Best Neighborhoods in Prague

Best Neighborhoods in Prague

Welcome to Prague, a city that seamlessly weaves the threads of history, culture, and architectural marvels. Explore its charming streets to find a unique mix of districts with character and allure. We listed the best neighborhoods in Prague for every traveler, from the Old Town’s cobblestoned streets to Zizkov’s artsy street life.

Getting to Know Prague

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Considered the economic hub of central Europe, Prague is the largest and capital city of the Czech Republic. Rich in history, culture, architecture, and vibrant scenery, this city has become a famous tourist district.

Not only is Prague a notable tourist destination, but Mercer ranked the city as the 69th most livable city in the world in 2019.

With all these captivating stories, tourists will never feel any downer moments when visiting Prague. If you are a first-time traveler, where to visit Prague can be overwhelming as there are so many beautiful sights to see.

Thankfully, Prague is divided into 22 neighborhoods, making it easier for tourists to navigate the area as each place has unique things to do.

Depending on your preference and interests, each popular Prague neighborhood has its distinct allure. To help you started, here are some of the best neighborhoods in Prague:

Old Town Square

Prague Old Town Square website

At the heart of Prague lies Old Town Square. During the 10th century, this district used to be a marketplace. With this long history, the city serves as a timeless link that shapes Prague into the captivating tourist destination it is today.

The rich history of Old Town Square makes it the best neighborhood for sightseeing activities. You will find numerous historical landmarks, some now declared UNESCO heritage sites.

What To Do

Prague’s Old Town Square is a vibrant and historic hub that offers a variety of activities and attractions for tourists.

This Prague area has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in history, architecture, culture, or a lively plaza.

Astronomical Clock

Prague's astronomical clock

The Astronomical Clock is a medieval marvel dating back to 1410. It is one of the world’s most famous and third-oldest astronomical clocks.

Mikulas of Kadan crafted this clock in the early 15th century, and it adorns the Old Town Hall within Prague’s central square.

To date, this clock is the oldest clock that still operates. Every hour, the clock comes to life with music and moving figures. Witnessing this intricate display is a must-do experience, especially for first-time visitors.

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn in Prague

The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn is an iconic Gothic structure with distinctive twin spires.

Considered one of the most iconic landmarks in Prague, its history dates back to the mid-14th century, symbolizing the city’s growth and serving as a place of worship for foreign merchants.

Over time, the church has adopted changes in artistic trends reflecting the periods of Reformation and Baroque.

Today, it remains a cherished part of Prague’s skyline and an enduring testament to its cultural and architectural heritage.

Where to Stay

Staying near Prague’s Old Town Square neighborhood allows you to immerse yourself in the historic center charm just a few minutes away from its iconic landmarks.

Various accommodation options are available to suit the different preferences and budgets of the traveler.

Here are some recommended hotels within walking distance of this Prague neighborhood:

Allure Hotel Prague

Allure Hotel Prague website

Allure Hotel Prague is a 4-star hotel located in the center of Prague. Hotel guests can walk to the Astronomical Clock and Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, 500 meters away.

Exploring the city is easy due to its close proximity to the Staroměstská Subway metro station.

The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with various amenities, including a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, and a Nespresso machine with capsules.

  • The hotel provides complimentary WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, a concierge service, airport transfers, and a bicycle rental service.
  • Guests can enjoy a breakfast buffet daily with various menu options, including Full English/Irish or American breakfast.
  • The hotel has a cocktail bar where guests can relax and enjoy a drink.

Ptyloun Boutique Hotel Prague

Ptyloun Boutique Hotel Prague website

Ptyloun Boutique Hotel Prague is a design boutique hotel on Wenceslas Square in central Prague. The hotel has a convenient location near public transportation.

It offers luxurious, modern, and refined rooms with various amenities. Some rooms have a terrace that provides the best views of Wenceslas Square.

  • Guests can enjoy traditional Czech cuisine and a unique fusion of tapas at Restaurant Talir.
  • Ptyloun Sky Bar & Restaurant Prague offers rooftop views of Prague Castle, Franciscan Garden, and Wenceslas Square for guests to relax.

Where to Eat

Prague’s Old Town is a great place to find delicious food, with many restaurants. From traditional Czech cuisine to international flavors, there’s something for everyone.

Here are some of the popular places to eat in Old Town:

Cafe Louvre

Dish in Cafe Louvre in Prague

Café Louvre is a historic café located in the center of Prague on Národní Třída near the National Theatre.

It has been open for over 100 years and has a unique atmosphere and traditional menu. The cafe is known for its elegant decor, delicious food, and lively atmosphere.

Here are some of the things you can expect at Cafe Louvre:

  • A grand interior with high ceilings, chandeliers, and marble floors
  • A menu of classic European dishes, including beefsteak tartare, goulash, and apple strudel
  • A wide selection of coffee, tea, and desserts
  • A lively atmosphere that is perfect for people-watching

Cafe Louvre is a great place to enjoy a meal, have a drink, or relax and soak up the atmosphere of Old Town Prague.

Some popular dishes at this cafe are Beefsteak tartare, Goulash, and Apple Strudel. The prices at Cafe Louvre are moderate. A main course will typically cost around € 20.

Lokál Dlouhááá

Dishes in Lokál Dlouhááá in Prague

Lokál Dlouhááá is a popular restaurant in Prague that offers high-quality Czech food, fast and friendly service, and a great atmosphere.

The restaurant has a sleek and sophisticated design with industrial decor. It is known for its fresh local ingredients, perfectly poured beers, and traditional Czech dishes with a modern twist.

Here are some things you can expect at Lokál Dlouhááá:

  • A casual atmosphere with wooden tables and benches
  • A menu of traditional Czech dishes, such as svíčková na smetaně (beef in cream sauce), guláš (goulash), knedlíky (dumplings), and pivo (beer)
  • Friendly and efficient service
  • Reasonable prices
  • A lively atmosphere, especially during peak hours

Lokál Dlouhááá is perfect for tourists looking for a delicious and authentic Czech meal in a relaxed setting. Just be prepared for a wait, as it is a popular restaurant.

Some popular dishes are Beef in Cream Sauce, Fried Cheese, and Dumplings.

The typical main course at this restaurant ranges from € 4 for a simple dish and € 10 for an elaborate dish.

Pros and Cons of Old Town Square

Old Town Square in Prague

The Old Town Square in Prague is historic and iconic, but like any destination, it has pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons of Old Town Square in Prague:

Pros When Visiting Old Town Square

  • It is a beautiful and historic square with many landmarks, such as the Astronomical Clock, the Tyn Church, and the Old Town Hall.
  • It is a lively and vibrant place with street performers, musicians, and vendors.
  • The Old Town Square has many restaurants and cafes for tourists to find something to eat or drink easily.
  • It is convenient, close to other popular tourist attractions, such as the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.

Cons When Visiting Old Town Square

  • During the peak tourist season, this neighborhood is crowded and noisy.
  • It can be expensive, especially the restaurants and shops in the square.
  • There are a lot of pickpockets in the area, so be careful of your belongings.
  • The square can be overwhelming for some people, mainly if you are not used to crowds.


Vinohrady in Prague

Vinohrady offers an elegant residential atmosphere with well-preserved architecture, making it an ideal neighborhood for experiencing local culture and escaping tourist crowds.

Its diverse culinary scene, cultural engagement, and international community contribute to its charm.

The neighborhood of Vinohrady is perfect for travelers who appreciate a balance between a tranquil residential environment and vibrant cultural experiences.

It’s ideal for those seeking to explore a neighborhood with elegant architecture, enjoy local parks, and immerse themselves in a diverse culinary scene. 

Vinohrady is especially ideal for visitors who want to meet international people and relax in Prague while still seeing its sights.

What To Do

Cultural engagement thrives with theaters, galleries, and local events contributing to Vinohrady’s artistic ambiance.

Whether shopping for unique finds or immersing in local life, the neighborhood presents a vibrant, community-oriented atmosphere.

Vinohrady’s blend of relaxation, cultural enrichment, and culinary delights provides an authentic Prague experience with a cosmopolitan charm.

Náměstí Míru

Peace Square in Prague

Náměstí Míru (Peace Square) is a significant public square located in the Vinohrady neighborhood of Prague. It holds historical and architectural importance and offers a serene and charming space for locals and visitors alike.

Náměstí Míru is known for the Vinohrady Theater (Vinohradské divadlo), a gorgeous Neo-Renaissance structure that hosts dramas, comedies, and operas.

Riegrovy Sady

Riegrovy Sady website

Riegrovy Sady is a popular park located in the Vinohrady neighborhood of Prague. Known for its picturesque landscapes, recreational facilities, and panoramic views, Riegrovy Sady Park offers locals and visitors a serene escape in the city’s heart.

Riegrovy Sady is a great place to visit in Prague, with its large park, running paths, and beautiful view of Prague. It is also home to a famous beer garden and cafe with outdoor and rooftop seating.

The park is a popular spot for locals, expats, and students. It was founded in 1902 and named after F. L. Rieger, a famous Czech lawyer and politician. If you’re looking for a relaxing outdoor experience in Prague, Riegrovy Sady is worth a visit.

Where to Stay

Vinohrady is a desirable neighborhood in Prague, offering a balance between a peaceful residential atmosphere and proximity to attractions. 

Hotel Claris

Hotel Claris website

Hotel Claris is a three-star hotel set in the heart of the residential area of Vinohrady in Prague, only one metro stop from Wenceslas Square. It is a charming hotel with a beautiful Art Nouveau facade. The hotel is also near the famous landmark Náměstí Míru.

The hotel has 55 air-conditioned rooms with TV and free WiFi. Its central location makes it convenient for exploring Prague and is situated in a quiet area of the famous Vinohrady district.

  • Free, unlimited data at all times through your complimentary in-room smartphone
  • Elegant rooftop pool and bar area with ample seating space and a great view of Prague.
  • Restaurant La Terraza del Claris, run by Michelin-starred chef Aurelio Morales, serves fresh Mediterranean cuisine.

Deminka Palace

Deminka Palace website

Deminka Palace is a luxurious hotel in the heart of Prague, just behind the National Museum. It is a beautiful Art Nouveau building built as a private residence in the early 20th century.

The hotel has been carefully restored and retains many original features, including its beautiful stained glass windows and grand staircase.

The hotel has 55 rooms and suites, all of which are spacious and luxuriously designed.

Each room features high ceilings, marble bathrooms, and large windows with city views. The hotel also has many amenities, including a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Prague.

  • The location is close to the Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge.
  • The rooftop terrace at Deminka Palace is a great place to relax and enjoy the views of Prague. It is located on the hotel’s top floor and offers panoramic city views, including the Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, and the Vltava River.

Where to Eat

Vinohrady is known for its diverse culinary scene. When dining in this neighborhood, there are plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds. Here are some popular dining options in the area:

Pivovar U Tří růží

Dish from Pivovar U Tří růží in Prague

Pivovar U Tří růžíis a must-visit for beer lovers and those looking to try traditional Czech cuisine. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and a brewery, brewing six beers.

If you’re looking for a charming and cozy place to enjoy good beer and Czech cuisine in Prague, Pivovar U Tří růží is worth a visit.

Here are some of the things you can expect at Pivovar U Tří růží:

  • Enjoy a variety of delicious Czech beers, including light lager, dark lager, specialty beers, and non-alcoholic beers.
  • Learn about the history of brewing in Prague on a brewery tour.
  • Enjoy a meal in the brewery’s restaurant, which offers Czech specialties and beer.
  • Take a break from sightseeing and relax in the brewery’s beer garden.
  • Visit the brewery’s gift shop, which sells souvenirs and gifts.

Popular dishes at this restaurant are Pork knuckle with sauerkraut and dumplings, Beer-battered fish and chips, and Beef tartare with capers and grilled bread.

Den Noc

Den Noc at TripAdvisor

Den Noc is a charming restaurant and wine bar in Prague, Czech Republic. It provides the perfect setting to savor traditional Czech delicacies amidst a cozy and intimate ambiance. This restaurant and wine bar is known for its Lívance and savory salmon pancakes. 

Noteworthy for its delectable Lívance and savory salmon pancakes, this establishment promises a culinary experience beyond compare.

Here are some of the things you can expect at Den Noc:

  • The restaurant serves modern Czech cuisine, so you can expect to find traditional and innovative dishes. The menu changes seasonally, allowing visitors to try something new.
  • The restaurant uses local ingredients whenever possible, making the food fresh and flavorful.
  • The restaurant has a wide selection of Czech beers and wines so that you can enjoy a drink with your meal.
  • The restaurant has a casual atmosphere for guests to relax and enjoy their meals.

Popular dishes at this restaurant are Roasted duck with plum sauce, Grilled trout with roasted vegetables, and Beef tartare with shallots and capers.

Pros and Cons of Vonohrady

Vinohrady in Prague

Vinohrady is a great neighborhood to visit in Prague. However, this neighborhood has pros and cons that travelers must consider when visiting the area.

Pros When Visiting Vinohrady

  • It is located in the center of Prague, making it a convenient place to live. It is close to all the major attractions, as well as to public transportation.
  • To enjoy the outdoors, Vinohrady has several parks and gardens, including Riegrovy Sady and Havlíčkovy Sady.
  • It is considered a prestigious area of Prague and home to many embassies, consulates, and some of the city’s most expensive apartments.
  • This neighborhood has a vibrant food and drink scene. Many great restaurants and bars serve everything from traditional Czech cuisine to international fare.
  • The locals in Vinohrady are known for being friendly and welcoming. They are always happy to help out newcomers.

Cons When Visiting Vinohrady:

  • Vinohrady is less lively than other areas of Prague, such as the Old Town or the Jewish Quarter. There are fewer bars and clubs in Vinohrady, and the streets are less crowded.
  • The neighborhood is less popular with tourists than some other areas of Prague.
  • There are fewer public transportation options in Vinohrady than in some other areas of Prague, making it challenging to get around if you do not have a car.

Malá Strana

Malá Strana in Prague

Founded in the 13th century as a market settlement, Malá Strana grew into a haven for nobility and aristocracy, showcasing grand palaces and residences. A devastating fire in 1541 led to its Baroque reconstruction, and it became a hub for cultural and political activity. 

Visitors seeking an authentic picture of Prague’s past love Malá Strana’s history, well-preserved Baroque buildings, and proximity to Prague Castle and Charles Bridge.

What To Do

Malá Strana, which means “Lesser Town” in English, is a historic and charming Prague neighborhood located on the Vltava River’s left bank, just below Prague Castle. It’s known for its cobblestone streets, Baroque architecture, and intimate atmosphere.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle at dusk

Prague Castle, known as “Pražský hrad” in Czech, is a historic and iconic landmark that dominates the skyline of Prague. This expansive castle complex holds immense historical, cultural, and architectural significance, making it a must-visit destination for travelers.

Prague Castle’s history dates back to the 9th century and has served as the seat of Czech kings, emperors, and presidents.

It’s one of the largest castle complexes with Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture, illustrating its centuries-long evolution and rulers.

Malá Strana Market

Malá Strana Market in Prague

The Malá Strana Market is an open-air market in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. It is open every Thursday and the first Saturday of the month.

The market is great for souvenirs, food, and local produce. It is also a great place to experience Prague’s culture and way of life.

Some of the things you can buy at the Malá Strana Market are souvenirs, food items, and local products. This open-air market is excellent for travelers looking for authentic Prague products.

Where to Stay

Malá Strana offers a range of accommodation options, including boutique hotels, luxury hotels, guesthouses, and apartments. Some notable places to consider include:

Hotel Golden Star

Hotel Golden Star website

Hotel Golden Star is an excellent choice for those looking for a relaxed stay in the historical center of Prague. The hotel is set in an impressive Baroque building below Prague Castle and offers panoramic views over the Old Town, Lesser Town, and Prague Castle.

Hotel Golden Star is a 4-star hotel in a charming old town building in the Mala Strana neighborhood of Prague.

The hotel provides comfortable and well-equipped rooms with WiFi, minibars, and 32-inch LCD TVs with satellite channels. The rooms also feature air conditioning and heating for optimal comfort.

  • A centrally located hotel in the charming Mala Strana neighborhood.
  • A beautiful old town building with a charming atmosphere.
  • A rooftop terrace with stunning views of Prague.
  • Comfortable and spacious rooms.
  • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • A restaurant that serves modern Czech cuisine.
  • A bar and a fitness center.

Augustine Hotel

Augustine Hotel website

Augustine Hotel Prague is a 5-star luxury hotel that is part of the Marriott Luxury Collection in the Mala Strana neighborhood of Prague. The hotel is not only luxurious but also pet-friendly, perfect for traveling with your furry friends. 

Augustine Hotel offers refined quarters and a chic spa. It is set in seven historic buildings, including a 13th-century monastery. The hotel also features a European restaurant. 

  • A luxurious and historic hotel in the heart of Prague.
  • A historic building that was once a monastery.
  • Spacious and luxuriously appointed rooms.
  • A rooftop terrace with stunning views of Prague.
  • A spa, a fitness center, and a restaurant.
  • Friendly and attentive staff.

Where to Eat

The specialty cuisine in Mala Strana is traditional Czech cuisine. This cuisine is known for its hearty dishes, such as goulash, roasted duck, and dumplings.

Some recommended restaurants offer local food at local prices, while others offer fine dining experiences.

Overall, Mala Strana is an excellent place for tourists to explore the local cuisine of Prague and try new dishes.

Kampa Park Restaurant

Kampa Park Restaurant website

Kampa Park Restaurant is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Prague’s Kampa Park area. The restaurant serves modern European cuisine with a focus on local ingredients.

The menu of Kempar Park Restaurant changes seasonally. Its signature dishes include lobster bisque, roasted duck breast, and chocolate mousse.

With a casual and relaxed atmosphere, Kempa Park restaurant is famous among locals and tourists.

Here are some of the things you can expect at Kampa Park Restaurant:

  • The restaurant has a beautiful view of the Charles Bridge and the Vltava River.
  • Reservations are required, especially during peak season.

La Finestra

La Finestra website

La Finestra is an Italian restaurant in the Mala Strana neighborhood of Prague. Popular among locals and tourists, this restaurant is known for its authentic Italian cuisine and its cozy atmosphere.

The menu at La Finestra features a variety of Italian dishes, including pasta, pizza, risotto, seafood, and meat dishes. The pasta is made fresh daily, and the pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven. The restaurant also has a wide selection of Italian wines.

The service at La Finestra is friendly and attentive. The staff is happy to help you choose suitable dishes and wines.

La Finestra is a great place to enjoy an Italian romantic dinner or a casual meal with friends.

Here are some of the things you can expect at La Finestra:

  • The restaurant serves classic Italian dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  • The restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with exposed brick walls and wooden beams.
  • The prices at La Finestra are reasonable, making it a good value for the quality of food and service.
  • La Finestra is a popular restaurant; reservations are recommended, especially for dinner.

Pros and Cons of Malá Strana

Malá Strana in Prague

Malá Strana, Prague’s Little Quarter, is a great place to visit if you want a central, convenient, and historic neighborhood with a charming atmosphere. However, it is crucial to be aware of the crowds and the high prices before you decide to stay there.

Pros of Malá Strana

  • Malá Strana is located in the center of Prague, making it a convenient place to stay.
  • Malá Strana has many historical attractions, such as the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.
  • Malá Strana is a charming neighborhood with narrow streets and old-town architecture.
  • Malá Strana has a vibrant food and drink scene. Many great restaurants and bars serve everything from traditional Czech cuisine to international fare.
  • Malá Strana has a lively nightlife scene with many bars and clubs to choose from, especially in summer.

Cons of Malá Strana

  • Malá Strana can be crowded, especially during the summer months.
  • Malá Strana is a popular tourist destination, so traveling and eating there can be expensive.
  • Malá Strana does not have as much green space as some other neighborhoods in Prague.


Žižkov, Prague

Žižkov is a lively and eclectic neighborhood in Prague known for its artistic vibe, vibrant atmosphere, and distinct character. Named after the Czech military leader Jan Žižka, this district offers a unique blend of history, culture, and local charm.

Originally a working-class area, Žižkov has transformed into a bohemian enclave. It was historically associated with factories and blue-collar workers, but today, it’s known for its alternative and creative spirit.

What To Do

Žižkov is a hub of artistic expression, quirky charm, and local energy. The neighborhood’s mix of historical buildings, street art, and local culture creates a dynamic and unique atmosphere.

Žižkov Television Tower

Žižkov Television Tower in Prague

The Žižkov Television Tower is a popular tourist attraction and one of Prague’s most recognizable landmarks. Construction began in 1985 and was completed in 1992. It was built as a transmitter tower to improve Prague’s television and radio signal reception.

Žižkov Tower stands high above Prague’s traditional skyline on top of a hill in Žižkov, from which it takes its name. It also features a restaurant and observatory floor where visitors can enjoy panoramic views and learn about the tower’s history.

Žižkov Beer Museum

Žižkov Beer Museum in Prague

The Žižkov Beer Museum is a museum dedicated to beer in Prague. It is located in the Žižkov district of Prague, Czech Republic. It is a great place to learn about the history of Czech beer and sample various types of Czech beer. 

The Žižkov Beer Museum has many beers on tap, including small Czech brewers. Visitors get to experience the lively atmosphere of Prague’s hip Žižkov district on a pub crawl with a local guide.

Where to Stay

Žižkov offers a range of accommodation options, catering to various budgets and preferences.

While it might not have as many large hotels as some of the more central areas of Prague, several boutique hotels, guesthouses, hostels, and apartments are available for visitors.

Carlton Hotel 

Carlton Hotel  website

The Carlton Hotel Prague is a stylish 4-star hotel centrally located at the heart of Czech Capital, Prague. Its location is convenient for exploring Prague’s attractions, historic sites, and cultural landmarks. The hotel can be reached 5 minutes by tram from the city centre.

The Carlton Hotel Prague is an excellent choice for those looking for a stylish and convenient stay in Prague. The hotel has 49 rooms and suites, all of which are spacious and comfortable.

Depending on the room category, you might expect comfy beds, modern furnishings, and in-room facilities.

  • A centrally located hotel in Zizkov
  • Housed in a beautifully restored historic building
  • Spacious and comfortable rooms
  • Good restaurant and bar

Theatrino Hotel 

Theatrino Hotel website

The Theatrino Hotel Prague is in the Žižkov district known for its artistic and alternative atmosphere. This 4-star hotel has a convenient location in a quiet residential area of Prague, with easy access to the city center by public transportation.

Theatrino Hotel Prague offers comfortable and well-appointed rooms with free WiFi, room service, and a sauna. The hotel also features meeting rooms, a breakfast buffet, a bar/lounge, taxi service, massage, and concierge services.

  • The hotel has a rooftop terrace with stunning views of Prague.
  • The hotel offers regular wine tastings, where guests can sample various Czech wines.
  • The hotel offers cooking classes, where guests can learn how to cook traditional Czech dishes.
  • The hotel offers a variety of city tours, including walking, bike, and boat tours.

Where to Eat

Žižkov is famous for its abundance of traditional Czech pubs and trendy cafes and bars. Explore these local pubs, cozy cafes, and restaurants catering to various tastes.

Café Pavlač

Café Pavlač in Prague

Café Pavlač is a great place to enjoy a variety of beverages and food. The café has a fantastic outdoor seating area in the courtyard. 

Housed in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, the restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with exposed brick walls and wooden beams.

Café Pavlač is a popular spot for coffee and pastries. They also serve a variety of Czech and international dishes.

Here are some of the things you can expect at Café Pavlač:

  • The restaurant is housed in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, and the interior is decorated with exposed brick walls and wooden beams.
  • The menu features many dishes, including traditional Czech fare such as goulash and dumplings and international dishes such as pasta and pizza.
  • Diners consistently praise the food, and the customer service is friendly and attentive.
  • The restaurant can get quite noisy at night, especially on weekends.
  • The prices are higher, but the food is worth it.
  • The restaurant is popular, so it is advisable to make reservations, especially if you are dining on a weekend.

U Slovanské Lípy

U Slovanské Lípy in Prague

U Slovanské Lípy is a great place to try traditional Czech cuisine and beer in a famous beer hall decorated in conventional Czech style. The restaurant has operated since 1860 and is known for its authentic Czech cuisine. 

U Slovanské Lípy features various dishes, including goulash, roast pork, and dumplings. The restaurant also has a large selection of Czech beer. 

The atmosphere at U Slovanské Lípy Restaurant is warm and inviting, and the service is friendly and attentive. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists and a great place to experience the best of Czech cuisine.

Here are some of the things you can expect at U Slovanské Lípy:

  • The restaurant serves traditional Czech dishes such as goulash, roast pork, and dumplings.
  • The restaurant has a large selection of Czech beer, including Pilsner Urquell, Budvar, and Kozel.
  • The restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with wooden tables, chairs, and exposed brick walls.
  • The service is friendly and attentive, and the staff are happy to recommend dishes and beers.
  • The restaurant is popular, so it can be crowded, especially on weekends.

Pros and Cons of Žižkov

Žižkov Rotunda in Prague

Žižkov offers a distinctive experience for travelers exploring Prague beyond the usual tourist spots. Its artistic spirit, local vibe, and lively atmosphere make it a hidden gem for those seeking an alternative Prague adventure. 

Pros of Žižkov

  • Žižkov is a lively district with a lot to offer tourists. There are many bars, clubs, and restaurants; it is a great place to go for a night out.
  • This neighborhood is more affordable than other parts of Prague, making it an excellent option for budget travelers.
  • There are many things to see and do in Žižkov, including the Žižkov TV Tower, the National Monument on Vítkov Hill, and the Žižkov Beer Museum.

Cons of Žižkov

  • Žižkov can be noisy at night, especially on weekends. It is because it is a famous nightlife district. It is not ideal for tourists who don’t like noisy environments.
  • Žižkov has fewer tourist attractions than other parts of Prague, such as the Old Town and the Charles Bridge.

Tips for First-Time Travelers in Prague

Prague at dusk

Prague’s blend of history, art, architecture, and vibrant cultural life creates a captivating destination that attracts visitors worldwide. If this is your first time to visit Prague, here are some tips that can be useful:

Get a Prague Card

The Prague Card is a great way to save money on transportation, sightseeing, and other activities. It gives you free admission to many of Prague’s top attractions and discounts on public transport, tours, and restaurants.

Avoid the tourist traps

Prague is a popular tourist destination with many tourist traps. Be sure to research and avoid places that are too expensive or offer low-quality experiences.

Be aware of your surroundings

Prague is a safe city, but being mindful of your surroundings is always a good idea, especially at night. Only carry a little cash or valuables; be careful where you leave your belongings.

Don’t be afraid to haggle

Haggling is common in Prague, especially in markets and souvenir shops. Feel free to negotiate the price of goods and services.

Use public transportation

Public transportation in Prague is efficient and affordable. The metro, trams, and buses can take you all over the city.

Walk around

Prague is a very walkable city. Walking is a great way to explore the city and get a feel for the local atmosphere.

Eat at local restaurants

Prague has a great selection of restaurants, from traditional Czech cuisine to international fare. Be sure to try some local dishes, such as goulash and dumplings.

Visit a beer garden

Prague is known for its beer, so be sure to visit a beer garden and sample some of the local brews.

Take a boat ride on the Vltava River

The Vltava River is a significant landmark in Prague. Taking a boat ride is a great way to see the city differently.

FAQs About Neighborhoods in Prague

Prague offers a variety of neighborhoods to explore, each with its unique charm and attractions. Visitors can choose from historic neighborhoods, trendy areas, and more affordable options. 

Here are the common FAQs About Neighborhoods in Prague:

What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Prague?

The best neighborhoods for tourists to stay in Prague include Old Town (Staré Město), Lesser Town (Malá Strana), Vinohrady, and New Town (Nové Město).

What is the most historic neighborhood in Prague?

The Old Town (Staré Město) is the most historic neighborhood in Prague, known for its cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and iconic Old Town Square.

Where can I find local experiences in Prague?

For authentic local experiences, consider exploring neighborhoods like Žižkov and Vinohrady. These areas offer a mix of local cafes, restaurants, and a vibrant arts scene.

Which neighborhood is close to Prague Castle?

The Lesser Town (Malá Strana) is located right below Prague Castle, making it the closest neighborhood to this historic landmark.

What neighborhoods are good for nightlife?

Vinohrady and Žižkov are known for their lively nightlife scenes, with numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment options.

How do I get around Prague’s neighborhoods?

Prague has an efficient public transportation system, including trams, buses, and the metro, making navigating between neighborhoods easy.

Where can I find traditional Czech cuisine in Prague?

Traditional Czech cuisine is found in various restaurants across the city, especially in neighborhoods like Old Town and Lesser Town. Look for dishes like goulash and schnitzel.

What neighborhoods are known for their art scene?

Žižkov is known for its artistic and alternative vibe, while Vinohrady has a thriving arts and cultural scene.

Are there any neighborhoods with local markets?

The Holešovice neighborhood has the famous “Pražská tržnice” market, where you can find local products, food stalls, and cultural events.


Ultimately, the best neighborhoods in Prague are not just destinations; they are gateways to understanding the city’s soul.

Each of Prague’s Districts paints its canvas on the grand tapestry of Prague, inviting you to experience the city from many perspectives.

From the awe-inspiring landmarks to the hidden gems known only to locals, these neighborhoods offer a treasure trove of experiences, memories, and stories waiting to be discovered.

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