Best Banks in Sweden for Foreigners: 2023 Guide

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Are you a foreigner looking to establish yourself in Sweden and seeking the perfect financial partner? Look no further! This comprehensive 2023 guide presents the best banks in Sweden for foreigners, ensuring you find the ideal match to meet your banking needs seamlessly.

Obtaining a Swedish bank account is crucial for both individuals and businesses alike, facilitating smooth financial transactions and online banking convenience. From expeditious account setup to efficient customer support, these Swedish banks cater to private and corporate customers with a range of tailored banking services. 

Discover exceptional perks such as free ATM withdrawals and the convenience of a purely online bank experience, making your financial journey in Sweden truly exceptional. Let’s dive into the country’s finest foreign banks, ensuring you thrive in Sweden’s dynamic economy.

The best banks in Sweden for foreigners include Bunq, Revolut, Wise, Vivid Bank, and Monese. If you’ll stay in Sweden for a while, opening a bank account is advisable, as this country is predominantly cashless. 

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Innovative banking with unique features and sustainability focus.

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For international travelers with multi-currency accounts and low fees.

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Offers low-cost international transfers with best exchange rates.

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Vivid Bank

Customizable banking with unique investment and budgeting options.

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Brief explanation about this product and how it compares to the others.

Opening a Swedish Bank Account For Expats and Foreigners 

For expats and foreigners relocating to Sweden, acquiring a Swedish bank account presents many advantages. Not only does it provide a secure platform for managing finances, but it also grants access to seamless online banking services. 

Swedish banks offer tailored solutions for everyone, ensuring smooth financial operations. To know more about it, here are the best banks in Sweden and their advantages.

1. Bunq

Bunq is an internationally active mobile bank that offers personal and business accounts, providing ease of use transaction accounts for residents in Sweden. It allows expats and foreigners to open a bank account without Swedish personal identification number.

Bunq web interface

Highlights Of This Bank Account in Sweden

  • Real-time transaction notifications ensure you stay informed.
  • No foreign exchange fees make international transactions seamless.
  • International transfers facilitated by Wise for hassle-free remittances.
  • A social responsibility program plants a tree with every €100 spent.
  • Swedish bank accounts available to Swedish citizens and UK residents. It simplifies cross-border transactions.

Bunq Pros

  • Convenient and innovative mobile banking experience.
  • It doesn’t require Swedish National ID, unlike a major bank in the country.
  • No yearly maintenance fees offer cost-saving advantages.
  • Quick and easy account opening process. You don’t need to speak Swedish, unlike most banks in Sweden.

Bunq Cons

  • Limited availability of free bank accounts in Sweden.
  • Not as established as traditional banks.
  • Potential monthly fees for specific services.

My Take

Bunq is a promising Nordic bank that caters to tech-savvy individuals seeking a modern and user-friendly banking experience in Sweden. 

While it’s an excellent option for online transactions and foreign exchange, it’s essential to consider the potential withdrawal fees and eligibility for opening a bank account based on your Swedish residence permit or citizenship status. 

2. Revolut

Revolut is the best bank for foreigners living in Europe, offering a user-friendly digital banking system with enticing features, including a high-interest rate of 1.67% per year on savings and free account creation, even for non-residents.

Revolut mobile app interface

Highlights Of This Bank Account in Sweden

  • Free multi-currency account in EUR, enabling payments in any currency hassle-free.
  • Instant money transfers for swift transactions.
  • Reliable customer support to address any concerns promptly.
  • Easy top-up options for seamless account funding.
  • Free debit card for convenient spending and transactions.

Revolut Pros

  • Highly favorable interest rates on savings.
  • Wide availability across EEA countries, Switzerland, Australia, and the US.
  • No fees for currency conversion when paying in different currencies. 
  • English speaking customer service even for legal residents.

Revolut Cons

  • Has a monthly fee on premium plans.
  • Basic bank account features might be limited for some users.
  • Availability in certain non-EEA countries is limited.

My Take:

As an international bank headquartered in the UK, Revolut stands out as the best choice for foreigners seeking an efficient and cost-effective banking solution in Sweden. 

With its free account option and seamless multi-currency transactions, it surpasses many traditional banks, making it an ideal pick for those who value convenience and affordability. 

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a resident, Revolut offers a competitive edge with its versatile and user-friendly banking system, proving to be one of the top banks in the industry.

3. Wise

Wise is not a bank account but an international account that facilitates seamless money transfers, spending, and receiving in multiple currencies, offering low fees and transparent exchange rates in Sweden’s banking system.

Wise mobile app interface

Highlights Of This Bank Account in Sweden

  • Low or zero monthly fees, ensuring cost-effective financial transactions.
  • Transparent exchange rates with no hidden fees, providing clarity in currency conversions.
  • No minimum deposit requirements, making it accessible to all.
  • Wise debit card are accepted in Sweden and other countries, enabling easy spending.
  • Convenient online account opening process without the need for a Swedish Bank ID.

Wise Pros

  • Facilitates efficient international money transfers at favorable rates.
  • Simple and hassle-free account opening process online.
  • Flexibility in linking a Swedish Bank ID for added convenience. 

Wise Cons

  • Lacks traditional bank account features like savings accounts.
  • Swedish tax identification number (person number) required for non-residents.
  • Some banks may charge ATM withdrawal fees when using a Wise debit card.

My Take: Should You Open a Bank Account in Sweden Using This Platform?

Wise is one of the best digital banks. It presents an excellent solution for individuals in Sweden seeking a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to traditional bank accounts.

With its straightforward setup and transparent fee structure, Wise caters to the needs of expats and foreign residents, easily streamlining their financial transactions. 

While it may not offer savings accounts or Swedish Bank ID integration, Wise stands out for its user-friendly approach and competitive exchange rates. It is an ideal option for those looking to open a bank account focusing on transactions with international banks.

4. Vivid Bank

Vivid is a financial app that provides mobile banking, investment, and cashback services in Europe, including Sweden, with a valuation of $886 million and a vast customer base of over 500,000 users. It allows users to send money to largest banks or oldest banks in Sweden.

a photo of different usage of vivid financial app.

Highlights Of This Bank Account in Sweden

  • Free account opening with a metal card and up to 40 sub-accounts in various currencies, offering flexibility in managing finances.
  • Direct investment options in real shares, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies from the app, empower users to grow their wealth.
  • Earn up to 25% cashback on spending in selected categories and merchants, enhancing savings potential.
  • Enjoy an attractive 4.13% APY on USD balances through the interest feature, boosting returns on funds.
  • Instant and free money transfers to other Vivid users with Swedish Banks, ensuring seamless transactions.

Vivid Bank Pros

  • Comprehensive financial services within a single app.
  • English-speaking customer service is available, like the top banks in the country.
  • No hidden fees and zero yearly maintenance fee for cost-effective banking.
  • Lucrative cashback and interest features to maximize benefits

Vivid Bank Cons

  • Not a traditional bank account in Sweden. It lacks certain savings account options.
  • Availability might be limited to specific European countries.
  • Some ATMs may charge withdrawal fees when using Vivid cards.

My Take: Is it The Best Bank Without Costly Monthly Fee?

Vivid emerges as a powerful financial tool for residents in Sweden, integrating banking, investing, and cashback services under one app. With its intuitive features, including metal card offerings and multi-currency sub-accounts, Vivid ensures a dynamic banking experience.

While it might not cater to all traditional bank features, its value lies in seamless money management, investment opportunities, and attractive rewards. To enjoy Vivid’s benefits in Sweden, residents need to fulfill specific identification requirements.

Overall, Vivid presents a compelling choice for those seeking innovative and rewarding banking solutions in the digital era.

5. Monese 

Monese is a mobile money app that extends online banking services to 31 countries, including Sweden. This Swedish bank allows users to open GBP, EUR, or RON accounts quickly and effortlessly, regardless of credit score or residency status.  


a photo showing features of Monese mobile app.

Highlights of This Non-Resident Bank Account in Sweden

  • Obtain a globally accepted Mastercard debit card with low fees for currency conversion and ATM withdrawals, promoting cost-effective spending.
  • Enjoy free money transfers if you open a bank account. Withdrawing money and transferring between Monese accounts across countries and currencies have seamless transactions.
  • Benefit from real-time spending notifications, salary deposits, and 24/7 customer support, ensuring a robust banking experience.
  • Access your account securely online or via phone with biometric security, enhancing user protection.
  • Leverage the Credit Builder feature to establish credit history and savings while safeguarding purchases with insurance.

Monese Pros

  • Opening a bank account is quicker than other banks. It doesn’t require Swedish social security number, making it ideal for non-residents in Sweden.
  • Ideal for people who transfer money internationally. A versatile Mastercard debit card accepted worldwide.
  • Extensive customer support and real-time notifications enhance financial management.

Monese Cons

  • Basic account features may not cater to all banking needs.
  • Availability and services might vary depending on the user’s location.
  • Some ATMs may charge withdrawal fees when using Monese cards.

My Take

Monese offers a practical solution for individuals seeking an inclusive and user-friendly mobile money app to manage their finances in Sweden. With a diverse array of account options and low currency conversion fees, Monese addresses the needs of both local and international users.

The ability to build credit history and savings through the Credit Builder feature adds value to the overall banking experience.

While some features may be limited, Monese’s focus on swift transactions and customer support makes it a compelling choice for non-residents and those looking to open a bank account without the typical hurdles in the Swedish banking system.

What Makes The Best Online Banking Platform?

The best online banking platform encompasses a range of qualities that cater to the needs of customers seeking seamless and efficient financial management. Here are the key qualities that set apart the best banking platforms:

1. Easy Account Opening

The best banking platforms offer a hassle-free process to open a bank account, enabling users to create accounts online without needing physical visits to branches.

2. Convenient Online Access

A top-notch banking platform that ensures users can access their accounts online or via mobile apps, providing real-time updates on transactions and balances.

3. Wide Coverage of Banks

The banking platform must collaborate with various banks, including Sweden banks and international banks, offering users a plethora of options to choose the best Swedish bank account tailored to their preferences.

4. Versatility in Services

A standout banking platform that partners with several financial institutions, ensuring users can pay bills, manage health insurance, and conduct currency exchange transactions within the same platform.

5. Secure Transactions

Top banking platforms prioritize user security, implementing robust encryption and authentication measures to safeguard sensitive data and protect users from threats.

6. Diverse Payment Options

The best online banking platforms provide multiple payment methods, including debit cards, to facilitate smooth and secure transactions.

7. User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and clear instructions enhances the overall banking experience, even for non-EU citizens and those new to online banking.

8. Document Verification

To ensure compliance and security, the best online banking platforms may require verification documents, such as a Swedish address or lease contract, which are processed efficiently.

9. Seamless Integration with Authorities

A reliable online banking platform collaborates with institutions like the Swedish Tax Agency, streamlining tax payments and reporting.

10. Support for Expats

The best online banking platforms cater to the needs of expats and non-Swedish residents, offering services like international money transfers and tailored assistance.

Final Thoughts About Best Banks In Sweden For Foreigners

In conclusion, this 2023 guide presents the best banks in Sweden for foreigners, offering seamless financial solutions to meet diverse needs. 

Whether you seek an innovative, purely online bank, competitive interest rates, or multi-currency convenience, these top Swedish banks have you covered. With perks like free ATM withdrawals and real-time notifications, managing finances becomes effortless. 

Embrace the cashless economy and click the links to explore the full range of services each bank offers. Secure your financial future in Sweden with ease and make the most of the diverse banking options available to you.


1. Who can open a bank account with Bunq?

Both Swedish citizens and UK residents can open a bank account with Bunq, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals in Sweden.

2. What makes Revolut stand out for foreigners in Sweden?

Revolut’s user-friendly digital banking system, high-interest rates on savings, and free account creation for non-residents make it a preferred choice for foreigners seeking seamless financial management.

3. Where can I access Wise’s online account opening process?

You can conveniently open a Wise account online on their official website, providing easy access to their international money transfer and spending services.

4. When can I expect my Vivid Bank account to be ready for use?

With Vivid, you can enjoy a quick and free account opening process, gaining access to a metal card and up to 40 sub-accounts in different currencies in no time.

5. Why is Monese an ideal choice for banking in Sweden?

Monese’s versatile mobile money app enables individuals to open GBP, EUR, or RON accounts without stringent credit scores or residency requirements, making it perfect for non-EU citizens and those new to Sweden.

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