Top Cheapest Countries To Buy a Car in Europe [2023]

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Are you in the market for a new set of wheels but worried about breaking the bank? If car prices and the average used car prices in your country are discouraging you, fear not! We have a list of the cheapest countries to buy a car in Europe in 2023!

In this article, we’ll unveil the top cheapest countries to buy a car in Europe in 2023. Whether you’re eyeing a used or brand-new car, finding the perfect car purchase at a budget-friendly destination is within reach. 

Discover the hidden gems among European countries where used cars come at a steal, and car costs won’t keep you up at night. Let’s explore the cheapest EU country to make your dream car price a reality!

What are the cheapest cars you can buy in Europe?

Cheapest Countries To Buy A Used Car In Europe

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Having a car can significantly enhance one’s mobility and convenience, enabling easier travel to various destinations. 

However, the decision to purchase an old car can be influenced by varying costs across countries. In this regard, some countries are excellent options for purchasing used cars in Europe. 

Opting to buy in a cheaper country makes sense, especially if you reside in an expensive country where car prices are exorbitant. Moreover, a reliable car becomes indispensable for those who frequently cover long distances. 

Buying in certain countries can avoid paying VAT and even obtain export plates, securing a good deal. Ultimately, choosing wisely between one’s home country and a different one can lead to substantial savings in Europe’s most expensive countries.

To help you, here are the European countries with the cheapest car prices. 

Cheapest Countries To Buy A Used Car In Europe #1: Italy

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Italy boasts a thriving market for both new and used cars, offering many options at competitive prices. When purchasing a used car in Europe, Italy is the cheapest country to buy from. 

The cost of used cars here is considerably cheaper than in many other European countries, including Germany. For used cars in Italy, prices can be up to 30% cheaper than their counterparts in neighboring countries. 

Whether you’re searching for a new car or a budget-friendly option with a used vehicle, Italy presents a good deal for all. So, for those exploring car options in Europe, Italy stands out as the go-to country to find the most affordable and value-for-money choices.

Italy is also one of the cheapest countries to rent a car in Europe.

Find a used car in Europe on one of the top used car websites.

Cheapest Countries To Buy A Used Car In Europe #2: Belgium

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Regarding European car purchases, Belgium is a practical choice for budget-conscious buyers. With an average price of 17,924 EUR, you can get a similar vehicle in Belgium, followed closely by the Netherlands at 16,603 EUR. However, it’s worth noting that Italy takes the crown as the cheapest country to buy a car in Europe, offering an average price of 16,394 EUR.

In 2020, despite an overall increase in used car prices across all countries, the ranking for affordability remained unchanged. Italy retained its position as the cheapest country to buy a car in Europe, making it a preferred choice for many looking to save money on their purchase.

Belgium, located in Western Europe, presents an attractive option with great deals and competitive prices for buying cars. Securing a reliable and affordable vehicle is essential for those who frequently cover long distances. 

Whether you’re a resident or a neighboring country resident looking for the cheapest country to buy a car, Belgium offers a viable option with a heap of cars to choose from, making it a go-to destination for car sales.

Cheapest Car in the Netherlands [2022 Guide]

Cheapest Countries To Buy A Used Car In Europe #3: The Netherlands

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In the Netherlands, a used car will cost you only 15,654 EUR on average, making it one of the cheapest options in Europe. Compared to the 2020 average of 16,603 EUR, this presents a good deal for budget-conscious buyers. According to Dutch statistics, an average used car between 3-5 years old costs around 17,014 EUR, while a car aged between 1-3 years is priced at 24,564 EUR.

The Netherlands offers attractive options for those looking to save money on their vehicle purchase. While prices vary across countries, the Dutch car market provides affordable choices, especially compared to neighboring countries like Germany, France, or Italy. 

Moreover, considering the cost of insurance and other expenses, buying a used car in the Netherlands can be a cheap and wise decision. Whether a resident or a visitor from the UK or Spain, you can expect great deals and value-for-money vehicles in the Netherlands.

Cheapest Countries To Buy A Used Car In Europe #4: France

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When it comes to purchasing used cars in Europe, France proves to be an appealing destination for those seeking affordable options. The average cost of used cars in France can vary depending on the source and type of car. 

According to Statista, the average online price of used cars in August 2022 was €15,821. 

Among the most popular used car models in France are the Peugeot 208, Renault Clio, Peugeot 2008, Dacia Sandero, Citroën C3, Renault Captur, Peugeot 3008, Renault Mégane, Peugeot 308, Citroen C1, Ford Focus, and Peugeot RCZ.

With its diverse car market and attractive pricing, France offers an array of choices for budget-conscious buyers. Whether you’re looking for a specific model or a reliable used car, exploring the options in France may lead you to some of the most affordable deals in Europe for your next car purchase.

Cheapest Countries To Buy A Used Car In Europe #5: Portugal

picture of high-end cars.

Portugal emerges as a hidden gem for those seeking a cheap car in Europe. With used cars selling for an average of $7,224, this country offers many budget-friendly options for car buyers. 

Among Portugal’s popular used car models, French manufacturers such as Peugeot and Renault dominate the market. Portugal’s car market caters to diverse preferences, from the sleek Mercedes C-Class to the versatile Renault Megane and the agile Peugeot 208. 

Whether you’re searching for small or midsize cars, SUVs, or even sports cars, Portugal is one of the cheapest places to buy a used car in Europe. So, if you’re looking for an affordable and good deal, consider exploring Portugal for your next car purchase.

Average Car Prices In Germany vs. Europe

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Let’s compare car prices in the world’s known car heaven, Germany and other European countries. Where will you get the best value for your money as a car buyer?

A study by the European Consumer Center in Düsseldorf showed that a German resident saves around 1,700 EUR when buying an Audi A4 in the Netherlands, 2,000 EUR in Belgium, and as much as 3,500 EUR in Denmark – the price includes VAT rates applicable in those countries.

Compact cars cost more in Germany and France on average. Used vehicles in compact class are priced at 17,802 EUR in France and 15,992 EUR in Germany.

Average Used Car Price Comparison

A small car in Italy and the Netherlands costs only about 13,650 EUR. Moreover, it makes sense for German buyers to look for a vehicle in the neighboring country, the Netherlands, where mid-range cars are, on average, 2,000 EUR cheaper – 17,817 EUR instead of 19,946 EUR.

For instance, you can get a Volvo S40 for about 2,400 EUR cheaper in the Netherlands, 3,400 EUR in France, and even 4,600 EUR in Denmark than in Germany, according to the price comparison.

With the Ford Mondeo, you can save 3,600 EUR in the UK and just under 6,100 EUR in Denmark.

The largest price differential was found for the Volkswagen Passat, which is 39% more expensive in Germany than in Greece. Including VAT, a German consumer who buys his Passat in Greece can save 5,700 EUR.

For 72 car models, the price differential between the most expensive and the cheapest EU country was 20%. A total of 90 models were tested.

Tips for Buying Used Cars Between 20 And 30 Years Old

a car dealer giving key to a new car owner.

Buying a used car between 20 and 30 years old can be a cost-effective way to own a vehicle, especially if you’re looking for the cheapest options. Here are some essential tips to consider before making your purchase on the cheapest place for buying cars:

1. Research Cheapest Countries

Look into countries that offer affordable used cars. The UK, Spain, and some EU countries can be good places to start your search.

2. Get Comprehensive Insurance

With older cars, having comprehensive insurance can provide peace of mind against unforeseen repairs and expenses.

3. Inspect Thoroughly

Since cars of this age might have some wear and tear, a thorough inspection is essential to identify potential issues.

4. Know the Market Prices

Understand the general prices for cars of this age to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

5. Consider Importing from Cheaper Countries

If prices in your country are high, explore the possibility of importing from a cheaper country. However, expect to pay VAT and other taxes you might need to pay. There are fees added to the car prices even if you are buying from the cheapest country.

6. Buy from Trusted Sources

Purchase from reputable dealers or private sellers with good reviews to avoid scams or hidden problems. You must do this even if you purchase from the most affordable country. It’s best to avoid potential pitfalls in buying the cheapest cars.

7. Compare Prices in Different Countries

Prices can vary significantly in other places, so don’t limit your search to the UK or your home country. There are chances that your preferred average used car is more affordable in a different country. 

8. Mechanical Inspection

Get a qualified mechanic to assess the car’s condition before finalizing the deal.

9. Expect Higher Maintenance

Be prepared for higher maintenance costs, as older cars may require more frequent repairs.

10. Vehicle History Report

Request a vehicle history report to check for any past accidents or major issues.

Buying a used car between 20 and 30 years old can be the cheapest option, but it’s crucial to do your due diligence and research to ensure a smooth and cost-effective purchase.

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Cheapest Countries in Europe To Buy a Motorhome [2022]

Most Expensive Countries To Buy A New Car In Europe

a man checking his car wheel.

1. Denmark

Denmark is the most expensive place to buy a car, particularly from General Motors, Renault, and Hyundai segments. Overall, Denmark is in third place with an average price for a new vehicle of 41,189 EUR.

2. Norway

A used Fiesta costs 16,903 EUR, while it’s only 10,460 in Germany. A Toyota Prius will cost you 22,097 EUR in Norway, while it’s 41,011 EUR in Denmark.

In 2019 and in four previous years, Norway had the highest price tags on new cars. Average prices are 17,000 EUR higher than the EU average. One of its reasons is high taxes; Norwegians pay 25% in VAT on new and used vehicles.

3. Finland

Finland has lower prices on used cars than the aforementioned Northern countries. Yet, they are still high for the European average. Land Rover Evoque costs more than 10,000 EUR more than in Denmark. The Finnish price is 40,980 EUR.

Which car is the cheapest to buy in Europe?

Cheapest Car in Europe in 2022

Final Thoughts About The Cheapest Countries To Buy A Car In Europe

In search of budget-friendly car options in Europe? Look no further! From Italy’s pretty good deals to Belgium’s competitive car costs and the Netherlands’ attractive options, the choices abound. France offers diverse models at enticing prices, while Portugal remains a hidden gem. 

Remember to inspect thoroughly and consider importing from neighboring countries for the cheapest deals. Whether you’re a resident or planning to buy a car in Europe, explore the options and discover your dream car at a price that won’t break the bank.

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