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What Is A Good Salary in Paris?

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Paris is undoubtedly an amazing city with plenty of opportunities, but how much money do people make there? What is the average salary in Paris? And how does it compare to other major cities around the world? According to The Economist, Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. 

A net salary of 3,000€ per month is considered good in Paris. You can afford a decent lifestyle with this wage, including an apartment in the city center, weekly dining, and enough groceries. Although you don’t have to be too frugal with your choices, extravagance is somewhat limited. 

Of course, these are just average salaries, and many people in Paris earn much more than this. Your earnings will largely depend on your job and the cost of living in your specific area of Paris. Other factors such as experience, skills, and company size can also affect your salary. By doing your research and understanding the average wages in Paris, you can better plan for your move to this fantastic city. 

What is considered a good salary in Paris in 2022?

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According to Statista, monthly income between 3,000€, and 5,000€, is considered a good salary in Paris. This income can afford you a decent lifestyle in the city center, including a two-bedroom apartment, regular weekend gateways, and eat-outs.

However, even with as low as 1,400€  a month after tax, you can have a room in a shared apartment and live comfortably.  

Yes, Paris is an expensive place, and you will need to make more money than in most other French cities. This is due to the high number of tourists but also the inflow of people moving, including French citizens and foreigners.

An average gross salary of 67,919€ per year or 5,660€ monthly gives you a very comfortable lifestyle in Paris; no luxuries or extravagance, though. This salary enables you to finance a car, pay for holidays, rent a good apartment and enjoy life.

The estimated monthly expenses for a single person are 958 € excluding rent. While for a family of four, the costs can add up to 3,425€; rent excluded. So, the partners need to earn at least 2,000€  each to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. 

For rent, you need to calculate at least 1,000€ for a decent one-bedroom apartment.

In Paris, salaries range from 13,900€ (lowest) to 245,000€ (highest) per year, depending on your industry. This is inclusive of benefits such as housing, transport, and bonuses.

The average salaries significantly contrast between various careers. For instance, tech and marketing jobs are highly paid compared to teaching.

The median salary is 50,000€  a year. Meaning that 50% of the population earns less than that while the other 50% earn beyond 50,000€ per annum. If you want to move to Paris, strive to be on the higher side of the graph to live a comfortable lifestyle. Otherwise, being on the lower side can impact the quality of your lifestyle in Paris.

In fact, approximately 25% of the population in Paris earn less than 29,000€ per year, and the other 75% earn above that figure. Similarly, 75% make less than 136,000€  while 25% get more than 136,000€  per annum.

So there is a large number of high earners who make above six-figure income with their job in Paris.

Averagely, a gross salary of 67,919€  per year is considered a good income, although with 120,000€  you are way above the average, which is just a great salary for France.

For instance, software engineers earn well in Paris. Highly valued programmers get approximately 101,300€ per year, followed closely by financial controllers at an average of 51,000€ per year. 

What your life will look like with various salary levels in Paris, France

Considering that the annual average is 67,919€, earning above gives you a lavish lifestyle. However, you can still enjoy some comfort with a salary within that average and under. See examples below of what to expect with earnings within the different spectrum. 

100,000€ annual gross salary in Paris

A salary of over 100,000€ per year or 8,000€ per month (after tax) will afford you a luxury lifestyle in Paris. For example, an expensive hobby like skiing, shopping in high-end stores for designer items, three lavish holidays in a year, and regular entertainment on weekends.

You can buy tickets to shows and concerts regularly, and all the while still save some money for retirement.

The breakdown

Housing: You can live on the 6th street just at the foot of Eiffel tower comfortably, paying for a three-bedroom apartment at (2,701€ -3,500€) per month.

Shopping: 900€  –1,500€  is enough for groceries and basic needs in the house. It’s even cheaper if you eat home most times—you don’t have to be frugal.

Insurance: You can afford better health insurance coverage for about 100€  a month.

Disposable income: with roughly 2,000€, you can buy new clothes and shoes regularly, dine out often, occasional trips within and outside France.

Savings: You can save above 500€ comfortably.

55,000€ annual gross salary in Paris

With a salary of 55,000€  per year or 5,100€  per month, you can live a comfortable but not yet extravagant lifestyle in Paris. You’ll afford one meal at a restaurant each week but will likely cook most of your meals at home.

Here’s the breakdown:

Housing: You can afford to live in the city center of Paris in a studio apartment, paying a monthly rent of about 863€. Alternatively, you can choose to find a roommate to split rent with and bring it down by half if you rent a one-bedroom.

Insurance: You’ll afford standard insurance for about 50€ a month.

Shopping: 800€ is perfect to last you a month—it depends if you enjoy cooking.

Disposable Income: 1,000€  – dine out once a week, once a year exotic trip.

Savings: You will be able to save at least 700-900€ per month.

Housing is the most substantial part of your budget if you live in Paris. The rent in the city center is averagely 25% of your income depending on what you’re looking for. You can opt to live in the suburbs, take the Trans metro, or get a bicycle.

However, the most expensive place is at the foot of Eifel tower on the 6th street and charges reduce by the time it’s at the 19th street.

Alternatively, you have the option of renting a room instead of an apartment if the charges are a bit high.

Your total monthly expenses in Paris

Here is an example of the cost of living for a single person renting in Paris and using public transportation.

 One room in a houseStudio1-room flat2-room flat3-room flat
Public Transport100€100€100€100€100€
Minimum Income1,800€2,300€2,600€3,000€4,000€
Source: Average Salary Survey

These numbers are on the higher end, and with the maximum being 4,000€, you still have some money left. An annual gross salary of 67,000€ (5,800€ a month) will comfortably cover your expenses in Paris extravagantly.

Depending on what you’re looking for, the average wage in Paris (3,000€ and 4,999€) can sustain a decent lifestyle as per the above figures.

Salaries in Paris

Salaries in Paris are unevenly distributed depending on job titles, location, and seniority level. On average, an employee earns between 3,000€ and 4,999€ per month. 

Only 25% of employees earn an average of less than 29,000€ per year, while 50% get an average of 50,600€ and below. Most people make between 136,000€ and 245,000€ per year, accounting for 75% of the population. 

At the same time, the minimum salary in France was 1,539€ per month or 10.57€ per hour as of July 2020. Where half of the working population in France has a salary lower than 1,845€ per month after taxes.

Generally, French middle class earns between 1,500€ and 2,800€ net per month.

Facts about salaries in Paris:

  1. The average salary in Paris is 67,919€, as of February 2022, the most typical being 41,455€.
  2. In 2019, the hourly rate was 30€ for women and 40€ for men in executive positions.
  3. Law is the most paid career with an average income of 105,313€ per annum.
  4. The average salary for people with PhD is 73,649€ per year, 11% more than those with a master’s degree.
  5. A master’s degree holder earns an average of 70,209€, 20% higher than a bachelor’s degree holder.
  6. Employees with 20+ years of experience earn an average wage of 114,045€ per year.
  7. The highest earners are between the ages of 40 and 49 with income averaging

Average salary in Paris

The average gross salary of an employee in Paris is 3,900€ per month or 46,800€ annually, which is higher than most cities in France. The average salary in France is around 2,340€ net per month or about 40,000€ gross annually for a full-time employee.

Consequently, the average annual wage in Paris is at least 17% higher than the national average.

The average hourly wage in Paris is 24€ depending on the occupation and the skills. The lowest average salary in Paris is 13,900€ while the highest average is 245,000€.

Specialists earn an average of 129,569€ across all industries and company sizes, and an average specialist can get an average salary of 88,026€ a year.

While the median pay in Paris is 50,000€ per year, meaning that half the population earns more than 50,000€ and the other half receives less than 50,000€ in annual compensation.

Highest paying jobs in Paris

buildings in Paris, France near the bay in a gloomy afternoon.

Paris is home to several fortune 500 companies that offer diverse job opportunities to those qualified. Here are the top 5 jobs that will heftily pay you in Paris:

Directors, General Manager

(129,569€ – 142,711€)

High-level management positions receive good pay due to the nature of their work, i.e., running the big companies and making tough decisions.

Corporate Counsel and lawyers 

(59,095€ – 105,342€)

Paris’s legal professionals are revered and well paid. A fresh law graduate earns a starting average salary of 4,000€ a month while a veteran gets up to 105,342€ a year.

Insurance jobs 


In this sector, women earn more than men. However, education levels and years of experience create a vast difference in average income in the industry.

Financial analysts 


Financial analysts are highly regarded professionals in finance positions and are assets in most companies, thus, the top-notch paycheck. 

Managerial positions 

(88,026€ -104,608€)

Managers in departments like risk and assessment, sales and marketing, human resources receive high salaries due to their involvement in the company.

Is 60,000 EUR gross a good salary to live comfortably in Paris?

In general, 60,000€  gross is considered a good salary in Paris – that translates to about 40,000€ after taxes annually or 3,200€ monthly. It’s far more than the average income of French workers, which is just over 40,000 per year. This is also enough to live decently – not frugally, but not extravagantly either.

However, if you want a family-sized apartment in the center of town with your significant other and kids and eat out multiple times per week while shopping at high-end stores like Louis Vuitton and Colette, 60k may not cut it.

Here are some ways you can spend your money:

  • Rent: 1 bedroom apartment: 750€ /month; 2 bedroom apartment: 1,000+ € /month
  • Utilities: 140€ (150 USD) per month
  • Phone bill (cell phone): 30€ (33 USD) per month
  • Transportation: 40€ (44 USD) per month
  • Health insurance: 150€ (165 USD) per month
  • Gym membership: 65€ (70 USD) per month
  • Dining Out: 5-star restaurant: 150+ € /person; fast-food lunch: 10+ € /person
  • Groceries: 500€ per month. 

Health insurance for expats in France

Expats need a health insurance solution when moving to France. We recommend Cigna Global for international coverage. Because Cigna insurance is international, you can use your policy not only in France but almost anywhere in the world.

In the long run, you can save a significant amount of money with private insurance. Its policy price doesn’t depend on your income as it’s with public companies. In France, the premium of public health insurance will be deducted from your monthly salary and contributes to about 13% of gross income, which is a lot.

With 74,000 employees, 200 years of experience, and more than 100 million customers globally, Cigna is one of the largest international insurance providers out there.

With that insurance, you can enjoy instant and easy access to healthcare facilities and professionals around the globe.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Paris?

The amount needed to live comfortably in a certain city trickles down to the cost of living.

Paris is an exciting city but among the most expensive in the world. The cost of living in the French capital is more than 86% of all cities in Europe and 88% globally – ranking at 21 out of 160 cities.

The estimated monthly cost for a family of four averages at 5,441€, while for a single person, 3,356€ is enough.

Rent accounts for about 30% of your income, depending on where you live. The average rent in Paris is 1,097€ per month, all categories included.

Utility rates are also high but vary with an individual. See below a breakdown of expenses for one person living in Paris:

  • Rent: 1,100€
  • Electricity: 59€
  • Water: 20€
  • Internet: 30€
  • Transport: 100€
  • Shopping: 466€
  • Taxes: 140€/year

Expenses as a percentage

  • Rent: 56.2%
  • Grocery Shopping: 26.2%
  • Leisure activities: 7.3%
  • Transport: 4.2%
  • Electricity: 2.1%
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