Cheapest Cars in Europe in 2023

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Are you dreaming of owning your own set of wheels but are wary of the steep car prices? Perhaps you’ve been endlessly scrolling through online car listings, only to be discouraged by your country’s staggering average used car prices. Fear not, for there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered – the cheapest cars in Europe. 

With many European countries offering unbeatable deals on used cars, you can now purchase that long-awaited car without breaking the bank.  In this article, we’ll share the top contenders from various European countries, revealing the secrets behind their astonishingly low car costs. 

So, if you’re eyeing your next car purchase and seeking an affordable solution, read on to explore the world of European cars that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Cheapest cars in Europe in 2023 include:

  1. Dacia Sandero
  2. Skoda Citing
  3. Toyota Aygo
  4. Kia Picanto
  5. Hyundai i10

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New Car Price in Europe

Purchasing a car is undeniably a significant decision that warrants careful consideration and the assurance of making the right choice. 

While it’s easy to believe that the best cars come with exorbitant price tags, the truth is that quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Plenty of affordable options are waiting to be explored – the cheapest cars in Europe. 

To help you, here are the cheapest vehicles that you can buy in Europe. 

A gray dacia sandero

Dacia Sandero is a practical and affordable choice for car buyers across various European countries. With a price range spanning from €10,000 to €14,000, it’s well within the budget of many. 

This compact car boasts a surprisingly spacious interior, comfortably seating up to five passengers. Under the hood, the Sandero offers a range of efficient engines, helping you save on fuel costs. 

Car Prices Ranges From €10,000 to €14,000 

Its affordable price tag also translates to lower insurance premiums, making it an economical option for car owners. For those interested, authorized Dacia dealers, particularly in France, offer excellent deals on this budget-friendly gem. 

The Dacia Sandero could perfectly fit your needs if you’re seeking a cost-effective example of a reliable used car purchase in Europe.

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A black dacia jogger

Dacia Jogger is one of the most competitively priced European cars, starting at €14,990, making it an attractive option for European budget-conscious buyers. 

Known for its affordability, this car offers a cost-effective solution without compromising quality. With Dacia’s reputation for providing cheap and reliable vehicles, the Jogger has become a popular choice across the continent. 

Whether you’re exploring Portugal or neighboring countries in your motorhome, its affordability, scenic beauty, and accessibility make it ideal. Enjoy the freedom and culture on this unforgettable journey.

A white toyota aygo

Starting from €17,000, the Aygo is a popular choice for those looking for an affordable new car in several EU countries. Its compact size and efficient engine make it well-suited for city driving and navigating narrow streets.

The Aygo may not come with lavish features, but it compensates with its reliability and practicality. Standard options like steel wheels and air conditioning make it a sensible choice for budget-conscious buyers. 

If you’re in an affordable country or a neighboring country, buying cars like the Aygo can offer great deals compared to premium brands like Mercedes-Benz. 

The Toyota Aygo makes perfect sense for those seeking an economical new vehicle with reasonable passenger space.

Top Cheapest Countries To Buy a Car in Europe [2023]

A blue kia picanto

The Kia Picanto is an attractive option for those seeking an economical choice among European cars. Compared to the average used car price in the cheapest countries, opting for a new car like the Picanto can offer value and peace of mind. 

It’s well-regarded for its affordability, making it a popular choice in the market for budget-conscious buyers. In many European countries, the Picanto stands out as one of the cheapest cars, especially if you’re looking for a new vehicle. 

If you’re considering your next car purchase, exploring the most affordable countries could lead you to great deals on the Kia Picanto, making it a smart choice for those looking to save on car costs without compromising quality.

A gray hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is a popular choice among new cars, especially for those seeking affordability without compromising quality. In many European countries, it is one of the cheapest places to find a new vehicle. 

With its well-priced engines and overall cost-effectiveness, the i10 appeals to budget-conscious buyers across the continent. The i10’s compact size makes it ideal for navigating narrow streets, while its comfortable seating for up to five passengers ensures ample space. 

Additionally, the i10 comes with standard safety features and offers reasonable insurance costs, making it a reliable and pocket-friendly option for car buyers looking for a smart investment.

What are the top cheapest countries to buy a car in Europe?

Cheapest Used Cars In Europe In 2023

The price of a used car is based on many factors—the age, how it was maintained, and the average resale value all factor in. Still, several car brands and models are popular for those looking to buy a budget-friendly yet reliable used vehicle.

Volkswagen Golf 

A gray volkswagen golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a well-known and versatile car model that has been popular across Europe for many years. Its price range caters to various budgets, making it a sensible option for affordable and premium versions. 

The Golf’s reputation for reliability and performance justifies its price tag, making it a valuable investment for car buyers. Depending on the country, you can find the Golf at different price points, with countries like Germany offering potentially cheaper deals due to its manufacturing origin. 

Buy It Now! It Cost  €4,000 to €20,000

In any case, the Volkswagen Golf makes sense for those looking for a reliable and versatile vehicle that can suit a wide range of needs. Its average price for a used car is a steal for a Volkswagen.

A gray skoda octavia

The Skoda Octavia, priced from €4,000 to €15,000, is a popular and reliable car model widely available across European countries. Its affordability and practicality make it a favorite among budget-conscious car buyers. 

When compared to the average used car price, opting for the Octavia can offer great value, especially if you’re considering a used car purchase. Its sturdy doors and

Depending on the country, you can find the Octavia at varying price points, with some European countries offering more budget-friendly deals. 

The Skoda Octavia presents an enticing option if you’re looking for an economical and reliable European car. With its spacious interior, efficient engines, and reasonable car costs, the Octavia is a smart choice for your next car purchase, ensuring a satisfying driving experience without breaking the bank.

Average Price of Electric Cars In Europe

Two cars next to each other on a gas station

Amid the rising popularity of electric cars, it’s important to note that there are also affordable options available in Europe. As technology advances and electric vehicles become more mainstream, various car manufacturers produce budget-friendly electric models to cater to a wider audience. 

Exploring different countries can reveal varying price points if you’re looking for the cheapest electric cars. You can find new and used electric vehicles at reasonable prices depending on the region. 

The cheapest countries in the EU for buying cars also have options for those who prefer electric vehicles. Drivers can even expect and get discounts if they buy cars from the cheapest country.

Dacia Spring – from €17,890

The Dacia Spring is the latest in Dacia’s line of value automobiles. These cars have just reached the market last year and will likely continue to be wildly popular with rising gas prices. 

While they are currently hard to get ahold of, if you are lucky enough, the price can be as low as €12,500 after you cash in on electrical incentives. In addition to the fantastic price, the Spring has a decent range, averaging about 230 km per charge.

e.GO Mobile – from €18,000

e.GO Mobile is a small electric car company based in Germany that is growing momentum thanks to its stylish brand of car and low price. While it may be difficult for e.GO to compete with the Dacia Spring’s low price; there is a lot to be said for this cheap electric compact.

Due to COVID-19, the new company had to shut down its production, but it needs to be back up and running. The limited number of cars it has produced have been known to be both durable and reliable. With new and increased investors, there will be many more e.GO’s on European streets soon.

VW e-UP! – from €21,424

The Volkswagen e-UP! Has made quite a splash in Europe. Its low price tag makes it a very approachable option from Europe’s favorite car manufacturer. The VW e-UP! Has a 32.2kWH usable battery. It ranges from 205 km in cold weather and up to 320 km in mild city weather.

The car also has a good punch, with top speeds of 130 km/h, making it possible to drive on any major busy road. It is a compact car with a surprising amount of usable trunk space.

Final Thoughts About New and Used Car Prices In Europe 

In conclusion, Europe offers diverse car options for every budget, including some of the cheapest cars on the market. From the practical and reliable Skoda Octavia to the budget-friendly Dacia Sandero, a wide range of choices are available to suit various needs and preferences. 

Moreover, the transition to electric vehicles has become more accessible, with several affordable options for eco-conscious drivers. Whether considering a new or used car, exploring different countries can reveal varying price points and fantastic deals. 

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