What To Do in Germany on Sundays?

People Riding on Bikes in Front of Cathedral in Bremen, Germany

If you don’t know yet, on Sundays, which is a non-working day by German law, you might wonder what to do in Germany on Sundays. Therefore, nothing works, so you can’t go shopping, run errands in the city, visit a hairdresser, or sometimes even drink a coffee.

Are you tired from resting? There are literary almost nothing is open on Sundays in Germany, so people just take a rest. In this article, figure out what you can do on a typical Sunday in Germany.

Also read this small guide on what is open on Sundays in Germany.

Why are all stores closed on Sundays?

First, you probably want to know why Germany closes everything, particularly on this day.

Sunday is the rest day, which is dictated by German law. Shops are prohibited from selling, and any trade is also prohibited.

The only shops usually open on Sundays are convenience supermarkets at train stations and airports.

According to the German law regulating opening hours, all shops must remain closed on Sundays. So Germany guarantees that all workers have at least one day off in the week – Sunday.

The church significantly influences that law (and Germans even pay a church tax). According to the Bible, man should rest on Sundays, and Sunday should also be time for church.

Moreover, some activities aren’t allowed on Sundays. So you can’t make any noise because it can disturb your resting neighbors!

Sunday is also a “quiet day” by law. Though “Quiet law” varies from town to town, it is generally not permitted to do any noisy housework on Sundays in Germany.

This includes using motor-driven lawn equipment like a lawnmower or home equipment like a loud vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, you could be slapped with a fine or seen in court if a neighbor thinks you’re too loud, even if it’s not Sunday.

Overall, there is “Ruhezeit” (quiet time) in Germany between 8 pm and 7 am (20:00-7:00) Monday-Saturday and all day on Sundays and holidays.

So what can people in Germany do on Sundays?

Although all the stores are closed on Sundays, there are still many things to do! Here are 13 amazing things to do on Sundays in Germany.

1. Outdoors

Person wallking on a mountain trail

Germany is filled with lovely hiking trails and opportunities to connect with nature. Sunday is the best day to explore and be active! Many Germans do outdoor sports today, such as hiking, biking, jogging, walking, skiing, etc.

If you live in Germany, you certainly will have proximity to nature to reach it by walking, bike, bus, or car.

Outdoor adventures are trendy on Sundays, so think about the parking if you go to one of the castles or parks by car. It can be pretty busy.

2. Cinema

People sitting on red chairs inside a cinema

Another great activity for Sundays is going to the cinema. Fortunately, it’s open! However, in Germany, they dubbed all non-German movies. So you will need to speak some German to understand it.

Also, ticket prices are higher on Sundays than other days; for example, going to the cinema on Tuesday will cost you way less.

3. Have a long breakfast or brunch

People sharing a breakfast together

Hands down, the best breakfast of the week happens on Sundays. Shops are closed, but some restaurants and cafes are still working, so you can visit one for brunch.

Sunday brunch is a big thing in Germany. It’s perfect for those who like to sleep in and spend all day with friends, eating and drinking. Besides, it’s an excellent opportunity to try new dishes and the perfect excuse to start drinking early.

Since many Germans love to have extended breakfast on Sundays, think about reserving a table in the restaurant before you go.

And of course, having a long breakfast at home with some pancakes or freshly baked bread is also a good idea. Some bakeries in Germany remain open till midday on Sundays, especially for people who want fresh bread for breakfast.

4. Go on the trip

Friends driving around city with coffee

Just because shops are closed doesn’t mean you must stay home every Sunday. Germany has an incredible location, making traveling as easy as ever. You can catch a bus or train within a few hours in a different country or city.

The Netherlands, France, and Belgium are straightforward to reach from Germany, and these places have everything open on Sundays, so besides exploring, you can even shop.

To buy your ticket, just book one on the national railway DB – Deutsche Bahn; these trains go to all neighboring countries.

Also, don’t forget to explore more of your town. Familiarizing yourself with the area around you on a Sunday is a great way to take advantage of living abroad. Also, public transportation runs seven days a week; you can take the bus, U-Bahn, or S-Bahn.

5. Visit a bier garden or Biergarten

A flower garden in the Dyck Castle in Juchen Germany

Sunday on a summer day is the perfect time for sitting and sipping a beer in one of many German Biergartens (in German)! You can find them in most regions in Germany, but Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg have these small beer islands almost on every corner!

6. Barbecue or Grillen

Brown Chopping Board With Barbeque

Sunday is a good day to bring your family and friends together to grill meat. In Germany, many people go to the rivers, parks, and lakes to barbecue and enjoy the environment. But you can also do it in the comfort of your backyard.

7. Have a family lunch

Sharing food with family

One of the German traditions is to have a Sunday lunch with their family, usually at the parents’ or grandparents’ house and precisely at noon! For family gatherings, Germans prefer lunches over dinners.

Hence, seeing your closest ones and spending quality time together is a perfect day.

Also, Sunday is probably one day when people cook solid meals. They take time to prepare the food and serve their loved ones.

8. Call your relatives

Don’t forget to call your loved ones on a Sunday if you haven’t seen them at the family lunch.

With our busy lives, managing a call on another day of the week or even on holiday is almost impossible. Sunday is officially the best day for families related to these activities. If you don’t have a chance to visit them, just call them and ask how they are doing; it’s important.

9. Visit a museum and other sightseeing

Woman Sitting on Ottoman in Front of Three Paintings

Luckily, museums in Germany are open all day on Sundays. Please take advantage of it and learn about German history, culture, or art.

Some other tourist attractions remain open on Sundays; you can check what is available in your city. Most of the time, museums, zoos, theaters, galleries, spas, swimming pools, and thermal baths are open on this day.

10. Visit a flea market

Shopping isn’t possible on Sundays. Yet, a flea market can be a great solution! In Germany, flea markets are everywhere and are super popular. However, you can find them in almost all cities, not every Sunday. Some flea markets happen here and there, but most of the time, they are not regular.

On these markets, you will find ALL KIND OF STUFF. Household goods or clothing are probably the most common items. But books, accessories, jewelry, and other small items or decorative objects are sold at a very low price.

You should consider them a garage sale where people can sell their goods privately in the US. Spending time at a flea market is a cultural activity for many people. You can even grab a snack or a drink in one of the many stalls while looking for the next bargain item.

11. Take a long walk

People strolling around the park

A walk might not sound that exciting, but it can be an enjoyable experience. If the weather isn’t terrible, you can always have a great walk in Germany; it doesn’t matter where you live.

Grab your family, friends, or relatives and have a long walk either in the city exploring some architectural masterpieces or in the park, along the rives breathing fresh air.

You can also enjoy it on your own with your favorite music or podcast in your ears.

12. Go for dinner

Many restaurants are still open on Sundays and wait to serve the guests. Go for lunch/dinner or some drinks in one of the best places in your city.

Sunday is a perfect day to go out and enjoy food/drink without a rash because you are already ready for next week, aren’t you?

13. Go to the gym

A group of people excercising together

Yes, gyms are open on Sundays in Germany. What a fortune! I love getting a workout done on that relaxed and quiet day. This brings a boost of energy and elevates your mood.

Whether it’s a group workout or your own exercise, Sundays are my favorite day to hit the gym. Moreover, there are fewer people than on other days of the week. So take advantage of this!

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