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Where to Stay in Amsterdam

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About Amsterdam

Nestled in the northwestern part of Europe, you’ll discover the enchanting Dutch capital, Amsterdam. This vibrant city is renowned for its stunning, picturesque landscapes and a rich cultural heritage that runs deep within the city.

Globally famous for art galleries like the Van Gogh Museum ( and other museums within the Museum Quarter), Anne Frank’s House, the Canal Ring and Canal Cruise, Dutch Tulips and the Tulip Festival, and of course, the infamous Red Light District.

Keep reading to uncover the top places to stay in Amsterdam.

We are committed to offering genuine, experience-based travel advice. When you make a purchase or book a reservation, we may earn a commission without any extra cost to you.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Before deciding where to stay in Amsterdam, it’s important to understand the 3 key areas of Amsterdam.

The Old Centre

Oude Kerk, view from Oudezijds Voorburgwal

If it’s your first stay in Amsterdam, it’s recommended to look in the Old Centre. You’ll only be minutes away from the main attractions! You can also find budget-friendly places due to its central location.

The Jordaan

A view along the streets of Jordaan, Amsterdam

Another area is Jordaan. A stay in Amsterdam, Jordaan will truly immerse you amidst the locals. While this is quite far from common spots, you’ll still be just a short walk away (about 15 minutes) from famous attractions.

The Nieuwmarkt

17-276 De Waag on the Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam

If you’re looking to experience the nightlife during your stay in Amsterdam, the Nieuwmarkt is perfect for you. Despite the nightlife, the area also has coffee shops and restaurants nearby.

Amsterdam is greatly known for their 160+ canals and a lane full of historic canal houses that surround the city center. In fact, a suggested activity during your stay in Amsterdam involves going on Canal Cruises!

Which type of place should I be staying at?


Most of the best hotels are large-scale companies that offer several benefits. For example, luxury hotels offer a free breakfast buffet, room service, and sometimes, free use of facilities (e.g., gym or pool).

This former diamond factory in De Pijp (more towards south Amsterdam) is now known as the Sir Albert Hotel. It’s located in the middle of the Museum Quarter (or the Museum Square). It’s a 4-star hotel located near the famous Albert Cuyp market.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts (or B&B) are independently owned, normally set up in a regular house, opened to receive tenants, and provide similar services as a hotel.

These are often cheaper than hotels but with limitations. For example, you don’t have 24/7 room service in a B&B or fancy facilities.

Places like Pension De Laurier are examples of Bed & Breakfast accommodations.


One of the things that sets hostels apart is its social aspect. Rooms at hostels are maximized, meaning guests avail of bed spaces and share the room with other guests.

Although you’ll have minimal privacy, staying at a hostel is a great way to make friends during your stay in Amsterdam. The Heart of Amsterdam is one of the many great hostels you can find in the Heart of Amsterdam.

Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments are commonly chosen by people who are on a tighter budget. However, serviced apartments are for longer stays. The minimum stay at a Serviced Apartment is one month.

This Amazing XL Loft in Amsterdam is just walking distance from Weesperplein Metro Station and provides you with weekly cleaning services, an office space, and an internet connection!

Now, let’s get started on our recommendations.

Places to Stay in Amsterdam

There are plenty of places to choose from in Amsterdam. Yet we’re here to help you make a suitable decision before you visit Amsterdam! So, let’s get into it!

Luxury Hotels

Hotel Estherea

Hotel Estherea at night

Hotel Estherea is one of the best hotels centrally located and is surrounded by plenty of Amsterdam’s historic buildings. It’s located along Amsterdam’s canal ring.

Room Types Available

Deluxe room at Hotel Estherea

There are 91 beautifully decorated rooms at the Hotel Estherea that fall under 4 categories: Bridal Suite, Regular Suite, Family Rooms, and Non-smoking rooms.


The hotel is about a 30-minute drive via A4. Yet you can also take public transportation.

Take the intercity direct bus #1049 from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Centraal (Platform 1). Then, take the train to Zuid train Station and alight at Rokin. Once you’re here, Hotel Estherea is only a short walk away.

Nearby Attractions

There are tons of attractions that you’ll easily see during your stay. More so if you enjoy art galleries as there are several museums nearby. Here are the nearest attractions:

  1. House of Rituals (0.2km)
  2. Museumfoto (0.5km)
  3. Dam Square (0.4km)

Price Range

A night’s stay at Hotel Estherea can range from €345 to €425, depending on your room type.

These prices are VAT exempted and based on 2 nights with 2 adult guests. For more details, head over to Booking.com or Tripadvisor.com.

Why We Recommend Hotel Estherea

You won’t be concerned with how you’ll get around the area as Hotel Estherea is right in the middle of the City Center. This is why they’re considered one of the best hotels, thanks to its central location!

It’s also family-friendly, with options to request cots and/or high chairs. So it’s incredibly welcoming to all types of travelers/guests who are looking at where to stay in Amsterdam!

The Hendrick’s Hotel

Front facade of The Hendrick’s Hotel

The Hendrick’s Hotel, one of Amsterdam’s best boutique hotels, is a highly recommended place for your stay in Amsterdam.

Room Types Available

Double room at The Hendrick’s Hotel

There are eleven room types available at The Hedrick’s Hotel. A Small Double, a Standard Double, an Economy Twin, an Economy Triple, a Superior Double, a Superior Double with Bath, a Deluxe Double with a view, a Deluxe Twin, a Junior Suite, a Triple Suite (Semi-Basement), and finally, a Quadruple Suite (Semi-Basement)


From Schiphol Airport, The Hendrick’s Hotel is a 25-minute drive away via A10. However, if you’re planning to take public transportation, here’s how:

Take the intercity direct bus from Schiphol Airport (bus #949 at Platform 1-2), then head towards Amsterdam Centraal. From here, The Hendrick’s Hotel is just a short walk away (0.7km away).

Nearby Attractions

Located outside the City Center, The Hendrick’s Hotel is still a walking distance of tourist attractions. The Dam Square is only a 15-minute walk away, while The Amsterdam Centraal Station is just a walking distance of 10 minutes.

Here are other attractions nearby:

  1. Basilica of St. Nicholas (0.5km)
  2. Dutch National Opera & Ballet (0.7km)
  3. Hermitage Amsterdam (0.9 km)

Price Range

The Hendrick’s Hotel can vary from €356 to €570 per night. Depending on the type of room you’re getting and the number of guests checking in.

These prices are VAT exempt and are based on a 2-night stay with 2 adults. For more details, head to Booking.com or TripAdvisor.com and adjust according to travel needs.

Why We Recommend The Hendrick’s Hotel

The Hendrick’s Hotel breaks away from the conventional image of boutique hotels. Unlike the typical small and urban establishments, this charming boutique hotel is grand in stature and situated right in the heart of the Dutch capital amidst the vibrant surroundings of the famous red light district.

Although The Hendrick’s Hotel can be found along Amsterdam City Center, they are incredibly helpful towards guests. They offer bike/walking tours, public transportation tickets, etc.

TRIBE – Amsterdam City

Front facade of the tribe hotel in Amsterdam

A walking distance from the Noord metro station, the modern hotel TRIBE is the newest boutique hotel in the area. Tribe Amsterdam City is stylish and already one of the best boutique hotels.

If you choose this amazing boutique hotel called TRIBE, then chances are, you’d want to head over to Amsterdam’s red light district to experience the nightlife, which isn’t inaccessible! With public transportation, getting there will be a breeze!

Room Types Available

Double room at The Hendrick’s Hotel

There are 6 room types available at TRIBE. These are TRIBE Comfort – Queen, TRIBE Comfort – 2 Single Beds, TRIBE XL – Family, and TRIBE Comfort Suite – Family.


From Schiphol Airport, TRIBE is only a 23-minute car drive via A10. However, if you’re taking public transportation from the airport, take the bus to Amsterdam South, then walk towards Amsterdam Zuid train station. From here, take the metro Noord, which is right next to TRIBE.

Nearby Attractions

Even if the attractions aren’t a walking distance from this boutique hotel, there are still several attractions you can get to. Here are the nearest attractions:

  1. Artis Zoo (4.9km away)
  2. Dam Square (5.7km away)
  3. Van Gogh Museum (6km away; within the Museum Quarter)

Price Range

A two-night stay in Amsterdam, TRIBE, can range from €334 to €736, depending on the type of room you’ve availed.

Note that these prices are based on 2 guests. For more details, visit Booking.com, TripAdvisor, or TRIBE’s official website.

Why We Recommend TRIBE – Amsterdam City

This boutique hotel might be best suited for solo travellers, couples with a group of friends, or even professionals. The stay at TRIBE is an experience on its own. Its beautiful interior design and the social activities available make it worth the stay.

And if you’re hoping to head to the red light district, it’s only a 10-minute ride from TRIBE.

Mid-Range Hotels

Van der Valk Hotel

Van der Valk Hotel at night

The Van der Valk Hotel is a great place to stay if you want ease, convenience, and a little bit of luxury. This hotel is in a great spot and offers a quiet place to get away from the busy city while still being close to major sites. With big rooms, great amenities, and great service, the Van der Valk Hotel is a great place to stay for both vacations and work trips.

Room Types Available

modern double room at Van der Valk Hotel

The Van der Valk Hotel comes with 7 different types of rooms: Business, 4 variations of the Comfort Room, Superior, The Suite, Junior Suite, Family Suite, and 2 different variations of the Penthouse Suite.


From Schiphol Airport, it’s a 25-minute car ride (18.8km away). However, if you plan on taking public transportation, take the 1661 Enschede bus to Amsterdam South.

From here, take a 3-minute walk to Amsterdam Zuid, then the metro to Overamstel. From Overamstel, Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam is just a 6-minute walk away.

Nearby Attractions

Although the location itself is in an area that’s only somewhat walkable, here are some of the nearest attractions you can get to on foot:

  1. Martin Luther King Park (1.4km away)
  2. The Upside Down Amsterdam (2.8km away)
  3. Rijksmuseum (6km away)

Price Range

A one-night stay at the Van der Valk Hotel can range from €119 to €250. This varies depending on several factors.

For more details, head over to their official website, TripAdvisor, or Booking.

Why We Recommend Van der Valk Hotel

Despite being a mid-range hotel, Van der Valk Hotel has received a 4-star rating on both Booking and TripAdvisor, making it one of the best hotels if you’re looking for where to stay in Amsterdam.

Its elegant room designs and wonderful service truly make a stay in this hotel quite the experience. Along with an in-house bar and breakfast, this hotel might finally answer your question of where to stay in Amsterdam.


Front facade of Botel

This unique experience should be part of your bucket list. Botel is a hotel on a boat. The boat is docked on the NDSM wharf, a former shipyard.

Room Types Available

Loft bed at Botel room

There are 9 different rooms you can choose from at the Botel. 2 variations of the Basic Cabin, the Deluxe, a Quadruple, and the Deluxe Quadruple, and it might shock you, but each of the letters (B, O, T, E, and L) on top of the boat is a room!


From Schiphol Airport, the fastest route is a 26-minute car ride via A10.

However, if you take public transportation, take the train towards the Amsterdam Central train station and then take a ferry towards the NDSM wharf.

Although you can choose to avail of their breakfast services, one review mentioned that there are social areas available and that there are no nearby restaurants.

However, a ferry service brings guests to Amsterdam Central Station every 15 minutes. It’s only a 10-minute ferry ride, so you aren’t far from everything.

Nearby Attractions

Even if BOTEL is docked on the NDSM wharf, here are some of the nearest attractions:

  1. Theatre Amsterdam (2.7km)
  2. Westerpark (2.7km)
  3. Anne Frank House (3.8km)

Price Range

A per-night stay at the BOTEL can range from €109 to €211.

For more details, head over to TripAdvisor or Booking.

Why We Recommend BOTEL

BOTEL is quite the experience, which is why it’s one of the best hotels. Although few social areas are available, the staff and room service are extremely accommodating.

Hotel Jakarta

Hotel Jakarta at dusk

Located west of the city centre, Hotel Jakarta is known for being Amsterdam’s unique, sustainable hotel, making it one of the best hotels. With a subtropical indoor garden and pool, you’ll definitely feel well-rested after your stay.

Room Types Available

Double room at Hotel Jakarta

The 3 main categories at Hotel Jakarta are the Superior Rooms, Junior Suites, and Regular Suites.

Both Superior and Junior Suites rooms come with a balcony with a view of the IJ River. The Regular Suite doesn’t have a balcony, but the 6 exclusive suites have a 180-degree view of the historic river, the IJ River, and the Central Station.


From Schiphol airport, Hotel Jakarta is only a 28-min drive via A10.

However, if you plan to take public transportation from Schiphol Airport, you must take the intercity direct bus to Amsterdam Central Station. From here, board the bus #43 to Borneo Eiland.

After 5 stops, you’ll arrive in Tosaristraat, Amsterdam. This is now a 1-minute walk to Hotel Jakarta.

Nearby Attractions

While Hotel Amsterdam isn’t exactly in the middle of everything, there are still attractions nearby. Here are some of the nearby main attractions:

  1. A’DAM Lookout (1.5km)
  2. Artis Zoo (1.5km)
  3. Dam Square (2.1km)
  4. Royal Palace Amsterdam (2.2km)

And don’t worry; there are tons of famous restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Price Range

A night’s stay at Hotel Jakarta ranges from €238 to €498 for two adult guests. This varies depending on the type of room. Breakfast is already included.

For more details, be sure to check out either Booking, TripAdvisor, or their official website.

Why We Recommend Hotel Jakarta

Apart from the soothing atmosphere in the main lobby, it’s amazing that you get the same for your room. Their wood and bamboo interior gives a self-healing vacation.

This great location of the hotel is also not near common tourist attractions, which means that you’ll be able to genuinely experience Amsterdam’s culture.

Budget Hotels and Hostels

YOTEL Amsterdam

YOTEL Amsterdam front facade

While you’re a bit far off from the city centre, YOTEL is still a great place to consider where to stay in Amsterdam. Located within Amsterdam Noord, you’re just a short walk and a ferry ride away!

YOTEL Amsterdam is considered one of the best hotels because, after a long day, you’re free to relax just outside the building.

Room Types Available

Minimalistic room with contemporary accents

There are 5 different room types available at the YOTEL. The Premium Queen, Premium Queen with a View, the Triple, the First Class, and the VIP Junior Suite.


To get to YOTEL Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport, it’s roughly a 25-min drive via A10. However, if you choose to take the metro, here’s how:

From Schiphol Airport, take the intercity direct bus to Amsterdam Centraal. From Amsterdam Centraal, you’ll take a 13-minute walk to Buiksloterwegveer, Amsterdam, where you’ll take the #38 bus to Buiksloterham.

After 2 stops, alight at Distelweg, then it’ll only be a 5-minute walk to YOTEL Amsterdam from there.

Nearby Attractions

Despite being away from the Amsterdam city center, there are still nearby attractions! Here are some of the tourist spots you can visit:

  1. Lightning VR Amsterdam Noord (0.5km)
  2. Fun Base (0.5km)
  3. Dam Square (2.2km)
  4. Royal Palace (2.2km)

Price Range

A night’s stay for 2 adult guests at the YOTEL ranges from €150 to €289. These prices vary depending on the room you’re availing.

For more details, check out Booking, TripAdvisor, or their official website.

Why We Recommend YOTEL Amsterdam

One of the reasons why we love YOTEL Amsterdam is because of its great location. While some people may not like how far it is from the city center, we feel that it’s a bonus because you’ll be far away from the chaos.

The hotel also has a canalside terrace, a deck (in which guests can stay and relax), and a free bike rental if you book from their website! This definitely makes YOTEL a great budget hotel to convince you where to stay in Amsterdam!

Postillion Hotel

Exterior of Postillion Amsterdam

Interestingly, Postillion Amsterdam is an old gumball factory! However, this isn’t the only reason guests love this high-rise hotel; it’s a smart hotel close enough to Amsterdam Centrum or the city center but with a nice and quiet atmosphere!

Room Types Available

Double room with a hint of modern sophistication

There are 5 types of rooms available for booking at the Postillion Hotel:

  1. Double
  2. Standard Twin
  3. Standard Double
  4. Comfort Double
  5. Suite


To get to the Postillion Hotel from Schiphol Airport, it’s a 16-minute car ride via A4 and A10. However, you can also take public transportation.

From Schiphol Airport, take the #4349 bus to Almere Oostvaarders. After 2 stops, alight at Amsterdam RAI and take the metro to Overamstel via the Central train station. From here, Postillion Hotel is only a 6-minute walk away!

Nearby Attractions

Even though it’s quite far from the city centre, several restaurants and attractions are within a 0.5km radius! Here are some of the attractions you can visit during your stay:

  1. Heineken Experience (3.4km)
  2. Artis Zoo (3.8km)
  3. Dam Square (4.8km)
  4. Royal Palace (4.9km)

Price Range

A one-night stay at the Postillion Hotel for 2 guests can cost about €145 to €385. These prices vary depending on the type of room you’re getting and whether you’re their breakfast and/or dinner meal service.

For more details, check out Booking, TripAdvisor, or their official website.

Why We Recommend Postillion Amsterdam

Despite the calm and relaxing atmosphere that you can get from Postillion (making them one of the best hotels), they also offer different packages, which adds to the convenience.

Their packages are priced per person, but you can avail the Spa Package or the We You Too package.


ClinkNOORD lounge area

With multiple branches across Europe, Clink Hostels is one of the best hostels for travellers and backpackers looking for a budget place to stay.

ClinkNOORD, in Amsterdam Noord, targets those with an active lifestyle and those that love the nightlife with their very own ZincBAR and plenty of social areas!

Room Types Available and Prices

Loft bed at ClinkNOORD room

At ClinkNOO, you have the option to choose between availing private rooms or a single-bed space. Here are the spaces/rooms available to book:


  1. 14-bed (€45.30/night)
  2. 10-bed girls only(€57.38/night)
  3. 10-bed (€47.55/night)
  4. 8-bed (€ 48.30/night)
  5. 8-bed ensuite (€49.80/night)
  6. 6-bed ensuite (€54.68/night)
  7. 4-bed girls only(€61.13/night)
  8. 4-bed ensuite (€59.18/night)


  1. Single (€97.50/night)
  2. Double (€165.00/night)
  3. Twin (€165.00/night)
  4. Family (€216.56/night)

For more details, check out HostelWorld or their official website.


From Schiphol Airport to ClinkNOORD, it’s a 28-minute car ride via A10. However, it’s also possible to get there using public transit.

Take the intercity direct bus to Amsterdam Centraal from Schiphol Airport. After getting to Centraal Station, board the ferry going to Buiksloterweg. From here, it’s a 3-minute walk to ClinkNOORD.

Nearby Attractions

Despite being a ferry away from the city center, here are nearby attractions:

  1. A’DAM VR Game Park (0.9km)
  2. WONDR Experience (1.4km)
  3. Royal Palace Amsterdam (1.7km)
  4. Anne Frank Museum (2.2km)

Why We Recommend ClinkNOORD

ClinkNOORD is recommended for solo travellers looking to explore Amsterdam because of its location, the great accommodation, and the services offered. In addition, there is 24/7 security, regular housekeeping, as well as plenty of social areas to meet fellow guests!

Generator Amsterdam

Generator Amsterdam front facade

Conveniently located between Centrum and Amsterdam Oost boroughs, See Oosterpark’s English Garden just outside of Generator Amsterdam!

And don’t worry, this great location is highly accessible by public transport!

Room Types Available and Prices

Plain room with a touch of modern elegance

You can avail of two types of bookings at Generator Amsterdam; Private Rooms or Shared Rooms (dorm type).

For Private Rooms:

  1. Superior Twin (1-2 guests; €46/room)
  2. Private (1-4 guests; €96/room)
  3. Deluxe Private (1-4 guests; €79/room)
  4. Private (1-6 guests; €96/room)
  5. Superior Suite (1-6 guests; €176/room)
  6. Deluxe King (2 guests; €95/room)

For Shared guest rooms:

  1. 4-bed deluxe (€22/bed)
  2. 6-bed female dorm (€19/bed)
  3. 6-bed (€32/bed)
  4. 4-bed (€18/bed)
  5. Single pod (€35/bed)


From Schiphol Airport, Generator Amsterdam is only a 26-minute car ride via A4 and A10. However, you can take public transport!

From the airport, take the 5863 Amersfoort Vathorst Sprinter bus to Lelylaan. Once there, head over to the metro, then take the train to Muiderpoort Station. Alight at K. ‘s-Gravesandestraat.

From here, it’s a 6-minute walk to Generator Amsterdam!

Nearby Attractions

Although nearby attractions aren’t walkable, there are places to visit with public transportation!

Here are some of the attractions:

  1. NEMO Science Museum (2.1km)
  2. Red Light District (2.5km)
  3. Van Gogh Museum (3.1km)
  4. Anne Frank House (3.4km)

Why We Recommend Generator Amsterdam

One of the great things that we love about Generator Amsterdam is its calming atmosphere. Right next to Oosterpark in Amsterdam Oost, you’re away from the city center.

You also get security and other great amenities. If you’re on a budget and want to focus more on exploring the entire city, then Generator Amsterdam is the perfect place.

Serviced Apartments and Vacation Rentals

Serviced Apartments or Vacation Rentals are personal properties that were turned to service guests. Unlike hotels, you won’t get amenities or social areas like a bar, pool, or lounge.

Apartment in Jordaan Center

Near Amsterdam City Centre, this Apartment in Jordaan Center is accessible to tourist attractions.

Note that there are no pets allowed in this location, it is suitable for children/toddlers, and a security deposit of €1,000 is required that will be returned after your stay.

This property has 1 bedroom with 1 double bed, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a balcony. It’s just 1 floor, so you’ll have everything you need near you.

Amenities available

There are a total of 28 amenities available when you stay in this Apartment, such as towels, a complete kitchen, and free Wi-Fi. Head to their HomeLike posting for more details.

There is cleaning that can be availed for a one-time fee. However, the apartment’s final cleaning is free of charge.


From Schiphol Airport, the apartment is just a 26-minute car ride away via A4. However, if you’re planning to take public transportation, here’s how:

From Schiphol Airport, take bus #397 AMS Elandsgracht (on Platform B15-B17) and alight at Elandsgracht. From here, it’ll only be about a 5-minute walk!

Nearby Attractions

Amidst all of the great tourist attractions, the city center is just a 15-minute walk away.

Here are other tourist attractions that you can get to, especially if you like modern and contemporary art:

  1. Anne Frank House (0.6km)
  2. Royal Palace (1km)
  3. Rijksmuseum (1.4km)
  4. Van Gogh Museum (1.7km; within the Museum Quarter or south Amsterdam)

Rental Terms

The minimum stay is 2 months with a rent of €3,600/month. As mentioned above, you will need to give a security deposit to the landlord of €1,000 but can get this back if there are no damages.

There is free cancellation until 2 weeks before checking in.

Why We Recommend This Property

With classy interior decorating, you’ll feel right at home. It’s also conveniently located near the city center! And not to mention that you’re provided free Wi-Fi!

The apartment is also located right next to several shops and groceries for your daily needs!


This serviced apartment within Haarlemmerplein is located between Westerpark and the Jordaan area. This 65m² apartment is only 1 floor, but has no parking and is not wheelchair accessible.

Amenities Available

There are a total of 24 amenities available at this property, such as towels and sheets, laundry machines, free Wi-Fi, and more. Check out their Homelike posting for more information.

Towel/linen cleaning and apartment cleaning are optional, with a fee of €15 and €50 per week, respectively. As for the mandatory final cleaning, there is a one-time fee of €250.


To get to Haarlemmerplein from Schiphol Airport, it’s a 20-minute car ride via A4 and A10. However, if you’re planning to take public transportation to the property, here’s how:

From Schiphol Airport, take the #4671 Zwolle Sprinter bus and alight at Amsterdam Centraal Station. From here, take the #21 bus on Platform K to Guezenveld.

Alight at Haarlemmerplein, and from here, you’ll have an easy walking distance of 2 minutes to the apartment.

Nearby Attractions

Just outside the city centre, there are several tourist attractions to visit. Here are some within walking distance:

  1. Anne Frank House (1.3km)
  2. Red Light District Amsterdam (1.8km)
  3. Royal Palace (1.9km)
  4. Amsterdam Tulip Museum (2.1km)

Rental Terms

A security deposit of €500 is needed, which will be returned after your stay. The minimum length of stay is 1 month with a rate of €3,900 per month.

Why We Recommend This Property

Considering its convenient location and relatively low price, we feel as if this apartment would be perfect if you’re looking to truly experience Amsterdam.

It’s also next to the IJ River, so simply head to the balcony for fresh air. It’s also convenient that there’s a supermarket nearby.

Two-Bedroom Apartment in Dapperbuurt Zuid

Just within Amsterdam Oost, this property features a modern design with luxurious furniture and accommodates up to 4 guests.

It has 2 bedrooms; one with a double bed, and the other with 2 single beds. It also has 2 bathrooms and a living room.

Amenities Available

While there is no elevator and no parking available for this property, there are a total of 23 amenities, such as towels and sheets, a complete kitchen, entertainment, free Wi-Fi, and more. Check out their Homelike posting for more details.

The final cleaning is free, and the general cleaning of the apartment (included in the price) is done weekly.


From Schiphol Airport, this apartment is a 21-minute car ride via A4 and A10.

If taking public transportation from Schiphol Airport, take the #4673 Zwolle bus (on Platform 1-2) and alight at Amsterdam Muiderpoort. From here, it is only about a 4-minute walk to the apartment.

Nearby Attractions

Just outside of the city centre, the apartment is highly accessible to nearby tourist attractions. Here are some of the following locations which you can visit:

  1. Museumwinkel (0.5km)
  2. ARTIS Zoo (1.5km)
  3. Albert Cuyp Market (2.5km)
  4. Van Gogh Museum (3.7km; within the Museum Quarter)

Rental Terms

With a minimum stay of 1 month, get this property for only €8,758 per month (without utilities and VAT). There is also no security deposit needed upon check-in.

If you change your mind, there is free cancellation up to 14 days before moving in.

Why We Recommend This Property

With its low prices and the fact that there is no security deposit needed, this makes it easier for those who are on a budget. It’s also at a great location near many restaurants and cafés, making it easy to go around the entire city.

5 Tips for Choosing your Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation can be overwhelming. This is why we’re giving you 5 Tips on how to choose the right accommodation:

Know your needs

This is one of the most basic things to consider when choosing the right accommodation. For example, if you’re travelling with family and kids, it might be best not to stay at a place that’s known for its thriving nightlife.

You can expect that there will be people up and about late at night, which means that kids/toddlers/babies might be disturbed in the middle of the night.

Knowing your needs also means checking your accommodation’s facilities. For example, if you’re the type of person, or if you’re with the type of person who doesn’t like going out, you might consider a location that has indoor amenities like a spa, gym, or even a pool.

Set a budget

Setting a budget is important as it helps you keep track of your expenses during a trip. This can also determine what kind of place you’ll be able to stay.

If you want to set a low budget for your accommodations to make room for other expenses on the trip, then you can consider checking out hostels or a budget hotel.

Do your research on the location

This is something that most people don’t dig deep on, and they don’t realize how important it is. Doing your research includes checking out reviews of past guests. And it’s crucial as well to check out multiple sites for reviews, not just one.

For example, the reviews on their official website are great! However, as you’re doing deeper research, you find out from another website that their services aren’t that great.

What type of place are you looking to stay at?

It’ll be much easier to start your journey by first determining the type of place you’re looking at. Again, this will depend on the number of guests you’re checking in with and the needs that you have on your trip.

Once you have a set budget and you’ve established your needs on the trip, you can now decide whether to look for a hotel, a hostel, or even a serviced apartment.


If the main goal of your trip is to be able to roam around and explore this new city you’re in, then checking out the location’s accessibility is a necessity. If this is the case, don’t choose a location that’s far off from the destinations you’re planning to visit.

This is especially important if it’s your first time in a certain city. You wouldn’t want to get lost or have to travel too far just to be able to get to your dream locations!

FAQs About Where to Stay in Amsterdam

If you ask anyone, the best part of Amsterdam to stay in is Amsterdam Centrum or Amsterdam city center. The city center is surrounded by the historical and famous canal ring.

Plenty of tourist attractions surround the city center, which means you’re never too far off from any destination. It’s also where Amsterdam Central Train Station is, where almost all public transportation routes intersect.

Try to avoid Diemen, Amstelveen, Bijlmer, or Zuid. These places may seem close by and accessible, but it may take a 25-minute bike ride just to get to the city center.

These locations also have a dangerous side, so if it’s your first time in Amsterdam, these areas might not be for you.

The main town of Amsterdam is the Amsterdam Centre.

The city centre is one of the largest historical towns in the world. Not to mention it’s also one of the best-preserved ones as well! The utmost centre of this great location is Dam Square, which is a dam in the river Amstel – where the city’s name came from. Amstel-Dam or now known as Amsterdam.

The most central location to stay at is the Amsterdam neighborhoods De Wallen (where the Red Light District is), Nieuwmarkt, Grachtengordel (where the Canal Belt is), and Jordaan.

These locations hold Amsterdam’s historic buildings, such as the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, etc.

Some of the areas to stay in in Amsterdam for a first-time visit are the Old Centrum, the Canal ring, Jordaan, Plantage, or the Jewish Quarter.

These places house some of the best tourist attractions and are, of course, tourist-friendly. You’ll genuinely be able to experience Amsterdam and appreciate its beauty and charm with these places.


There are plenty of accommodations to choose from when visiting Amsterdam. Quite frankly, it was rather hard to pick out the best ones!

However, we chose to recommend a great location as we genuinely felt like these are the places where you’ll be able to get your money’s worth, as well as enjoy the atmosphere and the crowd of Amsterdam.

From the best hotels to hostels to serviced apartments, we hope that you pick the right accommodation that will be perfect for your trip to Amsterdam! Or at least, we hope you have a better idea of some of the best places to stay in Amsterdam.

If you’re still on the hunt for other locations, feel free to explore the links we’ve provided as they can give you a good headstart.

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