Best SIM Card for International Students in Australia

As an international student in Australia, communication is key. Whether it’s keeping in touch with family back home, coordinating with roommates, or simply navigating the city, it’s essential to stay connected. That’s why choosing the right SIM card is an important first step when you arrive Down Under.

Some of the best SIM cards for international students in Australia include: 

  • Coles Mobile – $10
  • Boost Mobile – $10
  • Aldi Mobile – $15
  • Lebara – $14,90

This post discusses the best SIM cards in Australia for international students by highlighting their charges and benefits. We’ve also taken the time to list the cheapest SIM cards in Australia and broken down the process of getting a SIM card in this country. 

Which SIM is best in Australia for international students?

1. Coles Mobile 

Coles Mobile prepaid
Month to month plans

Coles offers super affordable prepaid plans in Australia. Their SIM card is ideal for international students. It’s cheap, reliable, and has more data than any other brand. Coles Mobile offers the best value plans.

You can get 15 GB of data for as low as $10/30 days (with the current discount). If you need more internet, month-to-month plans are the best. Instead of the usual 70GB at $45, Coles Mobile currently offers 180 GB. 

The regular monthly prepaid plan for $20 comes with 15 GB of data, unlimited texts, and standard international calls. With $35, you can get a monthly subscription with 90 GB of data and unlimited texts and calls. 

Coles Mobile allows international calls to fifteen destinations, including Japan, Ireland, Indonesia, India, France, China, Thailand, South Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom. These SIM cards are sold at all Coles supermarkets. 

Major perks of using Coles SIM cards include:

  • International roaming 
  • Unlimited international calls and texts for every plan 
  • Add-on data
  • Data rollover 

2. Boost Mobile 


The basic and the cheapest plan from Boost mobile costs $10/month for 1 GB of data and unlimited texts and talk immediately after activation. Other popular plans are:

  • 2 GB for $15
  • 5 GB for $25
  • 10 GB for $35

Long-term students in Australia can get yearly plans costing $12.50 monthly. This SIM card also provides a short package of 28 days for short-term students, which costs $20. 

You could also get the best data deals by activating Boost Mobile. The Unlimited Gigs plan is $50 monthly and offers unlimited text and talks and optimized music, gaming, and streaming videos. In addition to that is unlimited 4G LTE data that comes in handy when studying online. 

Boost mobile offers the best offers on high-quality phones. As a student, switching to the Unlimited Gigs Plan allows you to get free phones on this network.

All you have to do is visit the local Boost mobile store and choose from the wide selection of phones available after switching to the plan. 

As a customer, referring a friend to Boost Mobile allows them to get a $25 credit on a new account. You can get a Boost SIM card at most supermarkets, petrol stations, and 7-eleven. Other perks of using Boost SIM cards include: 

  • Full Telstra 4G coverage 
  • Free SIM card delivery 
  • 20 GB bonus data for first three buys or recharges 

3. ALDI Mobile 


ALDI mobile is a product of the German supermarket chain ALDI. This SIM card offers contract-free and affordable prepaid plans.

You can get thirty-day plans if you’re a short-term student or pay-as-you-go plans if you’re a long-term student but uses the SIM infrequently. 

With a 30-day plan worth $15, you get 3 GB of data, a continuous data rollover, and unlimited standard texts and calls to Australian numbers.

For a $25 monthly plan, you get 22 GB of data and unlimited international texts and calls to twenty countries. 

Under the pay-as-you-go plan, ALDI offers you a $5 credit and the ability to add credit as you go. You can also get a monthly tariff when ready. Below is a table showing various charges when using ALDI’s pay-as-you-go plan. 

Standard calls $0.12 per minute 
Standard SMS $0.12
Data$0.5 per MB 

Students can mainly benefit from:

  • No contract 
  • Unlimited standard calls and SMS 
  • Prepaid sim card

4. Lebara


Lebara serves forty-one countries and offers both monthly and yearly contracts. Starter SIM cards go for $14.90 for 8 GB and get delivered to you in 48 hours. Referring a friend to Lebara allows you to earn $50 while they get 50% discounts on all plans. 

This simple monthly plan gives you 8 GB of 5G data, unlimited texts and minutes in Australia, and 300 international minutes to more than forty countries.

The $29.90 monthly contract includes 60 GB of 5G data, unlimited minutes, and texts, including international calls to 30 countries. Additionally, you get up to 300 minutes worldwide.

If you travel a lot, Lebara is the best SIM card. This provider allows roaming and maintains the same home allowances when visiting European and other countries. However, it’s advisable to use WI-FI for long-haul trips, as they don’t offer unlimited internet. 

Customer service is one of the best features of Lebara. You can reach them by calling directly, using a Lebara SIM card, on 5588 or 02070310791. Benefits of using Lebara include: 

  • Free SIM card 
  • Affordable plans
  • International calls
  • Free delivery 

Cheapest SIM cards in Australia 

1. TPG

TPG is the cheapest mobile SIM card in Australia. You can get a $10 monthly plan with 12 GB of data for the first six months. The charge extends to $20 afterward. This SIM card offers no contract services, which is quite reliable for students. 

You get a free SIM card and delivery after activating your SIM card. TPG uses 4G data despite its low charges.

However, you can access the 5G data if you buy the 60 GB plan, which goes for $20 for the first six months and $40 afterward. 

Below are some fantastic TPG plans:

2. Amaysim

Amaysim offers both short-term and long-term plans, which are convenient for all. Using this SIM card, you can get a $40 monthly plan that includes 80 GB, unlimited data banking, talks, and texts. Unlimited international calls and texts are also a part of the package.  

A $20 twenty-eight days plan gets you unlimited 8 GB of data. On the other hand, a $30 plan includes 70 GB, international texts, and minutes. 

Amaysim offers a six-month plan for $150 and includes unlimited standard and international texts and calls. A $200-year plan consists of 180 GB, meaning you get 15 GB for $16.67. 

3. Catch Connect

You can get a monthly plan of 18 GB of data for only $12. A $150 yearly plan at Catch connect includes 120 GB and unlimited standard talks and texts. Catch connect uses 3G and 4G prepaid mobile plans. 

Catch connect also offers 90 days plans at $90 and monthly plans at $15. Both include unlimited calls and texts. Whatsmore, this network uses the 4G network exclusively, and lock-in contracts aren’t mandatory. 

4. Kogan Mobile

Kogan mobile is the best SIM card if you don’t use your phone frequently, as it offers the cheapest long-term plans.

A $120 yearly plan includes 120 GB, which is pretty impressive compared to most of Australia’s main SIM cards. 

How to get a SIM card in Australia as an international student 

Getting a SIM card in Australia is easy and fast. Your phone must be compatible with Australian networks before buying a SIM card. 

As an international student, you can get the SIM card delivered to you before traveling or buy one at the airport on your way in. However, it would help if you did enough research before purchasing an Australian. Look for discounts and credits to help you save some coins. 

After identifying your preferred SIM card, you’ll have to register and activate it. Requirements for buying a SIM card in Australia as an international student include 

  • Identification, i.e., passport or ID
  • Your name 
  • Australian physical address. e.g., your apartment, student accommodation, or hotel

SIM card activation takes about ten minutes. You better do it at the store where you purchased the card to get help in case of any challenges. 

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