How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Campervan in Europe?

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Driving around Europe with a campervan is exciting because it allows you to visit many parts of the continent and is cheaper. However, renting a campervan in Europe can become expensive pretty quickly. When you rent a campervan in Europe, you should carefully estimate all costs and your budget when preparing for a trip.

Renting a campervan in Europe could start from $70 to $175 a night during summer in Portugal and $75 to $150 a night in Spain. You’re looking at anything from $80 to $140 per day for hiring an RV in Germany. You can hire one in Belgium from $60 daily, depending on the size and model of the vehicle.

When it comes to camping in Europe, there are several things to consider, some of which we have outlined in this article. 

Depending on the country, the process might vary. You should review the guidelines for hiring RVs and camping in different regions on the continent.

Check your destination’s background, too. You must know camping rules, regions, shops, weather, and landscape.

If you are considering renting a car in Europe, these are the cheapest countries.

Cost of renting a campervan or motorhome in Europe

1. France

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France is among the top 10 European regions to visit, especially in a campervan. Its rich cultural diversity and natural landscape make it one of the best route maps for an RV trip. 

In France, you can rent a campervan from $75 to $150 a day for small campervans. Large trailers and motorhomes could cost $100 to $250 a day. The average cost per RV per day is $122,5.

Getting a campervan for more than a day could be cheaper in France. Hiring a campervan for a week or a month could reduce the average to $60 daily. Besides, a campsite in France costs $ 24.15 per night.

Other than hiring a campervan, additional costs include fuel and daily expenses. Depending on the campervan you choose, fuel might cost you $1.65 for 1 liter on average. 

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2. Norway

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You can rent a campervan in Norway from different cities and towns. RVs in Norway have a high demand between July and September.

The lowest rental price for booking a campervan in Norway is $62 per day when booking for more than one day and $68 for a single day.

To get the best deals when booking a campervan or motorhome in Norway, try booking 3-4 months earlier. Nonetheless, the average price for renting an RV in Norway is $240.

It makes Norway the most expensive place to rent a motorhome in Europe.

Campervans consume 10 to 20 liters every 100 kilometers, and motorhomes consume an average of 25 liters every 1000 kilometers.

3. Portugal

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All across Portugal, you can rent a motorhome easily. Many campervan and motorhome rental depots in all the major cities make it easy to hire a campervan and start your journey. 

In Portugal, you can rent a campervan starting from $70 per day, depending on your preferences. The average daily price of renting an RV in this beautiful country is $110. In Spain, it’s $114 per day. The cost of a campsite in Portugal is one of the lowest on the list – $18,09 per night.

You can get 5% to 10% early bird discounts from some rental companies. Renting more than a day gives you better prices, especially for a week or more. 

You’ll get $1.79 per liter for gasoline and $1.91 for diesel in Portugal. Many campervans and motorhomes run on diesel with a tank capacity of 75 – 90 liters.

Other costs you should consider when getting a campervan in Portugal include:

  • Campsite costs: $20 – $30 per night
  • Food: $30 – $300

4. Ireland

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There are campervans in Ireland for every taste and budget. Ireland is among the expensive places to live, so hiring a campervan might not be as affordable as in other European countries.

You can get a campervan based in Wicklow at $90 per day during the low season and $150 or more during the high season. Wild Way Campers offers from $125 to $150 per day. Renting a campervan or motorhome for longer can reduce the fee to $80 daily.

After finding an ideal campervan, you must include additional costs to your budget. The charges include fuel, a camping place, meals, and road tolls.

Camping costs $23,38 per night. How much you cover affects fuel expenses. Ireland’s gasoline and diesel costs per liter are $1.8 and $1.9, respectively.

5. UK

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Renting a campervan in the UK may lead you to an action-filled adventure across the country. You can find a campervan in all seasons annually and from different depots. However, all seasons have pros and cons, especially regarding costs. 

In the low season, you can get a campervan for $64 a night, in the high-mid season for $96 per night, and in the high season, $99 per night. Besides the rent, calculate $25,33 per night for a campsite.

You can get a campervan already fueled. However, you should return the van with almost a similar amount after your rental period.

Fuel costs vary depending on the engine capacity. A Ford transit may cost you $17 per mile. 

Check out current deals in the UK on the largest campervan website in Europe and beyond, Indiecampers.com.

6. Belgium

Aerial Panorama of Thuin City, Belgium with a Road Crossing Sambre River

Belgium campervan rentals might cost more than Germany, France, and Europe, especially when you have several family members. The best way to get fair prices in Belgium for RV rentals is to book early. Early booking helps you get your preferred van at the best prices. 

You can get a motorhome or campervan from $60 per day to $500 depending on the vehicle selected and additional resources like bike racks and tents.

In addition, a night of camping costs $20,88. You should seek low-fuel consumption vehicles to make your campervan trip cheap or around your budget in Belgium.

Before renting a campervan in Belgium, look at the following costs:

  • Service fee
  • Fuel economy
  • Food and supplies costs

Especially in the north of Europe, traveling by camper becomes expensive

The cost of a campsite in Europe

In addition to the RV rental prices, there are fees that tourists pay to camp outdoors.

In the graph below, you can see the average prices per night for a campsite across Europe:

Graph of average prices per night for a campsite across Europe
Source: camping.info

Hence, the cheapest countries would be Romania, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Bosnia. Surprisingly, Italy has the highest prices for camping places.

Most expensive places to rent a camper in Europe

Renting a campervan costs the most in Northern Europe. Countries like Norway, Iceland, and Finland are far from cheap for regular camper lovers. You will pay at least double, if not triple when hiring any RV in these countries.

Here are the average daily prices for some common campervans:

  1. Norway – $240
  2. Iceland – $214
  3. Finland – $168

If you dream of visiting Nordic countries, Sweden is the cheapest place, with an average daily price of $164.

Cheapest campervans to rent in Europe

White and Blue Campervan on Road

Campervans have become a popular mode of transport, especially for adventurous tours and travels. Let’s look at the cheapest, most popular campervans in Europe. 

Eriba Touring 820

The Eriba Touring 820 is not necessarily a campervan but a trailer usually attached to another vehicle. The trailer has a kitchen and a full bath installed. The trailer has a large sleeping area at the back. You can get the trailer for $70 a night in Europe. 

Nissan e-NV200

The Nissan e-NV200 is an electric campervan that does 124 miles per charge. The van can charge from 0 – 80% in an hour, allowing you time to explore bits of Europe as it’s charging.

The e-NV200 has a fridge in the kitchenette, adding to a two-burner stove and sink to the gas. 

Furthermore, the van’s front seats can swerve to make four chairs for the dining area. You can rent the e-NV200 campervan for $138 per night. Some campervan depots have a solar-powered option for the campervan.

Mercedes Marco Polo

Mercedes partnered with Westphalia to build the Mercedes Marco Polo, making this campervan appear among luxurious motorhomes. The van boasts a yacht-style finish for the amenities and furniture.

You can get the Mercedes Marco Polo from $75 per day for the most basic Mercedes Marco Polo.

Fiat Ducato 

Fiat Ducato motorhome has a variety of choices when it comes to its different trim levels. As the price increases for the motorhome, so do the features.

Moreover, the Fiat Ducato Motorhome is the only vehicle with roadside assistance stations almost across Europe. 

Here are some of the items that make the Fiat Ducato Motorhome have different variables:

  • Six types of chassis lengths
  • Five types of wheelbase
  • Four different engines.

You can get the Fiat Ducato from $83 for 6 hours to $115 weekly. 

Volkswagen California Campervan

The Volkswagen California campervan has a kitchen with two gas burners, a fridge, and a sink, making it an ideal space to prepare meals. The campervan also has a canopy ceiling that houses a sleeping area. 

You can create more sleeping space by folding bench seats in the car. Like the e-NV200, you can swerve the two front seats toward the dining area.

Depending on the trim level, you can get a VW California Campervan from $644 to $1,473 monthly. 

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