How Much Does Rent Cost in Sweden?

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Sweden is one of the most expensive countries to live in Europe, with high costs for food, transportation, and housing. As such, rent in Sweden can be quite expensive, depending on the city and neighborhood in which you choose to live.

Currently, the cost of renting in Sweden ranges between 631 USD and 1,359 USD for a one-bedroom apartment. Location is one of the most important factors affecting the amount of rent you’ll pay. A one-bedroomed house in the city center will cost you around 841 USD, while one in the city outskirts goes for about 631 USD. 

Whether you are looking to move to Sweden for work, study, or simply for a change of scenery, it is important that you understand the average cost of living in Sweden, including the average cost of the rent. 

Although the thought of renting in Sweden may be threatening, due to the bad reputation of this country’s housing system, you’ll be surprised to learn that renting in some locations is affordable. We’ve taken the time to discuss the rents in Sweden and this country’s utility costs to help you make a good choice when searching for housing

Housing costs in Sweden: average rent prices in 2022  

a regular housing in Sweden.

Sweden’s average rent prices range between 631 USD and 1,359 USD for a one-bedroom home. A two-bedroom apartment costs between 1,328 USD and 1,770 USD on average. Lastly, you will pay between 1,770 USD and 2,390 USD for a three-bedroom home in the Stockholm area.

That said, across the country, the average rent for a 70 square meter apartment is 7,000 SEK (619 USD).

The average rent for a 70 m2 apartment in municipality Bjurholm is 390 USD, compared to 898 USD per month in municipality Vallentuna, which is near Stockholm. 

Furthermore, rent prices for new apartments are higher than for older buildings. So, a 70 m2 apartment in a new home will cost you between 885 USD and 1,062 USD on average.

Sweden has high rent prices due to the increasing housing shortage. This is mainly because the government has put in place stringent rules concerning housing and thus discouraging investors from building new houses or apartments.

If you are looking to buy a house in Sweden, read our guide on home prices over there.

If you work online, you have countless options between houses in remote locations. The rent prices in the countryside are significantly lower than in cities. So, you can rent an entire house with furniture and equipment for under 1,000 USD.

In the past twelve years, Sweden’s rents have increased by one percent, according to Hyresgästföreningen, the Swedish Union of Tenants. What’s more, these prices are expected to increase with time as the amount of demand continues to surpass supply.

That said, the rent prices vary from location to location. Thus you can find something that suits your budget. 

Rent in expensive municipalities like Täby in Stockholm is twice as high as in other areas like the city of Fagersta. In Täby, first-hand rentals cost 10.90 USD per square meter, while those in Fagersta go for 5.82 USD. 

Stockholm municipalities like Nykvarn, Vaxholm, Nacka, and Haninge also have high rents ranging between 10.07 USD and 10.26 USD per square meter every month.

You could find the cheapest rentals in Tibro in Västra Götaland, Storuman in Västerbotten, Norsjö in Västerbotten, and Bjurholm in Västerbotten County. For instance, a 29 m2 apartment in Storuman costs 230.49 USD per month. 

Generally, living in the suburbs or rural areas is cheaper than living on the coastlines and large cities. This is because the demand for housing in these areas is relatively low and hence less competitive.

A three-bedroomed apartment in the city center is paid 1,360 USD, while one outside the city center goes for about 973 USD. 

Below is a table showing the monthly renting prices of one-bedroomed apartments in the major Swedish cities and municipalities. 

CityRent price
Stockholm956 – 1,505 USD
Gothenburg937 USD
Örebro619 USD
Malmö796 USD
Jönköping442 USD
Linköping531 USD
Västerås708 USD
Karlstad974 USD
Södermalm1,300 USD
Uppsala664 USD
Åkersberga708 USD
Lund655 USD

That said, you could rent in Sweden either first-hand or second-hand. Renting first-hand means that you’ll get the apartment directly from the landlord, while second-hand renting means the current tenant will let you sublet.

You should note that first-hand rentals are difficult to find. Therefore, most expats and students opt for second-hand housing. 

One good thing about renting in Sweden is that, regardless of the location or size, you are guaranteed to get various types of houses. These range from independent modern houses to multi-story apartments. You could also find furnished or unfurnished houses depending on how long you intend to stay in this country. 

Renting in Sweden will take around 28 percent of your salary. Therefore, it’s advisable to survey the entire country and choose a place whose rent won’t give you a difficult time. 

Utility costs in Sweden 

Sweden’s general rule of thumb is that the rent should include utility costs. However, there are situations where some utilities may be excluded. Therefore, always ensure you confirm this before moving into an apartment or home. 

The cost of maintaining your TV, which is mandatory in most homes, is about 40.13 USD. Keep in mind that this price includes the internet cost. Mobile use in Sweden will cost you 35.11 USD. The good thing is that this cost has unlimited local calls and 10 GB worth of internet. 

If you prefer to purchase internet on its own, you’ll spend around 28.89 USD for 60Mbps or more, Cable/ADSL, and unlimited data.

Other essential utilities like cooling, water, heating, electricity, and garbage cost 77.32 USD for every 85 m2 apartment. That said, different cities have varying utility costs.

In this regard, the table below shows the comparison of some locations to the main city center of Stockholm. 

CityUtility costs in comparison to Stockholm
Tehran 20% more
Warsaw 8% more
Perm 17% cheaper 
Dublin 98% more
Oslo 95% more
Birmingham 168% more
Copenhagen 41% more
Athens 69% more

Rent prices in Stockholm 

Rent prices in Stockholm are shockingly high due to the high demand. It’s impossible to call a landlord and book an apartment immediately in this city. You have to queue for almost two years to get an apartment at a random location in Stockholm. But it might be even easier to find a place in Stockholm if you know where to look.

In this regard, the best way to get an apartment or home is through professional help, an existing tenant, or family connections. 

In 2021, the average rent for a two-room apartment or studio increased by seven percent, which is crazy, especially for expats and students. Renting a studio apartment will cost you about 743 USD per month. However, finding one in a central location will cost you 1,100 USD or even 1,650 USD for a nicer location. 

A spacious one-bedroom apartment in Högbergsgatan, Stockholm, goes for 1,837 USD, while one in Linköping will cost you 586 USD. On the other hand, a two-bedroom apartment costs around 1,400 USD per month in Gothenburg near Gustav II Adolf. 

According to Rentberry, you’ll pay 2,233 USD for a four-bedroom apartment in Stickelbärsvägen, while the same apartment size goes for 2,711 USD in Gustav II Adolf. Therefore, this means that although the rent prices in this city are pretty high, here are some favorable locations.

It’s advisable you survey the area before settling for an apartment so that you can save some coins. 

Monthly cost of living in Sweden 

Generally, Sweden’s cost of living is cheaper compared to most western European countries. The average cost of living for a family of four is 3,700 USD, while that of a single person living alone is around 1,946 USD. 

A family of four will spend 1,147 USD on food, while a single person’s food costs about 440 USD. The table below shows various food prices in this country. 

Boneless chicken breast 1lb5.58 USD
Whole fat milk 1l1.20 USD
12 large eggs3.34 USD
Local cheese 16oz5.01 USD
Coca-cola 2l2.04 USD
Apples 1kg 2.50 USD
Potatoes 1kg1.11 USD
Tomatoes 1kg3.24 USD

The cost of clothing in Sweden is as follows. Purchasing a pair of jeans in this country will cost you 82 USD, while a summer dress goes for 30 USD in a high-end store. On the other hand, a pair of sports shoes go for 82 USD, while a pair of business shoes is 109 USD. 

In terms of healthcare costs, a box of antibiotics with twelve doses is 9 USD in Swedish pharmacies, while a short medical visit is around 23 USD. Additionally, buying cold medicine over the counter will cost you 6 USD. 

Entertainment is quite pricey in Sweden. The basic dinner for two is about 44 USD, and two movie tickets cost 26 USD. Grabbing a cappuccino in an expat area is 4 USD, while beer in your local neighborhood will cost you 7 USD. 

That said, these prices may vary in different parts of the country. Therefore, if your finances are tight, always survey to note cheaper places to save some coins. 

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