Best Used Car Websites in Switzerland

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Are you looking for a used car in Switzerland? If so, you might wonder where to find the best deals and the most reliable sellers.

Buying a used car can be a smart and economical choice but also challenging and risky. How can you find the best-used car websites in Switzerland?

In this blog post, we will help you answer this question by providing some information and insights on Switzerland’s best second-hand car websites.


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We will compare the features, advantages, and disadvantages of different websites that offer used or new cars for sale.

Related article: Buying a Car in Switzerland as a Foreigner – Best Website for Used or New Cars logo is the go-to platform for buying and selling cars in Switzerland. With an extensive range of new and used vehicles, including second-hand cars, this site provides valuable insights into the car’s history, technical details, and inspection reports.

Private sellers and dealers alike use to connect with potential buyers, offering a wide variety of models for those looking to buy a car or test drive before making a purchase.


  • Browse various vehicles, from used cars to models from various dealerships.
  • Access essential information about the car’s history, technical data, and inspection reports.
  • Connect directly with private sellers and dealers to negotiate prices and make informed decisions.
  • Explore a range of car models to find the perfect vehicle that suits your needs.
  • Benefit from additional services such as financing, insurance, warranty, and convenient delivery options.

Pros and Cons


  • Guarantee of finding a suitable vehicle in your desired price range.
  • Convenient platform to connect, purchase, and sell cars with ease.
  • Extensive options to browse vehicles and dealers based on location and preferences.


  • Possibility of encountering fraudulent sellers or scams; caution is advised.
  • Limitations on physically inspecting or test driving the vehicle before purchasing.
  • Potential additional fees or taxes based on the car’s origin and registration.

My Take is a valuable resource for anyone in Switzerland looking to buy or sell a car. The platform offers an extensive selection of cars and connects buyers with sellers efficiently.

While the possibility of encountering scams exists, exercising caution and leveraging the platform’s features can help ensure a smooth and reliable transaction.

Overall, simplifies the car-buying process in Switzerland, providing a convenient and comprehensive solution.

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Whether you’re looking to buy a car or sell your current vehicle, this platform provides a seamless experience. With the added convenience of an English-language option, it caters to expats and foreigners looking for their dream car or seeking to sell their vehicle.


  • Extensive variety of cars from diverse brands and models.
  • Customizable search options based on preferences like location, mileage, fuel type, and color.
  • Effortless comparison of different vehicles and the ability to save favorites.
  • Free car valuation services for easy selling.
  • Direct contact with both private and professional sellers for a streamlined buying process.

Pros and Cons


  • Diverse selection of vehicles, providing options for various preferences.
  • User-friendly interface with customization options for efficient browsing.
  • Free car valuation service for sellers, aiding in quick and easy selling.


  • Potential encounter with fraudulent sellers or scams, requiring cautious transactions.
  • Inability to physically inspect or test drive the car before purchasing online.
  • Possible additional fees or taxes based on the car’s origin and registration.

My Take stands out as the best car-buying website, offering a comprehensive platform for both buying and selling used cars in Switzerland. The user-friendly interface and extensive car selection make it a top choice.

However, caution is necessary to navigate potential risks associated with online purchases.

Overall, it’s the go-to platform for buying a car or finding the best car-selling experience.

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Other Notable Websites for Used Cars in Switzerland logo

Comparis is a versatile website offering various services, making it a one-stop destination in Switzerland. It’s not just about buying cars; it covers various aspects, including insurance, houses, apartments, and cable internet deals.

All of these services are available in English, which is particularly helpful for expatriates and non-German speakers in Switzerland.

Why Use This Used Vehicles Dealership Website?

With Comparis, you can compare offers independently and transparently. This empowers you to make informed decisions when purchasing a vehicle, as they display a detailed price history. They also provide comprehensive car-related services like car loans and maintenance.

What Vehicles Are Available?

Currently, there are approximately 148,402 cars available for sale on the site.

If you’re looking for a coupé, SUV, delivery van, pickup, MPV/minivan, motorhome, saloon/sedan, estate car/station wagon, or convertible, you can use their easy-to-use search tool. This tool helps you narrow down the results.

Additionally, they offer a wide range of informative articles in English to assist you in your car-buying journey., though smaller in comparison, is a dedicated car marketplace that connects buyers with Swiss dealers. The website is available in English and currently features around 66,053 vehicles for you to explore.

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Why Use This Car Dealership Website?

Searching for a car on this site is straightforward, offering an overview of the vehicles currently available in the market with just a few clicks. You can apply various filters to refine your search, such as car type, year of registration, and more.

The information you receive through Autolina allows you to effectively compare different options, whether you’re in the market for a new or used car.

Once you’ve found a car that piques your interest, you can easily contact the dealer to initiate the purchase. Autolina facilitates the process of both buying and selling vehicles, offering quotes from reputable sellers.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, this platform supports a stress-free transaction.

Also read: Cost of Food in Switzerland: How Much per Month & per Day? is Switzerland’s answer to eBay, featuring various products from cars to laptops and clothing. It’s worth noting that this platform is available in German, French, and Italian but not English. Currently, there are approximately 4,500 vehicles listed for sale.

They Guarantee a Vast Used Cars Selection in Switzerland

On, you’ll primarily find car offers from private sellers. When dealing with private sellers, it’s essential to request a test drive to ensure the vehicle meets your expectations. The site, available in German, French, and Italian, caters to proficient users, offering valuable resources for those language preferences.

These websites and platforms in Switzerland provide valuable resources for buyers and sellers, allowing you to easily find, purchase, or sell vehicles within the beautiful Swiss landscape.

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How Much Are Used Cars In Switzerland?

Used car in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the average price of used cars has surged by 28% since 2020, as reported by Comparis. In the third quarter of 2022, the average cost for a used car was CHF 29,550, a significant increase from CHF 23,161 in the first quarter of 2020.

If you’re looking to buy a used car, it’s crucial to stay informed about these price trends. You can contact sellers directly to negotiate a fair deal and decide on a purchase.

Additionally, there’s free support available to register the transaction and ensure a smooth buying process. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance in this regard.

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Final Thoughts About The Best Used Car Websites in Switzerland

Buying a used car in Switzerland can be both challenging and rewarding. Utilizing top Swiss used car websites like,,,, and simplifies the process.

These platforms offer a range of vehicles, making finding your ideal car at a fair price easier. Selling your car online is equally convenient, ensuring a quick and fair deal through accurate valuations.

If you want to learn more about the best-used car websites in Switzerland, please click on the links in the article to access more resources and details.

By doing so, you will also help us keep this blog afloat and provide you with more valuable content in the future.

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