Top Cheapest Countries To Buy a Car in Europe [2023]

According to one of the largest German marketplaces for cars, AutoScout24, there are several countries with exceptionally low prices on used cars in Europe. If you are looking to get the best value for your money, read through the post and pick a country for your next car purchase in Europe.

Italy and the Netherlands have the lowest prices for used cars across EU countries, 16,394 EUR and 16,603 EUR on average. However, buyers get the best price for a new car in Greece, Italy, and Spain – 23,555 EUR, 25,759 EUR, and 27,329 EUR, respectively.

All European counties have their car prices set differently. Logically, in prosperous, high-cost places, cars are also more expensive than in those with a weak economy, e.g., Greece. Therefore, to buy a new car, you might look into Southern European states and for a used vehicle into more competitive and developed markets such as Dutch and German. What are the cheapest cars you can buy in Europe?

Cheapest countries to buy a used car in Europe

Italy is the cheapest country to buy a used car, and France is the most expensive. Italy is also one of the cheapest countries to rent a car in Europe.

As in previous years, France again took first place when it comes to the highest used car prices, according to the data collected by AutoScout24.

On average, a used car costs 24,180 EUR in France. In Germany, used vehicles are priced at an average of 20,775 EUR. In Austria, the average used car costs 20,091 EUR in 2020.

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In Belgium, you can get a similar vehicle for 17,924 EUR, followed by the Netherlands with an average of 16,603 EUR, and Italy – the cheapest country to buy a car in Europe – with an average of 16,394 EUR.

In 2020, prices on used cars have increased from the previous year across all countries, yet the placement remained the same:

CountryAverage price for a used car in 2020
Italy16,394 EUR
The Netherlands16,603 EUR
Belgium17,924 EUR
Austria20,091 EUR
Germany20,775 EUR
France24,180 EUR
Source: AutoScout24

Here is an overview of the cheapest countries to buy an average used car in Europe in 2019:

CountryAverage price for a used car in 2019
Italy14,446 EUR
The Netherlands15,654 EUR
Belgium16,855 EUR
Spain17,586 EUR
Austria18,126 EUR
Germany18,377 EUR
France22,995 EUR
Source: AutoScout24

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According to the analysis of the German car marketplace,, in 2019, France was the second year in a row the highest-price country for used car buyers in Europe. Across all car ages, the average price for a used vehicle here was 22,995 EUR.

The neighboring countries showed significantly lower average prices. In Austria, the same car segments and the same ages were priced 8.1% lower, at 18,126 EUR on average.

It’s only around 250 EUR less than in Germany, where a used car costs 18,377 EUR. In Belgium, the price is even lower, averaging 16,855 EUR. Used vehicles are surprisingly cheap in the Netherlands – 15,654 EUR, despite the growth of 6.3% in 2019.

The southern it gets, the lower the price, so car buyers pay 17,586 EUR on average in Spain. However, Spain top the ranking of the cheapest place to rent a car in the region.

Finally, Italy is the winner with an average used car price of just 14,446 EUR.

1. Italy

If you want to save a few thousand EUR on your used car purchase, head to Italy. You might also combine your summer vacation and get the best deal in Europe on a used vehicle that you can take back home.

The average price for a used car was an impressive 14,446 EUR in 2019 and 16,394 EUR in 2020.

2. The Netherlands

A used car in the Netherlands will cost you only 15,654 EUR on average. In 2020, this number was 16,603 EUR.

Yet, according to Dutch statistics, an average used car with age between 3-5 years costs 17,014 EUR in the Netherlands. At the same time, a car of age between 1-3 years costs 24,564 EUR.

What cars are the cheapest in the Netherlands?

3. Belgium

Used cars were priced at 16,855 EUR on Belgium’s used car market in 2019 and 17,924 EUR in 2020 – a pretty good deal.

Average car prices in Germany vs Europe

Let’s compare car prices in the world’s know car heaven Germany and other European counties. Where will you get the best value for your money as a car buyer?

A study by the European Consumer Center in Düsseldorf showed that a German resident saves around 1,700 EUR when buying an Audi A4 in the Netherlands, 2,000 EUR in Belgium, and as much as 3,500 EUR in Denmark – the price includes VAT rates applicable in those countries.

Compact cars cost more in Germany and France on average. Used vehicles in compact class are priced at 17,802 EUR in France and 15,992 EUR in Germany.

A small car in Italy and the Netherlands costs only about 13,650 EUR. Moreover, it makes sense for German buyers to look for a vehicle in the neighboring country, the Netherlands, where mid-range cars are, on average, 2,000 EUR cheaper – 17,817 EUR instead of 19,946 EUR.

For instance, you can get a Volvo S40 for about 2,400 EUR cheaper in the Netherlands, 3,400 EUR in France, and even 4,600 EUR in Denmark than in Germany, according to the price comparison.

With the Ford Mondeo, you can save 3,600 EUR in the UK and just under 6,100 EUR in Denmark.

The largest price differential was found for the Volkswagen Passat, which is 39% more expensive in Germany than in Greece. Including VAT, a German consumer who buys his Passat in Greece can save 5,700 EUR.

For 72 car models, the price differential between the most expensive and the cheapest EU country was 20%. A total of 90 models were tested.

Used cars between 20 and 30 years old

If you are looking for an older car – between 20 and 30 years of age, prices drop significantly across all countries. So the Netherlands offers by far the cheapest “youngtimers” at about 5,664 EUR on average.

Germany is also an affordable place to purchase a car of that age, and there is a lot to choose from. The average price was 6,622 EUR in 2019.

Generally, Germany is a good place to buy a car of any age, including the new one. The market is stable; buyers have plenty of options and won’t get a bad deal. Nonetheless, it might be worth the effort to look further into other European countries to get a better deal.

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Cheapest countries to buy a new car in Europe

At the same time, shows different results when it comes to the cheapest country to buy a new car in Europe. According to their data, the average new car was priced the lowest in Greece in 2019.

With that said, Norway was the most expensive country to purchase a new car, with an average price of 47,518 EUR in 2019.

Greece, according to Statista, ranks as the most inexpensive country to purchase a new vehicle in Europe. It’s also the most affordable country to maintain a diesel vehicle. Consequently, if you are looking to buy a new car in the EU, Greece is currently your cheapest option.

The cost of purchasing and maintaining a car is usually parallel with the country’s wealth and status, which is why it is much more expensive to own and maintain a car in countries like Norway and Germany, as they are wealthy in comparison.

According to the data, the other two EU countries where it was cheapest to purchase a car were Italy and then Spain. The two most expensive places to buy a car were Norway and Switzerland. 

Outside of the EU, Bulgaria is known to be the cheapest place to purchase a vehicle. There are very low import costs in Bulgaria, and there is often a great variety of cars to choose from.

1. Greece

In 2019, the average cost of a car was the lowest in Greece at 23,555 EUR.

2. Italy

Besides the used cars, Italy also offers great prices for new vehicles – at 25,769 EUR on average.

3. Spain

In Spain, a new car costs on average of 27,329 EUR.

4. France

A new car is averaging 27,754 EUR in France. See the cheapest cars in France in this article.

5. Portugal

Surprisingly, Portugal has higher car prices than prosperous France, with 29,529 EUR on average.

6. Belgium

Belgium is not only one of the cheapest places to buy a used vehicle but also provides great deals for buyers looking to purchase a new car. Belgium’s average price is 29,836 EUR.

7. EU average

The cost of a new car across the EU was 30,485 EUR in 2019.

Most expensive countries to buy a new car in Europe

1. Denmark

Denmark is the most expensive place to buy a car, particularly from General Motors, Renault, and Hyundai segments. Overall, Denmark on third place with an average price for a new vehicle of 41,189 EUR.

2. Norway

A used Fiesta costs 16,903 EUR, while it’s only 10,460 in Germany. A Toyota Prius will cost you 22,097 EUR in Norway, while it’s priced at 41,011 EUR in Denmark.

In 2019 and in four previous years, Norway had the highest price tags on new cars. Average prices are roughly 17,000 EUR higher than the EU average. One of its reasons is high taxes; Norwegians pay 25% in VAT on new and used vehicles.

3. Finnland

Finnland has lower prices on used cars than the beforementioned Northern countries. Yet, they are still high for the European average. Land Rover Evoque costs more than 10,000 EUR more than in Denmark. The Finnish price is 40,980 EUR.

Which car is the cheapest to buy in Europe?

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