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Cheapest Health Insurance in Germany for Students

Cheapest Health Insurance in Germany for Students titlecard

Are you looking for the cheapest health insurance in Germany for students?

If you are an international student planning to study in Germany, you must know about the German health insurance system and the available options. Health insurance is mandatory in Germany, and you need proof of coverage before enrolling in a university or applying for a visa.

Companies like AOK, Techniker Krankenkasse, and Barmer offer affordable public health insurance with comprehensive coverage. Meanwhile, private options like Feather Insurance, Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe, and DR. WALTER provide tailored solutions with varying costs.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best health insurance providers for students and explain the differences between public and private health insurance in Germany. Whether you want a basic, comprehensive, or flexible health insurance plan, we will help you find the most affordable and suitable option.

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What Are The Cheapest Private Health Insurance For Students in Germany?

International student consulting a female doctor

Private health insurance for students in Germany doesn’t need to be expensive. While PHI covers about 10.5% of the population, exploring cost-effective options is essential. Visaguide.world says that the cost of private health insurance in Germany varies widely, ranging from 150 to 1500 euros per month, contingent on individual circumstances.

Students often have alternatives to traditional private health insurance, such as student or public health insurance. International students may consider obtaining an international student health insurance plan or a European Health Insurance Card.

Tailored student packages from private insurers can be more affordable. Research and compare options to find a cost-effective plan meeting students’ needs.

In Germany, private health insurance doesn’t have to break the bank, and diverse options exist. Some examples are Feather Insurance, Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe, and DR. Walter.

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Feather Insurance  – from 72 to 110 Per Month

Our Pick
Feather Insurance logo

Feather Insurance

Tailored for expat students in Germany. Unlock comprehensive coverage designed for your unique journey. Navigate your academic adventure with confidence, knowing your health is in expert hands.

The company specializes in private and student health insurance for expats in Germany. The English-speaking brokerage tailors coverage to individual lifestyles and needs.

They’ve built a strong reputation for not recommending products that don’t align with these specific requirements. Feather Insurance collaborates with trusted providers in the German insurance market, ensuring excellent value and comprehensive coverage.


The cost of Feather Health Insurance varies based on individual circumstances and the specific type of coverage chosen. According to their website, their expat health insurance policy in Germany starts at €72 per month. Age, health status, and visa requirements can influence this cost.

Feather Insurance also offers a range of insurance options beyond private health insurance, including dental, personal liability, bike, and legal insurance.

Understanding the cost of health insurance is crucial for foreign students in Germany, especially those attending a German university. Feather’s health insurance policy offers coverage for medical costs and access to private healthcare services, complementing the required public healthcare insurance for students.

Feather Insurance additionally provides travel health insurance. It caters specifically to language students and foreign students, offering tailored and comprehensive coverage.


1. Tailored Health Insurance Solutions: Feather Insurance tailors health plans for diverse expat needs in Germany, catering to new arrivals and seasoned residents alike.

2. Comprehensive German Health Insurance: Feather Insurance offers comprehensive health coverage in Germany, ensuring peace of mind in navigating the local healthcare intricacies.

3. Student Health Insurance Expertise: Feather Insurance offers specialized private student health insurance for international students in Germany. Their advisors are well-versed in the unique requirements of students, making the transition to a foreign healthcare system smoother.

4. Support for International Travelers: Feather Insurance goes the extra mile by providing health coverage when traveling abroad. This benefit is invaluable for expats who often find themselves crossing borders.

5. Customer-Centric Approach: Feather Insurance’s customer-centric philosophy ensures that its recommendations are aligned with your lifestyle and preferences. They offer essential tools and resources to simplify navigating the complex insurance landscape in Germany.

  • Offers extensive coverage, ensuring you’re well-protected in various healthcare scenarios.
  • Their expertise in private student health insurance is a significant advantage for international students in Germany.
  • The company’s commitment to matching insurance products to individual needs is a standout feature.
  • Emphasizes tailored recommendations, they might not provide enough upfront information about the cost implications.
  • It’s essential to inquire about coverage for pre-existing conditions, which isn’t explicitly mentioned.
  • The scope of their services beyond Germany isn’t clear, which may limit its usefulness for expats in other European countries.

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My Take

Feather Insurance is a reliable and customer-focused health insurance company in Germany, particularly for expats and international students. Their specialization in private and student health insurance demonstrates a deep understanding of the unique needs of their target audience.

I appreciate their commitment to tailoring recommendations, as this ensures that clients receive insurance plans that align with their lifestyles and requirements.

Comprehensive coverage and support benefit international travelers, adding convenience. Potential clients should seek clarity on costs and inquire about coverage for pre-existing conditions.

While Feather Insurance excels in the German market, it would be beneficial to have more information about their services in other European countries for a broader clientele. It’s a solid choice for those seeking a private health insurance plan catering to their needs and circumstances.

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Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe€24.50 per month

2nd Pick
Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe logo

Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe

Symbolizing vitality in health coverage. Germany’s top choice for private insurance and expat students. Navigate life confidently with tailored plans and unmatched support for your well-being journey.

Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe is a leading health insurance company in Germany, specializing in private health insurance and offering solutions like student health insurance.

With a strong focus on health coverage, they have established themselves as a reliable insurance provider in the country. Their services cater to both native residents and foreigners, making them a versatile choice for anyone seeking insurance in Germany.


Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe provides private health insurance for international students in Germany at an affordable rate, beginning at just €24.50 per month, according to studentversicherung.de.

This insurance plan covers medical care from doctors, dentists, and hospitals, ensuring that international students are protected from potentially high healthcare costs in Germany.

In Germany, public health insurance is common, but Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe provides an attractive alternative for international students. This reputable provider caters to their unique needs, offering affordable private insurance for up to five years, presenting a cost-effective health insurance solution.


1. Comprehensive Health Insurance: Hanse Merkur provides a wide range of private health insurance plans, ensuring that individuals can access quality healthcare services when needed.

2. Specialization in Travel Insurance: They excel in travel insurance, giving customers peace of mind abroad, whether for business or leisure.

3. Affordable Options: Hanse Merkur is known for its commitment to offering cheap health insurance options without compromising quality. This makes it an attractive choice for those seeking private health insurance in Germany.

4. Experienced Insurance Provider: With a strong track record and extensive experience in insuring foreigners, Hanse Merkur is a trustworthy partner for international students and expats.

5. Financially Strong Company: As a medium-sized personal insurer, Hanse Merkur boasts financial stability and consistently delivers strong performance. This ensures that they can meet their customers’ needs effectively.

  • Provides health insurance for newcomers to Germany, offering student certificates and travel coverage—ideal for expats and travelers.
  • Renowned for budget-friendly student health insurance and affordable plans
  • Diverse private health plans cater to individual needs, ensuring customers find a suitable policy with ease.
  • Limited European Health Insurance Card coverage—a potential drawback for certain customers
  • While robust, they lack the market share and recognition of larger health insurance counterparts in Germany.
  • Offers diverse services beyond health insurance, potentially a drawback for those seeking a dedicated health coverage provider.

My Take

Consider Hanse Merkur for reliable private health insurance in Germany, which is ideal for students and travelers. Their commitment to affordability and specialization in travel insurance underscores their dedication to diverse client needs.

Despite not being the largest, Hanse Merkur’s strong finances and diverse products make it noteworthy among health insurers in Germany. If seeking affordable student or general health insurance, explore their offerings.

DR. WALTER€33 – €120 Per Month

3rd Pick
Dr. walter logo

Dr. Walter

Elevating health coverage for Germany’s private clients and expat students. Unparalleled care tailored to your needs, ensuring a robust and secure health journey wherever life takes you.

DR. WALTER is a universal health insurance provider in Germany that caters to the insurance needs of foreigners. They offer a wide range of health insurance policies, including private health insurance and public health insurance, making them a go-to option for international students, visitors, and expatriates.

Their commitment to meeting the German embassy’s requirements for visa applications sets them apart as a reliable choice for those in need of health insurance in Germany.

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DR-WALTER Health Insurance offers various health insurance plans tailored for international students in Germany. According to their website, the German student insurance plan starts at €120.34 per month for students aged 23 and over and €125.21 per month for students with a child aged 23 and over.

Moreover, they provide an affordable and sought-after option for international students: EDUCARE24. This comprehensive plan, designed specifically for international students in Germany, begins at just €33 per month.


1. Tailored Health Insurance: DR. WALTER provides private health insurance specifically designed for international students up to 45 years old. This tailored approach ensures that young scholars have access to quality healthcare in Germany.

2. Comprehensive Health Insurance for Scholars: They offer comprehensive health insurance for foreign scholarship holders, which meets visa requirements and provides a safety net for academic pursuits in a foreign land.

3. Multilingual Customer Support: DR. WALTER understands the diverse backgrounds of its clients and offers customer service in German, English, and Chinese, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder individuals seeking the right health insurance in Germany.

4. Versatile Travel Insurance: Their range of travel insurance policies, including trip cancellation insurance, personal liability insurance, baggage insurance, accident insurance, and assistance insurance, caters to the needs of international travelers and guests coming to Germany, providing peace of mind during their journeys.

5. Additional Coverage Options: For those seeking comprehensive coverage, DR. WALTER offers supplementary insurance plans that include personal liability, accident, baggage, and assistance insurance. These plans can be combined with their student health insurance options, providing a holistic approach to healthcare coverage.

Dr. Walter Pros

  • Ideal coverage for young scholars navigating their academic pursuits with confidence.
  • Multilingual customer service, including English and Chinese, enhances communication and support for international clients.
  • Streamline your visa application with health insurance meeting German embassy requirements, designed for international students and scholars.

Dr. Walter Cons

  • Limited to those up to 45 years old, which might be a drawback for older individuals seeking coverage.
  • May not fully meet the broader needs of other expatriates or travelers.
  • The range of insurance options can be overwhelming for some clients,

My Take

DR. WALTER is a commendable insurance company that offers tailored private healthcare insurance for international students and scholars in Germany. Their commitment to serving this demographic, compliance with visa requirements, and multilingual customer support make them a top choice for exchange students.

While niche, their services cater primarily to students. International students should evaluate plan advantages against specific needs and cost considerations.

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What is the Cheapest Public Student Health Insurance in Germany?

Patient talking with a doctor

Public health insurance in Germany, often called statutory health insurance, plays a crucial role for international students studying there. It is mandatory for international students to have health insurance, and public health insurance is a popular choice due to its affordability.

International students in Germany must have health insurance due to legal obligations to ensure access to healthcare, protect public health, and provide financial security. It’s a mandatory safeguard against substantial medical expenses and contributes to overall well-being.

The cost of public health insurance for students in Germany is typically around €110 per month, making it one of the cheapest options.

Various public health insurance providers offer these policies, ensuring comprehensive health insurance coverage. Many students opt for this German health insurance because it meets their visa requirements and provides access to quality healthcare services at a reasonable cost.

The cheapest health insurance in Germany for students includes AOK, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), and Barmer.

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1. AOK – Affordable Public Student Health Insurance in Germany

1st Pick
AOK logo


Pioneering health coverage for Germany’s public and expat students. Tailored plans, cutting-edge care, and a commitment to your well-being. Experience the essence of vibrant health with AOK.

AOK (Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse) is Germany’s leading public health insurance provider, boasting over a century of expertise in the field. Their comprehensive health insurance offerings cater to employees, students, and family members of insured individuals.

The company is a prominent public or statutory health insurance provider accessible to anyone in Germany eligible for public health insurance.

AOK extends its services to international students with an English-language online platform, addressing crucial questions about German health insurance. They provide multilingual assistance through a dedicated service hotline for direct advice.

With numerous locations across Germany, individuals can conveniently choose the one nearest to their residence.

In addition to statutory health insurance coverage, AOK offers supplementary services. These include covering or contributing to the expenses of select health programs such as yoga, fitness, and nutrition courses. Members can also participate in informative webinars like “Studying and Working in Germany.”

Cost of AOK Public Insurance

According to information available on the AOK website, the monthly rate for AOK international student health insurance in Germany stands at €82.99 as of January 1, 2023. Please note that a small additional regional fee, typically ranging between eight to fifteen euros, may also be applicable.

Furthermore, students must pay a statutory contribution of €24.77 per month for care insurance, effective from January 1, 2023. AOK proves to be a cost-effective choice for international students seeking reliable public health insurance coverage in Germany.

2. Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)

2nd Pick
Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) logo

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)

Germany’s health guardian for public insurance and expat students. Revolutionizing care with personalized plans. Embrace a vibrant, healthy lifestyle, backed by TK’s unwavering commitment to your well-being.

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is a leading German statutory health insurer that provides extensive coverage for students, employees, and insured family members. TK offers comprehensive public health insurance in Germany, including doctor visits, hospital stays, medications, and medical aids.

They also provide additional benefits such as dental coverage, preventive check-ups, and maternity care. TK is renowned for its high-quality service, on par with other major statutory health insurance providers in Germany.

They offer access to cutting-edge medical treatments, specialized contracts with healthcare professionals, health classes, and seamless payment via the insurance card. TK members can choose specialist doctors and dentists and have access to licensed hospitals.


The cost of TK’s international student health insurance in Germany varies depending on individual income, with the additional contribution being specific to the TK branch.

However, according to studying-in-germany.org, the cost of TK health insurance for international students in Germany is €105.80 per month (€103.94 per month for students up to 22) as of 2023.

3. Barmer

3rd Pick
Barmer logo


Tailored plans, unparalleled support—ensuring your well-being journey is seamless, wherever life takes you in the vibrant German landscape.

Barmer is a prominent German statutory health insurer offering comprehensive public health insurance in Germany for employees, students, and families. They cover all medically necessary services, including doctor visits, specialists, approved hospitals, and preventive care.

Additional benefits encompass dental coverage, family vaccinations, and free screenings. Barmer’s customer service is available in multiple languages, ensuring direct support.

Barmer is renowned for its high-quality service, on par with major health insurance providers in Germany. They offer advanced medical treatments, specialist contracts, and easy payment with insurance cards.

Members have the freedom to choose their healthcare providers and access licensed hospitals.


Barmer is the most expensive student health insurance on our list, with a monthly price of 112.95 EUR. Beyond basic coverage, Barmer provides supplementary services, supports select health programs, and offers informative webinars. This extra support enhances the overall value of Barmer’s student health insurance offerings.

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How Can Students Save Money on Their Health Insurance in Germany?

Keyboard with save money written on a key

Here are five detailed ways for students, including international students, to save money on their health insurance in Germany:

1. Choose Public Health Insurance

Opt for public health insurance as it is generally more affordable than private insurance in Germany, especially for students. German health insurance for international students is primarily provided through statutory student health insurance, funded by monthly contributions.

According to german-visa.org, international students can expect to pay around €110 per month to a public insurance company. This public health insurance scheme is cost-effective.

2. Compare Insurance Policies

It’s crucial to compare various health insurance policies for international students offered by different companies in Germany. Some private insurance companies, like DR-WALTER and Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe, provide cost-effective options.

For example, DR-WALTER offers an international student health insurance plan starting at €33 per month. In contrast, Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe’s private health insurance starts at only €24.50 per month for a maximum of five years.

3. Opt for a Higher Deductible

Consider choosing a higher deductible on your health insurance plan. This means you’ll pay more out of pocket before your insurance coverage begins. While this can lower your monthly premiums, be mindful that you’ll have to cover more medical expenses if needed. This strategy suits healthy individuals who do not anticipate frequent medical care.

4. Add Travel Insurance

Some insurance companies offer travel insurance as an add-on to their health insurance for international student plans. This is a cost-effective way to acquire additional coverage for medical emergencies while traveling in Germany.

5. Utilize Special Rates

As an international student or expat in Germany, take advantage of special rates if you don’t plan to stay there for more than five years. You may be eligible for a special rate, potentially paying as little as €250 per month for comprehensive private health insurance.

Additionally, explore opportunities to enhance your German health insurance plan with useful extensions at a minimal extra cost, considering that employers subsidize half your premiums and that health insurance is tax-deductible in Germany.

By implementing these strategies, students can effectively reduce their health insurance costs while ensuring adequate coverage during their stay in Germany.

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Final Thoughts About The Cheapest Health Insurance in Germany for Students

In conclusion, it’s essential to explore public and private insurance options when it comes to finding the cheapest health insurance in Germany for students.

Public health insurance, provided by companies like AOK, Techniker Krankenkasse, and Barmer, offers affordability and comprehensive coverage.

Private insurance options, such as Feather Insurance, Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe, and DR. WALTER, provide tailored solutions with varying costs.

To save money, students can compare policies, consider higher deductibles, and utilize special rates. For more in-depth information, click the links in the article to make an informed choice.

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