How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Bike in Germany?

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Good bikes don’t have to cost a fortune. Germany has some of the most affordable bicycles in Europe. You can buy a new vehicle straight from the shelf or spend a reasonable amount on a high-quality used bike.

Bicycles are selling at affordable prices in Germany. On average, a used bike will cost between €50 to €300. You shouldn’t spend more than €500 on a brand-new bicycle. Mid-range, most good-quality bikes cost between €700 and €1,500. You should budget about €1,200 for an electric bicycle. Professional bikes cost over €1,500.

Are you looking to buy a bicycle in Germany? The bike is the best transportation method in any German city! By using a bicycle in your daily life, you save time, money and strengthen your health. All these benefits are worth the initial investment. Read this article to learn how much you should budget for each type of bicycle in Germany.

Price of the bicycle in Germany 

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According to Statista, the average price of a bicycle was €1,395 in 2021. It’s a significant increase from 2017 when the average price of a sold bike was €706.

Yet, this number includes data on E-bikes which are generally significantly more expensive than regular models and are very popular nowadays. In Germany, they account for a third of sales. Therefore, the average bike prices are continuing to rise.

Nowadays, you can choose between thousands of models of bicycles, the more expensive models tend to be more hip and custom bikes. The priciest ones are usually sold at individual boutique shops.

The price of a bicycle in Germany varies depending on its quality, type, and age. A new professional bike might cost you about €5,000 and a cheap new one about €150 from a supermarket. 

Therefore, an inexpensive bike is considered under €400, a mid-level bicycle starts at about €700, and professional high-end bikes come to €5,000.

A used bike that’s just good enough to get you around town can range anywhere from €40 to €300, depending on the type. Racing branded bicycles are the most expensive.

As someone on a tiny budget, you can pick a bike at less than €50 from an auction section of unclaimed lost & found items or flea markets. However, in these places, you risk purchasing a stolen bike which is very high.

With that said, you can always save money by buying a second-hand bike, but in some situations, all the risks that come with it don’t worth the headache. You will be better off buying a new bicycle from a reputable local retailer with a guarantee.

However, you will need to assemble a bike yourself when buying a bike online. This requires some knowledge and experience. The best option is to visit a retailer and pick the model that you like. You can drive home with it.

If you don’t mind having a slightly worn-out bike check out second-hand offers sold on eBay or at flea markets in your city.

Type of the bicycle and prices

Bicycle prices vary mainly depending on their type. Here are common bike types and the most current price ranges in Germany.

The average price of new bicycles across various types in Germany between 2019 and 2020:

Bike type20192020
Road bikes1.987,63€2.312,79€
Mountain bikes1.313,93€1.414,61€
Special bikes918,56€1.128,84€
Trekking bikes776,24€787,2€
Folding bikes635,86€746,72€
City bikes587,21€576,48€
Children bikes269,31€277,64€
Source: de.statista.com

City bikes

City bikes fall into a broad category. However, usually, these are single-speed models that are cheaper than many other bicycle types. The reason for this is their simplicity.

The prices for new city bikes start at €250 and go up to €700 for standard non-electrical models. Be prepared to spend about €400 on a good quality single-speed city bike.

The average price for city bikes was €576 in 2020.

Folding bikes

A used folding bike or Subway bike (easy to take on the train) can cost as low as €20. However, for a decent used folding bike, you should count on about €100 – €150.

New models cost significantly more, so you should expect to pay at least €500 and up to €1,400 for a good folding bike. The cheapest new models are available for €300. The average price for a folding bike was €746 in 2020.

Trekking bikes

New trekking bikes start at about €250, but you will get the lowest quality at this price. Calculate between €400€ and €1,000 for a good trekking bicycle.

Used models start at around €100. The average price of trekking bikes was €787 in 2020.

Mountain bikes

Prices for mountain bikes are similar to the trekking models. You can get a cheap one for €250, but a good, proven mountain bike should cost between €400 and €1,000. If you are looking for a decent bike that you won’t have to keep repairing every time you use it, get ready to pay at least €1,000.

Paying over €1,000 will get you an upper-class model. With that said average price for mountain bikes was €1,414 in 2020.

Stylish folding bikes or folding city bikes

New for driving through the city, there are partly already in cheap version from €200 if you catch a bargain. The guide price for really qualitative bicycles is but here also rather €500 – €800.

Travel bikes

Travel bikes require more stability since they must already withstand the weight of your luggage. Hence, the price is higher than for regular bikes.

In the lower segment, travel bikes start from €1,000, yet the more realistic prices are between €2,000 and €5,000.


E-bikes have become incredibly popular in Germany. People are spending thousands of euros on saving their energy. A low-end electric bicycle can cost only €1,000. However, a mid-range, decent e-bike will cost you between €1,500 to €2,000. High-end electric bikes go up to €5,000.

In addition, you need to consider the price of the battery, which currently costs between €400 and €800. The average price of e-bikes was €2,817 in 2020.

Road racing bikes

Road bikes are used for endurance and racing. Their frames are made of the lightest and most high-tech materials, increasing the initial costs.

You can get an average road bike for €1,000, but budgeting at least €1,500 is recommended. Racing road bikes don’t have upper limits. Ultra-light carbon professional models start at €3,000 and quickly go up to €10,000.

The average price for road bicycles was 2,312€ in 2020.

Gravel road bikes

Gravel road bikes are an incredible way of transportation since you can go anywhere and fast! However, they are among the most expensive types. You should look into investing up to €2,000. Yet, the cheapest models start at €549.

Gravel bikes look visually like road bikes but also have mountain bike elements, so you can ride them flexibly in the forest, over gravel, but also on the road.

Cargo bikes

Cargo bikes are e-bikes with the option to transport items. Prices for new models start at €1,000. A very good cargo bike costs around €4,000 or €5,000.

Fat bikes

Fat bikes are great for going through bumpy terrain, but they cost their price. The average model starts from €750, but you should calculate between €1,000 and €1,500. Keep in mind that these bikes aren’t the fastest.

Prices of used bikes

You can get a high-quality used bike at an incredible price in Germany. Second-hand bikes can be as cheap as €20. But in reality, you should invest at least €100 in a decent, functioning city bike.

Bear in mind that many second-hand bikes are stolen. Always check the papers of the previous owner such as purchasing contract, receipts, registration number, etc.

Read this article on how and where to buy a used bicycle in Germany.

Prices of new bikes

You can get a new bike already for €200 and up to €500 for a better brand. Here the type of bicycle plays the most important role.

You should invest at least €400 in a new bicycle so it can last you longer and will require average maintenance work.

How to buy a bike in Germany?

To buy a bike, simply Google “Fahrrad kaufen Deutschland” to see bike shops near you. Decathlon and Stadler are some of the largest German bicycle retailers.

There are also small bicycle shops that are selling more unique, customized bicycles. However, they usually sell more expensive, somewhat premier bicycles. There you can get a more thorough consultation.

Used bikes are also easy to come by. Check out eBay Kleinanzeigen, Facebook groups, or flea markets for second-hand bicycles.

Get a bike theft insurance

If you noticed, bike theft is a painful problem in Germany and can happen to everyone. To prevent your bicycle from this fate, get bicycle insurance. There are plenty of insurance companies offering this coverage at affordable prices.

For English speakers, we recommend Getsafe and Feather. Their prices start between 2 EUR and 3 EUR per month.

Get a lock

Once you have bought your ideal bike, get a decent lock; bicycle theft is very common across the country. Expect to spend an additional €50 to €100.

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