Top Places To Live in The UK with Best Climate and Weather

A sunset view bay area in UK.

The UK is commonly associated with cold weather due to its closeness to the arctic; hence the thought of settling here could be excruciating. However, you may be surprised to learn that Britain has several warm and sunny cities where you can live comfortably. 

The top places to live in the UK with the best weather include:

  1. Bognor Regis
  2. Suffolk
  3. Sheffield
  4. Hastings
  5. Tenby
  6. Brighton
  7. Yorkshire
  8. Bristol
  9. Eastbourne

Aside from favorable climate and weather, there are other factors you may consider before choosing a place to live in the UK. These include location, population, cost of living, job opportunities, and house prices. Considering all these aspects, we’ve come up with a list of the best places to live in Britain. 

1. Bognor Regis 

Bognor Regis is a seaside resort in West Sussex, South England. You may not believe it, but this city receives an average of 1902.2 hours of sunshine yearly, making it the sunniest town in Scotland. 

Generally, Bognor Regis temperatures range between 38F and 68F and are never below 30F. Warm seasons last for three months with high temperatures of more than 64F. On the other hand, cold seasons last four months with standard high temperatures of 57F. 

This town has five wards and about 24,000 people in each. Although the cost of living in this town is among the highest in the world, currently standing at $1,511, its average monthly salary after tax is also an impressive $2,591.

Learn more about salaries in the UK.

This means that you’ll be able to cover expenses comfortably. That said, finding a job here isn’t difficult as you can quickly get one by applying on online government sites. 

Renting in this place, including utilities, may cost up to $885. On the other hand, owning properties in Bognor Regis can be quite hefty. As per the previous year, detached properties were sold for $512,386, while the semi-detached varieties went for $384,500. That said, flats went for an average cost of $216,300. 

Instead of large stores, Bognor Regis has several independent shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and house and giftware stores. This makes Bognor Regis an impressive place to live as you can easily understand the people’s culture. Moreover, this coastal town contains several historical sites. 

2. Ipswich

Ipswich is in Suffolk County, East England, bordered by Norfolk, North Sea, Essex, and Cambridgeshire. Although the center of this place has low hills and the south has hedgeless fields, Suffolk also has sunny and sandy beaches. 

The yearly temperatures in Ipswich range between 36F and 72F, making it one of the best cities to live in. Moreover, the hot seasons which last for almost four months, have average high temperatures of more than 66F, while the cold seasons, that consist of only three months, can still have highs of 51F. 

This city is mostly sunny and dry as the rainy days are about a fifth of the Western side of the country and about a half of that on the South Coast. In addition to that, cloudy days are not common in this place. 

The population in Ipswich is about 633,000. Most people are forty-three and above, meaning that working-age people are pretty scarce in this place. Therefore, this is the best option if you’re looking for a peaceful and calm place to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Ipswich’s standard cost of living for one person is around $1,441, while that of a family of four is about $3,683. That said, the quality of life in this city is rated at 72%, as the average monthly salary is $2,655. 

Renting an apartment in Ipswich will cost you around $780, which is among the most expensive in the region. However, owning property can range between $249,300 and $302,250, depending on the size of the house you want.

Lastly, the best thing about Ipswich is that jobs are always available as you can easily apply for one on Suffolk Jobs Direct.  

3. Sheffield 

An aerial shot of different housing in UK.

Sheffield is in South Yorkshire, England. The name of this city was inspired by the Sheaf river, which flows across the town. The temperatures in this place are to die for as they vary between 35F and 69F. Living here guarantees you’ll never experience temperatures below 27F. 

This city is quite famous as it has the highest population in the entire UK. Around 575,400 people live in Sheffield, a large percentage constituting of youths due to the presence of two universities in the area. In this regard, Sheffield is the ultimate city to live in if you’re looking for a vibrant environment. 

Sheffield’s cost of living sits at $1,431 for one person and $3,544 for a family of four. That said, the monthly salary is approximately $2,079, meaning you can comfortably cover the expenses. 

You could either choose to rent or buy a house in this city. Renting could cost you around $797. On the other hand, purchasing property in Sheffield sits at an average of $257,800, according to Zoopla, which is relatively low compared to the other cities. 

Sheffield’s job opportunities are massive due to the increasing housing developments, office facilities, and shopping centers. Most jobs are in public facilities like universities, hospitals, and city councils. If you’re searching for a job opportunity, visit Indeed or the CV Library

4. Hastings 

Housing near bay area in UK.

Hastings is a seaside town located on England’s south coast. It’s also among the closest cities to London as it’s only 85km away. The temperatures in this place hardly drop below 29F as they mainly vary between 38F and 69F.

That said, the warm season stays for an impressive while the cold period can take about four months. 

This city has around 91,900 people. In this regard, if you prefer an environment that’s not crowdy, relocating to Hastings would be an excellent idea. The cost of living in this city sits at $1,458 per person, while the average annual salary is $29,963. 

If you start with renting in Hastings, it may cost you around $848. On the other hand, purchasing a three-bedroomed house in this place is about $396,000, according to Zoopla. However, some two-bedroomed homes may cost as much as $561,900. Therefore, the amount you spend depends on your preferences. 

Hastings has many job opportunities, ranging from stock assistants, store assistants, housekeepers, and advisors to managers. If you are searching for one, visit the Indeed website to apply according to your preference. 

Hastings is still a functioning fishing port. This makes it a favorite for fresh fish lovers. It also has a vast selection of schools to choose from, suitable for families with kids. Lastly, you’ll never get bored in this city as festivals are endless at the Battle of Hastings site. 

5. Tenby

Colorful apartments on a gloomy afternoon.

Tenby is a walled seaside city located in Southwest Wales and on the western end of Camarthen Bay. It consists of approximately two and a half miles of sandy beaches.

As stated by the Met Office, temperatures in this place range between 39F and 65F, with the warm period staying for about three months which is impressive compared to neighboring towns. 

This place has a cost of living of about $1,404 and a monthly salary of $2,268, meaning that you can maintain more than a comfortable lifestyle here.

Tenby has around 3,110,000 people making it one of the most populated cities in the UK. A large percentage of the total population consists of people above fifty years making it a less rowdy town. 

Housing in Tenby is relatively high as renting sits at $778 for one person while a family of four would spend about $1,457. However, according to Zoopla, purchasing a three-bedroomed house in this place could cost you around $384,400. 

Tenby has a diverse range of job opportunities, from door supervisors, chefs, general assistants, housekeepers, and receptionists to radiology assistants. You can easily find an opening that suits your skills by visiting job vacancies websites like Indeed. 

The crime rates in this city are pretty low, making it the best option for those who want to secure their property on a low budget. It’s a pretty tranquil place, perfect for retired people or those tired of busy office lives. 

6. Brighton

People enjoying an afternoon in tourist spot in UK.

Brighton is a seaside town found on United Kingdom’s south coast. Aside from being fashionable, moving to Brighton is convenient as it’s close to London. That said, this city’s temperatures range between 36F and 68F.

The warm seasons last more than three months, meaning Brighton receives a considerable amount of sunny hours. 

The cost of living in Brighton is about $1,753 per individual, but it could rise to $4,051 for a family of more than three. If you consider renting in this place, you may spend around $1,104.

On the other hand, if buying s property is more favorable for you, a three-bedroomed house in this region could go for about $621,000.

Brighton has about 277,200 people. It’s among the most anti-racist cities as it contains a range of races from blacks, Asians, white British, and non-white British to mixed. Below is a table of how these races are distributed.   

EthnicityBrighton population
White British 80.5%
Non-white 10.9%
White non-British 8.6%
Mixed 3.8%
Asian 4.1%
Other ethnic groups 1.5%
Households with several ethnicities 15.1%
Source: Brighton Hove City Council 

Additionally, this city has several job opportunities in different niches. The easiest ways to identify job openings in Brighton are through magazines or online job websites. Living in this place is safe as it has a low crime rate.

You would also enjoy several superb amenities that you would get in main cities like London but at affordable and reasonable prices. 

7. Bristol 

a bridge connecting two areas in the UK.

Bristol is located on the Avon river and beside Somerset and Gloucestershire. This city’s weather is friendly as its yearly temperatures range between 37F and 70F. Rain falls on most days of the year; however, they are light during the warm periods, which last for three months. 

The cost of living for one person is about $1,831, while that of families with children can increase to $4,367. On the other hand, the average monthly salary is around $3,296, making the quality of life in this place as high as 89%. 

Renting an apartment in Bristol may cost you around $712, which is favorable. However, buying a house can be pretty pricey, as a three-bedroomed mansionette may go for $384,400. You could also get a two-bed flat going for $348,900. 

Bristol is the largest city in southern England, with a population of about 465,900. Most people in this place are children below sixteen, making it a vibrant community. This city’s population also comprises about sixteen percent of minority ethnic groups. 

Bristol has lots of cultural and artistic sites, considering it’s home to great artists like Banksy, Gromit, and Wallace. Additionally, several outdoor activities and festivals take place during the summer in this place. In this regard, living in Bristol hardly gets dull. 

8. Eastbourne 

Eastbourne is a seaside city found on England’s south coast. It’s situated fifty-four miles from London and nineteen miles from Brighton. This place experiences temperatures varying from 38F to 68F. That said, the warm season last for three months, with temperatures as high as 64F. 

The cost of living in Eastbourne sits at $1,651 for one person. However, a family of four may survive on $4,476. The quality of life in this place is rated at 69%. This is because the average monthly salary is about $2,140, meaning that meeting all expenses may be a hustle. 

Eastbourne has a population of 102,000, making it one of the least populated cities in England. This also means it’s pretty easy to get a job in this city as it has lots of opportunities, according to, with a limited amount of workforce. 

Renting in this city could cost you around $829 while buying a property can range between $330,042 and $378,500. Lastly, this city is full of cultural offerings guaranteed to keep you occupied. 

Eastbourne has many parks. They include Carpet gardens, Gildredge park, Shinewater park, Motcombe gardens, Hampden park, and Princes park. Gildredge park has a playground hence suitable for families. You could visit Princes park if you’re a windsurfing fan. 

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