The Cheapest Car You Can Buy in France in 2023

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The benefits of having a car cannot be denied. However, one must acknowledge that to enjoy the convenience it brings, you must pay a hefty price tag. With skyrocketing car prices each year, you may think that your cheap car options in France are limited.

However, you’ll be surprised to know that you have tons of options in your hands. France is one of the most affordable places for car purchase in Europe! Here, we’ve picked out the cheapest ones you can buy. The top cheapest new cars in France are:

  • Skoda Citigo (from €9,200)
  • Dacia Sandero (from €9,990)
  • Fiat Panda (from €11,990)
  • Kia Picanto (from €12,090)
  • Hyundai i10 (from €12,240)
  • Citroën C1 (from €12,350)
  • Mitsubishi Space Star (from €12,990)

Finding a car that perfectly suits your budget is surprisingly a walk in the park if you are simply looking for one to use for city driving. If you need a car in France, check out the options below. Also, read through our overview of the best used car websites in France.

Cheapest cars in France

Car modelPrice (new)
Skoda Citigofrom €9,200
Dacia Sanderofrom €9,990
Fiat Pandafrom €11,990
Hyundai i10from €12,240
Citroën C1from €12,350
Mitsubishi Space Starfrom €12,990
Renault Twingofrom €13,750
Toyota Aygofrom €13,990
Citroën C3from €14,890
Suzuki Ignisfrom €14,890
Dacia Dusterfrom €14,990
Volkswagen Up!from €15,500
Hyundai i20from €15,950
Fiat 500from €16,190
Ford Fiestafrom €20,000
Smart EQ Fortwofrom €21,940
Volkswagen Jettafrom €23,000

1. Skoda Citigo (from €9,200)

If you’re on the lookout for a small city car that will give you extreme value for money, this is an incredible choice. This car gives you more space than you think. It has two options, namely three and five-door car bodies.

The whole Skoda Citigo range also comes with economical petrol engines, which are ideal if your main purpose for the car is to get around town. Both its 75hp and 60hp versions are remarkable when used by any type of driver.

But if you think you’ll be using the motorway more, go with the 75hp since it’s a more powerful choice. Given its size, this car is very practical, and there’s also impressive storage space inside.

Learn how to buy a car in France for export.

2. Dacia Sandero (from €9,990)

Even though the Dacia Sandero is one of the cheapest superminis out there, its price shouldn’t fool you. In terms of quality, this car is up to par with any other vehicle on the market today.

Dacia Sandero is designed to be fuel-efficient and cheap, so if you’re on the lookout for a city car that will save you money, this is a fantastic option.

Surprisingly, the cabin is impressive despite the plastic fixtures. The thoughtfully placed fabric trim inserts give the car a much-needed visual lift, and there’s also tons of storage space you can use. 

Aside from that, the driving position is also worth commending, thanks to its adjustability in the steering column and seat base. Considering this, you won’t have to listen to your passengers in the backseat complain about legroom. 

This car has a 65hp petrol motor option, but the 90hp is recommended since it’s paired with a six-speed manual. The straight-line performance of this car offers a punch, especially if you want to use it for motorway cruising. There is also a 100hp option, although it costs more. 

3. Fiat Panda (from €11,990)

The Fiat Panda is a stylish car that offers impressive space. All models come with five doors for easy accessibility.

This car is best used for city drives thanks to its small dimensions, making weaving through traffic and squeezing through parking spaces a breeze. The small engine of this car also makes it extremely affordable to use, although it’s not the best option for fast-moving traffic.

Because of its economical price, you can expect standard equipment in this car. But overall, it’s still very charming and offers many appealing traits. 

4. Kia Picanto (from €12,090)

Even though it’s made by a Korean manufacturer, this car has been designed to look like a trendy French car. It also has a practical design, with room for four people.

Its extremely good interior quality will also make you feel like you’re driving something way pricier. 

For this car, you can choose between two petrol engines. The first one is a non-turbo 1-liter with 67hp, and the second one is turbo with 100hp. The non-turbo choice is more economical, but the turbo version is a more popular choice among drivers.

5. Mitsubishi Space Star (from €12,990)

Even though it’s very basic, the Mitsubishi Space Star can offer you the comfort you need. While this car isn’t designed for serious or keen drivers, you’ll love how it can go from zero to 62miles per hour in just 13.8 seconds. 

Given the size of this car, expect tons of maneuverability, as well as effortless steering, which contributes to ease of parking.

Moreover, this car isn’t lacking in space and passenger capacity. If you want one of the cheapest city cars which will still offer you a lot of space, comfort, and incredible quality, this is an excellent choice.

6. Suzuki Ignis (from €14,890)

Suzuki is the only brand to offer a mini SUV for under €15,000. The elegant Ignis model has the 1.2 Dualjet Hybrid engine. At the entry-level, the equipment already includes air conditioning, CD MP3 radio, and automatic lighting of the headlights. The classic colour is red.

7. Dacia Duster (from €14,990)

This car is a very basic model, but it will give you incredible value for money. It’s one of the most affordable cars made by Dacia, which is a popular brand in other parts of Europe.

This is a very spacious car, which is an important factor if you’re looking for a city car. The interior is built entirely with plastic, but this doesn’t mean it’s cheap and low-quality. It’s a car that offers you tons of features and almost endless space.

If you plan on making long journeys with this car, the 1.5-liter diesel engine is the best option. You can also go with either the 130hp or 115hp option if you want to prioritize acceleration.

8. Ford Fiesta (from €20,000)

Considered one of the best value cars you can get today, the Ford Fiesta is exceptionally comfortable to drive. There are a lot of choices when it comes to the Fiesta range. For instance, you can buy three or five-door hatchback forms, and there are also different versions of this car available such as Titanium and ST. 

Entry-level Ford Fiestas are pretty basic vehicles. The higher ranges get interesting for buyers thanks to upgrades that make drivers feel like they’re using something almost like a luxury car. This is due to the leather upholstery, chrome trim, and notable comfort. 

Ford Fiesta also offers nice control weights and a good amount of grip, which is a big plus if you drive on twisty roads. The engine range is made up of mostly 1-liter petrol engines, but the 100hp version is a top choice for drivers because it allows the car to speed without hassle while still maintaining fuel efficiency. 

9. Smart EQ Fortwo (from €21,940)

If you want to make city driving easy while not contributing pollution to the local air, the Smart EQ ForTwo is worth purchasing. 

This car will allow you to slip easily even in the tightest parking spots. Its unmistakable aesthetic is also charming, especially in the newer models. While most of the design in the interior is made with plastic, it still offers decent quality. 

It’s worth noting that the third is a strict two-seater car, which automatically erases it from the options of those who are looking for a family car. With its size in mind, expect the storage option to be extremely limited. 

This car is powered by a 7kWh battery, which offers an 81hp motor. This allows you to go from zero to 62 miles per hour in 11.6 seconds.

Charging this car up to 80% also takes less than 40 minutes via a 22kWh charger. However, if you plan on using a 7kWh wall box, expect to wait three hours for a full charge.

10. Volkswagen Jetta (from €23,000)

For those looking for something stylish and luxurious but at a more affordable price, the Volkswagen Jetta is an interesting choice. 

With strong fuel economy and a roomy boot, this car will serve you well. This car offers an impressive ride for its price, as well as a great interior.

While this car may still be considered reserved compared to other flashy cars in the same price range, its smoothness when riding is notable. It has a 158hp turbo four under its hood that offers great engagement, especially when paired with manual transmission. 

The sophisticated design of this car and its generous space for passengers make it a top choice for many. 

How much does the average car cost in France?

a man driving a car.

Whether you’re a first-time car owner or someone who just wants to have a second car, you need to know how much you should save up to get a vehicle in France. The average cost of new cars in France is €27,754. This is higher compared to other European countries.

Find out which countries in Europe have the cheapest cars.

Cheapest new car in France

The cheapest new car you can buy in France is the Mitsubishi Space Star which starts at only €9,290 based on the Mitsubishi website. This is a fantastic choice for newbie drivers who are looking for a hatchback for city driving.

Cheapest used car in France

France ranks first place in Europe when it comes to the prices of used cars. However, if you want to save money, buying a secondhand car is still one of the wisest things you can do.

If your budget is extremely limited, you can get a used car for less than €5,000, although the model will be older than 2007.

One of the cheapest newer-model used cars that you can get is the Skoda Citigo, which starts at roughly €7,495 for 2017 and 2018 models. 

You can also find second-hand cars that fall around €11,000 to €12,000 that are less than two years old.

When buying a used car, always ensure it has passed official inspections and is accident-free. You must also double-check that the chassis number is the same as the number in its registration document. 

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