Car Insurance Cost in Germany [2024 Guide]

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Are you an expat or foreigner planning to make Germany your home? If so, one pressing question you might have is, “What’s the car insurance cost in Germany?” Car insurance is necessary for anyone looking to own and drive a car in Germany.

Car insurance costs in Germany vary by type. Liability is about €250 yearly, partial coverage is around €340, and comprehensive is roughly €565 yearly. Costs depend on individual factors and discounts.

In this 2024 guide, explore Germany’s car insurance landscape—types available, factors shaping costs, and tips for choosing the right insurer. Whether comprehensive or liability, navigate confidently for a smooth ride.


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How Much Does Car Insurance in Germany Cost?

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The car insurance price in Germany varies, but I can shed light on the average car insurance cost in Germany. According to data from simplegermany.com, the average annual car insurance premium in 2020 was approximately 258 euros for liability alone. If you opt for additional coverage, like fully comprehensive, expect to pay around 329 euros or 85 euros for partial cover.

In Germany, on average, people pay roughly €250 annually for basic car insurance and approximately €565 for full comprehensive coverage. However, the actual cost can fall within the broad range of €100 to €1,000 per year, according to allaboutberlin.com.

Explore discounts and special offers from various insurance companies to secure savings on German car insurance. Common discounts include the no-claims bonus, driver group, and annual kilometers driven. So, when it comes to understanding the cost of car insurance in Germany, it’s essential to consider these factors and shop wisely for the best deal.

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What Are The Factors That Affects The Overall German Car Insurance Cost?

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The car insurance price in Germany is influenced by various factors that determine the car insurance cost in Germany.

The cost of car insurance in Germany depends on age, driving experience, coverage type, vehicle details, and location. Claims history and annual mileage further influence insurance expenses.

Driver’s Personal Condition

The cost of car insurance in Germany is significantly influenced by the driver’s personal conditions, including age and driving experience.

Younger and less experienced drivers often face higher car insurance prices in Germany. Insurance companies consider them to be at a higher risk for accidents.

Conversely, older, more experienced drivers tend to benefit from lower premiums. When exploring car insurance in Germany, understanding how your personal factors affect the average car insurance cost is crucial.

Choosing car insurance in Germany demands careful consideration of quotes. Tailor coverage to your needs for optimal protection.

In case you’re wondering, being a long-term resident in Germany won’t mean cheaper vehicle insurance. Every resident has to pay based on the regulations of the insurance company.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage

How much is car insurance in Germany? Well, it depends on the type of car insurance coverage you choose. The type of car insurance coverage you choose plays a significant role in the cost of car insurance in Germany.

German car insurance comes in three types:

  • Third-party liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung): This car insurance is the mandatory minimum requirement in Germany, covering damages your vehicle causes to others. It’s usually the most affordable option.
  • Partial coverage insurance (Teilkaskoversicherung): This covers theft, fire, natural disasters, and more, as well as certain damages to your own vehicle, such as broken windows or stolen car keys.
  • Comprehensive coverage insurance (Vollkaskoversicherung): It offers the most extensive protection, covering all damages or injuries to your own car, other vehicles, and people or objects.

The choice of coverage directly impacts the car insurance price in Germany. Comprehensive insurance is more expensive while opting for third-party liability can help you pay less per year. When comparing car insurance prices, consider the type of coverage that best suits your needs and your budget.

Vehicle’s Make and Model

The vehicle’s make, model, and characteristics significantly influence car insurance prices in Germany. Luxury cars often have higher insurance costs than cheaper or second-hand vehicles.

The car’s type (diesel or petrol) influences insurance costs. Past accidents with that car type and engine size matter too.

Car insurance in Germany can vary widely. According to simplegermany.com, it ranges from approximately €100 per year for third-party coverage on more affordable or second-hand vehicles to over €1,000 per year for comprehensive coverage on top-range models.

When registering your car or exploring car insurance options in Germany, these vehicle-related factors are crucial in shaping the overall insurance cost.

Is The Car Insurance Cost The Same Throughout Germany?

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No, the cost of car insurance in Germany is not uniform across the country. It varies based on location and the chosen car insurance company. For instance, urban areas with higher traffic density may have higher premiums due to increased accident risks. Conversely, rural regions might offer lower rates.

Additionally, car insurance companies may offer varying rates for the same coverage. When considering German car insurance, it’s essential to know that your location and choice of car insurance company are crucial factors that can influence the cost. Comparing options and considering your circumstances can help you pay less for your vehicle insurance.

Cost of Car Insurance in German Regions

The cost of car insurance in Germany varies by region and car insurance company. A study by wallethub.com revealed that Berlin, as the most expensive state, saw drivers paying an average of 483 euros per year for car liability insurance.

Following closely were Hamburg (465 euros), Bremen (430 euros), and North Rhine-Westphalia (406 euros). These disparities in car insurance costs highlight the influence of location on premiums.

When seeking car insurance in Germany, regional factors matter. Compare quotes from diverse companies; it shapes your coverage costs.

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The Best Car Insurance in Germany Providers

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The cost of car insurance in Germany varies significantly, primarily depending on the car insurance provider. Each insurer sets its own policies, costs, and coverage options.

When considering car insurance in Germany, it’s crucial to compare car insurance prices to determine the best one in Germany. Whether you’re renting a car, driving your own car, or having a rental car, understanding insurance is mandatory.

To ensure you get the right level of coverage at the most competitive insurance premiums, consider top providers like AXA, CosmosDirekt, and Allianz.

AXA Car Insurance in Germany

AXA Car Insurance in Germany logo

When it comes to car insurance in Germany, AXA is a notable choice. As a multinational insurance company with a robust presence in the country, AXA offers a wide range of insurance products, including car insurance.

Dating to 1816, AXA boasts a rich history. Serving 93 million clients in 51 countries, it’s the trusted auto insurance choice.

How much is AXA Insurance for a vehicle in Germany?

According to Germany Visa, the average annual premium for liability coverage can go around €250. However, remember that the actual cost can vary significantly depending on the factors mentioned above.

Customer Service for AXA Liability Insurance

AXA’s commitment to customer service for third-party liability insurance in Germany is evident through its multifaceted approach. The company caters to individual and business customers through an extensive network of agents, salaried sales forces, brokers, independent financial advisors, and bank networks.

Moreover, they offer direct sales channels, such as telephone, mail, and online platforms, to provide customers with convenience and accessibility.

In terms of customer treatment, AXA places a strong emphasis on fairness and transparency. They ensure that customers are provided with clear and accurate information, sound advice, and the highest standards of confidentiality. Fair treatment is central to their customer service ethos, and they maintain honest and ethical advertising practices.

Can You Trust Your Car in Germany with AXA Comprehensive Insurance?

In Germany, car insurance costs depend on various factors, including your specific requirements, the type of coverage you choose, and your circumstances.

Whether you require liability or comprehensive car insurance, AXA in Germany tailors coverage to your needs. Get informed decisions with their support and information.

CosmosDirekt Car Liability Insurance in Germany

CosmosDirekt car insurance provider logo

CosmosDirekt is an insurance company that offers a wide array of insurance products, including car insurance, and has earned a strong reputation within the country’s insurance industry.

Here’s an overview of CosmosDirekt’s reputation, customer service, and the importance of financial stability in car insurance selection.

How Much Is CosmosDirekt Car Insurance Policy Cost?

The search results do not provide a specific cost for the CosmosDirekt car insurance policy. However, CosmosDirekt is known for offering low prices and great value for money. Their car insurance with basic protection already includes many important services.

Other comprehensive car insurance providers offer them, too, but CosmosDirekt offers services for up to 40% cheaper.

You can choose between basis or comfort coverage; sign up online here.


CosmosDirekt holds a notable position in the German insurance market, being the country’s largest direct insurer. According to a 2021 survey by Statista, CosmosDirekt is well-regarded by its customers, with a customer satisfaction rate of 4.2 out of 5. This high level of satisfaction underscores its popularity among those seeking car insurance in Germany.

CosmosDirekt distinguishes itself by offering insurance products directly to customers, eliminating the need for intermediaries like agents or brokers. They provide accessible customer service through various channels, including phone, email, and online chat, ensuring that clients can get the required assistance.

My Opinion About CosmosDirekt Car Liability Insurance

When you register your car in Germany, choosing car insurance is not just a legal requirement; it’s also a critical step in safeguarding your vehicle and financial well-being.

Liability insurance, also known as “Haftpflichtversicherung,” is mandatory in Germany, and you must provide proof of coverage through an “elektronische Versicherungsbestätigung” when you register your car.

You must consider various factors to determine how much car insurance in Germany will cost. This includes the type of coverage and your personal circumstances, as insurance premiums vary.

So, selecting a financially stable provider like CosmosDirekt is essential to ensure a reliable car insurance policy to protect your vehicle and yourself on the road.

Allianz Car Insurance in Germany

Allianz car insurance provider logo

Allianz’s reputation as a global financial services giant extends to its operations in Germany. As the market leader in the country’s general and life insurance sectors, Allianz has established itself as a trusted and reliable insurance provider. This market leadership underscores its ability to meet the diverse insurance needs of German individuals and businesses.

How Much Is Allianz Auto Insurance?

Allianz offers car insurance premiums starting from 72 EUR per year, according to simplegermany.com. The cost of car insurance in Germany is affected by several important factors. It is liable to change daily, especially due to the high number of providers that offer this kind of insurance.

The cost of car insurance, whether from Allianz or others, fluctuates based on factors like car type, value, and driving experience.

Diverse elements, including car type, value, and driving experience, contribute to the fluctuating costs of Allianz and other providers’ car insurance.

It is recommended to use an insurance comparison marketplace or contact the provider directly to get a quote for car insurance. Consider using Tarifcheck. It’s a digital and transparent car insurance price calculator for Germany that allows you to compare car insurance premiums from various third parties free of charge.

Customer Service

Allianz is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service to individual and business customers in Germany. Their service network comprises full-time tied agents and Commerzbank branches, ensuring accessibility for many clients.

In addition to its extensive physical presence, Allianz offers customer service through various digital channels, including phone, email, and online chat, enhancing the convenience of accessing its services.

Allianz’s customer service philosophy revolves around transparency, accuracy, and fairness. They prioritize delivering precise and honest information, sound advice, confidentiality, and fair treatment to their customers.

Furthermore, their advertising messages are marked by a commitment to honesty, ensuring clients can make informed decisions about their car insurance.

Allianz: One of the Best Car Insurance Providers?

Whether you are exploring car insurance options in Germany for the first time or considering a switch from an existing car insurance provider, it’s crucial to be well-informed.

You’ll need to understand the various insurance covers available, including partial coverage, and choose car insurance that suits your needs.

Allianz, with its market leadership and commitment to customer service, ensures you have access to comprehensive insurance options for your vehicle, providing the protection you need on the road.

Is the German Car Insurance Market More Expensive Than Other Countries?

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As an expert in car insurance, one of the most common questions I encounter is, How much is car insurance in Germany? Prospective policyholders often need to know the car insurance price in Germany and whether it is more expensive than in other countries.

It is a valid concern, and the reality is that the cost of car insurance in Germany is not more expensive than in other countries. In fact, car insurance in Germany is considered to be relatively affordable compared to many other nations.

Let’s look into the specifics of the average car insurance cost in Germany, providing you with the essential details you need to know:

Liability Insurance

In Germany, liability insurance is mandatory for all car owners. A report by simplegermany.com says that a car owner pays an average of €250 per year for liability insurance. Shield yourself financially. This insurance safeguards against third-party damages, ensuring protection if you’re responsible for injuries or property damage.

Partial Coverage

If you opt for partial coverage, the average cost in Germany is around €340 per year, according to german-visa.org. This insurance type, also known as third-party, fire, and theft insurance, goes beyond liability insurance by covering damages to your own vehicle resulting from fire, theft, or specific accidents.

Comprehensive Coverage

For comprehensive coverage, which is the most extensive option. German-visa.org says that the average cost in Germany is approximately €565 per year. Comprehensive coverage offers a wide range of protection, including damages to your vehicle in various situations, theft, vandalism, and accidents.

Are There Discounts You Can Get From German Insurance Companies?

Car insurance in Germany often uses a no-claims bonus system, rewarding policyholders with discounts for maintaining a claim-free record over the years.

Additionally, these discounts are an important aspect of the overall insurance costs. This system encourages safe driving and responsible use of insurance coverage.

Consider a notice period when canceling German car insurance. Maintaining coverage for about three years can prevent potential penalties.

Understanding the nuances of car insurance in Germany, from liability to comprehensive coverage, is crucial for making informed decisions and ensuring that you are adequately protected on the road.

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How No-Bonus Claims Affect The Car Insurance Premium?

In Germany, the no-claims bonus (NCB) system, also known as the bonus-malus class, strongly influences the price of car insurance. The NCB indicates how many years a driver has gone without having an accident or filing a claim.

If a driver goes a whole year without filing a claim, their NCB increases by one level, and the higher the NCB, the less they typically pay for their insurance premium.

Conversely, if a driver makes a claim, their NCB will be downgraded, and their insurance premium will be higher for the next year. Therefore, a driver’s NCB is a significant factor in calculating car insurance prices.

The discount a driver receives for their NCB varies from insurer to insurer, but it can be up to 35% off annual costs if they go one year without making a claim, according to Getsafe insurance.

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What Are The Requirements for Foreign Car Insurance?

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When it comes to obtaining foreign car insurance in Germany, there are specific prerequisites and details that you need to provide to ensure a smooth process. Here’s a breakdown of the requirements to obtain foreign car insurance, which is crucial information for individuals looking to insure their vehicles abroad:

Proof of Third-Party Liability Coverage:

Before registering a car in Germany, you need to provide proof of third-party liability coverage. This coverage is essential, protecting against damage or injury to another person, car, or property. It is a fundamental aspect of your insurance policy, safeguarding you and others on the road.

Personal Details:

To initiate the process, you will need to provide your personal details, which include your name, address, date of birth, nationality, and occupation. These details are essential for your insurance provider to tailor a policy that meets your needs and circumstances.

Driving License Details:

Your driving license is a vital component of the documentation required. You must provide details such as the license number, date of issue, and the country where it was issued. These details are critical for verifying your eligibility for foreign car insurance.

Car Details:

Information about your vehicle is another key requirement. You’ll need to provide details about your car, including the make, model, year of manufacture, license plate (registration number), and current value. These specifics allow the insurer to assess the risks associated with your vehicle. Note that even rental car insurance requires a license plate.

Previous Insurance Details:

If you have had insurance coverage, you must provide details about your previous insurer, including the insurer’s name, policy number, and any accrued no-claims bonus. This information may impact your premium and coverage options, as a good insurance record can lead to lower costs.

Understanding and fulfilling these requirements is essential for obtaining a German car insurance policy as a foreign vehicle owner.

Additionally, you may want to explore additional coverage options, such as breakdown insurance or coverage for medical expenses, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

When seeking foreign car insurance in Germany, it’s advisable to shop around and compare quotes from different insurance providers to find the most suitable and cost-effective insurance policy.

The insurance market in Germany is regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, ensuring that you have a range of options from different insurance providers to choose from based on your driving record and specific requirements.

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Final Thoughts About Car Insurance Cost in Germany

In conclusion, understanding the cost of car insurance in Germany is essential for both residents and newcomers. It varies based on factors such as the type of coverage, your personal circumstances, and your location within the country.

To get the best value, comparing quotes and exploring discounts from various insurance providers is crucial. Being well-informed can lead to significant savings if you opt for liability, partial, or comprehensive coverage.

If you want to learn more about car insurance cost in Germany, please click the links in the article to read the full guide. This will also help us keep this blog afloat and provide you with more useful information.

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