5 Best Websites To Rent Apartments in Germany

5 Best Websites To Rent Apartments Germany

Are you planning to move to Germany and looking for a place to live? If so, you might be wondering how to find the 5 best websites to rent apartments in Germany.

Apartment viewing and renting in a new country can be challenging, especially if you don’t speak the language or know the local market. You need to consider many factors, such as the rental price, house price, rental contract, estate agent, bank account, residence permit, and more.

In this article, we’ll share with you the best websites to use for your apartment search and some tips on how to deal with real estate agents, previous landlords, and other aspects of renting in Germany.

By the end of this article, you will have all the information and tools you need to easily find your new apartment in Germany.

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Best Choice


Providing completely furnished flats for extended stays and business travelers.

Student Housing


Uniplaces is a trusted source for student housing and short-term rentals for students.

Wide Variety


Booking.com caters to various traveler demands with a large range of apartments.

Best Listings


A popular German website that lists apartments, houses, and more for real estate seekers.

Localized Listings


Immowelt.de offers sophisticated search criteria for localized German listings.

Here are the best websites to rent apartments in Germany:

  1. TheHomelike.com
  2. Uniplaces
  3. Booking.com
  4. ImmobilienScout24de
  5. Immowelt.de

Finding Permanent and Temporary Accommodation in Germany

Finding a rental property in Germany, whether for a permanent or temporary stay, doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Thanks to numerous websites specializing in apartment hunting, the process has become much easier.

Whether you’re looking for a rental contract, assistance from an estate agent, private liability insurance, or furnished apartments, these platforms can be invaluable.

Even if you don’t speak the German language or are new to the country, with the right websites and a bit of familiarity with house prices, real estate agents, and major cities, you’ll soon find yourself comfortably settled.

Best Websites to Rent Apartments: TheHomelike.com

TheHomelike.com is a user-friendly website specializing in finding and booking furnished apartments for monthly stays. Founded in 2014 and based in Cologne, Germany, TheHomelike.com operates in over 500 cities across Europe and the United States.

Its search engine for renting can show a vast selection of more than 85,000 room or flat for-rent listings, including studios, lofts, penthouses, and houses; it aims to simplify long-term rentals.


  • All-Inclusive Prices: Transparent and all-inclusive prices ensure clarity and simplicity for renters and landlords.
  • Deposit-Free Bookings: Renters can secure their desired apartments without the burden of upfront security deposits.
  • Online Payment Options: Convenient online payment methods offer flexibility and peace of mind for secure transactions.
  • Insurance and Cancellation Protection: Current and previous landlords on the platform receive automatic insurance coverage and protection against cancellations, minimizing risks.
TheHomelike.com homepage

TheHomelike.com provides an easy and flexible platform for finding and booking furnished apartments for monthly stays. With all-inclusive prices, deposit-free bookings, online payments, and support services, it aims to simplify the rental process for tenants and help landlords secure reliable tenants worldwide.

Best Websites to Rent Apartments: Uniplaces

Uniplaces was an online platform dedicated to simplifying the process of finding student accommodation. It connected students with landlords offering rental properties near universities in European or German cities.

Users can easily search for properties through the platform based on their desired location, budget, and specific requirements. Uniplaces ensured transparency by verifying listings and facilitated secure online bookings and payments.

This platform provided customer support and German city guides to assist students in navigating their chosen destinations.

Uniplaces official website


  • Simplified Student Rooms: Uniplaces focused on searching for student rooms hassle-free and efficient.
  • Wide Range of Listings: Students had access to a diverse selection of rental properties near universities in major European cities.
  • Verified Listings: Listings were vetted for authenticity and accuracy, promoting transparency and peace of mind for students.
  • Secure Online Bookings and Payments: Uniplaces facilitated secure online transactions, ensuring a smooth and reliable booking process.
  • Support and Guides: Students received customer support and city guides, aiding them in settling into their new environments.

Best Websites to Rent Apartments: Booking.com

Booking.com is a leading online travel website offering diverse services like German hotel bookings, home rentals, flights, car rentals, taxis, and attractions.

Its presence in over 220 countries and territories provides access to more than 28 million accommodation listings. It includes 6.6 million homes, apartments, and unique stays.

Whether you’re a tenant searching for temporary accommodation or a landlord looking to list your apartment, Booking.com offers a user-friendly platform to meet your needs.

You only need to gather all your documents, such as a bank statement or proof of income, to start finding apartments for rent.


  • Extensive Accommodation Choices: Access over 28 million listings, including homes, apartments, and unique stays, catering to diverse preferences.
  • Flexible Cancellation Policies: Enjoy the convenience of easily modifying or canceling bookings without the need for a residence permit or bank account.
  • Global Reach: Find apartment options in over 220 countries, facilitating apartment searches worldwide.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Take advantage of rewards encouraging continued usage and bookings.
Booking.com homepage

Booking.com simplifies the process of finding and booking rental properties worldwide. It caters to the needs of tenants and landlords seeking apartments or temporary accommodations for rent.

How much should you pay for rent in Germany? Read the detailed article about rental house prices here.

Best Websites to Rent Apartments: ImmobilienScout24.de

ImmobilienScout24.de is the go-to platform for finding apartments for rent in Germany, with over 12 million monthly users. The website features more than 500,000 rental offers from owners, real estate agencies, and brokers.

While a regular account is free, certain features are exclusive to the premium account. The price of the premium account varies based on the chosen subscription period, with a minimum duration of two months costing 30 EUR per month.

In cities like Berlin, where the housing situation is highly competitive, the premium account may be worthwhile for individuals seeking alternative options to shared apartments for a few months.


  • Extensive Apartment Listings: Access over 500,000 offers directly from owners and agencies, providing a wide range of rental options.
  • Premium Account Benefits: Gain access to exclusive features and enhanced functionality by upgrading to a premium account.
  • Tailored Pricing: Choose from different subscription periods and pay according to your selected duration, starting at 30 EUR per month.
  • Addressing Rental Competition: The premium account can be particularly valuable in major cities like Berlin, where the demand for rental surpasses supply.
  • Simplified Searching: ImmobilienScout24.de streamlines the process of finding apartments, making navigating the competitive rental market in Germany easier.
ImmobilienScout24.de Homepage

ImmobilienScout24.de is the leading platform for flat sharing in Germany, offering a vast selection of rental listings.

Best Websites to Rent Apartments: Immowelt.de

Immowelt.de is the second-largest rental platform in Germany, offering a wide range of rental listings with customizable search preferences using various filters.

Like ImmobilienScout24.de, the platform features private offers and listings from real estate agencies. It is free for tenants, but landlords must pay a fee. Immowelt.de allows direct contact with owners with no additional fees or premium accounts.

A landlord must pay fees based on different durations.

Immowelt.de provides transparent information on flat and apartment costs without requiring membership, distinguishing itself from ImmobilienScout24.de.


  • Extensive Rental Listings: Access many rental options for a person, including flats and many apartments, through Immowelt.de’s extensive database.
  • Customizable Filter: Use multiple filters to set preferences and find housing options that meet specific requirements.
  • Direct Owner Contact: Connect directly with landlords on the platform, simplifying communication and negotiation.
  • No Additional Fees or Premium Accounts: Enjoy the convenience of contacting owners and viewing property details without any extra charges or subscription requirements.
  • Transparent Cost Information: Immowelt.de provides comprehensive pricing details about the flat or room for rent. It gives clarity on flat and apartment costs without the need for a membership.
Immowelt.de Homepage

Immowelt.de is the second-largest platform in Germany for finding property for rent. It offers customizable search options and a wide range of rental listings.

What You Need To Know Before Signing The Rental Contract As a Tenant

If you are moving to Germany, you might be wondering how to find a flat or room and sign the rental contract. But before you start looking for a property for rent, make sure to prepare the following documents so you can present them to the landlord immediately:

  • Proof of income,
  • Letter from the last landlord of your rented property,
  • Application form,
  • Schufa score.

Here are some tips and advice to help you find rooms or flats for rent without spending too much money on unnecessary costs for staying in larger cities in Germany.

Do you need to terminate your current apartment? Read this article about the apartment’s lease termination in Germany.

Finding the Ideal Real Estate Agent

You can use a real estate agent to help you find an apartment, but they will charge you a fee of two months’ rental prices and VAT.

If you want to avoid this, you can look for an apartment directly from the landlord or the main tenant. This is common in flat sharing or shared housing situations, where you share an apartment with other tenants.

People rent apartments in Germany without an agent using online platforms, newspapers, or word-of-mouth.

You should also bring all your documents and ask questions about the rent, the deposit, the utilities, the furniture, the rules, and the contract duration.

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Knowing The Private Liability Insurance

It is a type of insurance that covers any damages or injuries that you might cause to other people or the property for rent.

It is not mandatory to pay for it in Germany, but it is highly recommended if you’re renting. It’s proof that it can save you money and trouble in case of an accident or a dispute. It can also make your life easier when renting an apartment, as many landlords require their tenants to have this insurance.

You can get private liability insurance from various providers in Germany for a low cost. You can compare different offers online and choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Don’t forget to sign up for liability insurance before you move in! You don’t want to pay for any damages to the apartment from your pocket and end up with debts in Germany.

Keep in mind that in Germany, you need liability insurance when you rent an apartment or house. It will cover you in case something bad happens. For example, an apartment or furniture gets damaged, or something gets broken. With private liability insurance, you can claim reimbursement of costs if the damages were caused by you. One of the most reliable and affordable coverages is offered by the insurance company Lemonade.

Read more about liability insurance and why you must have it.

Do I Need To Speak German?

Germany is a diverse and multicultural country. Most Germans know how to speak English. However, German is still the official and most widely spoken language in everyday life.

If you want to rent an apartment with furniture in Germany without speaking German, it is possible but not easy.

You might face some challenges when searching for rooms, communicating with landlords, and dealing with rental contracts, registration, utilities, or taxes.

Therefore, it is advisable to learn some basic German before moving to Germany or as soon as possible after arriving. This will help you find the right place or property more easily.

Feel comfortable with the flat landlord. Understand your rights and obligations as a person, and avoid any misunderstandings, especially the month’s rent.

To call the owner or be able to receive calls, you need a German number. I would recommend getting a German SIM card as soon as you relocate.

Check out deals from O2; they have simple and affordable prepaid SIM cards, such as Prepaid S for just 9,99 EUR or Free M if you want to have more data.

Final Thoughts About The Best Website To Rent In Germany

In conclusion, when searching for rental apartments in Germany, it is important to leverage the assistance of reliable websites such as ImmobilienScout24.de, Homelike, Booking.com, and Immowelt.de. These platforms offer a wide range of listings, customizable search options, and user-friendly features that simplify the process of finding your ideal rental apartment.

By utilizing these trusted websites, individuals can save time, access transparent information, and enhance their overall apartment-hunting experience in Germany.

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