Top In-Demand Jobs in Norway in 2023

When you think about Norway, many things come to mind, the Norwegian fjords, northern lights, and the Vikings. Along with these, Norway feels like a sigh of relief for job seekers looking to set up a shop in a foreign country.

In Norway, the most in-demand jobs in 2023 are:

  • IT professionals – developers, programmers, and project managers
  • Biotechnology 
  • Civil engineering 
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Legal jobs – lawyers, judges
  • Hotel and restaurant field
  • Teachers/professors 
  • Healthcare – doctors, nurses, and caregivers

The Norwegian job market depends on immigrants as it still has a high labor shortage. If you’re an overachiever, you’ll be able to afford a decent lifestyle in Norway.

However, learning the Norwegian language and possessing unique skills is the icing on the cake that will set you apart in the competitive job market. Before you make that life-changing decision, this guide will provide you with a definitive list of the highly coveted jobs in Norway in 2023.

A lot of the most important and highly paid jobs are in Oslo, the capital of Norway that has some pretty snazzy places to live.

What jobs are in high demand in Norway?

Although a small country, Norway has a steeply inclined labor market for highly skilled professionals with a good grasp of the Norwegian language.

While finding employment in Norway can be fairly challenging for a newcomer, it’s an incredible place to find a stable job if you show a high work ethic. For instance, the average salary in Norway is higher than in many other countries in the region – 50,790 NOK (5,149 USD) per month in 2022.

Moreover, the juxtaposition of Norway’s economy being seen as progressive and the Covid-19 pandemic has posed a staffing challenge with the increased shortage of qualified labor. 

However, more recently, Norway has experienced an economic boom. The country will offer a strong job market, especially if you’re an ex-pat looking to grow your career in digital services, construction, and legal services.

Generally, Norway has massive opportunities for foreigners, digital nomads, and ex-pats to find their dream job in 2023. Whatever expert level or field you’re eyeing, Norway provides jobs with decent earnings potential and financial stability.

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The most coveted jobs in Norway in 2023 include:

1. IT

When it comes to technical roles, the most lucrative fields include:

  • Web developers – these are highly sought-after roles with massive opportunities. For instance, Java and C# are extensively used universally.
  • Mobile app developers
  • Security analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Desktop developers
  • Embedded system engineers
  • Project managers
  • Programmers

IT remains the number one field with unduly high job opportunities in Norway. Being home to internationally operating Norwegian-based companies such as Siemens and Marine Cybernetics, finding a stable job may not be an issue if you’re a highly skilled IT professional.

However, like most jobs in Norway, understanding the Norwegian language takes time and effort.

With the increasing demand for highly qualified IT specialists, Norway is an incredible place to find a job that will earn you a decent lifestyle. Working in the IT field will make you an average salary of 715,000 NOK annually (72,492 USD).

Additionally,  IT experts in Norway have the freedom to work remotely, which saves commuter expenses.

2. Biotechnology

From laboratory research technicians to scientific project managers, Norway takes the lead in opportunities available in the biotech sector.

If you’re looking to plunge into the biotech industry in Norway, there are open positions for you that don’t require the Norwegian language as a qualification.

Biotechnology, a fast-paced industry in Norway, has seen a surge in biotechnologists’ demand, with an expected yearly salary ranging between 823,000 – 1,290,000 NOK (83,442 USD – 130,790 USD). However, these figures may vary depending on skills and level of experience.

3. Civil engineering

The building sector, without a doubt, is a billion-dollar industry in Norway. This means there’s an influx of opportunities for civil, structural, and construction engineers in Norway. 

However, similar to the IT field, understanding the Norwegian language is crucial when finding work in the construction sector.

The labor market for highly skilled civil engineers offers lucrative pay that averages about 560,000 NOK (56,777 USD) annually.

4. Mechanical engineering

If you’re looking to dip your toes in the job market in Norway as a newbie, the mechanical engineering industry is a great start.

This is because finding a job in this field is relatively easy, as Norway is the leading industrialized country with a low labor supply.

Mechanical engineers, from junior level to senior roles, are in high demand as Norway always looks for new talent to fill the employment gap.

As a mechanical engineer, expect to earn an average salary of up to 867,000 NOK (87,903 USD) per year. This is highly dependent on your level of expertise and location.

5. Legal jobs

While legal jobs, including the judges and lawyer roles, are a status symbol in Norway, getting the practicing title of ‘Advokat’ may be pretty challenging.

This is because it involves a tedious process of applying to the Supervisory Council for Legal Practice, which requires meeting strict conditions to earn a working title. 

However, keep in mind that while these legal jobs may be lucrative and prestigious, they require a long-term commitment which means living in Norway for an extensive period.

If you intend to take on legal jobs as your career in Norway in 2023 as a foreigner, ensure you apply for your working title and start practicing once you’re cleared. 

Working in the legal sector offers a salary ranging between 515,000 – 1,780,000 NOK (52,214 USD – 180,470 USD) yearly, depending on experience and level of expertise.

6. Chefs

The catering business in Norway is a booming industry that constantly demands professional chefs. This is one sector that’s not only lucrative but is also open to all nationalities as long as you’ve got the recommended qualifications.

According to Statista, the monthly salary of chefs in the past three years between 2017 and 2020 has been 34,720 NOK (3,520 USD).

However, the figures have continued to rise to about 536,000 NOK (54,343 USD) annually. This shows that professional chefs have decent pay and a huge demand in Norway.

7. Teacher & professor

Expat teachers looking to teach English in International schools and college professors are among the top in-demand jobs in Norway in 2023.

While school-level tutors may earn considerably less than college professors, securing a job as a school teacher is easier as the requirements are minimal. 

Norway is an excellent choice if you’re passionate about teaching, as teachers and professors are generously compensated and valued.

For a school teacher, the average annual pay ranges from 710,000 NOK (71,985 USD), while the salary of a college professor is about 789,000 NOK (80,000 USD) per annum.

8. Healthcare jobs

The healthcare sector in Norway, including nurses, pharmacists, doctors, and caregivers, provides massive opportunities to qualified professionals offering healthcare solutions.

Along with competitive salaries, Norway takes pride in having one of the most highly functioning healthcare systems. 

For instance, nurses earn between 211,000 NOK – 729,000 NOK (21,392 USD – 73,911 USD) per year, with an average of 492,300 NOK (49,913 USD), while a doctor in Norway earns roughly between 592,000 NOK – 2,730,000 NOK (60,021 USD – 276,789 USD).

Jobs with a university degree

If you googled the best countries to live in the world in 2023, Norway ranks high on that list. While you may find Norway fast-paced (depending on where you’re from) as a newcomer, you can also expect to experience sustainable growth both professionally and in your livelihood.

Norway offers great working opportunities and a decent life, especially to highly skilled professionals. Some of the in-demand jobs with a university degree include:

  • Surgeons/doctors: 1,050,000 – 3,620,000 NOK
  • Judges: 880,000 – 3,040,000 NOK
  • Lawyers: 712,000 – 2,460,000 NOK
  • Bank managers: 670,000 – 2,320,000 NOK
  • Chief executive officers: 628,000 – 2,170,000 NOK

Jobs with no university degree (labor)

Some of the jobs that require no university degree in Norway include:

  • Sales Executive: 1,090,000 NOK
  • Pilot: 1,050,000 NOK
  • Business development manager: 934,000 NOK
  • Digital marketing manager: 784,000 NOK
  • Customer service manager: 771,000 NOK

Nursing homes and healthcare workers

If you’re pursuing an exciting and brand-new life, Norway will leave a lasting impression on your social and career life. The Norwegian healthcare industry provides the most appealing jobs in Norway in 2023, ranging from in-home nursing to occupational health nursing.

The demand for healthcare assistants continues to grow even post-pandemic times. In fact, the demand has been there even before the global health crisis.

In Norway, healthcare assistance is semi-decentralized and is provided by four regional authorities, including:

  • Northern Norway Regional Health Authority
  • Central Norway Regional Health  Authority
  • Western Norway Regional Health Authority
  • Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority

While each authority is required to provide specialist care and employment of its healthcare workers, it’s the responsibility of the municipality to provide primary care, including the elderly.

Qualifications for healthcare professionals

Healthcare specialists in Norway must have clearance from the Directorate for Health and Social Affairs. Once you apply for authorization, you’re allowed to practice or apply for a temporary license that enables you to work until you receive the green light.

The basic requirement you need to work as a nurse in Norway is a degree in general nursing. To be approved, EU/EEA citizens must have the credentials to practice in their own country.

Like most jobs in the Norwegian job market, ex-pats with qualifications from outside the EU/EEA must provide proof of mastery in the Norwegian language to the B2 level and other relevant certifications.

Best jobs in Norway for foreigners

Norway is like taking clay and molding something into whatever shape or form you desire. There are plenty of job opportunities for foreigners for whatever level of expertise you seek.

However, before you pack your bags, here are some of the best job opportunities you should look at. They include:

  • IT
  • Biotechnology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Legal jobs
  • Chefs
  • Teacher/professor

Best jobs in Norway for English speakers

Some of the best jobs in Norway that are not language-biased include:

  • Expat English teachers
  • Biotechnology
  • Chefs
  • Nurses and caregivers
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Legal jobs
  • Startup jobs
  • Seafood jobs


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