Salaries for Part-Time Jobs in The UK in 2023

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A part-time job is a great way to utilize your time and earn a living. The UK is one of the most notable regions in Europe where part-time jobs are popular, and for a good reason. Whether you are a foreigner or a resident, part-time jobs in the UK can offer you a lifeline, even as you seek more permanent contracts.

Evidently, we cannot talk about part-time jobs without looking at their remuneration. Understandably, these will range from industry to industry.

In 2023, the average salary for part-time jobs in the UK falls between £10 and £14 per hour. This is slightly above the minimum wage rate of £9.50 per hour. Your starting rate is determined by your skills, location, and industry.

Landing a part-time job in the UK comes to how well you position yourself. If you aren’t choosy, it’s easy, especially in a major city. A part-time job offers a great opportunity to kickstart your career and helps you understand the work environment before committing to working full-time.

Learn what salary is considered good in the UK in this guide.

How much can you earn with a part-time job in the UK? 

How much you earn with a part-time job in the UK will be determined by several aspects, including:

  • Industry
  • Expertise
  • Location
  • Company policy
  • Job requirement
  • Age

In 2023 the minimum wage rate in the UK will be £10.42 per hour, which is the entry-level rate that most companies offer to their part-time employees. 

The time you can dedicate to the job will determine how much you take home cumulatively. For instance, if you work for twenty hours per week at the minimum rate, you’ll earn £190 per week.

International students can work for twenty hours when school is in session and full-time during the breaks. If you’re not a student, companies consider you a part-time worker when working below 35 hours weekly.

Fortunately, in the UK, part-time workers are expected to get the same treatment as full-time workers, which could further raise what you can earn when working part-time. Some of the benefits that accrue include

  • Pension 
  • Sick pay
  • Promotion
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Training
  • Redundancy pay
  • Leave

Supposing you aren’t a student and can afford to max out the 35 hours allowed on a part-time basis. If you are hired at the minimum rate of £9.50, it means in a month, you could make £1,330.

Average part-time salary in the UK per hour in 2022

In 2022, the average part-time salary in the UK was £11.50, which is an increase compared to 2021, when the rate stood at £10.39, as shown in the graph below:

a graph showing an average part time salary in the UK per hour in 2022.

The rise in the average salary was prompted by the government’s upward review of minimum rates that were implemented from April 2022.

Annually, the average base pay for part-time employees in the UK is £31,595, which is considered good pay in the country.


Where you are located in the UK affects the rates you’re offered at entry level. For instance, London ranks the highest in terms of high perks for part-time workers.

How much do students earn with part-time jobs in the UK?

International students are allowed to work in the UK part-time when learning is in session for 20 hours and full-time during the school breaks. Exceeding the limit of 20 hours weekly amounts to violating your visa guidelines, which could get you in trouble.

You must also ensure that the student visa allows you to work when learning. For instance, a student visa for a part-time course doesn’t allow you to engage in any work, whether paid or otherwise. You also can’t be hired on a permanent contract using a student visa. 

As a student in the UK, you have unlimited opportunities that you can take up to work on a part-time basis. If you’re the handy type, check out for options on your institution’s bulletin or pitch to your target clients through the mail.

As a student, you could try your hand working part-time as a:

  • Tutor
  • Translator
  • Barista
  • Dog walker
  • Retail worker
  • Marketing representative
  • Tour guide
  • Accountant
  • Web developer
  • Teacher assistant

Most employers pay minimum wage rates to students as stipulated by the government as follows:

Age bracketMinimum wage (£)
Apprentice rate4.81
16-17 years4.81
18-20 years6.83
21-22 years9.18
National living wage9.50

The rates were effected in April 2022, and this saw the average pay rate per hour rise significantly.

From the analysis, suppose you are in the university and aged 19 years with 20 hours free on your schedule which you can dedicate to part-time work. If your potential employer offers you the entry-level rate of £6.83, it will translate to £136 weekly.

If you’re lucky and find a job that aligns with your area of specialization, you’re in a position to negotiate for more since you have some skills in the area.

Best part-time jobs in the UK 

Some of the best part-time jobs in the UK include:

Research Assistant

The average hourly rate for a research assistant is £13.

Your work as a research assistant involves collecting, analyzing, keeping records, and coming up with reports on data as required by your employer. 

You’ll be better positioned to negotiate better rates if you have relevant research skills. Speed and accuracy are key skills that come in handy for this role, given that you’ll mostly be working with numbers.

Teacher Assistant

Teachers in learning institutions are overwhelmed, and most are always looking for a helping hand.

On average, a teacher assistant earns £9.50. Once you take up this role, most of your tasks will be administrative and supervisory. For instance, if the children in a school are going on a trip, you could be asked to assist the teacher in helping control and manage them.

To enjoy this position, you need to be good with children. Alternatively, you could assist in administrative tasks such as updating students’ data and planning lessons. 

Identify the schools within your neighborhood, check out available opportunities, or network with the teachers you know if an opening arises.

Coach Assistant

Coaches from different sectors, such as athletics, career, well-being, and mental health, are usually overwhelmed with administrative tasks. 

They need to carry out marketing, invoicing, meeting clients, and much more. Most will need an extra hand to concentrate on the core activities and delegate the rest.

On average, a coach assistant charges £10 per hour as the tasks involved are tedious and bulky, especially for a growing consultancy. 

To land a job as a coaching assistant, identify your area of interest, and join relevant professional groups related to your area of interest and network. Alternatively, you could identify potential employers and pitch to them.


If you have a valid driving license and are medically approved to handle Large Goods Vehicles, you could make £11 per hour.

Companies always seek qualified drivers to join their logistics sections, even part-time.

To work in this role, you need to be able to handle long distances on the road as mostly the goods transit through different states.


A tutor in the UK offers additional learning in line with the school system. Tutoring could be at any level, from young children in elementary to university students.

The average pay for a private tutor is £11.50 per hour or more. To earn more as a tutor, it’s advisable to narrow down to a specific area as expertise gives you leverage.

The education sector offers a range of opportunities that are easy to find if you’re aggressive. You could offer to become a maths teacher, English or even a lecturer in your area of specialization.

Learn more about salaries in the UK.

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