Best Virtual Credit Cards in Germany

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Are you looking for the best virtual credit cards in Germany for your business? Look no further! In modern banking, the options seem endless, but not all solutions are equal. 

Prepaid, traditional, and debit cards may have helped you manage your cash, but have you considered virtual credit cards? These digital wonders are redefining how businesses handle online payments, making transactions smoother, faster, and more secure than ever before.

Our guide will help you succeed with a free credit card, a credit line that suits your goals. Aside from that, they also have a seamless connection with cutting-edge technologies like Apple Pay. 

Let’s dive into the world of virtual credit cards and embark on a journey to supercharge your German bank account like never before! 

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Best Virtual Credit Cards In Germany

Best virtual credit cards in germany

Choosing the right virtual credit card can make all the difference. Imagine the convenience of virtual cards, tailored specifically to your needs, allowing you to make secure transactions across Google Pay and enabling effortless money transfers. 

Whether online shopping, cash withdrawals, or seamless integration with your favorite payment platforms, Germany’s best virtual credit cards offer it all. 

Here we picked the best of them, so you can shop online in Germany or internationally with ease:

our pick


Customizable virtual card with real-time spending control and budgeting features.

Best Value


Instant virtual card issuance, ideal for discreet and secure online shopping.



Virtual card for seamless online payments, which is backed by a trusted German bank.

Runner Up


Globally accepted virtual card, suitable for fast and secure online banking transactions.

Hidden Gem


Versatile virtual card with contactless payments, budgeting tools, and a user-friendly app.

Best Virtual Credit Cards in Germany #1: Bunq

Bunq is a modern banking app that offers a convenient bank account and virtual credit cards, providing customers with easy access to virtual credit for their financial needs.

Bunq website


  • Virtual cards: Bunq offers virtual credit cards that provide added security and control for online transactions.
  • Google Pay integration: Customers can link their virtual cards to Google Pay for quick, contactless payments.
  • Money transfers: Bunq facilitates seamless and hassle-free transfers to friends and family.
  • Virtual cards for enhanced security: Customers can shop securely online with virtual debit cards.
  • Cash withdrawals: Virtual debit cards also allow cash withdrawals from ATMs.

Bunq Pros

  • Virtual credit cards offer added protection for online shopping.
  • Easy-to-use banking app with convenient features.
  • No annual fees for basic accounts

Bunq Cons

  • Limited options for physical credit cards
  • Lower interest rates compared to premium accounts.
  • Additional fees may apply for certain services.

My Take

Bunq is an excellent banking app that caters to the modern lifestyle. Its virtual credit cards and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for those who value online security. While basic accounts have no annual fees, customers seeking higher interest rates and premium features may opt for a premium account.

Best Virtual Credit Cards in Germany #2: VIABUY

VIABUY offers a free virtual credit card with an annual fee, a credit limit compatible with all German bank accounts, and a European IBAN for easy online transactions within the EU.

Viabuy master credit cards


  • Free virtual credit card: VIABUY offers a prepaid card without needing a credit score check.
  • Seamless online transactions: With its European IBAN, customers can conveniently make free SEPA transfers and pay online.
  • High acceptance rate: VIABUY has widespread acceptance, making it suitable for various payment scenarios.
  • No credit score check: Customers can obtain a virtual credit card without undergoing a credit assessment.
  • Free payments in EUR: Enjoy cost-free transactions in Euros with the VIABUY card.


  • Ideal for online shopping and secure transactions.
  • Prepaid cards allow better budget control.
  • Disposable virtual card numbers enhance security for online purchases.


  • The annual fee of 69.90 EUR in the first year might be a drawback for some users.
  • Limited for use in foreign currency transactions.
  • No contactless payment option is available for added convenience.

My Take on VIABUY Prepaid Credit Cards

VIABUY presents a practical and secure solution for online transactions with its prepaid virtual credit card. Its European IBAN and free SEPA transfers make it attractive for users who frequently deal with EU-based transactions. 

While the annual fee may seem high initially, the benefits and high acceptance rate make it a worthy option for those seeking a reliable virtual credit card provider.

Best Virtual Credit Cards in Germany #3: Netbank

Netbank offers a free virtual credit card with a set credit limit, providing customers with a convenient bank account and virtual debit options.

Green mastercard


  • Free virtual credit card: Netbank offers a virtual prepaid card without any annual fee.
  • Fixed credit limit: Customers can enjoy the benefits of a credit card with a predetermined spending limit.
  • Ideal for online transactions: The virtual credit card is suitable for online purchases, making it appealing to frequent travelers and avid online shoppers.
  • No credit checks: Netbank’s virtual credit card eliminates the need for credit assessments during application.
  • ATM withdrawals: Users can withdraw cash from ATMs using the virtual Mastercard.

Netbank Pros

  • Save money with no annual fee for the virtual prepaid card.
  • Suitable for those looking for a credit card alternative without worrying about overspending.
  • Offers the convenience of a credit card for online transactions without the burden of debt.

Netbank Cons

  • Limited to a fixed credit limit may be unsuitable for some users.
  • Might not be the best option for those seeking a traditional credit card with a revolving credit line.
  • Potential lack of certain benefits that come with premium credit cards.

My Take

Netbank’s virtual prepaid card offers a practical solution for those who prefer the convenience of credit cards without the need for a traditional credit line or the burden of an annual fee. It is a viable option for budget-conscious individuals seeking a secure and controlled way to manage online transactions and ATM withdrawals.

Best Virtual Credit Cards in Germany #4: Neteller

Neteller offers a free virtual credit card with a set credit limit, providing customers with a convenient bank account and virtual debit options.

Neteller mastercard


  • Free virtual credit card: Neteller offers a virtual prepaid card without any annual fee.
  • Fixed credit limit: Customers can enjoy the benefits of a credit card with a predetermined spending limit.
  • Ideal for online transactions: The virtual credit card is suitable for online purchases, making it appealing to frequent shoppers.
  • No interest rate: Neteller’s virtual prepaid card allows users to avoid interest charges as it operates on a prepaid basis.
  • Direct debit capability: The virtual debit card facilitates direct debits for easy and automated payments.

Neteller Pros

  • Free virtual credit card with no annual fees or extra costs.
  • Enhanced security with virtual credit card numbers for online transactions.
  • Convenient and secure virtual debit card option.

Neteller Cons

  • Limited to a fixed credit limit may not suit all users’ needs.
  • May not offer the same benefits as premium credit cards.
  • Some users might prefer physical cards for certain transactions.

My Take

Neteller’s virtual prepaid card offers a practical, cost-effective solution for online shopping and secure transactions. The lack of yearly fees and interest rates makes it a convenient and safe virtual debit card for varied financial purposes. 

However, users who prefer higher credit limits or physical cards may need to consider other options.

Best Virtual Credit Cards in Germany # 5: VIMpay Prepaid Mastercard

VIMpay Prepaid Mastercards offer a typical credit card experience with Apple Pay integration, a flexible bank account, and virtual and free debit cards.


  • Virtual credit card number: VIMpay Prepaid Mastercard offers virtual card numbers for enhanced security during online transactions.
  • Easy money transfer: Customers can conveniently transfer money using a virtual credit card.
  • Online wallet: The card supports an online wallet for added flexibility in managing finances.
  • Physical credit card option: VIMpay also provides the option of obtaining a physical credit card.
  • Virtual prepaid cards: The platform offers virtual prepaid cards with no annual fees.

VIMpay Pros

  • VIMpay’s virtual debit cards provide added security for online purchases.
  • Suitable for international travelers due to support for foreign currency transactions.
  • Enhanced privacy with the option to generate virtual card details for single-use transactions.

VIMpay Cons

  • Some online stores may not accept virtual credit cards.
  • The card might not offer interest rates or benefits like traditional credit cards.
  • Users need to ensure the security of their virtual credit card numbers during online transactions.

My Take

VIMpay Prepaid Mastercard presents a modern solution for secure and versatile financial management, with the added convenience of virtual and physical credit cards. Virtual cards may not cost extra or have annual fees. However, users should be mindful of their limits when using them for all online transactions, especially when shops don’t accept them. 

Overall, VIMpay offers a practical and secure option for users seeking a prepaid credit card experience with the ease of online wallet integration and support for Apple Pay.

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What Is A Virtual Credit Card?

Virtual credit card

Since online banking is booming, virtual credit cards are becoming increasingly popular. A virtual card is a credit card where you no longer have a plastic card but only the card information necessary to make purchases and payments online. This will be sufficient for any online transaction.

These cards are also called online credit cards and consist of the 4 most important credit card information:

  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date (MM/YY)
  • Verification number (CVV, CVC)
  • Name of the cardholder

Virtual credit cards are considered a quick, easy, and secure way to pay for purchases, travel, services, etc. online. However, virtual credit cards have the same concept as prepaid credit cards, so you must load the balance before making a purchase.

Thus, they don’t allow overdrafts; that’s why in most cases, no credit score (Schufa) check is required. Therefore, almost everyone can apply for a virtual credit card. For a normal credit card, one will need some sort of income.

You can apply for a virtual credit card easily and quickly online.

Best Credit Cards in Germany for Students

Is Virtual Credit Card A Good Option For You?

Man holding credit card

If you like to shop online often (especially internationally), this card type can be a great solution while living in Germany. Moreover, a good virtual credit card is free of charge.

Also, a virtual credit card can be particularly suitable for people who can’t apply for a classic credit card due to a negative credit score.

Virtual credit cards are payment cards that are primarily suitable for online shopping and are usually issued without a credit check. However, they are only suitable for online payments.

Unlike German credit cards, you won’t have an overdraft facility with a virtual credit card. Thus, a customer must load funds into the account before using it.

You can top a virtual credit card with the following:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Western Union

You must have another payment option, like a regular German debit or credit card. Never rely on only virtual credit cards.

Finally, virtual credit cards definitely can’t compete with standard credit cards. Their use could be more extensive in everyday life and while traveling.

Hence, we recommend getting a classic credit card, that offers much more freedom and flexibility. Check out these providers: Free Mastercard Gold, DKB, and AMEX payback.

Anyway, if you need money, you can also apply for a personal loan in Germany without opening a credit card. Read here about how foreigners can take a loan in Germany and more about personal loans in Germany.

Best Credit Cards in Germany

Tips Before Getting a Virtual Card and Bank Account

Man searching the computer and holding credit card

Before getting a virtual card and bank account, consider the following tips to make informed decisions:

Research various options

Explore different providers offering virtual cards and bank accounts to find the one that best suits your needs. Compare features, fees, and benefits, such as compatibility with “classic credit card” transactions, “Apple Pay” integration, and support for “foreign currency” transactions.

Understand fees

Check for any “yearly fee” or “extra cost” associated with virtual cards and bank accounts. Look for “free credit cards” or virtual prepaid cards with no hidden charges.

Security measures

Ensure that the virtual card and bank account offer robust security features, such as “virtual credit card numbers,” for enhanced protection during online transactions.

Consider your usage

Determine how you plan to use the virtual card and bank account. If you frequently make online purchases, prioritize providers with a user-friendly “online wallet” and “virtual cards” for secure “online store” transactions.

Direct debit capabilities

If you require automated bill payments, check if the virtual card or bank account supports “direct debit” for hassle-free recurring transactions.

International usability

If you travel frequently or conduct transactions in foreign currencies, opt for a provider that offers “virtual debit” options and supports “transfer money” in different currencies.

Physical credit card option

If you occasionally need a physical card for in-store purchases, verify if the provider offers the option of obtaining a “physical credit card.”

Interest rates

Note that virtual cards and prepaid accounts typically do not offer “interest rates,” as they operate on a prepaid basis. If you need credit, consider alternative options.

Privacy and data protection

Ensure that the provider prioritizes the security of your “card details” and personal information to avoid potential data breaches.

Read reviews and user experiences

Check online reviews and customer feedback to gauge the reputation and reliability of the virtual card and bank account provider.

By following these tips, you can confidently select a virtual card and bank account that aligns with your financial needs and preferences. Keep in mind your intended usage, security requirements, and any associated fees to make the most of these modern financial tools.

Advantages Of Virtual Cards

hand showing different credit cards

There are definitely some benefits you will get with a virtual credit card:

  • No credit score (SCHUFA) check
  • Easy application without a waiting period
  • Full control of expenses
  • Security
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Available for people with low to no income
  • Available for people with poor credit scores
  • Easy recharge
  • No physical card – no risk of theft
  • No need to set up a new checking account
  • Some virtual debit card and credit card providers are supported by Google pay

Disadvantages of virtual credit cards

As always, some disadvantages come with the usage of virtual credit cards:

  • No physical, real credit card
  • Can only be used online
  • No cash withdrawals
  • Possible fees – annual fees or fees for top up
  • Potential fees for purchases in different currencies
  • Not suitable for travel
  • No overdraft possibility (in most cases)

Virtual or regular credit card?

As you can see, virtual credit cards have some limitations, especially when you want to loan some money from the card provider. It’s also not suitable for traveling if you are into that.

Hence, all frequent travelers will need to apply for a real credit card. With this card, you can also pay for all your online purchases.

In addition, many classic credit cards offer numerous other benefits, such as:

  • Contactless payment at shops
  • Paying and withdrawing cash free of charge worldwide
  • Booking rental cars or hotel rooms
  • In some cases, you will get additional insurance coverage
  • Bonus programs – earning Payback points and miles.

Because virtual credit cards often include fees, you will save money with a regular credit card. Moreover, many credit card providers offer rewards or funds to new customers. Yet, for some reason, Germans still barely use credit cards, but it will probably change in the near future.

Best Credit Cards In Germany

a hand showing different credit cards.

Our top alternatives to virtual credit cards in Germany are:

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Final Thoughts About The Best Virtual Cards in Germany

In conclusion, virtual credit cards offer many advantages, including easy application, worldwide acceptance, and enhanced security. They are especially beneficial for individuals with low incomes or poor credit scores, as they typically don’t require credit score checks. 

However, it’s important to consider the limitations of virtual cards, such as their online-only usability and lack of cash withdrawal options. If you’re interested in exploring the best virtual credit cards in Germany, our comprehensive guide provides valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. 

For more information and to support our blog, click the links provided and dive into the world of virtual cards today!

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