3 Best Personal Liability Insurance in Germany

Liability insurance is the second most crucial insurance in Germany after health. However, you don’t need to spend much time choosing it – most companies provide the same benefits, and the price range isn’t significant. Personal liability insurance won’t cost you much but brings incredible value with it.

Best German personal liability insurances are:

  1. Getsafe
  2. Feather
  3. CosmosDirekt

Liability insurance is the second most common and crucial insurance in Germany. Unlike German health insurance, private liability insurance isn’t mandatory in Germany, but 85% of the population has it because of the benefits it offers.

You are on the safe side with liability insurance, you aren’t liable to other people anymore, and your personal assets are secured. Therefore, personal liability insurance protects you from financial losses in case of an accident.

Best German personal liability insurance

Are you choosing liability insurance for Germany? Don’t spend much time on it. They all offer the same coverage with a little difference in pricing. Pick one you like and which is less effortless in regard to signing up and reporting the damages.

Getsafe and Feather are our favorites. Their English service and easy-to-navigate interface will save you time and nerves.

Below, you can see Germany’s best liability insurance providers with affordable prices.

1. Getsafe

Getsafe is a German digital insurance company based in Germany and the UK. They have been around since 2015. With Getsafe, you can manage all your insurance, file claims, or change the coverage just in one app.

Getsafe is a 100% digital, English-speaking provider with the highest customer reviews among other insurance apps. Read them here. Besides personal liability, they offer a wide range of policies, from insurance for cars to pets. Getsafe liability coverage starts at 2,94 EUR a month.

Submitting a claim and getting paid is just as easy and efficient with an app. 

Getsafe highlights:

  • Policy from 2,94 EUR/mo
  • English-speaking app and service
  • Coverage up to 50 million EUR
  • Cancel anytime
  • Extreme hobbies are covered, e.g., skiing, surfing, sailing
  • Key loss is covered
  • Pets are covered too (except dogs)
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Rate 4,9

Sign up here.

2. Feather

Liability insurance from English-speaking company Feather is at the top of our list. Feather will cover any claim that regular liability insurances include, such as damages you make to other people and their properties/belongings.

Feather’s personal liability policy covers up to 30 million EUR in damage costs. Feather will take care of all property damages, personal injuries, asset losses, and even the cost of keys. Additionally, this liability insurance will reimburse your lost keys (including your work keys).

Feather’s coverage highlights:

  • Lost keys
  • Damages from pet
  • Covers up to 30 million EUR in damage costs

More on Feather’s liability insurance:

  • No deductible
  • Online signup
  • Full protection
  • Website and customer support in English
  • Easy access and quick submission of claims via the platform
  • Cancelation possible anytime

Feather is rated as 4,8 on Google and Trustpilot. Sign up here.

3. CosmosDirekt

CosmosDirekt is one of the most popular insurance companies in Germany. Starting from 1,61 EUR per month, you can already be protected with personal liability insurance. CosmosDirekt covers costs for personal injury, property damage, and financial loss for a total of 5 million EUR. 

Even the web isn’t a safe place anymore. Therefore, they contribute 500,000 EUR for damages caused by internet usage, such as cyberattacks.

Keep in mind that you need liability insurance in Germany when you rent a room, apartment, or house. It will cover you in case something bad happens. For example, an apartment or furniture gets damaged, or something gets broken.

CosmosDirekt’s highlights:

  • Starts already from 1,61 EUR per month
  • Cancelation possible anytime
  • Cover accidents at work
  • Covers up to 5 million EUR in damage costs
  • 25% discount for people under 30


  • The policy and service are in German

Sign up here.

4. AXA

One of the biggest insurance providers in Germany, AXA offers liability insurance for as little as 1,62 EUR per month or 20 EUR per year. You can claim the damage immediately on their website, and they will support you on time.

Overall, AXA offers reasonable insurance solutions for any occasion in Germany. For a small price, you will get solid coverage, great customer support, and a very user-friendly website.

They offer liability insurance for as little as 20 EUR per year or 1,62 EUR per month. The liability coverage from AXA is divided into S, M, and L packages with accordingly compensation costs and coverage options.

Therefore, 20 EUR is the price of the smallest tariff. The insurance coverage can be terminated at any time.

AXA’s highlights:

  • Covers up to 60 million EUR in damages
  • Cancel any time
  • Individually adjustable coverage


  • The policy and service are in German

AXA’s liability insurance was a winner on several tests. Sign up here.

5. Lemonade

The 5th Best Liability Insurance in Germany is Lemonade.

You can see our review for Lemonade here.

Insurance in Germany: Lemonade

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Does everyone need personal liability insurance in Germany?

Everyone will benefit from having personal liability insurance in Germany. If some unfortunate event happens, you will be liable for losses. Private liability insurance protects you in such cases.

If you cause any damage to the other person or item/property belonging to someone else, liability insurance will pay for it. Hence, having such coverage is very useful in any situation.

In fact, I signed up for one as soon as I moved to Germany. In the end, you do want to sleep well at night.

What does personal liability insurance cover in Germany?

Private or personal liability insurance covers any property or personal damages you, your partner, or your kids cause to others. For example, if your action harms one or even several people, the claim for damages can go into the millions.

1. Property damages

Property damages can be big or small, from minor issues like dropping a friend’s smartphone to some severe issues like hurting someone’s health.

It also includes all damages to rented properties as well as properties and items of other people.

2. Financial losses

There are also accidents where you risk someone’s finances. For example, you caused a personal injury for a stranger on a street who can’t work, hence losing his wage. Furthermore, if someone loses part of their assets through your fault, you are also liable for this.

3. Personal injuries to others, including mental damage

If you accidentally trip someone and they break their leg, they can sue you for damages. The insurance company will pay the legal fees and the reparations.

Some liability insurance might cover the following:

  1. Lost keys: Losing apartment keys is frustrating and expensive. However, some liability insurances will cover the cost, even if you need to change the lock in the house. Feather will cover expenses for your lost keys.
  2. Damages or injuries caused by your pets: Some insurers will also pay for damages made by your pets. But Getsafe covers it. Besides, you can get separate liability insurance for your pet.
  3. Accidents abroad: Some insurances will pay for damages that happen outside of Germany.

Furthermore, liability insurance also covers your kids and all troubles they make.

Where will liability insurance save your butt? You accidentally destroyed something in the rented apartment or spilled water on your friend’s laptop; therefore, you need to pay for repairs or even buy a new laptop. Liability insurance will pay for it.

In case of damages, you are liable for all your assets (savings, properties, etc.). If you don’t have anything, it will be passed on to your parents or other family members. Neither amount nor duration of payments is limited; you will have to pay for a lifetime in the worst case.

Hence, private liability insurance is one of Germany’s most important insurance policies.

Luckily, liability insurance doesn’t cost much, so you can easily afford it and be on the safe side.

What is not covered by liability insurance?

Liability insurance in Germany doesn’t cover the following things:

  1. Damages you cause while driving a car. For this, you must have car liability insurance.
  2. Damages caused by your pets: Not all insurers will cover expenses caused by your pet. Getsafe covers it, though.
  3. Damage to your own things, such as electronics, furniture, etc. If you split coffee on your computer, no one except you will pay for it.
  4. Damage caused by your self-employment or business activities. You will need professional liability insurance for this.
  5. Legal disputes. Legal issues and procedures are covered by legal insurance.

In order to protect all your assets, you should sign up for legal insurance. It will hedge you against all claims, e.g., at the workplace, in your personal life, or at home. What will legal insurance cover?

  • Costs for court, lawyers, assessors, and mediation

An example of when you need legal insurance: sue your employer when he failed to follow terms in your contract. The best legal coverage can be found at Feather; they also provide exclusive English-speaking support.

What is the cost of personal liability insurance in Germany?

Liability insurance is very affordable; usually, it won’t cost you more than 50 EUR per year or a few EUR per month. All policies mentioned above are less than 60 EUR per year.

How much does liability insurance typically cost? Read in this article.


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