5 of the Best German Health Insurance Providers 

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Are you looking for the best German health insurance for your stay in Germany? Health insurance is mandatory for all residents in Germany, whether they are locals or expats. However, choosing the right health insurance can be daunting and confusing, as many options and factors must be considered.

The best German health insurance includes Ottonova, Cigna, Feather, and Getsafe. However, there are other notable public health insurance providers like Barmer, AOK, and TK- Techniker Krankenkasse.

In Germany, two main types of health insurance prevail: statutory (public) and private. Statutory insurance, government-regulated, covers the majority, while private insurance, provided by private companies, serves a smaller portion.

The type of health insurance you can choose depends on your income, profession, and personal preferences. Generally, statutory health insurance is more affordable and inclusive, while private health insurance is more flexible and comprehensive.

However, both types of health insurance have pros and cons, and you must compare them carefully before deciding.

In this blog, we will provide useful information to help you choose the best German health insurance for your needs.

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Cigna Global

first Pick
Cigna Global logo

Cigna Global

Unlock a world of well-being with Cigna Global, your passport to premium health insurance in Germany. Tailored coverage, global access, and peace of mind – because your health knows no borders.

Cigna Global is a renowned private health insurance company in Germany providing comprehensive coverage to expats and locals. In Germany, the healthcare system offers two main options: statutory health insurance (public health insurance) and private health insurance.

Cigna Global specializes in the latter, offering a robust alternative to the German health insurance system.


1. Global Network: Cigna Global stands out with its extensive network, granting access to over 1.65 million hospitals, clinics, doctors, and medical professionals worldwide. This expansive network ensures that clients receive top-notch healthcare, whether they’re in Germany or abroad.

2. Full Cancer Care: Cigna Global takes health insurance coverage to the next level, offering comprehensive cancer care. This reassurance is invaluable during health challenges.

3. Flexible Payment Options: With Cigna Global, clients can choose payment options that suit their financial preferences. They also provide a range of add-on benefits to enhance the standard health insurance coverage.

4. Pandemic Coverage: Cigna Global has unlimited benefit limits for current and future pandemic-related care in these uncertain times. This feature ensures that clients are fully protected during health crises.

5. Customer-Centric Service: Cigna Global prides itself on 24/7 customer service and user-friendly online tools. This high-level support ensures clients easily navigate their health insurance with confidence.

Cost of Cignal Global Health Insurance

The cost of Cigna Global health insurance in Germany varies based on individual needs and is typically paid monthly. On average, individuals can expect to pay around $350 per month for a comprehensive Cigna Global health insurance plan.

  • Cigna Global’s extensive network offers peace of mind for those who travel frequently or reside abroad.
  • The ability to choose payment options and add-on benefits caters to diverse client needs.
  • Cigna Global’s lack of age restrictions for renewals is a significant advantage for those seeking long-term health insurance.
  • Private health insurance can be more expensive than statutory health insurance in Germany.
  • Private health insurance policies can be intricate, and clients might need help navigating the details.
  • Cigna Global may not be the most cost-effective option for some, especially those subject to the German private health insurance system.

My Take

Cigna Global presents a compelling health insurance solution, particularly for those prioritizing comprehensive coverage and international flexibility.

As an expat in Germany, choosing private health insurance offers a sense of control and access to global healthcare resources. While private health insurance may come with a higher price tag, the peace of mind and extensive benefits Cigna Global provides make it a worthwhile investment, especially for those seeking premium health insurance coverage in a foreign land.

In the context of the German private health insurance system, Cigna Global shines as a reliable and reputable choice, offering a strong alternative to statutory health insurance policies.

Feather Insurance

Our Pick
Feather  insurance logo

Feather Insurance

Your guardian angel in the world of uncertainties. Navigate life’s twists with confidence, knowing our tailored coverage in Germany ensures your dreams take flight, feather-light.

Feather Insurance is a major insurance brokerage in Germany that serves as a guiding light for expats seeking insurance solutions in a complex landscape.

In a country known for its dual health insurance system, combining public and private health insurance, Feather Insurance offers essential guidance to the German health insurance system. They bridge the gap between expats and both public and private health insurance providers, facilitating a smoother transition into the German healthcare framework.


1. Comprehensive Coverage Options: Feather Insurance simplifies the challenging choice between public and private health insurance in Germany. Additionally, they offer a range of coverage options for private and dental health insurance. This ensures expats can select the plan that aligns with their unique needs.

2. Personalized Expertise: The company excels in providing tailored insurance recommendations, recognizing every expat’s situation is different. Furthermore, their customer-centric approach ensures invaluable advice in a complex insurance market.

3. Trusted Partners: Feather Insurance collaborates with highly reputable insurance providers in Germany. These providers offer a balance of great value and extensive coverage, assuring clients of the reliability and quality of their insurance policies.

4. Efficient Digital Platform: Feather Insurance offers a fully digital sign-up process in English, completed in as little as three minutes. This streamlined approach simplifies securing health insurance in a foreign country, making it quick and hassle-free.

5. Proven Customer Satisfaction: With a growing clientele of over 30,000 expats, Feather Insurance has earned a reputation for its lifestyle-focused, personalized insurance advice. The overwhelmingly positive customer feedback underscores the company’s success in meeting the needs of its clients.

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Feather Insurance Cost

The company presents a diverse array of insurance products in Germany, each catering to specific needs and budgets:

  • Legal Insurance: Starting at €17.75 per month, with a variable deductible structure based on your claims history.
  • Dental Insurance: Available from €9 per month, providing extensive dental coverage for those on a German health insurance policy.
  • Personal Liability Insurance: Commencing at €17.75 per month, with the added advantage of free consultations with English-speaking lawyers.
  • Expat Health Insurance: Beginning at €72 per month, this policy meets visa requirements and encompasses accidents, emergencies, sudden illnesses, and more. It’s ideal for expatriates, freelancers, and temporary residents in need of comprehensive health insurance in Germany.
  • Feather Insurance provides a one-stop solution for expats, offering a variety of coverage options.
  • Tailored recommendations ensure that clients receive insurance coverage that aligns with their unique needs and preferences.
  • Partnering with reputable insurance providers instills confidence in the quality and reliability of insurance policies.
  • Feather Insurance primarily serves expats, which may not be ideal for individuals already familiar with the German health insurance system.
  • While Feather Insurance offers an English sign-up process, some expats may still face language challenges when dealing with healthcare providers in Germany.
  • While the company aims to expand to other countries, the success of this endeavor remains uncertain, potentially limiting its accessibility.

My Take

Feather Insurance serves as a valuable resource for expats in Germany seeking to navigate the intricacies of the German health insurance system. Their commitment to offering personalized advice, comprehensive coverage options, and a user-friendly digital platform is commendable.

For those unfamiliar with the German health insurance landscape, Feather Insurance is a reliable ally that simplifies the often confusing process of securing the right insurance. However, individuals already well-versed in the German health insurance system may find their services less essential.

The company’s vision of making insurance accessible in other countries is promising, and if executed effectively, it could benefit a broader audience beyond the German health insurance system.

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third Pick
Ottonova logo


Experience peace of mind with Ottonova, Germany’s premier private health insurance. Tailored plans, innovative coverage, and seamless digital services empower you to live your healthiest, happiest life with confidence.

Ottonova is a leading private health insurance company in Germany, offering a range of attractive health insurance options tailored to individual needs.

In a country with diverse health insurance options, Ottonova stands out as a reliable choice for those seeking comprehensive private health insurance coverage. This provider prioritizes 100% reimbursement for outpatient medical treatment and direct specialist care, making it a valuable option in the German health insurance market.

Highlights of Ottonova Private Insurance Plans

1. 100% Reimbursement: Ottonova’s commitment to 100% reimbursement for outpatient medical treatment and direct specialist care provides peace of mind, ensuring that healthcare costs are covered without out-of-pocket expenses.

2. Free Choice of Doctor and Clinic: The freedom to choose one’s doctor and clinic is a standout feature. Ottonova expands the options by granting access to private practices and clinics, offering a wide range of healthcare providers for clients.

3. Comprehensive Coverage: Ottonova’s private health insurance surpasses statutory limitations, covering a broad spectrum of treatments. This includes alternative therapies and preventive services without age restrictions.

4. Three Coverage Options: Ottonova provides flexibility with three distinct coverage options, catering to the diverse needs of salaried employees. The Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class tariffs ensure clients can select the plan that best suits their requirements.

5. Attractive Rates: Ottonova’s pricing structure considers factors like age, health status, and selected services, resulting in personalized and competitive monthly premiums.

Cost of Ottonova Health Insurance

Here are the prices for Ottonova’s private health insurance plans in Germany:

Premium Economy Tariff: The monthly premium for Ottonova’s Premium Economy tariff starts at €199.90 per month.

Business Class Tariff: The monthly premium for Ottonova’s Business Class tariff, which salaried employees most frequently choose, is €528.83 per month.

First Class Tariff: The monthly premium for Ottonova’s First Class tariff, which offers the most extensive coverage options, is €1,000 per month.

Ottonova Pros

  • Ottonova offers broader coverage, including unconventional treatments, preventive services, and alternative therapies, going beyond the limitations of statutory health insurance.
  • Clients can freely choose their doctors and clinics, and the availability of private practices and clinics further expands their options.
  • Ottonova’s approach to pricing considers individual factors, offering competitive rates tailored to the client’s age, health status, and selected services.

Ottonova Cons

  • Private health insurance premiums can vary significantly based on individual factors, potentially making it less predictable than statutory health insurance.
  • Private health insurance may not be available to everyone, particularly the self-employed or those with lower income levels.
  • The multitude of coverage options and pricing factors can make choosing the right private health insurance plan a complex process, requiring careful consideration.

My Take

Ottonova impresses with comprehensive health insurance and flexible pricing. Catering to diverse needs, it covers various treatments, appealing to those seeking alternative therapies and preventive services.

The freedom to choose doctors and clinics enhances flexibility. However, variable costs and eligibility restrictions may limit accessibility for some.

Overall, Ottonova’s commitment to personalized plans and competitive rates makes it a compelling choice in the German health insurance market, particularly for those seeking robust and tailored coverage.

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fourth Pick
Getsafe logo


Get ready for a revolution in insurance with Getsafe! Your pocket-sized guardian angel, offering hassle-free, mobile-first protection in Germany. Experience insurance that’s as smart and agile as you are!

Getsafe, a mobile-first insurance provider located in Heidelberg, Germany, offers a practical solution for health insurance in the country. Their focus on flexibility makes them a standout choice in the health insurance landscape, especially for expats in Germany.

With a variety of insurance products, Getsafe empowers customers to mix and match coverage to suit their individual needs, all accessible through a user-friendly app.


1. Tailored Insurance Packages: Getsafe’s hallmark feature is the ability to create customized insurance packages. Clients can choose from various insurance products to build coverage that aligns perfectly with their unique requirements.

2. Affordable Pricing: Getsafe’s commitment to offering budget-friendly prices sets them apart. With insurance options starting at just €3.60 per month, they provide accessible solutions for a wide range of customers.

3. User-Friendly App: The Getsafe app is more than just a platform for managing insurance policies. It is also a valuable resource, offering informative articles and guides that help users understand their policies and make well-informed decisions.

4. Customer Service: Getsafe goes the extra mile by offering customer support in English throughout the week. This focus on client communication ensures that users receive the assistance they need.

5. Diverse Insurance Products: Getsafe’s product range encompasses home contents insurance, private liability insurance, and international health insurance. Their unlimited coverage for damages in private liability insurance is a notable benefit, while international health insurance caters to the needs of expats living abroad.

Cost of Getlife Health Insurance in Germany

The cost of obtaining Getsafe’s international health insurance in Germany is highly flexible and varies according to individual requirements and the chosen insurance plan.

Clients can secure international health insurance from Getsafe with premiums starting at a remarkably affordable €3.60 monthly. Getsafe’s cost-effective pricing and customizable plans make it a compelling choice for budget-friendly expat health insurance in Germany.

Getsafe Pros

  • Getsafe’s tailored insurance packages allow clients to create coverage that matches their unique needs perfectly.
  • The company’s budget-friendly pricing, starting as low as €3.60 per month, makes quality insurance accessible.
  • The app’s informative content helps users understand their policies and make informed choices.

Getsafe Cons

  • While Getsafe offers diverse insurance products, it may not cover every possible insurance need, leaving some gaps for potential customers.
  • Getsafe’s appeal is primarily geared towards expats and those looking for budget-friendly insurance, potentially limiting its suitability for other market segments.
  • Getsafe might not be available to all individuals, especially those seeking comprehensive coverage or specialized policies not covered in their offerings.

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My Take on This Private Insurance Provider

Getsafe’s approach to flexible insurance is refreshing. Their affordability and English-speaking customer service are advantages. However, their niche focus may not cater to everyone’s needs.

Potential clients should carefully evaluate if Getsafe aligns with their insurance requirements. Despite this, Getsafe remains a valuable option for expats and those seeking tailored, cost-effective insurance solutions.

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Allianz Care

Last Pick
Allianz care logo

Allianz Care

Discover peace of mind with Allianz Care, Germany’s premier private insurance. Unmatched coverage tailored to your needs, ensuring you and your loved ones thrive with confidence.

Allianz Care is a notable private insurance provider in Germany, specializing in private health insurance for individuals and groups. They offer comprehensive coverage, encompassing hospital accommodation, intensive care, rehabilitation, and hospice care for employees.

Allianz Care also provides international health insurance plans tailored to individual needs, ensuring compliance with local healthcare regulations and systems.


1. Comprehensive Coverage: Allianz Care’s health insurance plans cover in-patient services, including hospital accommodation, intensive care, rehabilitation, and hospice care. This ensures individuals and groups access top-quality medical treatment.

2. Affordable Private Health Insurance Prices: Starting at just €3.60 per month, Allianz Care provides cost-effective private health insurance, making it accessible to many.

3. Group International Health Insurance: Allianz Care offers group international health insurance plans for companies with three or more staff members. This facilitates multiple trips to the region where the healthcare plan is held, with a combined maximum of 180 travel days per insurance year.

4. Digital Platform: The user-friendly digital platform offers information and guidance on health insurance policies, coverage options, and healthcare-related topics, ensuring customers are well-informed.

5. Compliance with Local Regulations: Allianz Care’s international health insurance plans are designed to align with local regulations and healthcare systems, providing tailored coverage to suit individual needs.

Cost of Allianz Care Healthcare Insurance

With affordable private health insurance starting at just €3.60 per month, they aim to make quality healthcare accessible. Their user-friendly digital platform offers valuable resources, such as informative articles and guides, enabling users to make well-informed decisions about their health insurance policy.

For those in Germany, Allianz Care offers insights into the national healthcare system, including hospital care and international private health insurance.

  • Allianz Care offers extensive coverage, including hospital care, which benefits individuals who value top-quality medical and dental treatment.
  • With prices starting at €3.60 per month, it’s an attractive option for self-employed individuals and those seeking a private insurance plan.
  • Allianz Care acts as an independent health insurance broker, offering a wide array of choices for health insurance policies to cater to various needs.
  • While comprehensive, private health insurance prices may still be a stretch for those with a limited budget or lower maximum monthly income.
  • Private health insurance may not be the best fit for individuals already covered by public insurance, as they often receive statutory sick pay and have different healthcare needs.
  • Allianz Care acts as an independent health insurance broker, offering a wide array of choices for health insurance policies to cater to various needs.

My Take: Is It One of The Best Private Health Insurance Companies?

Allianz Care is a reliable option for private health insurance in Germany, emphasizing comprehensive coverage and affordable prices. I appreciate their compliance focus, ensuring tailored coverage for customers.

However, it’s crucial to weigh pros and cons. While the offerings are compelling, lower incomes might face higher premiums, and those already covered by public insurance may not need to switch.

Ultimately, the choice of Allianz Care for private health insurance should be guided by individual circumstances and needs.

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How About Public Health Insurance Providers in Germany?

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Germany’s public health insurance, known as “German public health insurance” or “public health insurance scheme,” differs significantly from the private system, “private krankenversicherung.” Notable public health insurance providers in Germany include:

TK – Techniker Krankenkasse:

  • Popular for its expat-friendly services.
  • Offers the TK eHealth card for access to medical services in Germany and abroad.
  • Convenient online sign-up process.
  • Comprehensive healthcare coverage, including preventative, inpatient, outpatient, and rehabilitative care
  • Affordable insurance costs, with employers covering half of the expense.


  • Serves 8.5 million customers, including expats.
  • Offers cash rewards and 24/7 medical advice.
  • Covers dental care and alternative healing procedures.
  • Provides free preventative care and travel vaccination reimbursements.


  • Ideal for expats and students, with a multilingual support system.
  • Variable contribution rates depending on the customer.
  • Covers essential examinations, dental prophylaxis, and more.
  • Offers a user-friendly digital system and has numerous accessible branches.

Public health insurance in Germany covers doctor’s appointments, prescription medicines, and nursing care, with contributions based on income and often shared between employees and employers. Pre-existing conditions are covered, making it a more inclusive system than private health insurance.

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Final Thoughts About The Best German Health Insurance Providers

In conclusion, choosing the best health insurance provider in Germany depends on your unique needs and circumstances. Private insurers like Cigna Global, Feather Insurance, Ottonova, Getsafe, and Allianz Care offer various options, from comprehensive coverage to flexibility and affordability.

On the other hand, public health insurance providers like TK, Barmer, and AOK provide inclusive coverage for the majority of residents. To make an informed decision, consider your budget, health needs, and personal preferences.

If you want to learn more about the cost of German health insurance and how to choose the best provider, please click on the links in this article. By doing so, you will also help us keep this blog afloat and provide you with more informative and engaging content.

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