What’s The Best Liability Insurance – Germany?

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Are you an expat or an international student in Germany? Wondering about the best liability insurance – Germany options to safeguard your interests? Look no further. 

Personal liability insurance, often called private liability insurance, is crucial against unexpected mishaps.

The top four liability insurance providers in Germany: Getsafe, Feather, CosmosDirekt, and AXA. These companies offer comprehensive and flexible policies catering to different needs and preferences.

In this blog post, we will talk about liability insurance in Germany. Discover the significance of liability insurance, understand what it covers, and explore top insurance providers in the country. 

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Understanding Personal Liability Insurances in Germany 

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Personal liability insurance, also known as private liability insurance or liability insurance, is a vital financial safeguard in Germany.

Essential in Germany, liability insurance shields individuals from financial consequences caused by unintentional harm or damages they may inflict on others.

It provides coverage for a person, object, and financial damages up to €5,000,000.00 per event, with a separate cap of €1,000,000.00 for damages to rental property, as specified on studying-in-germany.org.

Feather Insurance reports that approximately 85% of Germans have personal liability insurance, making it one of the most popular voluntary insurance in the country. 

An insurance company provides liability coverage for accidents, compensating for medical expenses, property damage, or legal fees. German liability insurance prevents financial burdens from unforeseen accidents, highlighting its importance.

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Where to Get The Best  German Personal Liability Insurance?

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There are numerous options for personal liability insurance in Germany, but choosing a reputable provider is crucial for peace of mind. A reliable insurance company ensures that your liability insurance cover adequately protects you in case of unexpected events, such as accidents or property damage. 

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Some of the best providers known for their trustworthy services are Getsafe, Feather, CosmosDirekt, and AXA. These companies offer top-notch liability insurance in Germany. They are recognized for their commitment to comprehensive coverage and support, making them excellent choices when seeking dependable car insurance or general personal liability coverage.  


GetSafe logo


Redefining liability insurance in Germany. Unleash life confidently with our tailored coverage, seamlessly adapting to your dynamic lifestyle. Your shield against the unexpected, empowering you in every endeavor.

Getsafe is a digital insurance company that specializes in personal liability insurance in Germany. 

While liability insurance is not compulsory in Germany, it is considered practically indispensable. Getsafe’s personal liability insurance offers comprehensive coverage, making it a popular choice for residents and expatriates.

The company has significantly transformed the traditional insurance industry by providing a seamless digital experience.

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GetSafe Pros

  • Liability coverage by Getsafe includes damages, lost keys, and global protection for up to 5 years, even during voluntary work.
  • Easily modify coverage by adding or removing family members and roommates.
  • Intuitive design for easy policy management.

GetSafe Cons

  • Their customer service is responsive but not considered top-notch.
  • Additional coverage, like drone insurance, might incur extra costs.
  • In Germany, unlike car insurance, liability coverage isn’t mandatory.

Liability Insurance Cost

According to mygermanfinances.de, Getsafe’s standard personal liability insurance rate is 4.70€ per month, amounting to 56.40€ per year. This standard plan includes coverage for various liability scenarios and does not have a deductible per liability case.

Premium coverage is also available, offering a sum insured of 50 million euros, ensuring high-quality liability insurance for those who require extensive coverage.

GetSafe Insurance Reviews

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Getsafe Insurance suits expats and foreigners in Germany seeking reliability. It eliminates paperwork and offers digitized, mobile-friendly insurance services.

However, some Reddit users have reported negative experiences with Getsafe’s customer service and claims process.

This information is solely for informational purposes, not insurance advice. It’s crucial to conduct personal research and fully understand policy terms before purchasing.

Why Pick This Provider?

Getsafe is an excellent choice for those seeking personal liability insurance in Germany for several reasons. It is particularly suitable for expatriates and foreigners who may not be familiar with the local insurance landscape. 

Additionally, Getsafe’s worldwide coverage for up to 5 years ensures you are protected even when living or traveling abroad. In a world where accidents happen, having comprehensive liability insurance is essential to avoid personal bankruptcy if held liable for damages. 

Getsafe provides a convenient and customizable solution, appealing to those seeking personal and asset protection. Whether you have a rental property or desire peace of mind in a responsibility-laden world, Getsafe’s personal liability insurance is a reliable choice.

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Feather Private Liability Insurance

Feather insurance logo

Feather Insurance

Soaring above in health coverage for Germany’s public and expat students. Tailored plans, feather-light bureaucracy—experience seamless well-being assurance that adapts to your unique journey.

Feather is an insurance broker that specializes in providing personal liability insurance in Germany. Their comprehensive liability insurance contract covers a wide range of scenarios, ensuring peace of mind for policyholders.

Screenshot of Feather website homapage

With a focus on efficiency and a fully digital sign-up process, Feather caters to expats and individuals seeking hassle-free insurance solutions in Germany.

Feather is rated as 4,8 on Google and Trustpilot. Sign up here.

Feather Pros

  • Covers injuries, asset losses, and key replacement costs, extending up to 50 million EUR
  • Offers a fully digital sign-up process with no paperwork
  • It ensures policyholders have the right coverage for their specific needs.

Feather Cons

  • Does not cover damages to your own belongings or property, and it may not be suitable for damages to lent items.
  • Excels in personal liability coverage but may not suit those seeking private health insurance or broader coverage.
  • Tailored for expats and liability insurance seekers, potentially limiting for those desiring a broader insurance portfolio.

Liability Insurance Cost

According to welcome-hub-germany.com, Feather offers personal liability insurance with a starting price of only 4.94 EUR per month.

At an affordable rate, this coverage shields against damages to people and properties, appealing to those seeking financial protection.

Feather Insurance Reviews

One user on Reddit mentioned that they got private health insurance through Feather, and they found the company to be transparent, honest, and customer-focused. 

Another user on Reddit mentioned that they tried to get the Mitgliedsbescheinigung document from Feather to apply for a work/travel visa, and they found the company to be legit and quick to respond. 

An expat shared their positive experience with Feather Insurance, highlighting the user-friendly digital platform and customer-centric approach in their review.

Why Pick This Professional Liability Insurance Provider?

Woman reading document on iPad

Feather is an ideal choice for individuals in Germany seeking reliable, professional liability insurance. This broker simplifies the process with a fully digital sign-up, efficient customer service, and a recommendation tool to ensure you have the right coverage. 

This insurance company is particularly well-suited for expats who may not be familiar with German law and insurance requirements. Feather guarantees the best coverage on the market, emphasizing the importance of securing financial protection against personal injury and property damage. 

If you’re looking for a swift and convenient way to obtain liability insurance and want efficient support in English, Feather is the insurance broker to consider.

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CosmosDirekt Overview

third Pick
CosmosDirekt logo


Tailored solutions and comprehensive care, empowering your health journey with confidence in every step, wherever life takes you.

CosmosDirekt is an insurance company in Germany offering a range of insurance products, including essential liability insurance. In Germany, liability insurance is not only a wise choice but often mandatory, as individuals can be held liable for damage they cause to others.

Popular among expats in Germany, CosmosDirekt shines with multi-language support, efficient claims processing, and worldwide coverage for temporary stays abroad.

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  • Provides customer support in various languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French.
  • The company is known for its relatively fast claims processing.
  • Reject unjustified claims on behalf of policyholders helps protect against unwarranted financial losses.
  • Coverage up to 5 million EUR for injury, damage, and loss. Consider higher limits for specific needs.
  • The full scope of their offerings may not be as prominently featured.
  • Some may find more suitable options tailored to their specific needs.

Liability Insurance Cost

The cost of personal liability insurance in Germany is typically affordable, and with CosmosDirekt, it is unlikely to exceed 50 EUR per year. This makes CosmosDirekt a cost-effective choice for obtaining crucial coverage that can help protect against unforeseen legal costs and financial losses.

CosmosDirekt Reviews

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CosmosDirekt has received several awards and top ratings for its products and services. The company earned the best price-performance ratio by Süddeutsche Zeitung. Additionally, BILD Deutschlands Lieblinge rated it highest in overall customer satisfaction among 13 direct insurers.

Why Pick This Provider?

CosmosDirekt is an excellent choice for a wide range of individuals, especially expats in Germany. With its multi-language customer support and efficient claims processing, it caters to the diverse needs of its policyholders. This provider is particularly recommended for those seeking reliable liability insurance in a country where it is often mandatory. 

CosmosDirekt’s insurance policies can offer peace of mind and protection against unforeseen risks, whether you’re an expat, a German resident, or someone needing comprehensive coverage for personal injury, property damage, and financial loss. 

The company’s longstanding reputation, experience, and recognition as a low-cost provider make it a compelling choice in a crowded market of liability insurance providers.

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AXA Overview

fourth Pick
AXA logo


Unrivaled protection for life’s uncertainties in Germany. Elevate your security with our dynamic liability insurance, safeguarding against personal injury, property damage, and financial setbacks with precision and confidence.

AXA is a leading insurance company in Germany, offering a range of insurance products, including versatile liability insurance. Their liability insurance policies are cost-effective and highly adaptable, providing comprehensive coverage for a wide range of potential liabilities.

AXA Pros

  • Starts at just 1.73 euros per month, making it an affordable option for individuals and families.
  • Offers coverage with impressive limits, providing up to 60 million euros of cover.
  • The policy is highly flexible, allowing you to cancel or make changes with just a day’s notice.

AXA Cons

  • Small pets covered (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters), but dogs not included. Dog owners may need separate insurance.
  • Opt for a higher tariff if your circumstances demand; it may incur additional costs.
  • Unclaimed premiums can be a concern if you don’t experience any covered incidents during your policy term.

Liability Insurance Cost

Mygermanfinances.de said that AXA’s liability insurance is known for its affordability, with policies starting at just 1.73 euros per month. This cost-effective option ensures that individuals and families can secure necessary coverage without breaking the bank.

AXA reviews

Man typing on his laptop

The majority of positive reviews about AXA travel insurance on marketwatch.com show that customers are pleased with the coverage options and the peace of mind that the trip insurance provides. 

Why Pick This Provider?

AXA is an excellent choice for a broad range of individuals, including expats and residents of Germany. Their liability insurance offers extensive coverage for personal injury, property damage, and financial loss, providing peace of mind in a variety of situations. 

With three different tariffs to choose from, you can tailor your policy to your specific needs, ensuring you are neither over-insured nor under-insured. 

AXA’s user-friendly online system simplifies insurance tasks. It’s an ideal choice for affordable, flexible, and comprehensive liability coverage, protecting against medical costs, rental liabilities, or car accidents.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Personal Liability Insurances in Germany

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Is liability insurance mandatory? No. But it’s necessary to get and pick the right one. When choosing German Personal Liability Insurance, several key factors must be considered to ensure you have the right coverage and get the most value for your money.

Here are five expert tips to help you navigate the intricacies of insurance policies in Germany:

Understand the Coverage

Your personal liability policy should adequately cover damage claims arising from accidents or incidents where you are legally responsible. This includes damages caused to other people, their property, or their health. Ensure your policy covers a broad range of potential liabilities, providing good coverage in case you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a claim.

Consider the Contract Term

Pay attention to the contract term of your insurance policy. Most insurance policies in Germany have a minimum contract term, and breaking the contract prematurely may result in penalties. Be sure to choose a term that aligns with your long-term plans, and don’t just focus on saving a few euros in the short run.

Evaluate Supplemental Charges

As mentioned, health insurance providers in Germany charge supplemental fees in addition to the basic premium. These charges can significantly impact your monthly expenses. While you must have health care coverage, consider the supplemental charges and how they fit into your budget.

Assess Specific Property Needs

If you own property or have a rented apartment, ensure your personal liability insurance includes coverage for damages related to your real estate. This is especially important if you rent out your property. Having a policy that addresses potential damages to your rented property can save you money and provide protection in unexpected events.

Choose a Reputable German Company

Selecting a reliable and reputable German insurance company is essential. Research the company’s track record for handling claims and customer service. A good insurance provider will offer efficient support when an injured person or property owner makes a claim, ensuring that you are not left to cover expenses out of your pocket.

Note: Selecting the right German Personal Liability Insurance policy involves understanding the coverage, contract terms, supplemental charges and choosing a trustworthy insurance provider. 

By following these expert tips, you can ensure that you have comprehensive coverage, protect your assets, and minimize financial risks associated with personal liabilities.

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Final Thoughts About The Best Liability Insurance – Germany

In conclusion, personal liability insurance is a vital safeguard for individuals in Germany, protecting them from the financial consequences of unforeseen accidents and damages. 

While there are several reputable insurance providers in the country, Getsafe, Feather, CosmosDirekt, and AXA stand out for their comprehensive coverage and user-friendly services.

Each of these companies offers unique advantages, catering to the diverse needs of expats, residents, and anyone seeking the best liability insurance – in Germany. 

If you want to know more about these companies and their products, you can click on the links in the article to visit their websites. By doing so, you will also help us keep this blog afloat. 

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