Best Used Car Websites in Europe in 2023

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Whether you are traveling to Europe or living here, having a car is always an advantage. You might also buy a vehicle in the EU due to its attractive car prices. In fact, some European countries have a wide range of used vehicles at very affordable rates. To find the car you desire, check out the best used car website across European countries – we listed them all below.

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Buying a used car in Europe: Best websites

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1. Germany

The German used car market is the largest in Europe; starting the search for a vehicle on German websites will guarantee you a wide choice of available cars and lucrative prices.

Top used car websites in Germany are:

  • AutoScout24.de
  • Mobile.de
  • eBay-kleinanzeigen.de
  • Gebrauchtwagen.de
  • 12Gebrauctwagen.de

Mobile.de and Autoscout24 are Germany’s two largest platforms for searching for a car.

1. AutoScout24.de

AutoScout24 currently has over 730,000 cars available for purchase in Germany. It’s by far the largest marketplace for finding used or new vehicles in entire Europe.

AutoScout24 is available in 19 countries across Europe and has over 2 million vehicles on offer.

For non-German speakers, AutoScout24 operates in various languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, French, and others.

2. Mobile.de

Mobile.de is Germany’s largest online platform for buying and selling vehicles. As of September 2022, there are over 1,2 million vehicles on sale.

Apart from the private sellers, there are 40,000 car dealers on the platform. Besides, the site is available in 10 different languages for non-German speakers, including English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and others.

3. 12Gebrauchtwagen.de

The last on our list of top websites to buy a used car in Germany is 12Gebrauchtwagen.de. It functions as a comparison between all the leading German car sites, including the ones mentioned above. 12Gebrauchtwagen.de shows car deals across 10 used car websites.

That said, it’s one of the biggest platforms for car dealerships out there. As of September 2022, it offers over 700,000 vehicles; most of them are from commercial sellers.

Other websites you might want to check:

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2. The UK

After Germany, the UK has the second number of used cars available. Best British websites to buy a used vehicle include:

1. Autotrader.co.uk

Autotrader is the number one place to look for a used car in the UK. Currently, over 429,000 cars are available for purchase. Most vehicles sold are used, and Autotrader has only a few new options.

2. Carsnip.com

Casnip.com is the UK’s largest comparison website for used cars. You can select a particular model and compare prices among various providers.

3. Motors.co.uk

Motors is a handy used car site with a great user interface. As of September 2022, about 240,000 vehicles are available for sale.

3. France

France is home to the third largest car market in Europe. You will find reasonable prices and selections in major French cities.

Among the largest websites to buy used cars in France are:

1. Leboncoin.fr

Leboncoin is the largest website to buy and sell used cars in France. Moreover, it’s among the country’s top 10 most visited sites. 

On this website, you can find some of the best car deals. Yet, it’s not a dedicated marketplace for vehicles but rather a French Craiglist where you can find everything.

At the moment of writing, Leboncoin has over 598,260 vehicles on sale in France. It’s by far the best-known platform to buy items from private sellers, including cars.

According to the sources, the website usually has around 900,000 cars listed.

The car category of the platform has several filters like price, car brand, model, and others.

Like all marketplaces where private sellers are involved, you must check the vehicle and documents carefully before agreeing on anything.

However, the possibilities of filtering and researching are somewhat limited compared to car-dedicated websites. You can search for a car by its brand (Renault, Fiat, Nissan, Dacia), model (Twingo, Qashqai, Duster), type (petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric), and transmission (manual vs automatic).

2. Lacentrale.fr

Lacentrale.fr is one of the largest sites selling used vehicles in France. The platform has an anti-fraud shield guaranteeing the protection of your data. For calls, your phone number is replaced by a Securitel number redirecting the call to your phone.

Currently, there are over 242,000 used cars sold on the website. Thus, Lacentrale.fr is the largest site in France that is dedicated only to vehicles.

You can apply filters like brand, model, price, type, and region where the car is located. Besides, there is an option for advanced search.

3. L’argus.fr

L’argus.fr is a magazine dedicated to cars and not exactly a marketplace. However, they have car ads too.

Currently, L’argus has over 342,800 cars to choose from. The filtering options are pretty basic; you can select only the brand and model of the vehicle.

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4. The Netherlands

Dutch used car market is large and, together with Italy, has some of the most affordable prices in Europe. A decent used car in the Netherlands is sold for an average of 16,000 EUR.

You can look for a used car in the Netherlands following websites:

Among all of them, Marktplaats.nl, AutoScout24.nl, and Autotrack.nl are the most popular in the Netherlands. AutoScout24.nl is available in English.

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5. Switzerland

Despite the small size of Switzerland, there is a good selection of used vehicles for all types of buyers.

The most popular Swiss used car sites are:

1. AutoScout24.ch

AutoScout24.ch is the largest marketplace for finding used or new cars in Switzerland. It’s one of the most popular car websites in Europe.

AutoScout24.ch operates in 19 European countries and has over 2 million vehicles to offer. In Switzerland, there are around 136,000 cards available for sale.

On the website, you can contact a private seller or dealer directly via message or phone call.

For expats and non-German speakers, AutoScout24.ch has different language options, including Italian and French, but no English.

2. Car4you.ch

Car4you.ch is also a large website to buy a vehicle in Switzerland, with over 166,000 cars on sale. Luckily, this platform has options in English. Some vehicles are even available for purchase online.

You can use their super detailed search and apply filters to find exactly what you need. Buyers can even book a test drive online. Nonetheless, most vehicles are sold via dealerships.

3. Comparis.ch

Comparis.ch is a great site not only for looking for a car in Switzerland but much more, including various insurances, houses & apartments, and even cable internet deals. All services are available in English.

With Comparis.ch, you can compare offers independent and transparent car searches to help you make the best decision by displaying a detailed price history. They also provide all car-related services like car loans and maintenance. 

Currently, about 148,402 cars are on sale.

Comparis’s search engine allows you to choose between several car types, including:

  • Coupé
  • SUV
  • Delivery van
  • Pickup
  • MPV/minivan
  • Motorhome
  • Saloon/sedan
  • Estate car/station wagon
  • Convertible

They also have a wide offer of helpful articles written in English.

6. Spain

Maybe you were on vacation in Spain and decided to buy a car? Nothing is better than exploring this beautiful country by car.

Some popular Spanish second-hands car sites are:

The main caveat of Spanish used car websites is that they are primarily in Spanish.

1. Coches.net

Coches.net is a Spanish site for used cars, with about 230,000 vehicles on sale at the moment of writing. The website also has new cars available. You can easily filter the search by keywords, brand, model, price, year, etc.

2. Flexicar.es

Flexicar.es offers used cars from dealerships; currently, over 6,900 used cars are on sale.

7. Italy

The largest used car websites in Italy include:

1. AutoScout24.it

As with many European countries, AutoScout24.it is also the market leader when it comes to used vehicles. Currently, around 310,000 cars are available for sale.

2. Automobile.it

Automobile.it is the second largest used car website in Italy, with a very user-friendly design and interface. Currently, over 180,000 used vehicles are on sale.

Other Italian car sites:

  • Subito.it
  • Autoxy.it

8. Norway

Some of the largest used car websites in Norway are:

1. Finn.no

Finn.no is the largest marketplace for buying a used car in Norway. Moreover, it’s a multifunctional website where you can find anything a person would need in Norway, including homes, jobs, furniture, and various vehicles.

Finn.no currently has over 60,000 cars and 6,000 vans available.

Other websites are:

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9. Denmark

The best websites to buy a used car in Denmark are:

See the full list in our guide on best used car websites in Denmark.

10. Sweden

Sweden isn’t the most lucrative country when it comes to car prices, yet, here are the best websites to buy a used car:

  • Blocket.se
  • Bytbil.com
  • Autouncle.se
  • Wayke.se
  • Bilweb.se

1. Blocket.se

Blocket is a Swedish version of Craiglist, and it functions in a similar way. You will find the majority of offers from private sellers on Blocket.

At the moment of writing, Blocket has over 240,000 cars available.

2. Bytbil.com

As of September 2022, there are 82,829 vehicles to choose from, 65,261 of which are cars. The majority of cars offered are from dealerships. On Bytbil, you can also select leasing as an option if purchasing a vehicle isn’t optional for you.

3. Autouncle.se

Autouncle is a great resource for finding a used car in Sweden, but it has only offers from dealerships. At the time of writing, there are 106,810 vehicles available for buyers on Autouncle.

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