria GmbH
dialogT-Mobile Austria GmbH
HoTT-Mobile Austria GmbH*
LIWEST MobilT-Mobile Austria GmbH
Raiffeisen mobilT-Mobile Austria GmbH
Rapid MobilT-Mobile Austria GmbH
VOLmobileT-Mobile Austria GmbH
MagentaT-Mobile Austria GmbH
s-budgetT-Mobile Austria GmbH
Delight mobileT-Mobile Austria GmbH
Vectone mobileT-Mobile Austria GmbH
Source: www.rtr.at

* HoT also uses some of the Drei’s network.

Mobile networks in Austria

Austria has three leading mobile network operators: A1, Magenta Telekom, and Hutchison Drei. All providers have very good network coverage in the country. Austrian SIM cards use one of these three networks.

These three mobile network operators differ in terms of network coverage. Hence, in certain regions of Austria, one provider or the other can offer better reception and internet speeds.

The typical offers those companies have include prepaid SIM cards (Wertkarte), long-term contracts, mobile phone contracts, and contracts for just the internet. Latter usually consists of all-inclusive rates or flat rates, including smartphones, data sticks, or tablets.

A1 is the leading provider, with a market share of almost 40%.

Mobile networkMarket share
A1 Telekom39,1 %
Magenta28,6 %
Hutchison Drei27,3 %

Austrian mobile networks compared

Connect compared all three networks in Austria based on various criteria. For example, connectivity was tested while driving, walking, in small and large cities, and on trains. Magenta scored the best in the test.

Source: Connect.de


A1 is the leading mobile communications provider in Austria. It’s also the oldest provider dating back to 1887. At that time, the company was in the postal and telegraph industry. Currently, the company has 5.4 million mobile and 2.3 million fixed-line customers in Austria.

A1 is a subsidiary of Telekom Austria, which operates in a total of eight countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including:

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Belarus
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • North Macedonia
  • Slovenia

Besides SIM cards, A1 provides telephony, internet, digital cable TV, data, and IT solutions. Many third-party SIM card providers use A1’s network, including bob, Yesss!, Red Bull MOBILE, educom, and XoXo.

Magenta (T-Mobile)

Often referred to as Magenta and formerly T-Mobile Austria is the second-largest mobile operator in Austria. The company is slightly behind A1 regarding the number of customers and coverage.

However, Magenta Telekom and A1 Austria often switch positions because of how close the subscriber numbers are. According to statistics, Magenta has the best 4G connection in Austria.

Hutchison Drei

Hutchison Drei, often called Drei (3), is the third and the smallest mobile operator in Austria. However, currently, it has the fastest 5G speeds. Yet, this feature isn’t available to prepaid customers.

Drei is more known as a network discounter and currently has around 3.4 million customers. In contrast to the other two providers, Drei focuses on internet connection over telephony. They offer great coverage and decent speeds at a reasonable price.

All Austrian SIM cards and network that they are using:

A1 networkMagenta (T-mobile) networkDrei network
gooodRaiffeisen MobilHELP Mobile
Krone/Kurier MobilRapid MobilKabelplus
MTELS-BudgetLidl Connect
SIMfonie (Wien Energie)Tchibo Mobil

Prepaid vs contract

Before you get an Austrian mobile number, it’s good to consider which option is more suitable: a mobile contract or a prepaid SIM card.

A prepaid SIM card must be topped up regularly, and with a signed mobile contract, you pay a fixed monthly fee each time.

Mobile contractPrepaid SIM Card
1. Great for long-term stay (>1 year)
2. Includes fast internet, unlimited call, text
3. Has long cancellation notice
4. Requires Austrian address and Austrian bank account (IBAN)
1. Best for a short-term stay
2. Best for low budget
3. No contract and no cancelation period
4. Slow & expensive internet

Prepaid SIM cards

Prepaid SIM cards are widely known, used, and favored in Austria and Europe. They are also called “Wertkarte.”

Prepaid SIM cards are sold in many stores, including supermarkets; hence, they are accessible to everyone. Such SIM cards are simple to use, don’t require a contract, and give your control over the expenses.

You can always adjust your plan with a prepaid deal, hence the monthly expenditure. Usually, people pay between 10 EUR and 15 EUR per month for a prepaid SIM card.

Prepaid is also more suitable for foreigners in Austria, who stay only a limited amount of time. With a regular mobile deal, you will sign a 12-24 months contract.

Where to buy a prepaid SIM card in Austria?

You can either order it online or purchase it in one of the physical stores across the country (grocery stores, cell phone shops, petrol stations, supermarkets, etc.).

Prepaid SIM cards are available for purchase at:

  • kiosks
  • supermarkets
  • electronics stores (Media Markt)
  • other stores (Libro and Pagro)
  • gas stations
  • cell phone stores
  • airports

Pros and cons of prepaid SIM cards

Prepaid SIM cards indeed have many great things. Some of them are:

  1. No contract commitment: prepaid SIM can be canceled or paused at any time.
  2. Control of expenses: You recharge your balance manually instead of automated renewals.
  3. Low cost: Prepaid rates are usually very affordable, hence, preferred by students and apprentices.
  4. Flexibility: You can book various monthly packages and don’t have to stick to one tarif.
  5. Free SIM card: Prepaid SIM cards are free, and if the initial price was charged it will be deposit as a starting balance onto your number.

Yet, prepaid deals have their negatives too:

  1. Slow internet: Prepaid SIM cards are known to have very slow internet with limited speed.
  2. Expensive internet: In addition to the slow speed, the internet can be quite expensive too.
  3. Requirement for registration: Since 2019, all prepaid SIM cards in Austria must be registered. You can learn how to do it when buying your card. Yet, most providers will allow you to complete it online, like Yesss!.

Choosing a SIM card in Austria

To find the right Austrian SIM card, it’s better to use an online comparison portal such as Tarife.at. You can see suitable deals by entering your monthly requirements for data.

In the filter on the left, you can choose whether you are looking for a prepaid SIM or one with a contract. You can also set the contact length to 1 or 2 years.

Austrian SIM cards with unlimited internet

There are some good SIM card deals offering unlimited internet in Austria; however, it’s often way too expensive. For example, you can get an unlimited SIM card from A1 for 55,90 EUR per month or from Yesss! for 28,99 EUR.

Best Austrian SIM cards for tourists

If you plan a vacation or a longer stay in Austria, it may make sense to have a separate SIM card.

The best options for tourists are eSIM cards provided by companies like Airalo and Nomad. You can order it online stress-free, before your travel date. As soon as you touch the ground in Austria, you can activate a SIM on your mobile phone, and here we go! Read the full description of both providers above.

If you want a regular plastic Austrian SIM card, you can buy it online or offline in one of the local stores. You need to have a local address to purchase a SIM card online. It’s not possible to preorder SIM and send it to your address abroad.

Therefore, many SIM card providers are unavailable for tourists since they don’t have shops and are only available online. So your only option would be to buy it in one of the local stores after arrival or at the airport.

SIM cards for tourists can be found at Austrian airports, yet, they might be overpriced. If you could wait, it’s cheaper to travel to the city and buy one in a local store. Visit one of the A1 stores and pick one of the B.Free deals. Austria.

You can find a wide range of SIM cards at shops like Mediamarkt, Billa, Penny, Merkur, and DM, but also at kiosks and gas stations. Recharging is also possible in all of those locations.

Furthermore, if you already have a European SIM card, your stay in Austria will be covered. Most mobile plans include data coverage for all European countries. Yet, you might need to pay extra for calls and SMS.

Just as anywhere else, you need a valid ID or passport to purchase an Austrian SIM card. Afterward, you must activate the SIM card by confirming your ID again.

It can be done directly in the shop or later online. Usually, it involves entering your data and showing your ID or passport via video chat.

Be aware that with almost all providers, you can use mobile data exceptionally in Austria. After leaving the country, high rates for roaming apply.

Nonetheless, since June 2017, roaming has been set to zero in EU/EEA counties. Hence, users of EU SIM cards should be able to use the internet at the same rate as in their country.

However, the final decision comes down to the provider and your mobile plan. Check the terms and conditions of your current SIM card and Austrian one before using it abroad.

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