Pet Insurance in Germany: Guide and Best Providers

Are you thinking of getting a pet in Germany or bringing one from your home country? Getting pet insurance for your dog or cat is an essential step in this process. There are two types of insurance for pets: health and liability.

Liability will pay for damages your pet cause to other and health insurance will pay for your visits to the vet. And considering high healthcare costs in Germany, vets can be pretty expensive.

In Germany, all pet owners are responsible for damages their pets cause to others. Liability insurance protects you in the event of damages or injuries caused by your pet to others. Pet health insurance is helpful when visiting a vet as it pays for surgeries, hospital stays, and medication.

Germany is dog friendly, but it’s also obsessed with rules. Hence, you can find countless regulations concerning pets too. For example, a dog owner must pay a dog tax and is liable for everything the dog does. For this reason, dog liability insurance is one of the essential insurances for pet owners in Germany.

Find out what types of pet insurance are out there, what types of policies you can choose from, and common pitfalls to watch out for. Also read the guide on how much does it actually cost to have a dog in Germany.

Types of pet insurance in Germany

There are two types of pet insurance in Germany: health insurance and liability insurance. Health insurance covers medical and surgical costs and treatments for certain illnesses and diseases. At the same time, liability coverage protects pet owners from accidents a pet might cause.

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Liability insurance

Liability insurance in Germany is usually used for dogs and horses. Cats and smaller pets don’t need it.

As a dog owner, you are responsible for the dog’s action and for all damages caused by it. It’s stated in §833 BGB (German Civil Code). Liability insurance will pay if your pet injures someone or damages their property. It also covers legal costs and most related expenses.

Dog liability insurance

Every year, dog owners in Germany report an average of 100,000 claims for damages caused by their dogs – most of them are compensated by dog liability insurance. Liability insurance is even obligatory for dogs of some breeds and in some German states.

Without pet insurance, you are liable for the damages with all your assets. If your dog injures another person, costs can go into many thousands of euros.

Especially outdoors in large cities, dogs and horses can cause enormous damage. Liability insurance for dogs is also very inexpensive; you can get a good one for under 5 EUR per month. Use Tarifcheck to compare prices.

Horse liability insurance

Liability insurance for horses is also highly recommended, mainly due to their size and power. Comprehensive liability coverage for a horse will cost between 100 and 150 EUR per year.

Liability insurance for cats and small animals

Cats and other small animals are typically covered under the owner’s private liability insurance.

Why do you need dog liability insurance in Germany?

In Germany, the dog owner must pay for the damages his dog causes to others. The owner is liable with his entire assets to an unlimited scope. Dog liability insurance (Hundehaftpflichtversicherung) will pay for all damages instead of you.

Some breeds are considered dangerous in Germany and need to be insured by law. This includes Pitbulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers. In that case, your dog liability insurance must have coverage for dangerous breeds.

What to look for in dog liability insurance?

  • If possible, choose tariffs without deductibles
  • The insured sum should be at least 5 million euros
  • The tariff should include protection while abroad
  • The dog liability insurance can be claimed for tax purposes

Best dog liability insurance in Germany

Here are the best and cheapest providers for dog liability insurance in Germany:

1. Luko (ex Coya)

  • Coverage: 30,00 Mio €
  • Price: from 5,99 EUR per month
  • Coverage abroad
  • Dangerous breeds included
  • No deductible optional
  • English website and service

Read a full review about pet insurance from Luko.

2. Getsafe

  • Coverage: 50,00 Mio €
  • Price: from 2,40 EUR per month
  • For any breed
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 4,9 rate
  • English website and service


  • Coverage: 20,00 Mio €
  • Price: 5,90 EUR per month
  • No deductible

4. Agila

  • Coverage: 16,00 Mio €
  • Price: 6,60 EUR per month
  • Deductible 80 EUR

Alternatively, you can also use Tarifcheck to compare different insurance policies and find the best one for you.


Typical coverage of pet liability insurance includes the following damages:

  • Personal injury: (e.g. compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs, etc.)
  • Pet injury: if a dog harms another pet
  • Property damage:(e.g. a dog damaging the furniture of your friends, or something in the rented apartment)
  • Financial losses as a result of personal injury or property damage (e.g. the loss of earnings of an injured veterinarian)
  • Passive legal fees: the legal and lawyer fees you might incur for fighting an unjustified claim in court

Some insurances also cover:

  • Worldwide protection: Some companies cover your dog when abroad.
  • Without leash: Damages caused by your dog when they are without a leash.
  • Self-defense: Damages caused by your dog because they defend themselves.
  • Foreign guardian: The insurance would still cover the damages your dog causes even if a friend or family member is watching over them.

Whom dog liability insurance can cover?

  • Dog owners and their family members
  • Friends and acquaintances
  • Dog sitter

What isn’t included?

Pet liability insurance doesn’t cover the damage any animal causes to the owner and the owner’s personal property. Only damages to third parties are included.

Pet health insurance

Health insurance for pets (Tierkrankenversicherung) works almost the same way health insurance for humans does. It pays for your visits to the vet.

Be aware that standard routine treatments such as vaccinations, castrations, or sterilizations are often not covered by insurance. However, it’s helpful if your pet needs some serious treatment like surgeries, where costs can go easily into thousands.

If you don’t want to pay for your dog’s visits to the vet from your pocket, it’s better to take out pet health insurance. Typically you can choose between coverages for dogs (Hundekrankenversicherung), cats (Katzekrankenversicherung), and general pets.

Dog health insurance

When choosing dog health insurance, insurance companies will offer different pricing tiers with different types of coverage. You can choose which benefits you want to be included and which not.

Hence, the price will depend on the coverage you choose. Rates also differ depending on the type of the breed, the animal age, and the health history of your dog.

There are two types of dog health insurance in Germany: 

  • Dog health insurance
  • Dog surgery insurance

Getting at least a dog surgery insurance will hedge you from some hefty bills. This coverage costs less than 130 EUR per year.

For typical dog health insurance, expect to pay around 20 EUR per month.

Best pet health insurance in Germany

1. Luko

  • Coverage of 80% of the cost
  • Price: from 5,15 EUR per month
  • Coverage abroad
  • Dangerous breeds included
  • No deductible optional
  • English website and service

2. Getsafe

  • Choose between several plans
  • No waiting times for emergency treatments
  • Up to 100% of the costs are covered
  • Personalized cover for dog or cat
  • English website and service
  • Get the exact price of the coverage on their website


  • 29,90 EUR per month
  • up to 100% reimbursement of the costs


Pet health insurance in Germany pays for veterinary and surgical costs for outpatient, inpatient, and surgical treatments, medication, accommodation, and diagnostics for your pet.

Pet health insurance in Germany usually covers:

  • Necessary operations and treatments
  • Dental treatments
  • Hospital stays up to 20 days after surgery
  • Necessary medication
  • Treatments and emergencies while abroad

Keep in mind that only medically necessary treatments are covered by pet health insurance. If your dog doesn’t necessarily need it, it most probably won’t be reimbursed.

Often only 80% of the treatment cost are covered. So you might need to pay a deductible of 20%. Some companies will cover veterinary expenses up to a certain annual amount – for example, 2,500 EUR.

Routine and preventative treatments excluded

Treatments such as vaccinations, spaying, castration, flea, worm, and tick treatments, grooming, claw clipping, and teeth maintenance are often excluded from pet insurance cover.

Is pet insurance mandatory in Germany?

Pet health insurance isn’t mandatory, but dog liability insurance is in some German states. In the end, as a dog owner, you are responsible for everything your pet does, and with liability insurance, it can be avoided.

In some German states, comprehensive liability insurance for dogs applies to all breeds, in others only to dangerous ones, and in some, no obligations at all.

Nonetheless, you should check the particular requirements of your states in this regard because they can differ.

Following breeds are considered dangerous in Germany: Pitbulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Bull Terriers.

These breeds also aren’t allowed to be imported to Germany from abroad.

German states where dog liability insurance is mandatory

Dog liability insurance is mandatory in Berlin, Hamburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, and Thuringia.

States where dog liability is mandatory for dangerous dog breeds:

  • Baden-Wurttemberg
  • Brandenburg
  • Bremen
  • Hesse
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Saarland
  • Saxons

You can see the states on a map below:


Cost of pet insurance in Germany

Consider insurance costs when you are taking out a policy. In the end, you shouldn’t pay more than 30-40 EUR per month for the pet’s protection (including health and liability insurance).

Liability insurance for dogs

Dog liability insurance in Germany can cost as little as 2,5 EUR per month. The price depends on the scope of the coverage.

The breed of the dog also influences the insurance premium. Owners of large breeds and dangerous classified dogs might pay more for coverage.

Dog health insurance costs between 20 EUR and 80 EUR per month. Health insurance for cats is cheaper and will be about 130 EUR per year.

The price of health insurance also depends on your dog’s age, race, and sex. Use Tarifcheck to compare rates.

How much does a dog cost in Germany?

“My little husky Benni”

Owning a dog in Germany isn’t a cheap joy. Owning a small, healthy dog costs at least 30 EUR per month. For a large dog, you should expect up to 200 EUR. Food costs are the most significant expense. However, these costs don’t include any insurance mentioned in this article.

Costs you should consider when getting a dog are (monthly):

  • Purchase costs – 150 to 450 EUR one time
  • Basic equipment (bed, food & drink bowl, bed, leash, collar, etc.) – 200 EUR one time
  • Dog food – 10 to 200 EUR monthly
  • Healthcare (vaccines, etc.) – one time 250 EUR
  • Insurances – 30 to 150 EUR monthly
  • Dog tax –  30 to 100 EUR annually
  • Total expenses monthly: approx. 165 EUR

Read the full article on the cost of having a dog in Germany.

Food plays a significant role in how much you spend on dogs every month. Dry food, wet food, fresh meat – they all have different price ranges and quality. In general, you should plan at least 25 to 50 EUR per month for food.

Some typical medical expenses for dogs are:

  • Deworming, once a year: 25 to 50 EUR
  • Vaccinations per year: 35 to 60 EUR
  • General examination once a year: 30 to 50 EUR

For special examinations such as blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound, or surgery, veterinary practices charge from 100 EUR and upwards.

Dog tax in Germany

“My already not that little husky Benni”

Yes, dog owners in Germany will need to pay a tax every year. The tax rate differs from state to state and comes to around 50 EUR and 100 EUR per year. Generally, the dog tax is higher in large cities and lower in small towns and villages. You can see the difference in the table below (as of May 2020).

CityFirst DogSecond DogAdditional Dogs
Berlin120 €180 €180 €
Bremen150 €150 €150 €
Chemnitz100 €135 €165 €
Dortmund156 €204 €228 €
Frankfurt90 €180 €180 €
Hamburg90 €90 €90 €
Hannover132 €240 €240 €
Cologne156 €156 €156 €
Munich100 €100 €100 €
Stuttgart108 €216 €216 €

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