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Quick DR-WALTER Insurance in Germany Review

Quick DR-WALTER Insurance in Germany Review titlecard

Are you an expat or an international student looking for health insurance in Germany? If so, you may have heard of DR-WALTER, a leading insurance company that provides health and liability insurance for foreigners in Germany.

But is DR-WALTER the right choice for you? How does it compare to other health insurance options in Germany? What are the benefits and drawbacks of its plans?

In this blog post, we will give you a quick DR-WALTER insurance in Germany review, covering its main features, plans, costs, and customer service. We will also help you decide whether DR-WALTER suits your needs and budget.

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What Are The Types of DR-Walter Insurance Options Available?

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DR-WALTER, the renowned insurance company, provides various health insurance options tailored to specific needs. For foreign students in Germany up to 45 years old, they offer private health insurance, which ensures comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, including dental care and accident insurance.

This option is distinct from the public health insurance (statutory health insurance) commonly required in Germany.

DR-WALTER goes beyond traditional public health insurance, offering comprehensive coverage for foreign scholarship holders in Germany. Tailored policies address unique requirements effectively.

Furthermore, DR-WALTER offers personal liability insurance to safeguard individuals from unforeseen liabilities. With distinct purposes, DR-WALTER’s insurance policies cater to specific needs. Choose reliable coverage for German health insurance and related needs.

DR-WALTER offers some of the best health insurance plans in Germany, such as EDUCARE24, German Student Insurance, STUDENT PLUS, and AU-PAIR24.


EDUCARE24 is a health insurance product offered by Dr. Walter that is tailored to the specific needs of foreign students, language students, and trainees in Germany and Europe.

Renowned for reliability and comprehensive coverage, EDUCARE24 is preferred by students, guest scientists, travelers, au-pairs, and development workers. Tailored to foreign students and scholars, it provides diverse healthcare benefits.

Coverage of this private health insurance:

  • According to data.ed.gov, EDUCARE24 provides extensive health insurance coverage for foreign students up to 45 years of age in Germany, serving as a dependable German health insurance solution.
  • It offers supplementary insurance, including personal liability insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, baggage insurance, and assistance insurance for those seeking comprehensive coverage abroad.
  • The supplementary insurance plan can be combined with Provisit Student or Provisit Science, enhancing the options available to individuals.
  • EDUCARE24 covers various medical expenses, including hospitalization, repatriation, and dental care, such as prophylaxis, fillings, and extractions.

German Student Insurance:

German Student Insurance, offered in partnership with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), is tailored to meet the healthcare needs of students pursuing subject-related studies in Germany. This insurance option is ideal for foreign students, providing them with comprehensive health insurance coverage throughout their academic journey.


  • The DR-WALTER website says that the German Student Insurance ensures coverage for various essential aspects of healthcare, including medical expenses, hospitalization, and repatriation, offering students peace of mind during their stay.
  • The insurance plan also includes coverage for pre-existing conditions, acknowledging the importance of comprehensive health coverage for all students.
  • Dental health is not neglected, as the insurance policy includes coverage for dental treatment, addressing issues such as prevention, fillings, and extractions.
  • In emergencies, German Student Insurance provides coverage for emergency medical treatment, ensuring students can access timely medical care.


STUDENT PLUS by DR-WALTER is a specialized international insurance policy catering to the needs of students, scholarship holders, and doctoral students who plan to spend extended periods of up to five years abroad.

This insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage for various aspects of healthcare, ensuring the well-being of individuals during their time overseas.


  • The basic tariff of STUDENT PLUS primarily covers medical expenses, hospitalization, repatriation, and personal liability, offering essential protection and peace of mind to those living and studying abroad.
  • In addition to the basic coverage, the insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage for pre-existing conditions, acknowledging the importance of addressing existing health concerns.
  • It also covers significant life events, such as pregnancy and childbirth, ensuring that individuals access necessary healthcare services.
  • STUDENT PLUS offers coverage for emergency medical treatment, ensuring prompt access to necessary medical care.
  • The insurance policy further safeguards against unforeseen circumstances by covering travel interruption, trip cancellation, and personal liability, providing comprehensive protection for individuals abroad.


AU-PAIR24 is a travel health insurance policy for incoming au-pairs from Germany and other European countries. This insurance, provided by DR Walter, offers extensive coverage for various situations. AU-PAIR24 assists foreign guests, meeting residence permit requirements and providing financial savings. Enjoy peace of mind throughout your stay.

Coverage of AU-PAIR24 Liability Insurance in Germany

Here’s an overview of the coverage provided:

  • AU-PAIR24 covers personal and professional liability insurance, making it ideal for au-pairs and ensuring they are protected in their work role.
  • The insurance policy covers injuries to children caused by the au pair, providing a safety net for the au pair and the host family.
  • In case of unforeseen damage to the host family’s immovable property, AU-PAIR24 offers coverage, preventing unexpected expenses.
  • This insurance coverage remains in effect regardless of changes in au-pair status, providing flexibility and security.
  • AU-PAIR24 includes unpredictable treatment of pre-existing medical conditions, ensuring that even pre-existing health issues are managed.

AU-PAIR24 is a valuable travel insurance option for au-pairs and foreign guests in the German market, providing comprehensive coverage for various situations, all from a reputable company like DR Walter.

Cost and Premiums of DR-WALTER Insurance in Germany

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When it comes to insurance options for foreign visitors in Germany and Europe, DR-WALTER is a well-known name in the industry. They offer a range of insurance policies catering to different needs.

The cost and premiums of these policies may vary depending on various factors, such as the type of insurance, coverage, and duration of stay.

Let’s take a closer look at the cost and premiums of some of DR-WALTER’s insurance offerings:

1. DR-WALTER Health Insurance

Monthly premiums for DR-WALTER Health Insurance vary between €33 and €85. The actual cost is determined by factors like the insured’s age and the coverage duration. This insurance policy primarily covers health-related expenses for foreign visitors.


This comes at a fixed monthly fee of €33. This comprehensive package includes health insurance, private liability insurance, accident insurance, and coverage in case of deportation. A versatile choice for peace of mind during your stay in Germany.


Foreign students pursuing their academic endeavors in Germany can opt for German Student Insurance at a monthly rate of €33. This policy specifically caters to international students during their subject-related studies.

4. AU-PAIR24

Provisit.com says that AU-PAIR24 offers flexibility, with a monthly charge of €35 for health insurance and an additional €3 for accident and liability insurance, including insurance tax. It’s a great choice for au pairs and caregivers seeking comprehensive coverage.

5. DR-WALTER Protect

If you need personal liability, baggage, accident, and assistance insurance, DR-WALTER Protect is available at a monthly cost of €11.30. It provides an extra layer of security during your stay.

Please note that the cost and premiums of DR-WALTER insurance policies are subject to change and can vary based on individual circumstances. It’s essential to check with the company for the most up-to-date pricing.

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Comparison to Public Health Insurance in Germany Providers

When comparing DR-WALTER to public health insurance, understand the distinctions. Public health insurance, a government-mandated system, covers basic healthcare and often includes nursing care insurance for all residents.

The premiums for public health insurance are determined based on your income, making it a cost-effective option for those who meet the eligibility criteria and speak German fluently.

According to academics.com, the basic premium for public health insurance is 14.6% of gross income, plus a supplemental charge of an average of 1.6% of gross income, with those premiums capped at a monthly income of €4,987.50.

DR-WALTER provides tailored insurance for tourists, students, and self-employed individuals. Despite flexibility and direct billing, policies vary in price and lack nursing care coverage.

Additionally, DR-WALTER provides travel and other specific insurance coverages not typically offered by public insurance companies.

Benefits of Getting DR-WALTER Health Insurance in Germany

Tailored Coverage for International Needs

DR-WALTER specializes in expat and international student insurance, offering tailored coverage like private health and travel insurance. Unlike public health insurance for German residents, DR-WALTER caters to temporary residents’ unique needs.

Extensive Network for Direct Billing

Boasting an extensive healthcare network, DR-WALTER ensures easy access for policyholders. Direct billing, a time-saving benefit, is especially advantageous for international students and expats unfamiliar with the German public health system.

No Claims Bonus

DR-WALTER offers a “no claims bonus” for loyalty and good health practices. If you remain claim-free, enjoy bonuses or reduced premiums, making it a financially appealing choice over public health insurance.

Coverage Across Borders

Your insurance coverage with DR-WALTER goes beyond Germany’s borders, benefiting expats and students who travel or visit home. Public health insurance lacks similar coverage outside Germany, making DR-WALTER essential for comprehensive protection wherever you go.

Efficiency and Accessibility

Navigating insurance is hassle-free with DR-WALTER, especially for self-employed students and expats. Their international customer service streamlines access to top-notch health insurance, bypassing German public system complexities.

For expats, self-employed, and international students, specialized coverage sets DR-WALTER apart. Enjoy a comprehensive, customer-oriented solution distinct from Germany’s public health insurance system.

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Network and Providers of DR-WALTER

DR-WALTER, as an insurance company, prides itself on maintaining an extensive network of healthcare providers to deliver top-notch health insurance services. This network is a crucial asset, particularly for those seeking private health insurance or specialized insurance coverage, catering to individuals who may be in Germany temporarily or coming from their home country.

The breadth of DR-WALTER’s network ensures that clients are fully covered and can easily access healthcare services. The advantage of direct billing is a testament to this network’s efficiency. It simplifies the process for policyholders, allowing them to receive medical services without the complexities often associated with the German public health system.

What About The Accessibility of DR-WALTER Private Health Insurance in Germany?

DR-WALTER ensures excellent accessibility for its clients in Germany, offering top-tier private health insurance services. The company’s headquarters in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany, serves as the central hub for all contract management, claims processing, and payment handling, providing policyholders a reliable and efficient experience.

As an insurance broker, DR-WALTER collaborates with various insurance companies. This affiliation allows them to offer impartial and objective counseling and advice, positioning them as a trusted and reliable health and travel insurance partner.

DR-WALTER’s dedication to accessibility extends to their various portals, which are dedicated to ensuring international mobility. These portals serve as valuable resources for individuals seeking the best health insurance solutions during their stay abroad, such as international students, development workers, or au pairs.

DR-WALTER Private Health Insurance in Germany Reviews

DR-WALTER garners positive reviews for its private health insurance offerings. Customers find their student insurance products to be sensible and of high quality.

Here’s a review from a Reddit user:

“Dr-Walter is legitimate. Their student insurance product makes sense and is a good product. The most important part is that they register you with public health insurance (here: TK), which will cover you as soon as you start to study since public health insurance is the preferred health insurance.”

DR-WALTER’s wide network and commitment to facilitating better health insurance services make it a legitimate and reliable choice for students and others.

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Customer Service of DR-WALTER Private Health Insurance in Germany

Close-Up Shot of a Curly-Haired Girl Wearing Headphones

DR-WALTER is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to its private health insurance clients. They offer multiple channels for customer support, including phone, email, and contact forms.

Clients can easily get in touch with DR-WALTER for various needs, including general information, product advice, claims assistance, reimbursement queries, assistance with existing contracts, and premium payments.

To address unresolved issues or customer dissatisfaction, DR-WALTER maintains a complaints management department, ensuring that concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.

Their website features a comprehensive “Help and Service” section, which covers crucial aspects like insurance comparison, handling emergencies, understanding claims procedures, and assessing the quality of service.

Expats won’t have problems since customer service representatives also speak English. They also encourage customers to leave reviews on platforms like Google, eKomi, or Trustpilot, facilitating transparency and assisting other customers in finding the right insurance.

It’s important to acknowledge that while some Reddit reviews have expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the claims process and reimbursement time, they represent a limited sample and may not reflect the overall customer experience.

DR-WALTER’s commitment to delivering great service and its wide network for private health insurance makes it a reliable choice for those seeking comprehensive health insurance solutions in Germany, even during stays abroad.

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Comparing DR-WALTER to Other Private Health Insurance in Germany

woman comparing two health insurance documents

DR-WALTER, a private health insurance provider in Germany, specializes in delivering insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of foreign language students, self-employed, scholarship holders, students, and guest researchers through their framework agreements.

To understand how DR-WALTER stacks up against other private health insurance providers in Germany, including Allianz, AXA, DKV, HanseMerkur, and Hallesche, let’s examine a few key distinctions:

Specialized Focus

DR-WALTER’s niche focus on catering to foreign language students and guest researchers, with dedicated framework agreements, sets them apart. This specialization ensures that they can offer tailored services and support in the native language of their clients.

Comprehensive Offerings

Established providers like Allianz, AXA, DKV, HanseMerkur, and Hallesche are well-known for providing a wide array of insurance services, including private and public health insurance. Their extensive portfolios cater to various client demographics.

Reputation and Market Presence

The reputation and market presence of these established providers contribute to their appeal. They are recognized for delivering quality healthcare solutions and insurance products, making them strong contenders for those seeking the best health insurance.

The choice between DR-WALTER and other providers hinges on individual needs, preferences, and priorities. While DR-WALTER excels in serving the specific needs of foreign students and researchers, established insurers offer a broader spectrum of services.

The decision ultimately depends on the policyholder’s unique circumstances and insurance requirements when selecting the most suitable private health insurance provider.

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Comparing DR-WALTER Private Health Insurance to Public Health Insurance in Germany

Private health insurance, exemplified by providers like DR-WALTER, offers several advantages over the public health insurance system in Germany, including:

  • More Extensive Coverage: Private health insurance plans typically provide broader coverage for medical and dental treatments than the government system. They often offer more comprehensive geographical coverage, ensuring that policyholders can access a wide range of healthcare options.
  • Greater Choice of Doctors and Hospitals: With private health insurance, individuals can choose their preferred doctors and hospitals. This choice can result in faster appointment scheduling and a more personalized level of care, reflecting a significant benefit.
  • A Private Insurance Company Has Customizable Coverage: Private health insurance policies allow policyholders to tailor their coverage to their specific needs. This means access to a wider network of healthcare providers and potentially shorter treatment waiting times, which can be particularly advantageous when seeking the best health insurance for individual requirements.
  • Additional Services: Private health insurance goes beyond basic medical coverage. It often extends to cover extra services like dental care, vision correction (glasses), and even laser eye surgery, addressing a broader spectrum of healthcare needs. A public health insurance company or provider
  • Potential Premium Reduction with Deductibles: Private health insurance providers may offer the option to lower monthly premiums by agreeing to a deductible, also known as an excess or franchise. This feature allows individuals to balance their coverage and costs, aligning their policy with their financial situation.

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Final Thoughts About DR-WALTER Insurance in Germany in Review

In conclusion, DR-WALTER Insurance in Germany is a specialized provider catering to the unique needs of expats, international students, and visitors. Their comprehensive private health insurance options, personal liability, and other coverage offer tailored solutions for those temporarily residing in Germany.

With a wide network of healthcare providers and a commitment to excellent customer service, DR-WALTER provides a valuable alternative to public health insurance, offering more extensive coverage and flexibility. To explore health insurance in Germany in more detail and make an informed decision, click the links in the article.

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